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Released - 12 September, 2016

  • TheCenter mega-update!
  • New Item: Night Vision Goggles!
  • New Dino: Tapejara!
  • New Dino: Archaeopteryx!
  • Wind Turbines now function properly on TheCenter and TheIsland
  • You can now name turrets and the turret name will show up in the Tribe Kill Log/HUD message.
  • PvE Greenhouse auto-demolish timers are now 25% more than Stone
  • Added Server Option to disable Dino Mate Boost
  • 30% to 40% rendering performance improvement of Structures
  • ~300 MB memory reduction by dynamically streaming the destruction meshes
  • NVIDIA Ansel now supports TrueSky at Super Resolutions, and improved Super Resolution SSAO
  • Fixed the colorizable regions of the Wood Chair and Bench (4 of them)
  • In-Menu Options to disable Bloom and Light Shafts, respectively
  • Fixed Korean Langauge setting to use the Steam language value
  • Fixed various collision glitch/exploit cases

Patch notes for The Center[edit | edit source]


Features[edit | edit source]

  • Vast rework of the weather systems visually (True Sky Only)
  • Added volumetric God Rays to clouds (True Sky Only)
  • Several Optimizations
  • Slight change to the lighting to be a little more natural in the dense jungles
  • Drastically improved the lighting in various caves
  • Redid the background near the previous "Edge of the World" section of the map
  • Added 13 mini caves/DireBear Dens around the world
  • Completely redid the entire edge of the world section of the map. Now stuffed full of content, more penguin spawns, giant new area to explore, empty void replaced with a full blown ocean, cliffs entirely redone
  • Improved the oceans shader

Balance Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Set the large trees in the snowy/grasslands to give way more wood/thatch to encourage more building in these areas
  • Increased the temperature of the grasslands slightly

Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Made sky less blinding (True Sky Only)
  • Fixed an issue that was causing mosa spawns to go berserk at specific points on the map (Existing ones will need to be killed off)
  • Fixed several ways players were cheating the jumping puzzle by bringing flyers/quetz in
  • Fixed a large hole in the deep northern ocean where the ground was missing allowing players to get out of the map
  • Fixed a level streaming issue that was allowing players to exit the map in the deep ocean near lava island
  • Fixed various holes that allowed the player to exit the map (Redwood, deep ocean, caves, etc...)
  • Fixed a major issue that was causing rafts to get stuck on nothing in several areas
  • Fixed a spot on the map near 35/35 that was causing performance issues/strange light flickering
  • Improved the collision on meshes redwood, should be less clipping into the meshes now
  • Made the lighting much less blinding in the redwood, should be a more natural transition into and out of redwood now too
  • Fixed various holes in the tropical sections of the map that players could fall Into and get stuck
  • Fixed several instances of the ocean coral being inland at various locations
  • Fixed the skull island not having resources on the top layers
  • Fixed a level streaming issue in the lava oasis cave that caused the level to unstream for a second when entering
  • Fixed dinos despawning if left the cave behind the waterfall in redwood forest
  • Fixed the water not being drinkable from the streams near the cave behind the waterfall in redwood forest
  • Fixed an area at the floating island that would damage players flying at a specific spot
  • Drastically reduced the fog density in the ice caves
  • Fixed temps in jumping puzzle so that they are now appropriately hot
  • Lowered the spawn rates in parts of some of the caves
  • Fixed a lot of the ugly shimmering that was appearing on objects if you had distance field ambient occlusion enabled (Now looks a lot more smooth/natural too)
  • Reduced the number of broken branches on the ground in jungle areas by about half
  • Fixed the seaweed being overly reflective
  • Fixed the bottom of one of the rivers causing players to suddenly not be in water anymore
  • Fixed some of the ruins in the underwater cavern not having collision
  • Fixed the ocean shader looking ugly where it intersected the world
  • Made the snow look less like somebody peed all over it (More white less yellow)
  • Fixed the southern snowy mountain not having ground clutter
  • Fixed an Issue causing clutter to not cast shadows
  • Fixed redwood spawns west/east being reversed
  • Improved some of the distant LOD meshes that looked bad
  • Fixed an Issue that was causing a giant shadow over the world when you were near lava island
  • Did a massive pass on the giant waterfalls at the edge of the world, should look a LOT better/more natural