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Current Patch Notes

PC and Linux

Version: 265.1
Released - 16 August, 2017

  • Fixed a renderer crash and further increased render thread / Options performance.

Last major release: 265.0

Xbox One

Version: 759.4
Server side: Released - August 11, 2017

  • Fixed a case where some Player Dedicated servers would crash on launch or shortly thereafter.
  • Various perf improvements+fixes
  • In building placement mode, Reload Key (X) is switched to Accept Placement of a structure, (A) to jump while placing structure, (RB) to cycle snap points, (will indicate in Options menu in future version).
  • Fixed an issue where audio would randomly crackle
  • Fixed players not able to unlock the Artifact Achievement
  • Fixed an ascension crash related to split-screen


Playstation 4

Version: 510.0

  • PC Equivalent of v259