Ancient Amber (Mobile)

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Ancient Amber (Mobile)
Ancient Amber (Mobile).png
An ancient resource used to buy rare, premium items and revive recently deceased creatures using their implant, amidst other uses...
Dropped by Large Predators
Weight 0.00 kg
Stack size N/A
Used to purchase 108 items
Cost $0.99 USD (17)
$2.99 USD (55)
$9.99 USD (220)
$39.99 USD (1100)

Ancient Amber is a rare resource in ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Ancient Amber can be used to:

  • Revive recently deceased creatures
  • Create Potent Dust (Mobile).png Potent Dust
  • Fish for high quality loot
  • Purchase various items:

Instant Buffs[edit | edit source]

Item Amount of Ancient Amber 
Intense Focus (Mobile).png Intense Focus 35
Feast (Mobile).png Feast 10
Thick Skin (Mobile).png Thick Skin 15
Leg Day (Mobile).png Leg Day 20

Crafting Stations[edit | edit source]

Item Amount of Ancient Amber 
Lumber Mill (Mobile).png Lumber Mill 40
Dye Studio (Mobile).png Dye Studio 20
Stone Workshop (Mobile).png Stone Workshop 40
Chef Station (Mobile).png Chef Station 20
Tannery (Mobile).png Tannery 40
Outpost (Mobile).png Outpost 20
Loading Bench (Mobile).png Loading Bench 40
Metal Foundry (Mobile).png Metal Foundry 90
Factory (Mobile).png Factory 90

Decor[edit | edit source]

Item Amount of Ancient Amber 
Weapon Mount (Small) (Mobile).png Weapon Mount (Small) 10
Analog Clock (Mobile).png Analog Clock 25
Armor Stand (Mobile).png Armor Stand 25
Large Elegant Rug (Mobile).png Large Elegant Rug 150
Digital Clock (Mobile).png Digital Clock 55
Simple Curtains (Mobile).png Simple Curtains 30
Weapon Mount (Large) (Mobile).png Weapon Mount (Large) 35
Round Woven Rug (Mobile).png Round Woven Rug 20
Storage Chest (Mobile).png Storage Chest 25
Elegant Lamp (Mobile).png Elegant Lamp 30
Dire Bear Rug (Mobile).png Dire Bear Rug 40
Dodo Rug (Mobile).png Dodo Rug 10
Round Woven Rug (Mobile).png Round Woven Rug 20
Sabertooth Rug (Mobile).png Sabertooth Rug 70
Large Woven Rug (Mobile).png Large Woven Rug 30
Gigantopithecus Rug (Mobile).png Gigantopithecus Rug 125
Large Elegant Rug (Mobile).png Large Elegant Rug 150
Titanoboa Rug (Mobile).png Titanoboa Rug 25
Round Elegant Rug (Mobile).png Round Elegant Rug 50
Pteranodon Statue (Mobile).png Pteranodon Statue 50
Kairuku Statue (Mobile).png Kairuku Statue 30
Spinosaur Statue (Mobile).png Spinosaur Statue 80
Carnotaurus Statue (Mobile).png Carnotaurus Statue 40
Tusoteuthis Statue (Mobile).png Tusoteuthis Statue 200
Giganotosaurus Statue (Mobile).png Giganotosaurus Statue 350
Trellis Archway (Mobile).png Trellis Archway 80
4 × Papaver Seeds (Mobile).png Papaver Seeds 5
Trellis Fence (Mobile).png Trellis Fence 40
5 × Gnome (Mobile).png Gnome 100
Stone Steps (Mobile).png Stone Steps 30
Box Hedge (Mobile).png Box Hedge 20
Round Hedge (Mobile).png Round Hedge 30
Cone Hedge (Mobile).png Cone Hedge 30
4 × Hemerocallis Seeds (Mobile).png Hemerocallis Seeds 5
4 × Aconitum Seeds (Mobile).png Aconitum Seeds 5
4 × Leucanthemum Seeds (Mobile).png Leucanthemum Seeds 5
2 × Snake Plant Seeds (Mobile).png Snake Plant Seeds 10
Rock Paver (Mobile).png Rock Paver 25
Brick Paver (Mobile).png Brick Paver 40
Gravel Half Paver (Mobile).png Gravel Half Paver 10
Crop Bed (Square) (Mobile).png Crop Bed (Square) 20
Rock Half Paver (Mobile).png Rock Half Paver 25
Brick Half Paver (Mobile).png Brick Half Paver 40
Crop Bed (Round) (Mobile).png Crop Bed (Round) 30
Marble Paver (Mobile).png Marble Paver 120
Marble Half Paver (Mobile).png Marble Half Paver 120

Structures that have an Amber requirement for crafting will not be displayed here.

Cosmetics[edit | edit source]

Item Amount of Ancient Amber 
Werewolf Mask Skin.png Werewolf Mask Skin 30
Chili Helmet Skin (Aberration).png Chili Mask Skin 40
Chieftan Hat Skin.png Chieftan Hat Skin 15
Captain's Hat Skin.png Captain's Hat Skin 100
Cute Dino Helmet Skin (Aberration).png Cute Dino Helmet Skin 25
DodoRex Mask Skin.png DodoRex Mask Skin 60
Manticore Chestpiece Skin (Scorched Earth).png Manticore Chestpiece Skin 80
Easter Chick Hat.png Easter Chick Beanie Skin 15
Gold Crown Skin (Mobile).png Gold Crown Skin 150
Devil Horn Hat Skin (Mobile).png Devil Horn Hat Skin 40
Angel Halo Hat Skin (Mobile).png Angel Halo Hat Skin 60
Ladybug Antennae Skin (Mobile).png Ladybug Antennae Skin 20
Santa Hat Skin.png Santa Hat Skin 5
Old Smelly Fish (Mobile).png Old Smelly Fish 65
Graft Woodland (Mobile).png Graft: Woodland 40
Graft Petrified (Mobile).png Graft: Petrified 40
Graft Molten (Mobile).png Graft: Molten 700
Graft Golden (Mobile).png Graft: Golden 95
Graft Glacial (Mobile).png Graft: Glacial 80
Graft Metallurgic (Mobile).png Graft: Metallurgic 200
Graft Ultimacy (Mobile).png Graft: Ultimacy 300
Graft Colorbomb (Mobile).png Graft: Colorbomb 25
Graft Camo (Mobile).png Graft: Camo 125
Graft War Paint (Mobile).png Graft: War Paint 125

Collars[edit | edit source]

Item Amount of Ancient Amber 
Bandana (Mobile).png Bandana 30
Cone of Shame (Mobile).png Cone of Shame 55
Spiked Collar (Mobile).png Spiked Collar 25
Simple Collar (Mobile).png Simple Collar 20
Bow Tie (Mobile).png Bow Tie 45
Metal Chain Collar (Mobile).png Metal Chain Collar 35
Comfy Collar (Mobile).png Comfy Collar 50
Gold Chain Collar (Mobile).png Gold Chain Collar 200

Miscellaneous Items[edit | edit source]

Item Amount of Ancient Amber 
Soothing Balm (Mobile).png Soothing Balm 15
Cuddle Bear (Mobile).png Cuddle Bear 35
Pink Cuddle Bear (Mobile).png Pink Cuddle Bear 40
Evil Cuddle Bear (Mobile).png Evil Cuddle Bear 60
Eery Candy (Mobile).png Eery Candy 5
10 × Eery Candy (Mobile).png Eery Candy 40
Toy Jump Rope (Mobile).png Toy Jump Rope 55
Toy Paddle Ball (Mobile).png Toy Paddle Ball 40
Toy Yo-yo (Mobile).png Toy Yo-yo 95
Herbivore Pheromone (Mobile).png Herbivore Pheromone 25
Carnivore Pheromone (Mobile).png Carnivore Pheromone 50
Simple Mailbox (Mobile).png Simple Mailbox 5
Metal Mailbox (Mobile).png Metal Mailbox 15
Mail Exchange (Mobile).png Mail Exchange 60
Simple Gift (Mobile).png Simple Gift 10
Nice Gift (Mobile).png Nice Gift 20
Extravagant Gift (Mobile).png Extravagant Gift 50
Server Transfer Ticket (Mobile).png Server Transfer Ticket 65
Wildcard Transfer Ticket (Mobile).png Wildcard Transfer Ticket 25

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

These are the different ways to get Ancient Amber:

  • Buying from in-app store
  • By using the Primal Pass Monthly Loot Drop code
  • From watching ads
  • By completing Daily Pursuits
  • Random chance to obtain from stones picked up off the ground
  • Random chance to obtain from mining metal stones (that indicate they (may) contain Amber)
  • Random chance to obtain from Free Gifts
  • By Obelisk.png Tributing the Artifact of the Massive.png Artifact of the Massive or the Artifact of the Skylord.png Artifact of the Skylord at an Obelisk.png Obelisk
  • Found in Amber deposits scattered around The Island (very rare)

Fishing Comparison[edit | edit source]

Bait Catchable Fish Max Fish Size
Sap.png Sap Coelacanth.png Coelacanth 0.94
Leech Blood.png Leech Blood Coelacanth.png Coelacanth, Salmon.png Sabertooth Salmon, Piranha.png Piranha 1.88
Giant Bee Honey.png Giant Bee Honey Coelacanth.png Coelacanth, Salmon.png Sabertooth Salmon, Piranha.png Piranha 2.4
Unicorn Residue (Mobile).png Unicorn Residue Logo Mobile.svg Leedsichthys.png Leedsichthys N/A
Ancient Amber (Mobile).png Ancient Amber Logo Mobile.svg Coelacanth.png Coelacanth, Salmon.png Sabertooth Salmon, Piranha.png Piranha

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Ancient Amber has no stack size or weight, as it is theoretically infinite.[1]

References[edit | edit source]