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Domesticated Creatures can be set to an aggression level to control their behavior. The aggression level can be changed in the select wheel when holding use (default e) near a creature or by whistle signals.

It may be worth noting that other than Passive and Passive Flee, Moschops.png Moschops, Archaeopteryx.png Archaeopteryx and baby/juvenile/adolescent Dino will run away from any threat instead.

The following aggression level are available

Passive[edit | edit source]

The creature will be completely passive even if attacked. Leaving your creature passive can thus be dangerous, as Ants or other creatures can kill it.

Default-key ;

Neutral[edit | edit source]

The creature will not defend itself and only attack if a creature of the same tribe or a structure of the tribe is attacked near it. This is probably the most useful aggression level

Default-key -

Aggressive[edit | edit source]

The creature will attack other wild creatures near it. Leaving a creature on aggressive can let other creatures or players (in PvP) lure them away.

Default-Key +

Attack YOUR target[edit | edit source]

The creature will attack whatever animal walks near it or near you

Default-Key =

Passive Flee[edit | edit source]

The creature will try to run/move away if attacked. Creature stays where it stops after escaping. This skittish stance was added in patch v278.0.