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We want to keep a basic and simple layout that's consistent throughout the Patch Notes to do this please follow the template below. If you want to add or change anything please use the talk page before committing as you will need to change ALL version numbers layout.

Basics[edit source]

When adding a new version to the patch notes please use the template below and enter the details

'''Status''' - ''Date''
 * Some Patch Notes
 * Some Patch Notes
 <noinclude>{{Nav PatchNotes}}</noinclude>

Place Holder Replacement Notes
Status Released, Unreleased Use one of the statuses to let readers know what the current statues of the patch is.
Date 30 July 2015 The date the patch was or is going to be released. date-month-year
Some Patch Notes
  • Added a new gun
  • Fixed floating trees
Take the notes from the official change-log on steam forums and add them in here.

See Patch Note Nav to add the version number to the navigation menu.