1.3 (Primitive Plus)

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Primitive Plus DLC.jpg This article is about content exclusive to the DLC: Primitive Plus

Released - Xbox: October 12, 2016 in 743.0 | PC: October 22, 2016 in 248.4 Source - Xbox Primitive Plus 1.3 Patch Notes | PC Primitive Plus 1.3 Patch Notes

  • Obsidian pickaxe harvest rates increased
  • Lumber Gate icon added
  • Brick gate icon added
  • Fishing lootables edited to remove non-primitive items
  • Apiary bee duplication fixed - increased harvest rates of drone and queen bees
  • Melee weapon balance - many weapons have been adjusted for damage
  • Taming balance pass - fish, poultry, ribs, and bacon no are now balanced / no longer OP
  • Weight of dried rice reduced
  • Ground cashew engram is no longer duplicated in the handmill
  • Brick gateway can be placed in the world
  • Allo kibble can be crafted in cooking pot or cauldron
  • Cashew milk can be consumed like any other consumable
  • Various items no longer act as a feeding trough (traps, cabinets, miners box, etc.)
  • Fermenting barrel description improved to be more informative
  • Custom arrow balance - all arrows should have distinct damage differences
  • Water tower snap point improved to snap in a more logical placed
  • Collision for the cement ramps has been improved - no more crouching through doorways
  • Custom arrows can be used on core ark weapons (bow and crossbow)
  • Damage done while using the longbow increased
  • Rolling pin texture on the cooking station readded
  • Lumber gateweay can be placed in the world
  • Poultry can be cooked using all cooking methods (campfire, grill, etc.)
  • Clay from primitive + no longer turns into the clay from scorched earth
  • Lumber ceiling placement and snap points have been improved
  • Repairing while using the grindstone has been fixed
  • Crafting while using the grindstone has been fixed
  • The destructible mesh for stone fences corrected
  • Custom consumables also give HP repleneshment like standard ARK consumables
  • Fences have been renamed to be more descriptive
  • Smokehouse naming has been improved to be more descriptive
  • Destructible mesh for the smokehouse has been corrected
  • Wine is no longer labeled as beer in radial menu
  • Destructible mesh for pontoon bridge has been corrected
  • Spelling mistakes in cement mixer has been corrected
  • Water tower description has been improved to be more descriptive
  • Icon has been added/corrected for the fishing traps
  • Cigarette crafting time has been reduced to 5 seconds
  • Cigarette consumption sound replaced with a non-eating sound
  • Tudor (L Bar) collision improved
  • Tudor bar naming is now consistent in all views
  • Issues with limestone resolved - lumber structures no longer need limestone / limestone is recognized in valid crafting scenarios
  • Gunpowder barrels and engram no longer disappear on relog
  • Canteen engram remains learned after relog