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Common Name
Ankylosaurus crassacutis
Time Period
Late Cretaceous
Logo Steam.png
June 2, 2015
Logo Xbox One.svg 729.0
December 16, 2015
Logo PS4.svg 501.0
December 6, 2016
Spawn Command
admincheat summon Ankylo_Character_BP_C
admincheat SpawnDino "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/Dinos/Ankylo/Ankylo_Character_BP.Ankylo_Character_BP'" 500 0 0 35
XP For Kill
6 XP
Feces Size
16 - 20 °C / 61 - 68 °F
Incubation Time
2h 37m
Baby Time
4h 52m
Juvenile Time
19h 29m
Adolescent Time
1d 21m
Total Maturation Time
2d 0h 43m 57s
Breeding Interval
18h - 2d

 Very Common

 Very Common

This creature is missing habitat information.
You can help by finding its map locations in-game and updating them

The Ankylosaurus (an-KYE-low-SAWR-us) is a species of Dinosaur in ARK: Survival Evolved. While somewhat slow, the Ankylosaurus has a high HP. The Ankylosaurus is the most effective creature at gathering metal and flint and its high carrying capacity make it an effective gatherer and transport.

Basic Info[edit | edit source]

Dossier[edit | edit source]

This dossier section is intended to be an exact copy of what the survivor Helena, the author of the dossiers has written. There may be some discrepancies between this text and the in-game creatures.

Unlike many of the herd animals on the island, Ankylosaurus crassacutis tends to live in small family units. I believe they can afford to stick with smaller groups because of their incredibly thick skin, for which they're named.
Without a doubt, the best trait of a trained Ankylosaurus is its enormously dense tail. This tail is powerful enough to shatter the resource-laden rocks of the island. One of the wealthier human tribes on the island utilizes a squad of Ankylosaurus in its mines and quarries.
Known Information
Despite not being among the largest of the islands herbivores, the Ankylosaurus is one of the more difficult Creatures to take down. Its thick, armored skin seems to make it more than a match for several of the mid-sized predators that would otherwise hunt it. Reckless carnivores are just as likely to hurt themselves on Ankylosaurus' spikes as they are to get hit by its tail.
~ Helena

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Ankylosaurus are peaceful unless disturbed and will defend their herds aggressively. Ankylo can be found at any elevation and are usually in the northern half of the island traveling in small herds of 2-6 individuals. Solitary Ankylo are not uncommon as well. When attacking, Ankylo will thrash their tail and ram you with the large spikes protruding from its back. Ranged battle is advised. They are normally slow over land, but they are adept swimmers.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Ankylosaurus are a species of large, quadrupedal herbivore on the island. About 10–15 feet in length, an estimated 4 feet in height, and roughly 3-4 tons in weight they are pure bone armor tanks. Being low to the ground, covered with scutes & spikes while donning a large mace-like tail make the Ankylo a formidable opponent and valuable companion. Body color usually ranges from browns to greys with splashes of bright color on certain individuals.

Color Scheme and Regions

This section displays the Ankylosaurus's natural colors and regions. For demonstration, the regions below are colored red over an albino Ankylosaurus. The colored squares shown underneath each region's description are the colors that the Ankylosaurus will randomly spawn with to provide an overall range of its natural color scheme. Hover your cursor over a color to display its name and ID.

  • For some reason, the Ankylo will always spawn with the same color covering the majority of its back (Region 0). The Ankylo is the only creature with this unique color which can be described as almost a "Butterscotch" or "Barley Corn" hue. This color cannot be replicated in the game, as it does not have an in-game ID.

Server admins can use this region information in the Console Command "cheat SetTargetDinoColor <ColorRegion> <ColorID>".
For example, "cheat SetTargetDinoColor 0 6" would color the Ankylosaurus's "back" magenta.

Ankylo PaintRegion0.jpg
Region 0:
Ankylo PaintRegion1.jpg
Region 1:
Ankylo PaintRegion2.jpg
Region 2:
Leg Plates
Ankylo PaintRegion3.jpg
Region 3:
Spike Tips
Ankylo PaintRegion4.jpg
Region 4:
Head and Back
Ankylo PaintRegion5.jpg
Region 5:

Drops[edit | edit source]

Base Stats and Growth[edit | edit source]

Note that creatures will have different stats in Survival of the Fittest

Basic Stats
Attribute Amount at Level 1 Increase per point Taming Bonus
Wild Domesticated1 Add Mult
Health.png Health 700 +140 +5.4% 0.07
Stamina.png Stamina 175 +17.5 +10%
Oxygen.png Oxygen 150 +15 +10%
Food.png Food 3000 +300 +10% 15%
Weight.png Weight 250 +5 +4%
Melee Damage.png Melee Damage 502 +2.5 +1.7% 14% 17.6%
Movement Speed.png Movement Speed 100% N/A3 +3% 50%
Torpor.png Torpor 420 +25.2 N/A4 0.5

1Percentages are based on the value of the stat the moment the creature was tamed (after taming effectiveness)
2The absolute Base Damage is shown here instead of the percentage.
3Wild creatures do not level up movement speed
4Torpor increases every level on wild creatures, but can not be increased once they are tamed.

Movement Speed
Movement Type Base Speed Sprinting Stamina Used
Wild Domesticated
Walking 120 264 264 3
Swimming 300 N/A N/A N/A

Attack Values
Melee Stamina Cost Attack Range Description
Base Minimum Activation Using the Left Mousebutton (PC), R2 Button (PS4), RT Button (Xbox One), the Ankylosaurus swings its clubbed tail at the target.
0 300 0 0
Attack Type Damage Projectile Values Torpor Values Status Effect: Stamina Status Effect: Torpidity
Life Impulse Radius Base Mult Duration Damage Mult Amount Duration Damage Mult Amount
Melee 50

Wild Stats Level-up

Type in values of a wild creature to see on which stats it's emphasized. Green values on a high-level creature are very good for breeding. If you have already tamed your creature you can try to recover the breeding-stats with this offline-tool: ARK Stats Extractor.


Note that after the creature is tamed it gets bonuses on some stats depending on the taming effectiveness. This makes it hard to retrieve the levels on a tamed creature, so this tool is only for wild ones, but gives a first impression, how well the stats are distributed.

Taming[edit | edit source]

Ankylosaurus.png Level 1 Narcoberry Narcotic Time
Kibble (Dilo Egg).png Kibble (Dilo Egg) 4 0 0 0:09:36
Advanced Crops.png Vegetables 40 28 6 0:48:01
Mejoberry.png Mejoberry 53 28 6 0:47:43
Berries.png Berries 79 27 6 0:47:25
KO: Wooden Club Hits × 42; Slingshot Hits × 18; Tranquilizer Arrows with a Bow × 5; Tranquilizer Arrows with a Crossbow × 3; Tranquilizer Dart Shots × 2; Shocking Tranquilizer Dart Shots × 1
Torpor-depletion: 0.31 / s, Time until all torpor is depleted: 00:22:54
Ankylosaurus.png Level 30 Narcoberry Narcotic Time
Kibble (Dilo Egg).png Kibble (Dilo Egg) 10 0 0 0:24:00
Advanced Crops.png Vegetables 94 112 24 1:52:49
Mejoberry.png Mejoberry 125 112 24 1:52:31
Berries.png Berries 188 112 24 1:52:49
KO: Wooden Club Hits × 116; Slingshot Hits × 47; Tranquilizer Arrows with a Bow × 13; Tranquilizer Arrows with a Crossbow × 8; Tranquilizer Dart Shots × 6; Shocking Tranquilizer Dart Shots × 3
Torpor-depletion: 0.47 / s, Time until all torpor is depleted: 00:41:21
Ankylosaurus.png Level 60 Narcoberry Narcotic Time
Kibble (Dilo Egg).png Kibble (Dilo Egg) 15 0 0 0:35:59
Advanced Crops.png Vegetables 150 260 57 3:00:01
Mejoberry.png Mejoberry 200 260 57 3:00:01
Berries.png Berries 300 260 57 3:00:01
KO: Wooden Club Hits × 191; Slingshot Hits × 78; Tranquilizer Arrows with a Bow × 22; Tranquilizer Arrows with a Crossbow × 13; Tranquilizer Dart Shots × 9; Shocking Tranquilizer Dart Shots × 5
Torpor-depletion: 0.63 / s, Time until all torpor is depleted: 00:50:39
Ankylosaurus.png Level 90 Narcoberry Narcotic Time
Kibble (Dilo Egg).png Kibble (Dilo Egg) 21 0 0 0:50:23
Advanced Crops.png Vegetables 207 463 104 4:08:25
Mejoberry.png Mejoberry 275 461 104 4:07:31
Berries.png Berries 413 461 104 4:07:49
KO: Wooden Club Hits × 267; Slingshot Hits × 109; Tranquilizer Arrows with a Bow × 30; Tranquilizer Arrows with a Crossbow × 17; Tranquilizer Dart Shots × 13; Shocking Tranquilizer Dart Shots × 7
Torpor-depletion: 0.8 / s, Time until all torpor is depleted: 00:56:05
Ankylosaurus.png Level 120 Narcoberry Narcotic Time
Kibble (Dilo Egg).png Kibble (Dilo Egg) 27 15 4 1:04:46
Advanced Crops.png Vegetables 263 708 164 5:15:37
Mejoberry.png Mejoberry 350 706 164 5:15:01
Berries.png Berries 525 706 164 5:15:01
KO: Wooden Club Hits × 342; Slingshot Hits × 140; Tranquilizer Arrows with a Bow × 38; Tranquilizer Arrows with a Crossbow × 22; Tranquilizer Dart Shots × 16; Shocking Tranquilizer Dart Shots × 8
Torpor-depletion: 0.96 / s, Time until all torpor is depleted: 00:59:40
Ankylosaurus.png Level 150 Narcoberry Narcotic Time
Kibble (Dilo Egg).png Kibble (Dilo Egg) 32 46 11 1:16:46
Advanced Crops.png Vegetables 319 992 236 6:22:49
Mejoberry.png Mejoberry 425 991 236 6:22:31
Berries.png Berries 638 992 236 6:22:49
KO: Wooden Club Hits × 418; Slingshot Hits × 171; Tranquilizer Arrows with a Bow × 47; Tranquilizer Arrows with a Crossbow × 27; Tranquilizer Dart Shots × 19; Shocking Tranquilizer Dart Shots × 10
Torpor-depletion: 1.12 / s, Time until all torpor is depleted: 01:02:12

Note that the values are for optimal cases, always bring extra supplies!
For a level-dependent count of resources needed, try an external taming calculator.

Ingredients for Kibble (Dilo Egg).png Kibble (Dilo Egg): 1 × Dilo Egg.png Dilo Egg , 1 × Citronal.png Citronal , 1 × Cooked Meat Jerky.png Cooked Meat Jerky , 2 × Mejoberry.png Mejoberry , 3 × Fiber.png Fiber , 1 × Water.png Water

KO Strategy[edit | edit source]

It is not recommended that you get into a punching match with this spiky and very well-armored beast, you'll probably lose that fight. Instead you should look to a few other methods of knocking one out. The best method would be using a Scorpion and/or Tranquilizer Arrows, but if neither are available to you, then a simple Slingshot will do the trick. The Ankylo does not have a headshot multiplier, so hitting it anywhere will have the same effect.

Combat[edit | edit source]

This section describes how to fight against the Ankylosaurus.

General[edit | edit source]

The Ankylosaurus uses its huge, literally 'bone-crushing' tail to attack its enemies. Its attack can be quite devastating with anything lower than Chitin Armor. It is recommended to either shoot it with a Ranged Weapon, or use a Pike or Spear while circling it.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

One of the more successful strategies for killing an Ankylosaurus is to circle it while shooting it with a ranged weapon like a Bow, Crossbow, or any of the Firearms. These weapons take some time to kill an Ankylo.

Weaponry[edit | edit source]

The Ankylo uses its huge tail as a weapon. Its attacks are quite devastating and ranged weapons are recommended when fighting one. These weapons include: Bow, Crossbow, Longneck Rifle, or any other Ranged Weapon.

Dangers[edit | edit source]

The Ankylo has a relatively large AoE (Area of Effect) when attacking. It can hit anyone within about seven feet or 2m from it. Therefore, it can be dangerous when attacking with a melee weapon.

Weakness[edit | edit source]

The Ankylo has a relatively slow turning speed and can be easily circled. Also, the Ankylo's speed makes training easier and shooting a good way to kill them.

Utility[edit | edit source]

Roles[edit | edit source]

  • Tank: Excellent tank due to its high HP. (Level up Health.png Health and Melee Damage.png Melee Damage)
  • Damage: Very good AOE and base damage. Too slow to chase down prey. (Level up Melee Damage.png Melee Damage and Stamina.png Stamina)
  • Transport: While slow, has a very good base carrying capacity. Good for local transport. (Level up Movement Speed.png Movement Speed, Stamina.png Stamina, and Weight.png Weight)
  • Gatherer: Excellent for gathering materials. (Level up Melee Damage.png Melee Damage, Weight.png Weight, and Stamina.png Stamina)
  • Underwater miner: For such a heavily built creature, Ankylosaurus is a surprisingly good swimmer and also capable of easily fending off sea predators with its AOE attack. Therefore, it can be used to gather oil from the bottom of the sea. Especially when fed Lazarus Chowder. Leveling up Oxygen also makes it swim much faster. (Level up Oxygen.png Oxygen and Stamina.png Stamina.)

Collectibles[edit | edit source]

Resource Efficiency
Metal.png Metal ★★★★★
Crystal.png Crystal ★★★★★
Flint.png Flint ★★★★★
Rare Mushroom.png Rare Mushroom ★★★★★
Rare Flower.png Rare Flower ★★★★★
Cactus Sap (Scorched Earth).png Cactus Sap Scorched Earth Icon.png ★★★★☆
Oil.png Oil ★★★★☆
Sulfur (Scorched Earth).png Sulfur Scorched Earth Icon.png ★★★★☆
Berries.png Berries ★★★★☆
Obsidian.png Obsidian ★★★★☆
Thatch.png Thatch ★★★☆☆
Stone.png Stone ★★★☆☆
Wood.png Wood ★★☆☆☆
  • Dev Confirmed: Increasing Melee Damage on Ankylosaurus yields more resources per action/node as with all creatures/players. Does not increase area of effect as rumored.

Notes/Trivia[edit | edit source]

For information pertaining specifically to the real-world Ankylosaurus, see the relevant Wikipedia article

  • To perform the quick batch attack, you must have your camera faced in approximately in the same direction as the Ankylo is, else it will perform the slow tail whip
  • The real world Ankylosaurus magniventris had much more smoothed armor than that of the Ankylosaurus depicted in the game, with the only prominent spikes being located around the head. The Ankylosaurus shown in ARK seems to more closely resemble Euoplocephalus tutus, a closely related dinosaur with a much more spiky appearance.
  • Can be picked up by a Quetzal and when mounted by another player can harvest while picked up.
  • While the Ankylo is not fast in water or on land, it can carry a substantial amount of weight, making it useful for mining metal and flint above ground.
  • The skull in Ankylo's dossier actually resembles Ankylosaurus' relative Tarchia rather than the actual animal.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]