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This page shows how to adjust this wiki for colorblind people. So far the creature-maps-colors can be adjusted. If you have other suggestions, use the talk-page for your ideas.

Adjust Creature-Map-Colors

You have to be logged-in (i.e. you also need an account for this wiki). Search for the page User:[username]/common.css (replace [username] with your username, it's case-sensitive. For example, if your username was SteveGuy123, the page name would be User:SteveGuy123/common.css) and click on "Create this page". Insert the following text in this page and save it. To adjust the colors, change the according colors in the class. You can use a color-picker to make it easier. Use the hsl-representation for the background-colors and use only the hue-value for the hue-rotation-values.

  -webkit-filter: hue-rotate(260deg) brightness(400%);
  filter: hue-rotate(260deg) brightness(400%);
  -webkit-filter: hue-rotate(200deg) brightness(400%);
  filter: hue-rotate(200deg) brightness(400%);
  -webkit-filter: hue-rotate(120deg) brightness(400%);
  filter: hue-rotate(120deg) brightness(400%);
  -webkit-filter: hue-rotate(48deg) brightness(400%);
  filter: hue-rotate(48deg) brightness(400%);
  -webkit-filter: hue-rotate(24deg) brightness(400%);
  filter: hue-rotate(24deg) brightness(400%);

  background-color: hsl(240, 100%, 50%, 1);
  background-color: hsl(200,100%,60%);
  background-color: hsl(120,100%,63.3%);
  background-color: hsl(48,100%,63.3%);
  background-color: hsl(30,100%,56.7%);
  background-color: hsl(0,100%,56.7%);
  background-color: #ccc;