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Torpor is the measure of weariness for a Human or a Creature. If your Torpor reaches 50, you will fall unconscious. You cannot do anything while unconscious, and other players can easily move you around, force-feed you more narcotics, take your items from you, or simply kill you.

Since most sources of torpor a Human will experience is from hostile attacks and bites, it's advised to wear good Armor to combat the Torpor infliction. Torpor-increasing attacks are affected by the amount of damage they deal (For example, shooting things in the head will amplify both the damage dealt AND the torpor given by 250% against most creatures in Ark). That's why wearing Flak Armor heavily increases your chances against Titanoboas compared to using Hide Armor. This also goes for the armor on tamed creatures Saddles.

Increasing Torpor on Humans and Creatures[edit | edit source]

Torpor can be increased by:

Consumables[edit | edit source]

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Traps[edit | edit source]

Attacks by Creatures[edit | edit source]

Torpor will also increase slowly when starving or dehydrated, and will increase with every melee attack performed without Stamina.png Stamina.

Feeding a larger number of Narcotics extends the amount of time torpor is increasing.  A popular way of taming Gallimimus is by over feeding it Narcotic, since it losing its torpor so fast, it spends the majority of the tame with the torpor going up, not down like a normal tame would.  While torpor is being applied, the creatures natural torpor recovery is suspended.

Fortitude[edit | edit source]

The Torpor stat can not be directly increased, but Fortitude.png Fortitude raises your resistance to torpor-increasing effects.

Torpor Decay[edit | edit source]

All creatures and players have a natural Torpor Decay Rate which determines how fast they will fight off the Torpor and wake up. Some are extreme like Giganotosaurus Icon.png Giganotosaurus which drops at a prodigious rate, others seem to just love to sleep. It is important to know that Torpor Decay is always put on hold while Torpor is increasing, so as long as new Torpor is applied (i.E. via Narcotic.png Narcotic or creature attacks) a creature or player cannot recover from unconsciousness.

For example a Crossbow.png Crossbow does 200% of its damage rating right away as Torpor and then adds another 250% Torpor over the next 4 seconds. During those 4 seconds, the target's Torpor Decay is put on hold, so again the most resource efficient way would be to shoot the Crossbow once every 4 seconds. However this can not only be difficult to apply when fighting, in addition the Torpor effects of Tranquilizer Arrow.png Tranquilizer Arrow and Tranquilizer Dart.png Tranquilizer Dart stack, so shooting in rapid succession is usually a much easier way to put a creature unconscious.

Aside from that type of ammunition however Torpor effects usually do not stack. Creatures like the Scorpion.png Scorpions for example have a non-stackable Torpor debuff, so hitting more often won't help knock out the dino, it will only damage it. A Slingshot.png Slingshot or Pachy Icon.png Pachy on the other hand will apply Torpor only immediately on hit without any debuff following the effect, causing the Torpor Decay to start immediately after applying it. Getting the timing right is critical when using other methods but arrows/darts to put creatures unconscious. If you wait too long between attacks, the Torpor on the creature might already have been decayed completely, but the damage done is still there, making further taming attempts potentially more difficult or less rewarding.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Torpor is the only stat that can't be leveled up once a dino has been tamed. It can be increased on a player by increasing Fortitude.png Fortitude.
  • Consuming Stimberry.png Stimberries or Stimulant.png Stimulant will reduce your torpor actively.
  • By wearing a Gas Mask.png Gas Mask, it is possible to avoid Torpor infliction by the Tripwire Narcotic Trap and Poison Grenade.
  • If a player is knocked unconscious through any torpor building method (e.g. Narcotics, Narcoberries etc) they will not take fall damage as long as they remain unconscious.