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There are two types of caves that can be found in ARK: Progression Caves and Resources Caves, the latter being exclusively found underwater on The Island. Some are easy to explore, while others are extremely difficult to explore. If you survive the dangers of the caves, however, they each contain a variety of rewards.

Progression Caves[edit | edit source]

The Island Caves:

  • CaveC.jpg
    Artifact Of The Clever.png Central Cave
  • CaveNW.jpg
    Artifact Of The Skylord.png North West Cave
  • CaveLS.jpg
    Artifact Of The Hunter.png Lower South Cave
  • CaveNE.jpg
    Artifact Of The Devourer.png North East Cave
  • CaveUS.jpg
    Artifact Of The Pack.png Upper South Cave
  • CaveSE.jpg
    Artifact Of The Massive.png South East Cave
  • CaveSwamp.jpg
    Artifact Of The Immune.png Swamp Cave
  • CaveSnow.jpg
    Artifact of the Strong.png Snow Cave
  • The Caverns of Lost Hope.jpg
    Artifact Of The Cunning.png Caverns of Lost Hope
  • The Caverns of Lost Faith.jpg
    Artifact Of The Brute.png Caverns of Lost Faith

Locations[edit | edit source]

Difficulty: Green = Standard; Red = Hard; Cyan = Standard Underwater; Blue = Hard Underwater.
Cave Artifact Lat Long X Y Z Loot Crate Lvl
Central Clever 41.6 47.0 -239 -673 0 10
North West Skylord 19.2 19.0 -2475 -2462 -111 40, 55
Lower South Hunter 80.2 53.5 286 2423 -132 10
North East Devourer 14.8 85.3 2831 -2814 -134 25, 55
Upper South Pack 68.2 56.1 495 1461 -134 10, 25
South East Massive 70.6 86.1 2891 1650 -141 10, 40
Swamp Cave Immune 62.7 37.3 -1014 1017 -43 25, 40, 70
Snow Cave Strong 29.1 31.8 -1445 -1650 2 25, 40, 55

The entrances to the Caverns of Lost Hope and Lost Faith are at LAT 45.9 LON 88.9 and LAT 53.7 LON 10.4, respectively.

Creatures[edit | edit source]

Note that the Hard Caves spawn creatures at extremely high levels (often exceeding 250), and that these creatures are untameable. Creatures within the Caverns of Lost Faith are also untameable, but spawn at standard levels.

Terrestrial Entrances

Underwater Entrances

The Center Caves:

  • The Center Cave Inside.jpg
    The Center Cave
  • South East Cave (The Center).jpg
    Artifact Of The Immune.png Jungle Cave
  • North Ice Cave Room2a.jpg
    Artifact Of The Clever.png Artifact Of The Devourer.png North Ice Cave
  • South Ice Cave TC.jpg
    Artifact Of The Skylord.png South Ice Cave
  • West Lava Cave (The Center).jpg
    Artifact Of The Hunter.png Artifact Of The Pack.png West Lava Cave
  • East Lava Cave (The Center).jpg
    Artifact Of The Massive.png Artifact of the Strong.png East Lava Cave

Locations[edit | edit source]


Creatures[edit | edit source]


Scorched Earth Caves:

  • Grave of the Tyrants Interior ScE.jpg
    Artifact Of The Crag (Scorched Earth).png Grave Of The Tyrants
  • The Old Tunnels Catacomb ScE.jpg
    Artifact Of The Gatekeeper (Scorched Earth).png The Old Tunnels
  • Ruins of Nosti Void ScE.jpg
    Artifact Of The Destroyer (Scorched Earth).png Ruins Of Nosti

Locations[edit | edit source]

Green = Standard Difficulty
Cave Artifact Lat Long X Y Z Loot Crate Lvl
Grave of the Tyrants Crag 28.5 29.3  ?  ?  ?  ?
The Old Tunnels Gatekeeper 58.6 47.4  ?  ?  ?  ?
Ruins of Nosti Destroyer 78.5 75.6  ?  ?  ?  ?

Creatures[edit | edit source]

Note that Achatina spawn as high-levelled, untameable variants, similar to the creatures found within The Island's Swamp and Snow caves.

Resource Caves[edit | edit source]

There are currently 12 Resource Caves on The Island, and are all found underwater. These caves can often be difficult to find, but often contain a dense collection of Silica Pearls and Oil, although the latter of which provide less oil than nodes found elsewhere in the game. The only indication of the position from the surface is a small flow of bubbles, appearing as a thin white line. On lower graphics settings, a grey box can be seen on the ocean floor from the surface around the cave's entrance.

The entrances to the resource caves also appears to be a spawn location for pairs of Plesiosaurs, who tend to linger in the area, as well as singular a Mosasaurus, which in turn tend to linger near to the Plesiosaurs.

Latitude Longitude X Y Z Contents
01 16.0° 10.1° -3170 -2720 -370
02 10.0° 21.5° -2270 -3190 -410
03 10.4° 39.5° -820 -3160 -415
04 07.9° 90.1° 3220 -3365 -450
05 36.3° 91.5° 3300 -1100 -455
06 50.5° 11.2° -3100 40 -420
07 52.7° 91.9° 3345 2250 -455
08 83.0° 09.9° -3200 2670 -415
09 90.8° 13.0° -2900 3270 -455
10 89.8° 36.8° -1065 3200 -440
11 90.3° 71.3° 1710 3245 -440
12 87.1° 90.2° 3210 2975 -445

Tips[edit | edit source]

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Surface Caves[edit | edit source]

These are general cave tips. For tips on specific caves, please visit their individual pages.

  • Take Stimberries and Water Jars
  • Hide or Fur armor is helpful for many, but not all caves.
  • Grappling hooks are useful for avoiding creatures, getting a good vantage point, and to not have to bring foundations and ceilings to bridge gaps.
  • If you do not wish to fight (or don't have the weaponry/armor to do so), putting several points into your movement speed can be very helpful, as you can run away from even wolves with enough speed.

Underwater Caves[edit | edit source]

  • Lazarus Chowder will decrease the needed Oxygen while underwater and allow you to dive for longer times, making it easier to find the entrance.
  • Riding a Megalodon can help against other Sharks and allows you a very quick movement in the Water. They are also a good way to spot the bubbles from the surface. In an earlier version, there seemed to be a problem with taking your Shark into the Cave. However, Megalodons can now enter the underwater caves without issue .
  • Alternatively using a Plesiosaur or Ichthyosaur will allow you to travel much faster than a Megalodon. A tamed Plesiosaur can fairly easily take on a wild Megalodon and an Ichthyosaur can easily outrun any wild animals.
  • If you have a Tribemate with a Pteranodon or Argentavis, he or she can transport you directly to the location of the cave and drop you down, avoiding most of the swim, and with that, most of the Megalodons on the way to the cave. Once finished the Pteranodon or Argentavis can pick you up again from the water surface. This is also a very resource friendly method, as it allows you to go down with minimum armor and weapons, as fighting can be reduced to a minimum. That way, the loss of dying is less of a setback. This method does, however, require you to have found the entrance beforehand.
  • Riding a Sarco allows you to use a single mount as he can move quick in both water and ground. Moreover it's faster than a Megalodon, does not require stamina in water and can fit in most underwater caves, making it safer while gathering resources.
  • As of patch 246, Eurypterids can spawn in groups (3-5 at once) in even small underwater caves. Be prepared to deal with their stings!

Notes/Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There is a large flat faced rock that looks like it could be a cave entrance on the South haven island cliff face. Could be another cave in the future.
  • Building a base in an underwater cave will stop resource spawning in that cave.
  • In the North Ice Cave on The Center, one of the two parts (the part with the Artifact of the Devourer) of the cave's crystal nodes are invisible (can still be farmed normally with a pick).
    • This is especially detrimental when trying to get to one of the places that spawns a loot crate, which is along a long, thin corridor that is littered with spiders, wolves, sabertooths, and Yetis (possibly one of the most concentrated areas of aggressive creatures in the game).
    • These nodes can block movement, bullets, arrows, etc. but can be helpful as it blocks some creatures against walls, while other nodes can act as walls, allowing you to be unseen as long as it is between you and a creature.