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Why not adding "Attack Speed" and "Basic DPS" to the weapons page?

Comparing weapons without knowing their attack speed makes not much sense. For. ex. fighting with a 90 damage Crossbow (Stone Arrow) is 4 times less damage per second than with a 90 damage Metal Sword.

My suggestion:

  • In addition (or as replacement) to "Rounds per Second" have "Attacks per Second" and let people add the values. (I've got a lot of attack speed values measured for dinos and weapons).
  • In addition to attack speed, provide a "Basic DPS" which is the damage per second of this weapon against unarmored targets. (Like all untamed dinos.)
  • Use these two additions not only for weapons but also for Creatures. (Their Attack Speed is differing heavily too. Compare a Bronto with 0.45 attacks per second with the 1.8 of a Raptor ...)
Good idea, I'll add it to the infoboxes of the weapons. For the creatures it would fit better near the Basic Stats section.--Cadaeib (talk) 12:41, 13 November 2015 (UTC)