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In ARK: Survival Evolved, you gain experience for a number of actions including, but not limited to crafting, harvesting, and killing dinos.

If you are a part of a Tribe (clan), Tribal Experience is earned when you are within 100 meters of another tribe member that earns experience (as verified by tracker). The Tribal Experience amount is 50% of the amount earned by the originator.

For example: if one tribe member crafts a widget that earns 100 XP, nearby tribe members will earn 50 XP.

Tamed dinosaurs also get a "drip" of 0.66 XP per minute (1 XP per 90 seconds), when a human is logged in and within range. However, tamed dinos do not receive any Tribal Experience from crafting as a fellow caveman would (Unless a tribemember is sitting on a rideable dino when you are crafting items).

XP is used to level your character or creatures, which makes them stronger. Tips on how to level fast can be found on Leveling.

Experience for Item Crafting[edit | edit source]

Item Experience
Absorbent Substrate.png Absorbent Substrate 0.56
Advanced Bullet.png Advanced Bullet 0.2
Advanced Rifle Bullet.png Advanced Rifle Bullet 0.6
Advanced Sniper Bullet.png Advanced Sniper Bullet 0.6
Air Conditioner.png Air Conditioner 50
Allosaurus Saddle.png Allosaurus Saddle 72.4
Ankylo Saddle.png Ankylo Saddle 39.6
Araneo Saddle.png Araneo Saddle 51.6
Argentavis Saddle.png Argentavis Saddle 72.4
Arthropluera Saddle.png Arthropluera Saddle 13.1
Assault Rifle.png Assault Rifle 35
Auto Turret.png Auto Turret 116
Ballista Bolt.png Ballista Bolt 9.3
Ballista Turret.png Ballista Turret 120
Baryonyx Saddle.png Baryonyx Saddle 17.6
Basilosaurus Saddle.png Basilosaurus Saddle 17.6
Bear Trap.png Bear Trap 8.0
Beelzebufo Saddle.png Beelzebufo Saddle 28.8
Beer Barrel.png Beer Barrel 20
Behemoth Gate.png Behemoth Gate 27
Behemoth Gateway.png Behemoth Gateway 44
Behemoth Reinforced Dinosaur Gate.png Behemoth Reinforced Dinosaur Gate 15
Behemoth Stone Dinosaur Gateway.png Behemoth Stone Dinosaur Gateway 20
Blood Extraction Syringe.png Blood Extraction Syringe 0.6
Bola.png Bola 1
Bookshelf.png Bookshelf 7.2
Boulder.png Boulder 0.05
Bow.png Bow 5
Bronto Platform Saddle.png Bronto Platform Saddle 462
Bronto Saddle.png Bronto Saddle 111.0
Bug Repellant.png Bug Repellant 1
Bunk Bed.png Bunk Bed 50.8
C4 Charge.png C4 Charge 36.25
C4 Remote Detonator.png C4 Remote Detonator 53
Camera.png Camera 2.0
Campfire.png Campfire 3.5
Candy Cane Club Skin.png Candy Cane Club Skin 12
Cannon Ball.png Cannon Ball 0.4
Canteen.png Canteen 3.25
Carbonemys Saddle.png Carbonemys Saddle 24.8
Carno Saddle.png Carno Saddle 72.4
Castoroides Saddle.png Castoroides Saddle 51.5
Catapult Turret.png Catapult Turret 209
Cementing Paste.png Cementing Paste 1.2
Chain Bola.png Chain Bola 0.4
Chalicotherium Saddle.png Chalicotherium Saddle 22.2
Chemistry Bench.png Chemistry Bench 33
Chieftan Hat Skin.png Chieftan Hat Skin 1
Chitin Boots.png Chitin Boots 1.6
Chitin Chestpiece.png Chitin Chestpiece 2.6
Chitin Gauntlets.png Chitin Gauntlets 1.3
Chitin Helmet.png Chitin Helmet 1.9
Chitin Leggings.png Chitin Leggings 3.2
Cloth Boots.png Cloth Boots 0.8
Cloth Gloves.png Cloth Gloves 0.6
Cloth Hat.png Cloth Hat 0.6
Cloth Pants.png Cloth Pants 1.0
Cloth Shirt.png Cloth Shirt 0.8
Clown Mask Skin.png Clown Mask Skin 1
Compass.png Compass 1.9
Compost Bin.png Compost Bin 6.0
Compound Bow.png Compound Bow 5.0
Cooked Lamb Chop.png Cooked Lamb Chop 1.0
Cooked Prime Meat.png Cooked Prime Meat 1.0
Cooking Pot.png Cooking Pot 19.5
Crossbow.png Crossbow 9
Santa Hat Skin.png Dino Santa Hat Skin 12
Witch Hat Skin.png Dino Witch Hat Skin 1
Dinosaur Gate.png Dinosaur Gate 6.9
Dinosaur Gateway.png Dinosaur Gateway 12.2
Diplodocus Saddle.png Diplodocus Saddle 22.2
Direbear Saddle.png Direbear Saddle 22.2
Doedicurus Saddle.png Doedicurus Saddle 31.4
Dunkleosteus Saddle.png Dunkleosteus Saddle 51.2
Green Coloring.png Dye 1
Electric Prod.png Electric Prod 6.6
Electrical Cable Intersection.png Electrical Cable Intersection 2.4
Electrical Generator.png Electrical Generator 13.2
Electrical Outlet.png Electrical Outlet 4.44
Electronics.png Electronics 0.76
Elevator Track.png Elevator Track 1.0
Fabricated Pistol.png Fabricated Pistol 35
Fabricated Sniper Rifle.png Fabricated Sniper Rifle 234
Fabricator.png Fabricator 33
Feeding Trough.png Feeding Trough 3.7
Fishing Rod.png Fishing Rod 9
Flak Boots.png Flak Boots 3.58
Flak Chestpiece.png Flak Chestpiece 5.78
Flak Gauntlets.png Flak Gauntlets 2.69
Flak Helmet.png Flak Helmet 4.41
Flak Leggings.png Flak Leggings 7.1
Flare Gun.png Flare Gun 0.24
Flashlight Attachment.png Flashlight Attachment 76.0
Fur Boots.png Fur Boots 8.38
Fur Cap.png Fur Cap 10.01
Fur Chestpiece.png Fur Chestpiece 13.78
Fur Gauntlets.png Fur Gauntlets 6.69
Fur Leggings.png Fur Leggings 16.7
GPS.png GPS 15.0
Gallimimus Saddle.png Gallimimus Saddle 22.2
Gas Mask.png Gas Mask 5.37
Ghillie Boots.png Ghillie Boots 2.8
Ghillie Chestpiece.png Ghillie Chestpiece 4.2
Ghillie Gauntlets.png Ghillie Gauntlets 2.1
Ghillie Leggings.png Ghillie Leggings 5.5
Ghillie Mask.png Ghillie Mask 3.4
Giant Metal Hatchframe.png Giant Metal Hatchframe 8.16
Giant Metal Trapdoor.png Giant Metal Trapdoor 2.88
Giant Reinforced Trapdoor.png Giant Reinforced Trapdoor 2.28
Giant Stone Hatchframe.png Giant Stone Hatchframe 4.95
Gift Box.png Gift Box 9
Giganotosaurus Saddle.png Giganotosaurus Saddle 303.0
Grappling Hook.png Grappling Hook 0.05
Gravestone.png Gravestone 0.73
Greenhouse Ceiling.png Greenhouse Ceiling 25.6
Greenhouse Door.png Greenhouse Door 5.8
Greenhouse Doorframe.png Greenhouse Doorframe 10.8
Greenhouse Wall.png Greenhouse Wall 9.1
Greenhouse Window.png Greenhouse Window 1.1
Grenade.png Grenade 11.4
Gunpowder.png Gunpowder 0.05
Handcuffs.png Handcuffs 24.5
Heavy Miner's Helmet.png Heavy Miner's Helmet 33
Hide Boots.png Hide Boots 0.7
Hide Gloves.png Hide Gloves 0.5
Hide Hat.png Hide Hat 0.8
Hide Pants.png Hide Pants 1.4
Hide Shirt.png Hide Shirt 1.5
Hide Sleeping Bag.png Hide Sleeping Bag 3.1
Holiday Lights.png Holiday Lights 3
Holiday Stocking.png Holiday Stocking 4
Holiday Tree.png Holiday Tree 12
Holo-Scope Attachment.png Holo-Scope Attachment 100
Homing Underwater Mine.png Homing Underwater Mine 56
Ichthyosaurus Saddle.png Ichthyosaurus Saddle 13.1
Improvised Explosive Device.png Improvised Explosive Device 19.05
Inclined Electrical Cable.png Inclined Electrical Cable 1.2
Industrial Cooker.png Industrial Cooker 700
Industrial Forge.png Industrial Forge 5.0
Industrial Grill.png Industrial Grill 2.5
Industrial Grinder.png Industrial Grinder 33
Kaprosuchus Saddle.png Kaprosuchus Saddle 17.6
Kibble.png Kibble (Allosaurus Egg) 1.0
Kibble.png Kibble (Archaeopteryx Egg) 1.0
Kibble.png Kibble (Compy Egg) 1.0
Kibble.png Kibble (Diplo Egg) 1.0
Kibble.png Kibble (Kaprosuchus Egg) 1.0
Kibble.png Kibble (Oviraptor Egg) 1.0
Kibble.png Kibble (Pelagornis Egg) 1.0
Kibble.png Kibble (Tapejara Egg) 1.0
Lamppost.png Lamppost 7.2
Lance.png Lance 1
Large Bear Trap.png Large Bear Trap 8
Large Crop Plot.png Large Crop Plot 21.4
Large Elevator Platform.png Large Elevator Platform 1.0
Large Storage Box.png Large Storage Box 7.3
Laser Attachment.png Laser Attachment 136.0
Lesser Antidote.png Lesser Antidote 1
Longneck Rifle.png Longneck Rifle 82.5
Magnifying Glass.png Magnifying Glass 2.0
Mammoth Saddle.png Mammoth Saddle 47.2
Manta Saddle.png Manta Saddle 13.1
Medium Crop Plot.png Medium Crop Plot 10.7
Medium Elevator Platform.png Medium Elevator Platform 1.0
Megaloceros Reindeer Costume.png Megaloceros Reindeer Costume 20
Megaloceros Saddle.png Megaloceros Saddle 28.4
Megalodon Saddle.png Megalodon Saddle 51.2
Megalosaurus Saddle.png Megalosaurus Saddle 72.4
Metal Arrow.png Metal Arrow 0.025
Metal Billboard.png Metal Billboard 16
Metal Catwalk.png Metal Catwalk 3.6
Metal Ceiling.png Metal Ceiling 12.8
Metal Dinosaur Gate.png Metal Dinosaur Gate 16
Metal Dinosaur Gateway.png Metal Dinosaur Gateway 23.4
Metal Door.png Metal Door 2.9
Metal Doorframe.png Metal Doorframe 5.5
Metal Fence Foundation.png Metal Fence Foundation 2.4
Metal Foundation.png Metal Foundation 23
Metal Hatchet.png Metal Hatchet 1.4
Metal Hatchframe.png Metal Hatchframe 8.2
Metal Irrigation Pipe - Inclined.png Metal Irrigation Pipe - Inclined 1.2
Metal Irrigation Pipe - Intake.png Metal Irrigation Pipe - Intake 4.8
Metal Irrigation Pipe - Intersection.png Metal Irrigation Pipe - Intersection 1.8
Metal Irrigation Pipe - Straight.png Metal Irrigation Pipe - Straight 0.6
Metal Irrigation Pipe - Tap.png Metal Irrigation Pipe - Tap 3.8
Metal Irrigation Pipe - Vertical.png Metal Irrigation Pipe - Vertical 0.6
Metal Ladder.png Metal Ladder 1.6
Metal Pick.png Metal Pick 1.0
Metal Pillar.png Metal Pillar 6.8
Metal Railing.png Metal Railing 2.16
Metal Ramp.png Metal Ramp 16
Metal Shield.png Metal Shield 11.5
Metal Sickle.png Metal Sickle 1.4
Metal Sign.png Metal Sign 2.6
Metal Spike Wall.png Metal Spike Wall 4.7
Metal Staircase.png Metal Staircase 4.56
Metal Sword.png Metal Sword 6.6
Metal Trapdoor.png Metal Trapdoor 2.8
Metal Tree Platform.png Metal Tree Platform 0.498
Metal Wall.png Metal Wall 4.6
Metal Wall Sign.png Metal Wall Sign 2.6
Metal Water Reservoir.png Metal Water Reservoir 1.5
Metal Window.png Metal Window 0.5
Metal Windowframe.png Metal Windowframe 5.6
Minigun Turret.png Minigun Turret 320
Mortar And Pestle.png Mortar And Pestle 7.2
Mosasaur Platform Saddle.png Mosasaur Platform Saddle 462
Mosasaur Saddle.png Mosasaur Saddle 116
Multi-Panel Flag.png Multi-Panel Flag 5.5
Narcotic.png Narcotic 2.0
Night Vision Goggles.png Night Vision Goggles 6.37
Note.png Note 0.1
Omnidirectional Lamppost.png Omnidirectional Lamppost 7.2
Pachy Saddle.png Pachy Saddle 17.6
Pachyrhinosaurus Saddle.png Pachyrhinosaurus Saddle 22.2
Paintbrush.png Paintbrush 0.7
Painting Canvas.png Painting Canvas 1.6
Paracer Platform Saddle.png Paracer Platform Saddle 133.8
Paracer Saddle.png Paracer Saddle 74.4
Parachute.png Parachute 2.9
Parasaur Saddle.png Parasaur Saddle 12.0
Pelagornis Saddle.png Pelagornis Saddle 43
Phiomia Saddle.png Phiomia Saddle 3.6
Pike.png Pike 6.0
Plesiosaur Platform Saddle.png Plesiosaur Platform Saddle 462.0
Plesiosaur Saddle.png Plesiosaur Saddle 116
Poison Grenade.png Poison Grenade 8.25
Polymer.png Polymer 0.56
Preserving Bin.png Preserving Bin 6.9
Primitive Cannon.png Primitive Cannon 5.5
Procoptodon Saddle.png Procoptodon Saddle 86
Pteranodon Saddle.png Pteranodon Saddle 43.0
Pulmonoscorpius Saddle.png Pulmonoscorpius Saddle 26.8
Pump-Action Shotgun.png Pump-Action Shotgun 162.0
Quetz Platform Saddle.png Quetz Platform Saddle 462
Quetz Saddle.png Quetz Saddle 116
Radio.png Radio 2.0
Raptor Saddle.png Raptor Saddle 17.6
Re-Fertilizer.png Re-Fertilizer 1.0
Refining Forge.png Refining Forge 18.6
Refrigerator.png Refrigerator 73
Reinforced Dinosaur Gate.png Reinforced Dinosaur Gate 10
Reinforced Trapdoor.png Reinforced Trapdoor 1.7
Reinforced Window.png Reinforced Window 0.6
Reinforced Wooden Door.png Reinforced Wooden Door 2.3
Remote Keypad.png Remote Keypad 16
Rex Saddle.png Rex Saddle 86.0
Rex Tek Saddle.png Rex Tek Saddle 86
Riot Boots.png Riot Boots 21.38
Riot Chestpiece.png Riot Chestpiece 34.58
Riot Gauntlets.png Riot Gauntlets 17.29
Riot Helmet.png Riot Helmet 25.91
Riot Leggings.png Riot Leggings 43.2
Riot Shield.png Riot Shield 78.0
Rocket Launcher.png Rocket Launcher 243.0
Rocket Propelled Grenade.png Rocket Propelled Grenade 3.6
Rocket Turret.png Rocket Turret 450
Rope Ladder.png Rope Ladder 0.498
SCUBA Flippers.png SCUBA Flippers 5.1
SCUBA Leggings.png SCUBA Leggings 7.1
SCUBA Mask.png SCUBA Mask 6.37
SCUBA Tank.png SCUBA Tank 7.56
Sabertooth Saddle.png Sabertooth Saddle 62.8
Santa Hat Skin.png Santa Hat Skin 12
Sarco Saddle.png Sarco Saddle 36.0
Scissors.png Scissors 1
Scope Attachment.png Scope Attachment 49
Shocking Tranquilizer Dart.png Shocking Tranquilizer Dart 0.05
Shotgun.png Shotgun 105.8
Silencer Attachment.png Silencer Attachment 49.0
Simple Bed.png Simple Bed 8.1
Simple Bullet.png Simple Bullet 0.4
Simple Pistol.png Simple Pistol 25.2
Simple Rifle Ammo.png Simple Rifle Ammo 0.8
Simple Shotgun Ammo.png Simple Shotgun Ammo 0.3
Single Panel Flag.png Single Panel Flag 1.0
Slingshot.png Slingshot 0.95
Greenhouse Roof.png Sloped Greenhouse Roof 25.6
Sloped Greenhouse Wall Left.png Sloped Greenhouse Wall Left 5.44
Sloped Greenhouse Wall Right.png Sloped Greenhouse Wall Right 5.44
Sloped Metal Roof.png Sloped Metal Roof 12.8
Sloped Metal Wall Left.png Sloped Metal Wall Left 2.9
Sloped Metal Wall Right.png Sloped Metal Wall Right 2.8
Sloped Stone Roof.png Sloped Stone Roof 8.0
Sloped Stone Wall Left.png Sloped Stone Wall Left 1.4
Sloped Stone Wall Right.png Sloped Stone Wall Right 1.4
Sloped Thatch Roof.png Sloped Thatch Roof 1.35
Sloped Thatch Wall Left.png Sloped Thatch Wall Left 0.84
Sloped Thatch Wall Right.png Sloped Thatch Wall Right 0.84
Sloped Wood Wall Left.png Sloped Wood Wall Left 0.94
Sloped Wood Wall Right.png Sloped Wood Wall Right 0.94
Sloped Wooden Roof.png Sloped Wooden Roof 6.95
Small Crop Plot.png Small Crop Plot 5.3
Small Elevator Platform.png Small Elevator Platform 1.0
Smithy.png Smithy 6.25
Smoke Grenade.png Smoke Grenade 11.35
Snowman.png Snowman 18
Sparkpowder.png Sparkpowder 0.06
Spear.png Spear 0.6
Spino Saddle.png Spino Saddle 89
Spray Painter.png Spray Painter 231.75
Spyglass.png Spyglass 2.0
Standing Torch.png Standing Torch 0.9
Stego Saddle.png Stego Saddle 31.4
Stimulant.png Stimulant 0.05
Stolen Headstone.png Stolen Headstone 0.73
Stone Arrow.png Stone Arrow 0.025
Stone Ceiling.png Stone Ceiling 8
Stone Dinosaur Gateway.png Stone Dinosaur Gateway 16.5
Stone Doorframe.png Stone Doorframe 3.1
Stone Fence Foundation.png Stone Fence Foundation 3.0
Stone Fireplace.png Stone Fireplace 73
Stone Foundation.png Stone Foundation 13.5
Stone Hatchet.png Stone Hatchet 0.4
Stone Hatchframe.png Stone Hatchframe 5.0
Stone Irrigation Pipe - Inclined.png Stone Irrigation Pipe - Inclined 0.7
Stone Irrigation Pipe - Intake.png Stone Irrigation Pipe - Intake 1.8
Stone Irrigation Pipe - Intersection.png Stone Irrigation Pipe - Intersection 1
Stone Irrigation Pipe - Straight.png Stone Irrigation Pipe - Straight 0.4
Stone Irrigation Pipe - Tap.png Stone Irrigation Pipe - Tap 1.9
Stone Irrigation Pipe - Vertical.png Stone Irrigation Pipe - Vertical 0.4
Stone Pick.png Stone Pick 0.4
Stone Pillar.png Stone Pillar 3.0
Stone Railing.png Stone Railing 1.34
Stone Staircase.png Stone Staircase 2.7
Stone Wall.png Stone Wall 5.4
Stone Windowframe.png Stone Windowframe 3.5
Storage Box.png Storage Box 3.7
Straight Electrical Cable.png Straight Electrical Cable 1.2
Tapejara Saddle.png Tapejara Saddle 22.2
Terror Bird Saddle.png Terror Bird Saddle 16.6
Thatch Door.png Thatch Door 0.43
Thatch Doorframe.png Thatch Doorframe 0.7
Thatch Foundation.png Thatch Foundation 1.5
Thatch Roof.png Thatch Roof 1.0
Thatch Wall.png Thatch Wall 0.8
Therizinosaurus Saddle.png Therizinosaurus Saddle 22.2
Titanosaur Platform Saddle.png Titanosaur Platform Saddle 462
Torch.png Torch 0.3
Training Dummy.png Training Dummy 1.0
Tranquilizer Arrow.png Tranquilizer Arrow 0.025
Tranquilizer Dart.png Tranquilizer Dart 0.05
Transponder Node.png Transponder Node 13.32
Transponder Tracker.png Transponder Tracker 204.0
Tree Sap Tap.png Tree Sap Tap 1.5
Trike Saddle.png Trike Saddle 22.2
Tripwire Alarm Trap.png Tripwire Alarm Trap 1.35
Tripwire Narcotic Trap.png Tripwire Narcotic Trap 1.95
Trophy Base.png Trophy Base 3.7
Trophy Wall-Mount.png Trophy Wall-Mount 3.7
Tusoteuthis Saddle.png Tusoteuthis Saddle 51.2
Vault.png Vault 82
Vertical Electrical Cable.png Vertical Electrical Cable 1.2
Wall Torch.png Wall Torch 1.2
War Map.png War Map 1.6
Wardrums.png Wardrums 7.7
Water Jar.png Water Jar 3.2
Water Reservoir.png Water Reservoir 1.5
Waterskin (Empty).png Waterskin 0.5
Witch Hat Skin.png Witch Hat Skin 1
Wooden Bench.png Wooden Bench 0.73
Wooden Billboard.png Wooden Billboard 6.9
Wooden Cage.png Wooden Cage 10
Wooden Catwalk.png Wooden Catwalk 2.5
Wooden Ceiling.png Wooden Ceiling 5.5
Wooden Chair.png Wooden Chair 0.73
Wooden Club.png Wooden Club 0.7
Wooden Door.png Wooden Door 1.5
Wooden Doorframe.png Wooden Doorframe 2.1
Wooden Fence Foundation.png Wooden Fence Foundation 1.19
Wooden Foundation.png Wooden Foundation 9.3
Wooden Hatchframe.png Wooden Hatchframe 3.4
Wooden Ladder.png Wooden Ladder 0.5
Wooden Pillar.png Wooden Pillar 2.8
Wooden Raft.png Wooden Raft 93.75
Wooden Railing.png Wooden Railing 0.924
Wooden Ramp.png Wooden Ramp 6.9
Wooden Shield.png Wooden Shield 3.8
Wooden Sign.png Wooden Sign 0.8
Wooden Spike Wall.png Wooden Spike Wall 3.5
Wooden Staircase.png Wooden Staircase 1.856
Wooden Table.png Wooden Table 7.0
Wooden Trapdoor.png Wooden Trapdoor 2.4
Wooden Tree Platform.png Wooden Tree Platform 0.498
Wooden Wall.png Wooden Wall 1.9
Wooden Wall Sign.png Wooden Wall Sign 0.4
Wooden Window.png Wooden Window 0.4
Wooden Windowframe.png Wooden Windowframe 2.5
Woolly Rhino Saddle.png Woolly Rhino Saddle 22.2
Wreath.png Wreath 7

XP for Harvesting Resources[edit | edit source]

XP for Killing Dinosaurs[edit | edit source]

This XP chart is for all dinos at level 1. XP gain increases by 10 % of this base value for each extra level. So the formula is: BaseXP × (1 + (Level - 1) × 0.1)

E.g. Base value is 4, so 10% is 0.4; XP for Level 1 is 4; for Level 2 is 4 + 0.4 = 4.4; for Level 3 is 4 + 0.8 = 4.8

Dinosaur Experience
Achatina.png Achatina 2
Allosaurus.png Allosaurus 18
Alpha Carno.png Alpha Carno 460
Alpha Deathworm.png Alpha Deathworm 15,000
Alpha Fire Wyvern.png Alpha Fire Wyvern 1,500
Alpha Mosasaurus.png Alpha Mosasaurus 1,600
Alpha Raptor.png Alpha Raptor 265
Alpha Rex.png Alpha Rex 885
Alpha Tusoteuthis.png Alpha Tusoteuthis 2,200
Angler.png Angler 8
Ankylosaurus.png Ankylosaurus 6
Spider.png Araneo 2
Archaeopteryx.png Archaeopteryx 0.5
Argentavis.png Argentavis 7
Arthropluera.png Arthropluera 4
Baryonyx.png Baryonyx 5
Basilosaurus.png Basilosaurus 15
Beelzebufo.png Beelzebufo 2
Wyvern Bone Costume (Scorched Earth).png Bone Fire Wyvern 1,500
Brontosaurus.png Brontosaurus 22
Broodmother Icon.png Broodmother Lysrix 8
Dodo.png BunnyDodo 0.5
Oviraptor.png BunnyOviraptor 2
Carbonemys.png Carbonemys 2
Carnotaurus.png Carnotaurus 18
Giant Beaver.png Castoroides 4
Chalicotherium.png Chalicotherium 6
Cnidaria.png Cnidaria 1
Coelacanth.png Coelacanth 0.5
Compy.png Compy 0.5
Deathworm.png Deathworm 3,000
Dilophosaur.png Dilophosaur 1
Dimetrodon.png Dimetrodon 4
Dimorphodon Icon.png Dimorphodon 2
Diplocaulus.png Diplocaulus 2
Diplodocus.png Diplodocus 6
Direbear.png Direbear 4
Direwolf Icon.png Direwolf 6
Dodo.png Dodo 0.5
Dodo Wyvern.png Dodo Wyvern 120
Dodorex Icon.png DodoRex 30
Doedicurus Icon.png Doedicurus 7
Dragon.png Dragon 3,000
Dragonfly Icon.png Dragonfly 3
Dung Beetle.png Dung Beetle 2
Dunkleosteus.png Dunkleosteus 12
Eurypterid.png Eurypterid 1
Gallimimus.png Gallimimus 1
Giganotosaurus Icon.png Giganotosaurus 200
Gigantopithecus Icon.png Gigantopithecus 20
Human.png Human 0
Ichthy.png Ichthy 4
Jerboa.png Jerboa 0.5
Jug Bug.png Jug Bug 1
Kairuku.png Kairuku 0.5
Kaprosuchus.png Kaprosuchus 5
Leech.png Leech 1
Lymantria.png Lymantria 3
Lystrosaurus.png Lystrosaurus 0.5
Mammoth.png Mammoth 8
Manta.png Manta 4
Manticore.png Manticore 3,000
Mantis.png Mantis 2
Megaloceros Icon.png Megaloceros 4
Megalodon.png Megalodon 12
Megalosaurus.png Megalosaurus 25
Megapithecus Icon.png Megapithecus 3,000
Mesopithecus Icon.png Mesopithecus 2
Morellatops.png Morellatops 4
Mosasaurus.png Mosasaurus 15
Moschops.png Moschops 6
Onyc.png Onyc 3
Oviraptor.png Oviraptor 2
Ovis.png Ovis 1
Pachy Icon.png Pachy 2
Pachyrhinosaurus.png Pachyrhinosaurus 4
Paraceratherium.png Paracer 12
Parasaur.png Parasaur 1
Pegomastax.png Pegomastax 0.5
Pelagornis.png Pelagornis 3
Phiomia.png Phiomia 1
Piranha.png Piranha 1
Plesiosaur.png Plesiosaur 15
Procoptodon.png Procoptodon 2
Pteranodon.png Pteranodon 3
Scorpion.png Pulmonoscorpius 6
Purlovia.png Purlovia 6
Quetzal.png Quetzal 18
Raptor.png Raptor 3
Rex.png Rex 30
Rock Elemental.png Rock Elemental 50
Sabertooth.png Sabertooth 5
Sabertooth Salmon.png Sabertooth Salmon 0.5
Sarco.png Sarco 5
Bronto Bone Costume.png Skeletal Bronto 22
Skeletal Carnotaurus.png Skeletal Carnotaurus 460
Giganotosaurus Bone Costume.png Skeletal Giganotosaurus 200
Jerboa Bone Costume (Scorched Earth).png Skeletal Jerboa 0.5
Quetzalcoatlus Bone Costume.png Skeletal Quetzal 18
Skeletal Raptor.png Skeletal Raptor 265
Skeletal Rex.png Skeletal Rex 885
Stego Bone Costume.png Skeletal Stego 5
Trike Bone Costume.png Skeletal Trike 4
Spinosaur.png Spinosaur 60
Stegosaurus.png Stegosaurus 5
Tapejara.png Tapejara 3
Terror Bird.png Terror Bird 4
Therizinosaurus.png Therizinosaurus 18
Thorny Dragon.png Thorny Dragon 6
Titanoboa.png Titanoboa 4
Titanomyrma.png Titanomyrma 1
Titanosaur.png Titanosaur 20,000
Trike.png Triceratops 4
Trilobite Icon.png Trilobite 1
Troodon.png Troodon 1
Turkey.png Turkey 0.5
Tusoteuthis.png Tusoteuthis 100
Vulture.png Vulture 3
Woolly Rhinoceros.png Woolly Rhinoceros 4
Wyvern.png Wyvern 120
... further results
  • Size modifiers on the Coelacanths and Sabertooth Salmons do not affect the amount of XP they give.