Aggeravic Mushroom (Aberration)

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Aberration DLC.jpg Valguero DLC.jpg This article is about a creature, item, or feature exclusive to the DLC: Aberration, Valguero
Aggeravic Mushroom
Aggeravic Mushroom (Aberration).png
This mushroom can be found pretty much everywhere. It's tasty, and heals you slowly over time. Great in recipes!
Consumable - values given for humans
Type Consumable
Food 3
Weight 0.2
Spawn Command
cheat GFI Common 1 0 0
cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Aberration/CoreBlueprints/Items/Consumables/PrimalItemResource_CommonMushroom.PrimalItemResource_CommonMushroom'" 1 0 0
Used to craft 1 item

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Aggeravic Mushroom can be eaten to heal 0.05% health over time.

Provides immunity to Fertile Biome Poisons like from the red mushrooms.

Gathering[edit | edit source]

They can be gathered by hand from the small red blue and brown mushrooms found throughout Aberration. They can be gathered more efficiently by using a Metal Sickle.png Sickle but can only be harvested from the red and blue mushrooms this way.

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