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Released - 8 October, 2015

  • Quetz platforms now include the weight of all pawns based on them, including the inherent pawn carry weight, causing encumbrance when carrying very large dinos.
  • Raised Max KillZ being too low causing some characters to die on a high-flying Quetz platform
  • Fixed Quetz damage / warpaint overlay
  • Tranq Dart Torpidity effect increased by 100%
  • Improved walking on dynamic platforms, Quetz, Raft, etc
  • Poison Grenades add 25% more Torpor and have 20% more AoE
  • Beezlebufo fall damage speed threshold raised to avoid taking damage on long jumps
  • Alpha Dinos can no longer be picked up
  • Quetz reduced damage by 33% and damage scaling by 20%
  • Fixed a case where Player disconnected from the server could become unsleeped
  • Fixed standing on Rafts
  • Spectator Player List now can sort by Player or Tribe and also Search by Player or Tribe
  • Fixed Dino XP level #, extra 0
  • New server option defaulting disallowed, Quetz platforms will not allow any non-allied dino to base on them when they are flying. If you want your server to allow non-allied dinos to be able to stand on the Quetz platforms set this in your Game.ini: