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Mods can be added to the wiki freely, but there are a few guidelines that must be followed.

  1. All mod page titles must be prefixed with Mod: (e.g. Mod:Structures Plus).
  2. Mod pages about an item, creature, or feature must include the mod name in the title. The allowed title format is Mod:mod name/content name.
  3. File naming for icons must use a similar format to the title, with spaces substituted for : and / (e.g. File:Mod ARK Additions Deinosuchus.png). File naming for other files does not have to use the same format, although it helps for file organization.
  4. Files must be licensed appropriately. Mods with a license will use that licensing for files, unless any part of the file belongs to Studio Wildcard (such as the ARK logo, fonts, icons, or in-game screenshots).
  5. Files must be categorized appropriately. All files must go in [[Category:mod name images]] or a subcategory of that category.
  6. Every mod page must begin with {{ModNote|mod name}}.