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Notes on Rockwell Recipes.png To help prevent false or misleading requests that may send members on a wild goose chase, and to keep this an "official" list, editing on this page is restricted to administrators.
If you think something needs attention or you have one of the requested items but don't know where to put it, please use the Talk Page.

The Community Noticeboard is a way through which administrators can notify the community of developments and ongoing conversations, as well as provide a list of things that the wiki is currently in need of, such as particular images or information on a subject.

This is a good place for users who have recently joined or have been inactive for a while to get a good idea of what's currently going on and what they can do to help.

Game Support


Please take into note, that the task of the ARK Survival Evolved Wiki is only to document the game.

Since none of the editors here are developers, we can neither help with issues directly related to the game nor influence any facet of its development any more than you can.

Instead of posting your report here, you should visit: How to Submit a Ticket.

The newest issues will be placed at the top of each list.



We have recently installed the Thanks Extension as a way to help show appreciation for exemplary edits of members. When viewing the edit of another user, there will be a (thank) button right after the (edit) and (undo) buttons. Any user is able to use the thank feature.
If you'd like to turn off notifications for being thanked, you can go to your notification settings by clicking the bell next to your name in the top right-hand corner and clicking on 'preferences' at the bottom of the list. You can then uncheck web notifications for Thanks.


If you want to translate a page, have a look at the general guidelines for translations. There are already ARK-wikis in Spanish, French and Portuguese, for a list of pages that are not yet translated, have a look on these categories: Spanish, French, Portuguese.

Current Discussions

Video Voting

Todo / Open Tasks

Contribution is appreciated.

  • Find and note differences between PC and XB1 versions (Xbox One players - let us know what's different over there)
  • Complete Gathering Efficiency of Creatures and Tools / Weapons in the GatheringEfficiency-Template.
  • Create Combat-Sections for each creature. See Triceratops#Combat for an example.
  • Complete habitat-maps for creatures.
  • Expand the page Durability

Wanted Files

Suggested Guidelines For Images

To get the best image possible, please read the following suggestions. You are not required to adhere to any of them, but an attempt to do so would be appreciated. Screenshots taken for the purpose of variety on a page, rather than the necessity of a representation, are less inclined to follow these suggestions.

  1. Take the screenshot on the highest graphical settings your system can manage, if only for a moment.
  2. Disable the HUD to take the screenshot.
  3. Take screenshots during the daytime, unless the content of the screenshot is somehow related to the night.
  4. Avoid taking screenshots in the rain, unless the content of the screenshot is somehow related to the rain.
  5. Creatures, buildings, players, or items in the screenshot should not be painted, unless the content of the screenshot is related to the coloring.
  6. If making a size comparison image, do not compare to a player unless that player is using the default character proportions.
  7. Avoid odd angles that skew the appearance of the subject.


  • In-game images of the following skins:

Other Images