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Released - 9 October, 2015

  • Fixed Turrets' Quetz targeting when you have Quetz Structure-Armor around body. Head will be shot.
  • Dead insects now stop animating if you enter the area after they're killed
  • Fixed a case where you could get stuck on the painting templates save/load screens
  • Fixed Server Direct Connection (from Steam/Browser such as ARKServers.net ) logic to not fail, and also fixed a crash if direct-joining a server fails
  • Improved how shotguns are networked
  • Anti speedhack detection is now enabled by default -- to disable it, use the server commandline "-noantispeedhack"
  • Server player-move-physics optimization is now enabled by default (improves perf) -- to disable it, use the server commandline "-nocombineclientmoves"
  • Reduced Damage of Guns & Projectiles onto Argentavis/Ptero by 25% (3.x multiplier rather than 4.x multuplier)