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Explorer Notes
Notes about creatures and past events, left behind by previous survivors.
Added in Patchs 248.0, 250.0, 252.0 & 254.0


Explorer Notes are collectable items scattered across The Island and Scorched Earth that are either a Dino Dossier or a piece of narrative from actual survivors intended to tell the story behind the ARK. The Explorer Notes are collected just by walking/flying near over it.

For every Note found you gain 100XP and a 10 minutes lasting effect where XP-Collection is twice as high (Similar to the "Broth of Enlightenment"). It is advisable collecting them while on a dino because your dino gets the XP and the Effect as well. So the reward for finding these are doubled. If you find two Notes within a short time the effecttime is added to the current one and not reset.

Note Locations[edit | edit source]

All available explorer notes except 4 are listed below. The four other ones are the boss dossiers, obtained by defeating each of the bosses.

The notes with #8 of explorers from The Island cannot be found in the game files (seems to be an error).

For an interactive map of not only Explorer Notes see the following pages:

The Island
Scorched Earth
The Center
(not yet implemented)

The Island[edit | edit source]

Type Topic Author Lat Lon Location
Dossier Achatina.png Achatina Helena 75.7 78.1 Southern Islets
Dossier Allosaurus.png Allosaurus Helena 16.4 10.9 Underwater Cave
Dossier Angler.png Angler Helena 24.6 40.1
Dossier Ankylosaurus.png Ankylosaurus Helena 15.8 26.7
Dossier Spider.png Araneo Helena 39.6 45.8 Central Cave
Dossier Archaeopteryx.png Archaeopteryx Helena 18.7 42.8 hidden behind a waterfall
Dossier Argentavis.png Argentavis Helena 21.6 53.9
Dossier Arthropluera.png Arthropleura Helena 14.2 69.1
Dossier Baryonyx.png Baryonyx Helena 30 78.1
Dossier Basilosaurus.png Basilosaurus Helena 52.5 17.7
Dossier Beelzebufo.png Beelzebufo Helena 14.8 81.4 Dead Island
Dossier Brontosaurus.png Brontosaurus Helena 31.6 17.1
Dossier Carbonemys.png Carbonemys Helena 10.9 40.4 Underwater Cave
Dossier Carnotaurus.png Carnotaurus Helena 33.3 41
Dossier Giant Beaver.png Castoroides Helena 25.1 71.8
Dossier Chalicotherium.png Chalicotherium Helena 31.3 28.9
Dossier Cnidaria.png Cnidaria Helena 49.8 81.7 Caverns of Lost Hope
Dossier Coelacanth.png Coelacanth Helena 37 49.9
Dossier Compy.png Compsognathus Helena 41.2 49.2
Dossier Dilophosaur.png Dilophosaurus Helena 84.3 10.2 Underwater Cave
Dossier Dimetrodon.png Dimetrodon Helena 28.5 74.2
Dossier Dimorphodon Icon.png Dimorphodon Helena 26.6 70.6
Dossier Diplocaulus.png Diplocaulus Helena 27.6 82.6
Dossier Diplodocus.png Diplodocus Helena 25.1 13.5
Dossier Direbear.png Direbear Helena 40.4 83.8
Dossier Direwolf Icon.png Direwolf Helena 42.5 20.8
Dossier Dodo.png Dodo Helena 56.7 21.4
Dossier Doedicurus Icon.png Doedicurus Helena 47 27.5
Dossier Dung Beetle.png Dung Beetle Helena 16.5 85 Dead Island
Dossier Dunkleosteus.png Dunkleosteus Helena 44 55.2
Dossier Eurypterid.png Eurypterid Helena 44.1 49
Dossier Gallimimus.png Gallimimus Helena 45.6 62.3
Dossier Giganotosaurus Icon.png Giganotosaurus Helena 44 66.4 Smuggler's Pass
Dossier Gigantopithecus Icon.png Gigantopithecus Helena 26.6 23.6
Dossier Ichthy.png Ichthyosaurus Helena 52.9 79.8
Dossier Kairuku.png Kairuku Helena 42.5 79.6
Dossier Kaprosuchus.png Kaprosuchus Helena 82.9 51.9 Lower South Cave
Dossier Leech.png Leech Helena 85.3 53.4 Lower South Cave
Dossier Lystrosaurus.png Lystrosaurus Helena 68.6 59.3 Upper South Cave
Dossier Mammoth.png Mammoth Helena 71.3 59.8 Upper South Cave
Dossier Manta.png Manta Helena 68.9 86.2 South East Cave
Dossier Megaloceros Icon.png Megaloceros Helena 67.5 85.6 South East Cave
Dossier Megalodon.png Megalodon Helena 41 47.3 Central Cave
Dossier Megalosaurus.png Megalosaurus Helena 16.6 84.1 North East Cave
Dossier Dragonfly Icon.png Meganeura Helena 54.3 41.4
Dossier Piranha.png Megapiranha Helena 68.1 67.6 Southern Islets
Dossier Mesopithecus Icon.png Mesopithecus Helena 16.1 84.4 North East Cave
Dossier Mosasaurus.png Mosasaurus Helena 16.4 84.5 North East Cave
Dossier Moschops.png Moschops Helena 64.3 17.4
Dossier Onyc.png Onyc Helena 66.4 19.7
Dossier Oviraptor.png Oviraptor Helena 58.9 23.1
Dossier Ovis.png Ovis Helena 73.3 74.1
Dossier Pachy Icon.png Pachycephalosaurus Helena 65.5 40.8
Dossier Pachyrhinosaurus.png Pachyrhinosaurus Helena 77.6 20.7 Southern Jungle
Dossier Paraceratherium.png Paraceratherium Helena 65.1 31.4 Redwood Forest
Dossier Parasaur.png Parasaur Helena 71.5 32.1 The Writhing Swamps
Dossier Pegomastax.png Pegomastax Helena 82.2 62.9
Dossier Pelagornis.png Pelagornis Helena 71.3 47.2 Southern Islets
Dossier Phiomia.png Phiomia Helena 72.5 53.8 The Writhing Swamps
Dossier Plesiosaur.png Plesiosaur Helena 68.4 59.5 The Writhing Swamps
Dossier Procoptodon.png Procoptodon Helena 72.3 78.2 Southern Islets
Dossier Pteranodon.png Pteranodon Helena 66.9 76.8 Southern Islets
Dossier Scorpion.png Pulmonoscorpius Helena 80.6 61.9 Southern Islets
Dossier Purlovia.png Purlovia Helena 36.6 34.9
Dossier Quetzal.png Quetzalcoatlus Helena 87.4 23.3 Cragg's Island
Dossier Raptor.png Raptor Helena 86.8 25 Cragg's Island
Dossier Sabertooth.png Sabertooth Helena 77.1 26.1 Southern Jungle
Dossier Sabertooth Salmon.png Sabertooth Salmon Helena 87.5 52.5 Southern Islets
Dossier Sarco.png Sarcosuchus Helena 77.9 42.9 Southern Islets
Dossier Spinosaur.png Spinosaurus Helena 75.7 79.8 Southern Islets
Dossier Stegosaurus.png Stegosaurus Helena 78.3 79.1 Southeast Shores
Dossier Tapejara.png Tapejara Helena 62.3 40.2 Swamp Cave
Dossier Terror Bird.png Terror Bird Helena 62.2 40.9 Swamp Cave
Dossier Therizinosaurus.png Therizinosaurus Helena 67.6 48.5
Dossier Titanoboa.png Titanoboa Helena 36.1 92 Underwater Cave
Dossier Titanomyrma.png Titanomyrma Helena 49.3 11.1 Underwater Cave
Dossier Titanosaur.png Titanosaur Helena 61.8 40.7 Swamp Cave
Dossier Trike.png Triceratops Helena 87.4 91 Underwater Cave
Dossier Trilobite Icon.png Trilobite Helena 11 22.1 Underwater Cave
Dossier Troodon.png Troodon Helena 75 78.8
Dossier Tusoteuthis.png Tusoteuthis Helena 59.9 21.3 Caverns of Lost Faith
Dossier Rex.png Tyrannosaurus Helena 53.1 92.5 Underwater Cave
Dossier Woolly Rhinoceros.png Woolly Rhino Helena 79.2 32.3 The Footpaw
Note Note #1 Helena 8.5 90.9 Underwater Cave
Note Note #2 Helena 91.8 71.3 Underwater Cave
Note Note #3 Helena 91 36.2 Underwater Cave
Note Note #4 Helena 90.6 13.1 Underwater Cave
Note Note #5 Helena 81.5 44.7 Southern Islets
Note Note #6 Helena 77.2 76.4 Southern Islets
Note Note #7 Helena 78.7 27.7 The Footpaw
Note Note #8 Helena
Note Note #9 Helena 49.4 79.2 Caverns of Lost Hope
Note Note #10 Helena 52.4 59
Record Record #1 Rockwell 25.3 73.1
Record Record #2 Rockwell 83.2 24.8 Cragg's Island
Record Record #3 Rockwell 54.8 13.8
Record Record #4 Rockwell 14.1 85.9 Dead Island
Record Record #5 Rockwell 21.3 69.2
Record Record #6 *1) Rockwell 46.4 83.7 Caverns of Lost Hope
Record Record #7 Rockwell 44.1 81.4
Record Record #8 Rockwell
Record Record #9 Rockwell 61.7 16.1 Caverns of Lost Faith
Record Record #10 Rockwell 75.7 71.5
Note Note #1 Mei Yin 25 18.9
Note Note #2 Mei Yin 15.2 20.7
Note Note #3 Mei Yin 15.8 52.5
Note Note #4 Mei Yin 19.8 30.1
Note Note #5 Mei Yin 26.6 16.4
Note Note #6 Mei Yin 16.8 29
Note Note #7 Mei Yin 21.3 30 Whitesky Peak
Note Note #8 Mei Yin
Note Note #9 Mei Yin 47.2 81.6 Caverns of Lost Hope
Note Note #10 Mei Yin 27.3 43.9
Note Note #1 Nerva 22.4 68.5
Note Note #2 Nerva 35.7 78.1 Far's Peak
Note Note #3 Nerva 39.5 24.5
Note Note #4 Nerva 41.2 68
Note Note #5 Nerva 45.4 31.5
Note Note #6 Nerva 49.4 79
Note Note #7 Nerva 47.8 60.9
Note Note #8 Nerva
Note Note #9 Nerva 58.2 19.8 Caverns of Lost Faith
Note Note #10 Nerva 51.4 54.6

Scorched Earth[edit | edit source]

Type Topic Author Lat Lon
Dossier Deathworm.png Deathworm Helena 18.6 46.3
Dossier Jerboa.png Jerboa Helena 37 12.3
Dossier Jug Bug.png Jug Bug Helena 35.1 59.7
Dossier Mantis.png Mantis Helena 18.2 81.9
Dossier Morellatops.png Morellatops Helena 85 52.1
Dossier Lymantria.png Moth Helena 65 32.6
Dossier Rock Elemental.png Rock Elemental Helena 79.6 32.4
Dossier Thorny Dragon.png Thorny Dragon Helena 81.2 14.2
Dossier Vulture.png Vulture Helena 18.3 67.3
Dossier Wyvern.png Wyvern Helena 12.3 46.8
Note Note #1 Helena 43.3 45
Note Note #2 Helena 48.8 71.1
Note Note #3 Helena 57 76.1
Note Note #4 Helena 81.6 63.9
Note Note #5 Helena 41 54.1
Note Note #6 Helena 50.8 25.1
Note Note #7 Helena 31.9 29.4
Note Note #8 Helena 23.4 53.3
Note Note #9 Helena 51 86.7
Note Note #10 Helena 80 75.6
Record Record #1 Rockwell 71.8 10.5
Record Record #2 Rockwell 72 85.8
Record Record #3 Rockwell 84.3 13.9
Record Record #4 Rockwell 78.8 81.9
Record Record #5 Rockwell 13.3 77.6
Record Record #6 Rockwell 24.2 39
Record Record #7 Rockwell 58 44.8
Record Record #8 Rockwell 23.4 65.1
Record Record #9 Rockwell 54.3 76.4
Record Record #10 Rockwell 86.3 69
Tablet Tablet #1 Raia 11.2 40
Tablet Tablet #2 Raia 51.4 49.4
Tablet Tablet #3 Raia 49.3 50.8
Tablet Tablet #4 Raia 86.1 68.8
Tablet Tablet #5 Raia 69.9 59.3
Tablet Tablet #6 Raia 22.2 60.8
Tablet Tablet #7 Raia 78.3 76.1
Tablet Tablet #8 Raia 16.8 56.5
Tablet Tablet #9 Raia 50.3 80.3
Tablet Tablet #10 Raia 88.7 38.6
Note Note #1 Dahkeya 17.7 12.3
Note Note #2 Dahkeya 14.8 27.7
Note Note #3 Dahkeya 66.3 14.4
Note Note #4 Dahkeya 71.1 48.1
Note Note #5 Dahkeya 53.3 43.7
Note Note #6 Dahkeya 78.9 49.9
Note Note #7 Dahkeya 30.6 53.8
Note Note #8 Dahkeya 22.4 44.2
Note Note #9 Dahkeya 42.3 88.4
Note Note #10 Dahkeya 61.2 77.8

1) Before introduction of the underwater caves the coordinates were 69.8 lat, 84.6 lon.

Notes from ARK Survivors[edit | edit source]

Helena[edit | edit source]

Helena is the creator of the Dino Dossiers. She appears to be a biologist from modern Australia with her notes written in English.

The Island Explorer Notes[edit | edit source]

Helena Note #1 (The Island)[edit source]

NoteHelena.png I’ve lost count of how many sunrises I’ve seen since I arrived on this island. Hundreds, I’d imagine, yet each one seems more beautiful than the last. Sometimes, I like to take Athena out just before dawn and watch it while flying through the morning sky. It’s in these simple moments that I realize just how lucky I am.

Not that I was unhappy exploring the reefs and rainforests back, in Oz, but I wasn’t ever going to spot a Bronto stomping about the outback, was I? Since I got here, I’ve had the opportunity to study creatures that no other biologist has even witnessed. I’ll always be grateful for that.
~ Helena

Helena Note #2 (The Island)[edit source]

NoteHelena.png I’d been holding out for a change in weather before studying the wildlife of this island’s peculiar tundra region, but I think it’s safe to say that it’s not forthcoming. Clearly this planet has no axial tilt, and therefore, no seasons. That ice and snow isn’t melting anytime soon.

Can’t say I’m happy about it. The cold and I are not the best of mates, I can tell you that, but I’ll just have to suck it up. The climate during the Jurassic and cretaceous periods that many of this island’s creatures hail from was fairly uniform, so an arctic region is quite the oddity. It’d be plain stubborn of me not to have a Captain Cook.
~ Helena

Helena Note #3 (The Island)[edit source]

NoteHelena.png The tribe that calls themselves The Howling Wolves has really made this northern adventure a lot easier. Well, them and Athena. She’s right at home here. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to repay Rockwell for just up and giving me, an Argentavis. He’s said our conversations are payment enough, but I still feel guilty. I should remember to collect some floral samples for him while I’m here.

Anyway, tagging along with the wolves has been a good introduction to the region, but I think I’m ready to making my own way. To make real scientific conclusions, I need to observe these animals undisturbed in their natural habitat for long periods of time.
~ Helena

Helena Note #4 (The Island)[edit source]

NoteHelena.png What a day! There I am, putting the finishing touches on the mammoth dossier, when all of a sudden, a Tyrannosaurus starts attacking the herd. Strewth! A Tyrannosaurus wading through the bloody snow!

I asked The Howling Wolves at the nearest camp, and apparently, this is a common thing. They’re not new to the region. It just doesn’t make sense. How can a Tyrannosaurus survive in this climate? And how can the introduction of an apex predator not shift the entire ecosystem?
~ Helena

Helena Note #5 (The Island)[edit source]

NoteHelena.png Well, I've combed through more carnivore droppings, than I care to calculate, and I can't say they provided many answers. All the predators in this region have very similar diets. With so many different predators hunting the same prey, the populations of all these species shouldn't be sustainable. Yet I've found nothing to indicate that any population shift is actually happening.

It's just bizarre! The longer I'm here, the more I realize that this region shouldn't exist. Its climate is out of sync with the rest of the island, many of the creatures here are millions of years ahead of the dinosaurs and the ecosystem is almost static!

Something's off. I need to review my notes.
~ Helena

Helena Note #6 (The Island)[edit source]

NoteHelena.png Helena, you're a dipstick.

Going through my notes, I've realised that there are more predators than prey across this entire island by almost double. That's the opposite of how any ecosystem is supposed to work. I can't believe it took a Tyrannosaurus frolicking through the snow for me to see this. It's plain as day.

What to make of it? Add in the human factor, and it's impossible for this island to continue as it is by natural means. So, what, is this island's wildlife being monitored and curated somehow?

I should speak with Rockwell. Maybe he's come to a similar conclusion.
~ Helena

Helena Note #7 (The Island)[edit source]

NoteHelena.png I never thought this island was normal, exactly. I mean, there are giant obelisks floating in the sky, for Pete's sake. Not to mention that cave I found, which hid a platform similar to those found at the base of said obelisks. Well, similar except for those oddly shaped holes that were carved into its podium.

I guess I just didn't care about all that. So long as I had my beautiful, unique and untainted ecosystem to study, I was happy. But now...

No, I shouldn't write it off just yet. Not before I arrive at Rockwell's. There's still a chance that my data is off or, that I missed something obvious. I won't give up on my paradise just yet.
~ Helena

Helena Note #8 (The Island)[edit source]

NoteHelena.png (Undiscovered)
~ Helena

Helena Note #9 (The Island)[edit source]

NoteHelena.png On Rockwell's recommendation, I've headed south to start an in depth study of the Island's marine life with the help of a tribe called the Painted Sharks. Because the ecosystem of the ocean that surrounds the Island is separate from the ecosystem on the mainland, correlating patterns between them might help me isolate and understand this island's scientific abnormalities.

Also, after freezing my ass off for so long, I could really use an extended stay on a tropical island. Marine biology was never my strongest field, but I do love the ocean. If nothing else, it should be beautiful there.
~ Helena

Helena Note #10 (The Island)[edit source]

NoteHelena.png The Painted Sharks have treated me like I'm the bloody queen since I showed them Rockwell's letter of recommendation. I don't think I've eaten better in my entire time on the Island. Not that it's a high bar, I'm a horrible cook. Oh, and they've been of tremendous help with my research, of course. So far, my estimates of the predator-prey balance are consistent with the ecosystems on the mainland. The water is simply teeming with shoals of megalodons, and they are extremely aggressive. Perhaps that's a side effect of having limited prey? Sharks aren't known as territorial creatures. I'll have to study them further.
~ Helena

Scorched Earth Explorer Notes[edit | edit source]

Helena Note #1 (Scorched Earth)[edit source]

NoteHelena.png I had to pick the desert. Why the hell did I pick the desert?

Well, I suppose "pick" is a rather strong word for it. I’m still not entirely certain just how I got that console working, but it suddenly started cycling through holographic images of different destinations far from the island that I’d been living on. Of course, I just had to go and press another button while it was showing off one that contained miles and miles of bloody desert, and here I am.

That’s just typical of me, isn’t it? Always leaping, never looking. Oh well, better make the best of it, and by that, I mean "better not die of heat exhaustion."
~ Helena

Helena Note #2 (Scorched Earth)[edit source]

NoteHelena.png My hunting skills are seriously out of practice. Not that I was ever spectacular, but I feel like I’d graduated from smashing bugs with a rock at some point.

At least I was thoroughly rewarded for my efforts. My hunch was spot on these big green bastards are carrying drinkable water on their backs, and thank goodness for that! I may have never known if I’d killed a red one first, since those carry oil instead. Far less useful when you’re dying of thirst, let me tell you.

I may be fighting the inevitable, though. I’m still on foot and still alone. Definitely miss Athena.
~ Helena

Helena Note #3 (Scorched Earth)[edit source]

NoteHelena.png I’m on a roll. By sheer coincidence, I stumbled into another group of survivors today, and they didn’t try to kill me or anything. If I didn’t know how probability actually worked, I’d say that this recent string of good luck is the universe making up for sending me to the bloody desert in the first place.

The caravaners were welcoming, and the creatures they ride are fascinating. They seem like dinosaurs, but they also appear to share some biology with camels. Bizarre! For all its oddities, the island never had anything like that.

I’ll have to study them… after a nap. All this desert survival’s left me knackered.
~ Helena

Helena Note #4 (Scorched Earth)[edit source]

NoteHelena.png If I’d ended up in this place instead of on that island, I’d have never imagined the ecosystem was natural. Not for two seconds.

Take these morellatops: they’re a cross between a ceratops, a morelladon and a camel, and the strangest part? There are places in its humps where you can stick a spigot and get clean drinking water. Tastes like piss, but not only is it safe, it doesn’t even harm the morellatops. It’s crackers.

Definitely the result of genetic engineering, but I knew that, didn’t I? It’s time to get to the “why.” Maybe studying the creatures here with my new perspective will yield some insight.
~ Helena

Helena Note #5 (Scorched Earth)[edit source]

NoteHelena.png Today, I caught a glimpse of what the caravaners call the "Endless Dunes". The desolate sea of sand that apparently surrounds the livable portion of the desert on all sides.

Now those dunes can't literally be endless, but it's easy to see why one would think that. Not only do they, stretch on to the horizon, but they're home to get to... get this... giant sand "worms" that will devour anything that sets foot in their domain.

I laughed that off at first. Then I saw a creature the size of a train burst up from the sand and devour a wild morellatops that had wandered into its territory. I suppose I'll just have to learn to walk without rhythm...
~ Helena

Helena Note #6 (Scorched Earth)[edit source]

NoteHelena.png As absurd as the Death Worms are, I see their purpose. They are a natural barrier.

If this whole place is a space station posing as a real ecosystem, then it needs to keep the wildlife and humans inside it contained in a way that appears natural. The island accomplished that by simply being an island, and the desert does it via the Death Worms.

Granted, a large population of predators with ludicrous kilocalorie needs would never last long in a place as devoid of prey, but as this is an artificial environment, the station can feed or, replace the Death Worms as needed. It's a little convoluted, but it makes sense.
~ Helena

Helena Note #7 (Scorched Earth)[edit source]

NoteHelena.png Time to go over the facts.

Like the island, this desert is a space station posing as a natural environment. It is inhabited by a large population of dangerous, genetically engineered creatures, and a small population of humans that are struggling to survive. This whole environment is then deliberately contained by a combination of a holographic horizon and natural barriers.

Assuming the other space stations are at all similiar, then this whole thing is starting to look like some kind of bizarre experiment on a grand scale. Yes, each station would represent an experimental group, and...

I'll have to continue this later. One of the caravan's scouts just returned in a panic. Something about rocks being alive, which is of course ridic.
~ Helena

Helena Note #8 (Scorched Earth)[edit source]

NoteHelena.png I long for the days when I thought a tyrannosaurus frolicking through the snow was the height of absurdity. Compared to yesterday, that seems commonplace. As the scout had so eloquently put, the rocks were indeed alive. Alive, in the shape of a massive, bipedal golem and exceedingly angry. I was too shocked to scatter like the others when it charged, and for a moment, I was certain that I would die. Then something even more ludicrous happened - lightning crashed into the golem, but it didn't come from the sky. It came from the mouth of a bloody dragon. I don't recall much else. Fear and instinct pretty much took over for the rest of the day, and while that helped me survive, I'm once again on my own.
~ Helena

Helena Note #9 (Scorched Earth)[edit source]

NoteHelena.png I remember now, the dragon had a rider. Rather, the wyvern did. Two legs means its a wyvern. Strewth, listen to me, fighting to survive and still finding time for semantics. The rider was covered up too well to get a good look at them. Could it have been Mei Yin? No, that's stupid. I don't know if she's even alive, much less in this desert with me. It would be just like her though, to have tamed the meanest thing here so quickly. It's nice to pretend that a friend might be looking out for me, at least. We were sort of mates, right? Sort of. I could really use one right now. A friend, I mean.
~ Helena

Helena Note #10 (Scorched Earth)[edit source]

NoteHelena.png Well, I found a new best mate. The little fuzzball isn't exactly what I meant, but I'll take her. I've dubbed her species Renopila Amplexus. They're small, cuddly little herbivores, and as far as I can tell, taming one has no practical use. I just couldn't let the her starve to death, though. I guess all this rubbish with golems and wyverns has quelched what was left of my scientific instinct to leave nature to nature. At least we provide each other with a little warmth at night, and her antics have helped to keep my spirits up. I suppose I'll need to give her a name.
~ Helena

Gaius Marcellus Nerva[edit | edit source]

Gaius Marcellus Nerva is a Roman Centurion who wrote his notes in Latin.

The Island Explorer Notes[edit | edit source]

Nerva Note #1 (The Island)[edit source]

NoteNerva.png Latin

Vere molestum est me de terra hac vasta, malae bestiae titanic et magis quam maxime. Intelliguntur animalia esse feros. Etiam ceterorum domantur, non quidem humanitatis, sed vir, Ponitur esse homo est animal, non est hic, in sordibus victorum per pugnam et ciborum reliquias sicut stray canes.

Et ex ipsis persuasum me duce cohortem simul, et simul saluti ordinem invenimus. Donec indocti adhaesionis cohaesionis. Ad me ducta.

Gaius Marcellus Nerva

Victoria Per Disciplinam
~ Gaius Marcellus Nerva
TranslationThis vast land truly bothers me, with its gigantic and even more evil beasts. Animals are meant to be wild. Still, some are tamed and are indeed not human, but while it is said that man is an animal, here he is not. With their bad habits of war, the survivors are more like stray dogs.

And at the same time, a group of them convinced me to be their leader, we found the order of salvation. The adherence to cohesion was untaught. To my leadership.

Gaius Marcellus Nerva

Victory Through Discipline

Nerva Note #2 (The Island)[edit source]

NoteNerva.png Latin

Est peccatum meum ego primam huius chao Dacia. Dignitatis multis interrogatus, cur puer centurionis inde sequi habebant. Accepit eam ad confidunt, sed necesse fuit. Et unum militem habere non potui me interrogas proelio disciplinam ne deficiat.

Indisciplinato formatione nostrorum se fluunt, et proximavit legio esset exposita. Non est hic. Haec cavernas saxorum a viro usque ad mulierem nocte, et non unum, sed ego et patientiam quam sum expertus in Dacia. Ut procul a Roma, pro certo scio - insula haec scire posset.

Gaius Marcellus Nerva

Victoria Per Disciplinam
~ Gaius Marcellus Nerva
TranslationWas this my first sin in the chaos against the Dacia province? I had many questions about my own dignity, especially on why these survivors followed a young a Centurion like me. I accepted they were this way and that they relied on me. And they asked of me, this single solder, if they could learn the ways of battle, lest I fail them.

The formation these men walked in was undisciplined, and unlike a real legion they left themselves completely exposed. It was like they weren't really focused in each moment. These clefts, the men and women made their way over them by night, and not one, but I, had any perseverance... as I had once proven in my province of Dacia. Although Rome is so far away, I knew with certainty - I was able to really get to know this island now.

Gaius Marcellus Nerva

Victory Through Discipline

Nerva Note #3 (The Island)[edit source]

NoteNerva.png Latin

Training grew easier exitus criminis statim coepit. Denique hoc inveni quod terebras et chores fons solis ardore cohibere nequit. Mane vexillo volantes super thesaurum invenit.

Legione Signum Fuit Imperii, sed unius lacertae loco aquilae volanti insulae lingua verbaque SPQR loco. Dicunt mihi uera nuntiantur Novum legionem recipite. Fateor ridebam ad visum.

Bene est. Suus ‘vicis ut expiscor si ego legionnaires creatus est. Nos ire in tenebras..

Gaius Marcellus Nerva

Victoria Per Disciplinam
~ Gaius Marcellus Nerva
TranslationMy discipline became absolute. The crimes came to an end at once. Finally. I had thought that these drills and chores couldn't hold back the source of the sun's heat. On the next morning, I saw a flag flutter above me. I treasured what I found.

The legion's symbol was not that of a lizard but instead one of a flying eagle and it was written in the words of the island instead of the language of the senate and people of rome. They said to me: "Welcome the new legion". I admit that I laughed at the sight. It's good. It created the opportunity for me to realize that I am a legionnaire. We will go into darkness.

Gaius Marcellus Nerva

Victory Through Discipline

Nerva Note #4 (The Island)[edit source]

NoteNerva.png Latin

Curabitur mollis target experiri novi electi mei, et parum putasses resistentia. In tribu autem oppugnari erat rudis, et uelut quidam videssent cuneum eventum. Quomodo possum, si quid incidit velociter viam provolarunt. Fuere etiam qui non procul fugere conatus.

Et munimenta vagaretur commeatibus nos vexillum nostrum dirui humo seminavit in sterquilinio. Omnis fera et tribus simulator scire: The Legione Pervenit.

Gaius Marcellus Nerva

Victoria Per Disciplinam
~ Gaius Marcellus Nerva
Translation[Incomplete translation.]

Gaius Marcellus Nerva

Victory Through Discipline

Nerva Note #5 (The Island)[edit source]

NoteNerva.png Latin

[Incomplete transcription.]

Gaius Marcellus Nerva

Victoria Per Disciplinam
~ Gaius Marcellus Nerva
Translation[Incomplete translation.]

Gaius Marcellus Nerva

Victory Through Discipline

Nerva Note #6 (The Island)[edit source]

NoteNerva.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Gaius Marcellus Nerva
TranslationIt did not take long for me to grow accustomed to the weapons of this world - many of which are called "guns". According to one of my lieutenants. They are far more accurate and deadly than any bow, but like any weapon they are only as effective as their wielder. In the hands of the Blackthumbs, they are of no concern.

In battle, we have been able to bait the Blackthumbs into attacking a wave of durable, but disposable beasts before descending upon them with our main force. Our attacks are concentrated while theirs are scattered. That makes all the difference.

Gaius Marcellus Nerva

Victory Through Discipline

Nerva Note #7 (The Island)[edit source]

NoteNerva.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Gaius Marcellus Nerva
TranslationThe Blackthumbs are destroyed. Their leader was defiant, but his tribesmen did not wish to fight the inevitable. They offered us his head last evening. I suspect surrenders will be more frequent now. The Blackthumbs were the first, but they shall not be the last.

Yes, I see it clearly. This is destiny. The gods have brought me here to bring order, to save these people from their own savagery. Janus pulled me across a bridge of time and space, Mars lent me his strength and now I shall create my own empire in their name.

Gaius Marcellus Nerva

Victory Through Discipline

Nerva Note #8 (The Island)[edit source]

NoteNerva.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Gaius Marcellus Nerva
Translation[Incomplete translation.]

Nerva Note #9 (The Island)[edit source]

NoteNerva.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Gaius Marcellus Nerva
Translation[Incomplete translation.]

Nerva Note #10 (The Island)[edit source]

NoteNerva.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Gaius Marcellus Nerva
Translation[Incomplete translation.]

Sir Edmund Rockwell[edit | edit source]

Sir Edmund Rockwell wrote the Recipes for Consumables and Kibbles but he is most famous for his Mindwipe Tonic. He appears to be a chemist from 19th century London with his notes written in cursive style English.

The Island Explorer Records[edit | edit source]

Rockwell Record #1 (The Island)[edit source]

NoteRockwell.png Greetings and salutations dear reader! If these words are gracing your eyes, then you have had the good fortune to find the journal of Sir Edmund Rockwell, stupendous scholar, gallant gentleman and explorer extraordinaire.

It also means that it’s entirely possible that I’ve met some unseemly end on this fascinating but exceedingly dangerous island that I call home. I suppose you could have also stolen it or I could have misplaced it in which case please proceed to either hang your head in shame or return it to me at once. Whichever is appropriate.

Sir Edmund Rockwell
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #2 (The Island)[edit source]

NoteRockwell.png The wondrous properties of the flora on this island will never cease to amaze me. If I’d told my colleagues in London that I could creature a concoction capable of erasing someone’s memories, I’d be laughed out of the room and never invited to tea again. Yet here it sits: my Mindwipe Tonic.

As usual, I’ve had tribal leaders grovelling at the gates of Rockwell Manor just for the tiniest of samples, and for the recipe? Oh the bounties I’ve been offered! I’m not interested in their riches though. I have their protection, supplies for my studies and all the time in the world. What more could I ask for?
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #3 (The Island)[edit source]

NoteRockwell.png These tribal negotiations give me a headache every time. The Blackthumbs are mad that The Painted Sharks sunk two of their barges, but the Painted Sharks say that the barges were too close to Southern Haven and they were perfectly within their rights to sink them as per The Southern Isle Accords. Typically, neither side is willing to budge.

What a bother. I’d just as soon mindwipe the lot of them and return to my studies. Alas, such is the fate of the island’s most respected neutral entity. At least The Painted Sharks brought some fresh fish. Perhaps I’ll side with them.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #4 (The Island)[edit source]

NoteRockwell.png Any chemist worth his salt knows the irreplaceable value of testing. Until a tonic has been rigorously tested, it is less useful than water. If only I could persuade this island’s less intellectual inhabitants to see that tests on Mesopithecus serve well for early trials, but they are no replacement for genuine human subjects at later, safer stages.

By subjects I of course mean willing participants that are prepared to risk mild headaches and much less mild nausea for the sake of science. The Laughing Skulls offered rather less willing participants at one point, but I declined. With how difficult it is to find volunteers these days, I sometimes regret it.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #5 (The Island)[edit source]

NoteRockwell.png Miss Walker's impromptu visits are always an unexpected pleasure. After that headache with the Sharks and Blackfoots, a lively tea-time discussion about the abnormalities of the ARK's ecosystem was precisely what I needed. Thank goodness I've managed to find an intellectual colleague that shares my love for the sciences!

It saddens me to think that Miss Walker's charming colonial accent would keep her out of the more prestigious institutions and societies back home. Another of the ARK's wonders - it is a true meritocracy unlike any in the modern world. If Miss Walker and I could find and cultivate more minds like ourselves, we could create a true scientific utopia.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #6 (The Island)[edit source]

NoteRockwell.png This expedition to Whitesky Peak has been just splendid, top to bottom. The weather's been marvelous, I've found excellent floral samples and the local hunters had more Woolly Rhino horns than you could shake a stick at.

I even managed to find volunteers for my latest experiment! It turns out that it was simply a matter of linguistics: those who are wary of experimental potions are much more receptive to experimental food. Once my Endothermic Paste was rechristened Fria Curry, people were clamoring to test it. It has moderate nutritional value, so it's not technically a deception. It's just favourable language in the name of progress, that's all. Perfectly moral.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #7 (The Island)[edit source]

NoteRockwell.png Sadly my Fria Curry trials cannot begin immediately as the volunteers have a much more difficult journey to Rockwell Manor than I. After all, I couldn't very well carry every one of them on Archimedes. Yes, the Argentavis could clutch one of his talons, but I've always found the practice to be barbaric. The rest of the ARK may be embroiled in feudal savagery, but a gentleman always maintains his class and dignity.

At any rate, I must have my assistants renovate the guest compound. Naturally I would never let strangers into the manor proper, but there's no reason there stay should not relefect my civilized standards.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #8 (The Island)[edit source]

NoteRockwell.png (Undiscovered)
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #9 (The Island)[edit source]

NoteRockwell.png I decided to seek out volunteers for my next experiment among the island's larger tribes. I thought that surely they would be willing to help after I patiently moderated so many of their frivolous disputes. How idealistic of me. Instead, they have yet another favor to ask.

Apparently there's a new tribe that's behaving rather aggressively and no one can successfully negotiate with its leader. So naturally they have turned to me. It's rather bothersome, but I can't touch their logic. If Sir Edmund Rockwell cannot reason with this Nerva fellow than who can?
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #10 (The Island)[edit source]

NoteRockwell.png Well, I found the report on Mister Nerva to be rather exaggerated, and as an Englishman one might imagine that I'd view Roman leadership with some disdain. Yet in my experience, I found Mister Nerva to be both honest and intellectually engaging. In fact, after a lengthy conversation, I daresay that Mister Nerva has the right of it when it comes to this island's politics. As the Romans created Pax Romans, perhaps this New Legion will create Pax (Could not read word). Even if it doesn't, I doubt it will harm my research, so I see no reason to interfere in this pointless squabble.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Scorched Earth Explorer Records[edit | edit source]

Rockwell Record #1 (Scorched Earth)[edit source]

NoteRockwell.png Confound those confused contraptions! Despite my best efforts, I could make neither heads nor tails of the mysterious machine that brought me here.

If only I still had that jittery bespectacled assistant of mine from all those years ago. What was his name? Gerald? Gerande? The one that loved tinkering with the devices we’d salvage from the arms of the Island’s less fortunate inhabitants. Good lad. The inscriptions he found on the inside of those little trinkets were where I first saw the word “ARK” as I recall.

Shame about the incident with the Compsognathus. If I still had his services, perhaps I’d never be in this God forsaken desert. Ah well. Stiff upper lip, Rockwell. Make the best of it.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #2 (Scorched Earth)[edit source]

NoteRockwell.png Right then! Now that I have found a shady spot where I can enjoy a brief respite from this desert’s dreadful heat, it’s high time that I set some goals for this expedition. If I wander about aimlessly then I’m sure to meet the same fate as poor Gerald.

First, I shall find a local tribe if for no other reason than to obtain a proper mount and supplies.

Second, I simply must learn more about that strange metal that lined the walls of the sanctuary. Even with a cursory study I could tell that it possesses wondrous properties. But where could I find more of it?
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #3 (Scorched Earth)[edit source]

NoteRockwell.png I must say nothing reminds a man of his own mortality quite like a desolate wasteland. As a strapping young lad, I could have survived alone in this desert for years! Why on one occasion, I fought off a Bengal tiger with nought but an empty flash and my favourite pipe. With this makeshift spear, the beasts of this land would never have a prayer!

Yet in my old age, I can feel this damnable sun sapping my strength with every minute I spend under its unforgiving gaze. Each day I cover less ground than the day before.

I must find civilization soon, no matter how primitive. Without the right tools and supplies, I fear that this expedition will be incredibly short lived.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #4 (Scorched Earth)[edit source]

NoteRockwell.png Eureka! At last, I have found signs of human life!

This afternoon, I came across a fresh series of footprints, some from humans and some from what I assume are large beasts of burden. I cannot be sure who made them or how civilized they may be, but neither can I afford to be too particular in my choice of saviors.

Whoever they are, I must track them down immediately. As soon as I gather my strength I shall pursue my quarry with the utmost haste and vigor. The tale of the brilliant and impeccably groomed Sir Edmund Rockwell shall not end this day!
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #5 (Scorched Earth)[edit source]

NoteRockwell.png Salvation, thy name is Prophet's Rest.

After a proper meal and some time out of the sun, the makeshift fortress doesn't look half as grand as its name might imply. Yet when I first sighted its walls from across the dunes, it may as well have been El Dorado itself, so grateful was I to find it.

Thus far, I have seen little of the inhabitants, but they seem a hospitable sort. I've been given food, shelter, and even a wet cloth to clean myself with. Quite generous of them, considering how scarce water is in these lands.

Their clothing is a curiosity, however. Those robes seem more ceremonial than functional.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #6 (Scorched Earth)[edit source]

NoteRockwell.png It seems that Prophet's Rest is less a fortress and more an enclave or monastery. I suppose that would explain the name, now wouldn't it?

Yes as strange as it may sound, the natives have created a primitive religion centered around the ARK's obelisks. They pray three times a day, each time facing a different obelisk, and their robes bear a unique symbol - a three pointed star coloured red, green and blue. The blue obelisk appears to receive particular reverence due to is proximity.

As charmingly ignorant as their superstitions may be, it's far from the most savage religion I've encountered. Besides, Prophet's Rest is in need of a doctor, and I am in need of supplies.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #7 (Scorched Earth)[edit source]

NoteRockwell.png I have discovered why Prophet's Rest is so generous with their water. The well at the edge of the compound is built directly on top of what the locals call a 'water vein' - an endless supply water bubbles up from beneath the earth.

It's existence is a minor miracle, though compared to what I saw in the starlit sanctuary, minor is the operative word. I suppose this ARK must be floating among the stars just as the Island was. What an extraordinary thought! I cannot fathom how such a thing is possible, but that remarkable metal must be at the heart of it. I am certain.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #8 (Scorched Earth)[edit source]

NoteRockwell.png Most of my work work at the monastery's doctor has been trivial. Every now and then one of the guards gets injured by the local wildlife, but I usually find myself treating heat stroke and common illnesses. As such, I have had plenty of time to learn all the priests know about the obelisks. All told, they are stunningly ill informed about the literal pillars of their faith. They are unaware that the obelisks are actually devices that can be activated, and needless to say they have never activated one themselves. They showed a flicker of understanding when I described the artifacts I found on the island, however. I shall have to keep digging.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #9 (Scorched Earth)[edit source]

NoteRockwell.png Unbelievable. Have these idol worshipping ninnies replaced all their common sense with blind devotion? Have years of oppressive heat completely addled their brains? I was finally allowed to see the monastery's inner sanctum, and lo and behold, there they were. Sitting upon an altar before a flock of protesting primitives were these glowing artifacts, just like the ones I had found in the caverns beneath the island. Yet instead of making use of them or even studying them, these halfwits are praying to them! The true value of those artifacts is completely lost on these simpletons. Sacred relics, indeed!
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #10 (Scorched Earth)[edit source]

NoteRockwell.png It took time, but I finally pilfered enough supplies and tools to survive on my own. Loading them onto these camel-like beasts of burden was laborious, but the real trial was absconding with the artifacts. There is always someone watching the inner sanctum, so I carefully studied the guard's shifts until I identified whose drink I had to spoil with my knockout serum. Even then I acted with great haste and guile, for my heist will surely be discovered when the priests convene for their morning prayers. Alas, they will be too late! Sir Edmund Rockwell is always ahead of his foes, but not by a mere step. No, I am miles and miles beyond their reach!
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Mei Yin[edit | edit source]

Mei Yin is a Chinese warrior, her notes are themed like ancient poems and are written in traditional Chinese. She appears to be from the Three Kingdoms era, after the Yellow Turban Rebellion in China.

The Island Explorer Notes[edit | edit source]

Mei Yin Note #1 (The Island)[edit source]

NoteMeiYin.png Traditional Chinese

今處何地 何以至此

自醒於此 吾數遍問及此事

需停也 知其然亦無助于吾

定而自問 何以存而續命 必有其法

雖之常變 然慰吾於遲疑恐懼之時

自黃巾軍大敗 吾已無所畏懼

然是日遇巨蜥 盻目相對

吾心次懼 自甚知也

~ Mei Yin
TranslationWhere am I? Why would I be here? I had asked myself these questions a lot since I woke up here. I needed to stop as it wouldn't be helpful even if I figured out what happened. I needed to calm down because there must be ways to survive here, I had thought about this for a while. There were so many changes and yet, the changes had calmed me of fear eventually. There isn't much left that truly scared me anymore, not since the fall of the Yellow Turbans. I saw a monster lizard for the first time today and I learned a new type of fear when we stared into each other's eyes.

Mei Yin Note #2 (The Island)[edit source]

NoteMeiYin.png Traditional Chinese

今有衣衫護具 雖襤褸簡陋 有可用之石矛

仍須鐵匠磨礪 岸汀之上 有肥鳥

其行慢 常補之 不知此鳥何以存活于此

然幸得其肉 以矢克巨獸 有巨蜥

其耳如扇 其沫燃物

然 吾之威脅 非僅獸類

昨日尋跡于沙 吾非一人也

~ Mei Yin
TranslationI made clothes and basic armor recently, even though they are of a poor quality and simple to make. I also acquired a spear and I needed to sharpen it more. There were some fat birds around the river. They were slow and I don't know how they could have survived, but I always hunt them. Thanks to them, I've survived longer. I used arrows to fight another kind of monster, it had ears that spread wide like a fan and saliva that burned to the touch, like you're on fire. However, this were not my only threat. I saw some footprints in the sand yesterday, it was obvious I am not the only one here.

Mei Yin Note #3 (The Island)[edit source]

NoteMeiYin.png Traditional Chinese

憶當年 保家護民于叛亂之變 數月所得甚於先前數年

其理可用於今時 男輕女於戰時 人或狠於野獸

沙中次跡 非一人 乃三人也 見吾色變 目炬如狼之見羊

錯矣 其愚鈍而不知吾為狼也 脅之 無果

二人命喪於矢 余一人 刺之以矛 暴屍於野

岸旁地廣 不宜久留

欲存而活之 須至林中

~ Mei Yin
TranslationIn days long passed, I protected my homeland from a rebellion. The things I have learned in just these few months far exceed what I learned over the last few years. With this in mind, people used to think a man can fight better than a woman during war, but this was not entirely true. Similarly, human beings are more dangerous than a monster. I followed the footprints and there were actually three people living around here. When they saw me, their eyes looked like wolves had seen a sheep. I threatened them not to come any closer but they continued to close aggressively on me. Those idiots were wrong, I am the wolf, not them. I killed two with arrows and the other one with my spear. The river area was exposed and not very safe, it wasn't a good idea to stay there and pressed on. To survive the situation, I moved into the jungle.

Mei Yin Note #4 (The Island)[edit source]

NoteMeiYin.png Traditional Chinese


行至落日 見一村落遇襲

其人騎巨蜥 執火器 殺村民

若退之 可保全己身

然尸橫遍野 不能離去 此乃獸行也

奇襲乃兵家上計 吾善用之

射蜥於喉 覆人於地


果以 待其亡


果想 應保巨蜥一命


~ Mei Yin
TranslationToday was a big victory. A village I found recently was attacked during the sunset. A man rode in on a monster lizard and killed everyone with his gun. Sure, I could have escaped from this situation easily but I didn't. That man was so evil, he murdered so many people. Attacking was the best option and I was good at that. I shot the monster's throat and shoved that that man into the ground. I killed him by stabbing him in the back with my spear, he would never know who killed him. Inspired, I thought it was a good idea to tame a monster and make it be my ride too.

Mei Yin Note #5 (The Island)[edit source]

NoteMeiYin.png Traditional Chinese

村民以寇之刀劍護具相贈 留吾過夜

吾大驚 竟諳其語 村人唇動異常

聽若故里之言 村人曰 皆因吾等腕上之器也

不明其意 然村人不吾欺

是夜 夢及叛變 吾為關公之副將

英勇率軍 突出重圍 夢醒

吾僅為美盈 而村人已去

雖為生人 仍痛具所失


~ Mei Yin
TranslationA friendly villager give me a thief's weapon as a gift and invited me to stay for the night. I was surprised that I understood their language, they said this was due to the thing on my wrist. I still didn't really understand what the wrist thing was, but at least they couldn't deceive me now. That night I dreamed about the rebellion, I was the lieutenant of Guan Yu...

I led the army to fight bravely and escaped from their surrounding of me. When I woke up, I was still this Mei Yin and the villager had suddenly left. I hoped they were still alive, I genuinely missed them.

I had to go on alone.

Mei Yin Note #6 (The Island)[edit source]

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
Translation[Incomplete translation.]

Mei Yin Note #7 (The Island)[edit source]

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
Translation[Incomplete translation.]

Mei Yin Note #8 (The Island)[edit source]

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
Translation[Incomplete translation.]

Mei Yin Note #9 (The Island)[edit source]

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
Translation[Incomplete translation.]

Mei Yin Note #10 (The Island)[edit source]

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
Translation[Incomplete translation.]

John Dahkeya[edit | edit source]

John Dahkeya is a gang leader and robber. He appears to be from 19th century "Wild West" Texas/Arizona.

Scorched Earth Explorer Notes[edit | edit source]

Dahkeya Note #1 (Scorched Earth)[edit source]

NoteDahkeya.png Old habits die hard. I suppose I'm living proof.

I woke up stark naked who knows where with who knows what lodged in my arm, but just weeks later and I’m already back to robbing folks at gunpoint. This place may not be Texas or the Arizona Territory, but I’m the same John Dahkeya.

I don’t know why that makes me restless. I didn’t mind this life before, but then I didn’t exactly choose it. I just stumbled into it, or at least that’s what I told myself. So much for that. Maybe this is just who I am.
~ John Dahkeya

Dahkeya Note #2 (Scorched Earth)[edit source]

NoteDahkeya.png Sometimes the pennies a man won’t part with willingly are worth less than the words he’ll share with any stranger. Some of my new partners don’t see that.

Blondie’s particularly blind to it. He’s always looking for an excuse to pull the trigger, and he’s stubborn as hell. He even still gets mad we call him Blondie, as if any of us can pronounce that name of his.

But if Blondie were calling the shots, that hunter wouldn’t have told us about the group gathering to the southeast, and they’ll have a lot more for the taking than animal hides.
~ John Dahkeya

Dahkeya Note #3 (Scorched Earth)[edit source]

NoteDahkeya.png I can’t believe how easy this was. There weren’t many guards here to begin with, and the few they’ve got are more likely to shoot you a smile than a bullet. We just walked right in.

The settlement is even bigger than we expected. It’s impressive, protection aside. Everyone working together to build their own little paradise, not that it’ll last. If you ask them, they’ll credit their leader, a woman called Raia.

The others have spread out to find where the supplies are stored, but I’m feeling curious. Maybe I’ll go find this mystery woman. Might be interesting.
~ John Dahkeya

Dahkeya Note #4 (Scorched Earth)[edit source]

NoteDahkeya.png I don’t know what brought me to this desert. My old man would say it was the spirits of our ancestors. Other folks might say God. Whatever it was, after talking to that woman, I realize now that I’ve been wasting what it’s given to me.

I have no history here. There are no posters showing off my sneering face, no posses hunting me. I can be any man I choose. So today, I’m making a choice – the folks here don’t deserve to be robbed. What they deserve is protection, and I’m the man to protect them.

Hell, maybe they’ll even call me Sheriff.
~ John Dahkeya

Dahkeya Note #5 (Scorched Earth)[edit source]

NoteDahkeya.png Blondie didn't approve of my decision. I've never been very good at persuasion, so I let my pistol make my case. The others saw it my way after that.

Convincing Raia was a lot less trouble. She knew the settlement's guards weren't exactly the cream of the crop, and that if I'd wanted trouble, I'd have already made it. When Raia talks, people listen. I can tell that much from watching her, but in a lawless place like this, words aren't enough. It didn't take long for us to come to terms.

Well, I suppose I'd better inspect the troops. Maybe a few of them can shoot.
~ John Dahkeya

Dahkeya Note #6 (Scorched Earth)[edit source]

NoteDahkeya.png Now I know how the old man felt while he was teaching me how to hunt. We stopped seeing eye to eye even before I left the tribe, but I'll always thank him for the time he spent telling me the same damn things over and over again. Must have drove him wold inside, but he never showed it.

Hasn't been easy to imitate that patience. Half of this sorry bunch is green as grass, and the half that isn't would rather hold a spear than a gun. At least they're improving, even if it's at the speed of molasses.

Her highness stops by on occasion, but thankfully it's just for a gander. This'd be even harder with distractions.
~ John Dahkeya

Dahkeya Note #7 (Scorched Earth)[edit source]

NoteDahkeya.png My patchwork posse had their first real test today. Some of our gatherers ran into those big lizards a few miles west of the village, and one of them managed to come call for help. Luckily the others had tucked themselves away in an outcropping and we got everyone back safe and sound.

Well, except for the Frenchman. He forgot that when you shoot at those big bastards, they'll shoot right back. Took them hours to get those barbs out of his arm.

When we got back, I think I heard the words thank you more than any other day in my life. I didn't real know what to say in return.
~ John Dahkeya

Dahkeya Note #8 (Scorched Earth)[edit source]

NoteDahkeya.png The townsfolk may be grateful for my protection, but that doesn't mean they like me. I don't mind. If they're looking for social graces, they ought to find her highness. Rain hates that nickname. She thinks I'm calling her stuck up, and I suppose I am. Just a little. Can't imagine the woman's hands ever saw callus before she got here. That's not the whole of it, though. Take this business with that tower. She's got folks from all sorts of places praying to the dam* thing, and she never really asked them to. They just want to follow her lead. It's like she's wearing an invisible crown. Can't decide wether that's comforting or concerning.
~ John Dahkeya

Dahkeya Note #9 (Scorched Earth)[edit source]

NoteDahkeya.png My band of misfit lawmen may finally be coming together. It's been a whole week since someone shot themselves in the leg or pissed their britches over a raptor. Maybe I'll finally be able to get some decent shut eye. Probably too much to hope for. Every day, Nosti grows a little bigger and I have a few more problems to solve. These giant bugs from the other day, for example. Found two of them playing around with a pickaxe a few miles north of the river. I've never heard of any animals using tools, not outside of the legends the elders used to tell about Big Owl and Coyote. Doesn't seem natural.
~ John Dahkeya

Dahkeya Note #10 (Scorched Earth)[edit source]

NoteDahkeya.png Something damaged a water pipe outside of town yesterday, and when a crew went to repair it, they were attacked by a whole mess of mantises. My boys and I drove them off, but we were too late to save the engineers. I know it sounds crazy, but I think those mantises cut through that pipe on purpose to draw us out. If I'm right, then I'm more concerned about them than anything. In the stories about Big Owl and Coyote, Big Owl was the huge, scary one, but Coyote was more dangerous because he was clever. He'd trick man and monster alike, and everyone feared him. I never believed those stories, but I sure remember the lesson.
~ John Dahkeya

Raia[edit | edit source]

Raia is a priestess from Ancient Egypt. Her notes are written in hieroglyphs.

Scorched Earth Explorer Tablets[edit | edit source]

Raia Tablet #1 (Scorched Earth)[edit source]

NoteRaia.png [Egyptian hieroglyphs]
~ Raia
Translation[Left Pane]
Even at this distance the great Obelisk is beautiful. It is like a pillar of Amun-Ra's light given solid form. I wish we could have made our camp right beside it but the others thought that might draw unwanted attention. At least we are close enough to be in its shadow and drink from the river that runs beneath it. [Right Pane]
I always face it when I pray to Hathor and though i can feel the scepticism in my companions' gazes, my faith is unshaken, for it was my faith that guided us here to this place rich with water and resources. All agree it is the ideal location for a settlement. Wherever we are the gods are watching over us I know it.

Raia Tablet #2 (Scorched Earth)[edit source]

NoteRaia.png [Egyptian hieroglyphs]
~ Raia
Translation[Left Pane]
Construction has been going well. None of us are architects, but we have been adjusting to our roles.

[Middle Pane]
Girisha's broad shoulders and a booming laugh conceal a keen mind, and we started making better progress once I convinced him to stop hauling rocks and start drawing up plans that let Amir focus on starting a garden where he is more at home.

[Right Pane]
I have focused on trying to keep us organized and maintaining our spirits myself. I wish I could do more, sadly while a priestess has many gifts, manual labor is not one of them. I often find myself winded before midday. I pray that the others do not find me burdensome.

Raia Tablet #3 (Scorched Earth)[edit source]

NoteRaia.png [Egyptian hieroglyphs]
~ Raia
Translation[Top Pane]
Back in Luxor I always tried to stay out of politics. I never aspired to be Divine Adoratrice as some priestesses did. I found that such selfish ambitions often led to suffering both for oneself and for others.

[Middle Pane]
So when Girisha referred to me as our leader today. I found myself surprised. I had never asked for such a position and the others had never bestowed it on me in any official manner. It just happened naturally.

[Bottom Pane]
I am not sure what to make of it but if this is Hathor's will then I will try to guide these people as best as I can.

Raia Tablet #4 (Scorched Earth)[edit source]

NoteRaia.png [Egyptian hieroglyphs]
~ Raia
Translation[Left Pane]
Our settlement has grown so quickly during these hectic months. So many wandering souls have found their way here seeking shelter and companionships, have done my best to welcome everyone I can. If treated with understanding most become productive loyal members of our community.

[Right Pane]
But I am no fool. I know that hearts can have two natures. Hathor offers compassion while Sekhmet brings devastation. As we grow in size we become a riper target for those with malice in their hearts.

Girisha has tried to organize a militia but I fear it inadequate. For now I must be wary and pray that the gods send us a true warrior.

Raia Tablet #5 (Scorched Earth)[edit source]

NoteRaia.png [Egyptian hieroglyphs]
~ Raia
Translation[Left Pane]
It took longer than I'd hope but I believe the gods have heard my prayers. At least I believe so. When I imagined what a true warrior might be like I cannot say that I imagined Captain Dahkeya.

[Middle Pane]
He speaks tersely, has no sense of decorum and in general is rather prickly. He was nigh unapproachable for a whole day when we decided his position should be called captain instead of the nonsense word he proposed.

[Right Pane]
Yet he has been getting results or so I am told. When I find time I ought to observe him in action myself.

Raia Tablet #6 (Scorched Earth)[edit source]

NoteRaia.png [Egyptian hieroglyphs]
~ Raia
Translation[Upper Left Pane]
[Incomplete Translation]

[Lower Left Pane]
[Incomplete Translation]

[Right Pane]
[Incomplete Translation] It is somewhat unnerving to find someone so calm around such potent instruments of death. But I suppose that is why he has had such success in securing our borders. I can only hope that we need but one captain Dahkeya and that I never have to use those weapons myself.

Raia Tablet #7 (Scorched Earth)[edit source]

NoteRaia.png [Egyptian hieroglyphs]
~ Raia
Translation[Left Pane]
It has been such a blessing to be able to spread Hathor's joy and love to so many people. At first my daily prayers garnered but a few curious observers. Yet soon observations turned to questions, and questions turned to participation. Now there are so many of us that we have even begun to construct a shrine. [Right pane is identical to left pane]

Raia Tablet #8 (Scorched Earth)[edit source]

NoteRaia.png [Egyptian hieroglyphs]
~ Raia
Translation[Left Pane]
Names are a curious thing. We assign them great weight, yet they do not change the substance of the person, place, or thing they belong to. I suppose that line of thinking is why I never dwelled on the name of our humble village. Yet now that it has grown to become somewhat less humble our home can go nameless no longer. People must call it something.

[Right Pane]
To that end Nosti is as good a name as any. I am told that it means to know in some old important language, and whatever our citizens intended that to symbolize when they chose it I know this: while we are here, we are under the protection of the gods.

Raia Tablet #9 (Scorched Earth)[edit source]

NoteRaia.png [Egyptian hieroglyphs]
~ Raia
Translation[Left Pane]
Lost souls from all across the desert continue to prostrate themselves before Nosti's gates. I adamantly refuse to turn away anyone that does not mean us any harm, but I realize that has left us with many mouths to feed.

[Right Pane]
As a result, Nosti's fields are its most valuable asset. Fortunately, Girisha's designs, and my organization of labor and resources have once again proven effective. Not only did we implement an efficient irrigation system, but we have encased our crops in a large protective structure made of a clear, shiny substance called glass.

[Lower Right Pane]
Every morning it sparkles with a Amun-Ra's light, like a great gem, a beautiful reminder of what we can accomplish when we are united in purpose.

Raia Tablet #10 (Scorched Earth)[edit source]

NoteRaia.png [Egyptian hieroglyphs]
~ Raia
Translation[Incomplete translation.]

Non-canon Preview Notes[edit | edit source]

Prior to release, several Explorer Notes were found in the ARK dev kit and posted online.[1] These differ from the Explorer Notes that were officially released. According to the devs, these notes are not canon.[2] This means that the respawn mechanic is not part of the lore, and the characters of Gellia and Elimisha do not exist. They are listed here for purely historical reasons, but do not affect ARK's story.

Day 1[edit source]

NoteHelena.png I’m not sure where this place is, or who brought me here. My first instinct was to figure out where I was and how to get home. I was scared at first, but that went away when I saw them: creatures unlike anything I’d ever seen before. Dinosaurs, giant arthropods, extinct mammals not seen since the Ice Age. How I got here no longer matters; what is important is that I stay. There are others on the island: some together, some alone. Many look scared or lost; perhaps they will be friendly if I approach them with gifts
~ Elimisha

Day 9[edit source]

NoteHelena.png I’m not sure where this ..? The creatures on the island are magnificent. I never dreamed I’d seen anything this amazing in my life. None of them are exactly what I expected them to be. Perhaps I should study them in detail? Yes, I think I’ll do that. I’ll list what I’ve heard other people call the creature, give it an actual name, and approximate its time of origin. Next I’ll find and watch the creature for several days, and briefly describe what I’ve seen. I think it would be a wonderful task while I’m here. And who knows, maybe others might find my work useful. Knowing which creatures are carnivores, or which creatures are aggressive, might save some lives.
~ Elimisha

Note #1[edit source]

NoteNerva.png Latin

[Incomplete transcription.]
~ Gellia
TranslationThis must be Elysium. My father was wrong about this place. I do not see any ferryman, nor a three-headed dog. I do see monsters and savages. [what follows is much more loosely translated.] I saw men just as in life [?]. I do the same. What else can we do? Most have left the coast, and run deep into the woods. Some build huts or houses. Some rest, having killed a monster [?]. And he [they?] have taught me. I have built a home. It is stronger to build out of fruit-tree wood [?]. I know there is good stone nearby. And after building with it, it is joined into walls [??]

Note #2[edit source]

NoteNerva.png Latin

[Incomplete transcription.]
~ Gellia
TranslationI need a safer house. The walls took longer to build than I expected. A wooden fence kept monsters away. It did not stop people. It was broken within days. I was robbed. The walls are 12 feet tall now. No one bothered me for several days. Someone still got over the wall. He killed me, that I remember. I woke up at the beach again. Is not an illusion, I died and came back to life. My house is still standing. The murderer robbed the house. He also taught me a lesson. I need taller walls. The house must be stone too. Need to find metal soon. Tamed monsters can tear down stone. I’ll start tomorrow.

Note #1[edit source]

Explorer Note - Rockwell.jpg My allies have requested that I write a memoirs about my time here. My name is Edmund Rockwell. I am one of the most known men of the island and one of the few who feels save from the marauders. I live in a well-fortified base on an Atoll south-west of the main island, where I do my experiments. I understand the flora of this island more than anyone alive, and I choose to share my knowledge. People write down my formulas. I hear they're called Rockwell Recipes. I only ever wrote them down once but people make copies.

The most common fruits on the island are easily the berries. Three berries in particular seem to be the most abundant. They have wildly varying appearances but their chemical makeup is very similar. It is not their similar chemical and nutritional makeup that surprises me most but their perfect coloring. What are the odds that the three most common berries on the island are primary colors of pigment that are perfect for making almost any color of dye? And what are the odds that the other two common berries are white and black? It almost seems like these were placed here by some higher power to help us.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Note #1[edit source]

NoteMeiYin.png When I woke up four nights have passed. I started to decide which path I should take. If I return, my family would wonder where I've been; If I die, I wish I could die helping others. Demons and monsters are everywhere, and they’re all very fierce. I was so afraid that I couldn't sleep. I tried to take detours everywhere, but I couldn't avoid them. The flora is also strange as I couldn't recognize any of them. Though I'm a thousand miles from home, I'll need to find my way home eventually. This is the heaviest burden of all.
~ Mei Yin

Note #2[edit source]

NoteMeiYin.png I'm afraid that going back home would not be as easy as I thought. I walked along the sea for several days, then I stumble upon a boat that will give me a way (??), or one could say I earned my way through. Is there not (??). I went through a few fishing villages. A couple times I even went pass castles, but no one was willing to help me. Most of them threatened to kill me. I realized I was on an island when I went through the same village twice. In the following days when I was walking along the shoreline a lot of people tried to rob me, others tried to kill me – or even worse. I killed them. From one of my attackers I salvaged a strange weapon called the 'rifle'. I used to have a pike as my only form of self defense. Now I've got a sword, armor made of monster bones and a rifle.
~ Mei Yin

Notes / Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • During the development process Helena's name might have once been Elimisha and Nerva's name might have once been Gellia according to the DevKit.
  • Currently you can't open the notes while in pause mode (at least in single player), i.e. pressing Esc and using the Survivor Profile menu item at the bottom. Instead you can go into your inventory and use the Survivor Profile button at the top right.
  • Dying or using fast travel (sleeping bags/beds) will cancel the double XP multiplier
  • The XP bonus stacks, so collecting one explorer note, gives 600seconds double XP, and if another explorer note is collected before the first double XP expires, then 600seconds will be added to the remaining XP time from the previous Dossiers. As such it is possible to get a fast flyer and collect a few in quick succession before taking on a titanosaur or Alpha for best possible XP gains
  • The double XP does not affect XP shared To tribe members
  • Some of the additional text in the Raia tablets are the names of Studio Wildcard Developers.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Article from Survive-ARK.com
  2. Tweet from the writer of ARK's Explorer Notes