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Released - 21 November, 2015

  • New Creature: Compsognathus! Time to form your own Compy gang :)
  • New Structures: Rocket Turret, Sea Mine, Wall Lamps!
  • New 'Weapon': Magnifying Glass!
  • Tribe Admin Logs (which can also act as effective "offline event" logs even for solo players!!!!). Server can set "MaxTribeLogs" in Server Game Mode INI, which determines how many Tribe log entries are kept per Tribe (default 100).
  • Custom RP-oriented Recipe/Cooking System (including Skill-Based results) -- finally, you can now create your own unique recipes for S### Burgers)! Servers can optionally disable this feature in their GameMode INI via "bAllowCustomRecipes=false"
  • +3 Max Survivor Level, +3 Max Dino Level
  • Raised Official Server Max Structure & Max Tamed Dino Limits by 20%
  • Owned or Claimable Rafts can now be "Demolished", and destroyed Rafts now sink to the ocean floor
  • Server Admin Logs (including RCON support) , launch with "-servergamelog" and use RCON command "getgamelog" to print 100 entries at a time also outputs to dated file in in "\Logs", adjust max length of RCON buffer with commandline:
  • bPassiveDefensesDamageRiderlessDinos Server GameMode INI option to allow spike walls to damage wild/riderless Dinos
  • Fixed underwater ice cave that was deleting Dinos
  • Fixed Dino walking-backwards movement animations
  • Improved and optimized IK on most Dinos
  • Improved Dino navigation logic to better dynamically navigate around other Dinos
  • Fixed several rare client crashes