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Note.png sic! The name of this item/creature is spelled like this in the game despite possibly being wrong.
Ingame-names are used canonically by this wiki, a redirect from the possibly more expected spelling can be created though.
correct spelling: Arthropleura

These values may differ with what you see in-game or written elsewhere. But that is what the dossier says.
Common Name
Arthropluera felsanguis
Time Period
Early Permian
Logo Steam.png 240.0
May 4, 2016
Logo Xbox One.svg 734.0
May 17, 2016
Logo PS4.svg 501.0
December 6, 2016
Logo Mobile.svg 1.0
May 24, 2018
Spawn Command
admincheat summon Arthro_Character_BP_C
admincheat SpawnDino "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/Dinos/Arthropluera/Arthro_Character_BP.Arthro_Character_BP'" 500 0 0 35
Variant Aberrant Arthropluera
admincheat summon Arthro_Character_BP_Aberrant_C
admincheat SpawnDino "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/Dinos/Arthropluera/Arthro_Character_BP_Aberrant.Arthro_Character_BP_Aberrant'" 500 0 0 35
XP For Kill
8 XP
Special Loot Chance
Feces Size

The Island Topographic Map.jpg
Spawning Arthropluera The Island.svg

Scorched Earth Topographic Map.jpg
Spawning Arthropluera Scorched Earth.svg

Aberration Topographic Map.jpg
Spawning Arthropluera Aberration.svg

The Center Topographic Map.jpg
Spawning Arthropluera The Center.svg

Ragnarok Ocean Topographic Map.jpg
Spawning Arthropluera Ragnarok.svg

Common             Rare
  Untameable   Cave

Jen Twitter.jpg Just had a peek at the progress on the Arthropluera and let me tell you, this thing is the stuff of nightmares. It's gonna be awesome.
~ Jen[1]

The Arthropluera (ar-thro-plur-ah) is one of the Creatures in ARK: Survival Evolved.

Basic Info[edit | edit source]

Dossier[edit | edit source]

This dossier section is intended to be an exact copy of what the survivor Helena, the author of the dossiers has written. There may be some discrepancies between this text and the in-game creatures.


The fact that this creature exists is enough to give me nightmares. Like the island's other Arthropods, Arthropluera Felsanguis has become much larger than I might have believed possible. It's a very aggressive hunter, but prefers to eat meat after it has rotted for some time, and will voraciously seek out such delicacies.

Known Information

Arthropleura's blood has a very low pH, to the point that it can dissolve many materials. This acidic blood splashes back on anything that directly attacks it, weakening the durability of weapons and hurting attackers. Many creatures thusly refuse to prey on Arthropleura, fearing this unique defense. If that wasn't enough, Arthropleura also keeps a small reservoir of blood ready to spit at its prey.


Like most of the arthropods on the island, Arthropleura is simple minded and relatively easy to tame. It is an almost entirely military mount, useful mostly for attacking at a distance. Thanks to its unique defenses, whether hunting or warring, Arthropleura is generally safe from all but the largest of creatures.

~ Helena

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Arthropleura Is tamable with rotten meat and if wild will attack with acid spit (1 acid spit after melee bite). Be careful as it can hit you with its acid even when it has turned around.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The Arthropleura felsanguis is one of the island's most nightmarish native invertebrates - a predatory, heavily armored centipede longer than three men tall. Preferring carrion over live prey, these huge arthropods inhabit the deeper caves of the island, devouring bats and other invertebrates. Their greenish blood has an unusually low pH, a trait that, by self-rupturing delicate vessels in its head, the Arthropleura can use as a rather gruesome defense mechanism.

Color Scheme and Regions

The Arthropluera's carapace has a prismatic effect that causes the colors of regions 0 and 4 to not display exactly as the color it is set as.


This section displays the Arthropluera's natural colors and regions. For demonstration, the regions below are colored red over an albino Arthropluera. The colored squares shown underneath each region's description are the colors that the Arthropluera will randomly spawn with to provide an overall range of its natural color scheme. Hover your cursor over a color to display its name and ID.

Server admins can use this region information in the Console Command "cheat SetTargetDinoColor <ColorRegion> <ColorID>".
For example, "cheat SetTargetDinoColor 0 6" would color the Arthropluera's "segments" magenta.

Arthropluera PaintRegion0.jpg
Region 0:
Arthropluera PaintRegion1.jpg
Region 1:
Arthropluera PaintRegion2.jpg
Region 2:
Arthropluera PaintRegion3.jpg
Region 3:
Legs, Antennae and Forcipules
Arthropluera PaintRegion4.jpg
Region 4:
Carapace Stripe
Arthropluera PaintRegion5.jpg
Region 5:
Underside of Head/Segments

Drops[edit | edit source]

Base Stats and Growth[edit | edit source]

Note that creatures will have different stats in Survival of the Fittest

Basic Stats
Attribute Amount at Level 1 Increase per point Taming Bonus
Wild Domesticated1 Add Mult
Health.png Health 500 +100 +5.4% 0.07
Stamina.png Stamina 200 +20 +10%
Oxygen.png Oxygen 150 +15 N/A
Food.png Food 1200 +120 +10%
Weight.png Weight 100 +2 +4%
Melee Damage.png Melee Damage 18 / 302 +0.9 / +1.5 +1.7% 7% 17.6%
Movement Speed.png Movement Speed 100% N/A3 +1% 20%
Torpidity.png Torpidity 175 +10.5 N/A4 0.5

1Percentages are based on the value of the stat the moment the creature was tamed (after taming effectiveness)
2The absolute Base Damage is shown here instead of the percentage.
3Wild creatures do not level up movement speed
4Torpidity increases every level on wild creatures, but can not be increased once they are tamed.

Movement Speed
Movement Type Base Speed Sprinting Stamina Used
Wild Domesticated
Walking 225 486 394.875 6
Swimming 400 N/A N/A N/A
Attack Effects
Attack Type Effect Description
Main Attack Tranquilized.png Tranquilized The target's Torpidity.png Torpor will increase by 3x the damage dealt over 10 seconds.
Alt Attack Acid Rain.png Acid Damage from this attack reduces the durability of the target's armor at 35x the normal rate.
Attack Values
Melee Stamina Cost Attack Range Description
Base Minimum Activation Using the Left Mousebutton (PC), R2 Button (PS4), RT Button (Xbox One), the Arthropluera lunges at and bites the target. The target's Torpidity.png Torpor will increase by 3x the damage dealt over 10 seconds.
0 350 0 600
Attack Type Damage Projectile Values Torpor Values Status Effect: Stamina Status Effect: Torpidity
Life Impulse Radius Base Mult Duration Damage Mult Amount Duration Damage Mult Amount
Melee 18
Ranged Stamina Cost Attack Range Description
Base Minimum Activation Using the Right  Mousebutton (PC), L2 Button (PS4), LT Button (Xbox One), the Arthropluera spits its own acidic blood at the target. Its blood is highly-corrosive and reduces the durability of the target's armor at 35x the normal rate.
20 1800 0 2500
Attack Type Damage Projectile Values Torpor Values Status Effect: Stamina Status Effect: Torpidity
Life Impulse Radius Base Mult Duration Damage Mult Amount Duration Damage Mult Amount
Projectile Impact 30 10
Explosion 30 10 100

Wild Stats Level-up

Type in values of a wild creature to see on which stats it's emphasized. Green values on a high-level creature are very good for breeding. If you have already tamed your creature you can try to recover the breeding-stats with an external tool.[2]

The stat-calculator does not work in the mobile-view, see here for alternatives: Apps

Note that after the creature is tamed it gets bonuses on some stats depending on the taming effectiveness. This makes it hard to retrieve the levels on a tamed creature, so this tool is only for wild ones, but gives a first impression, how well the stats are distributed.

Taming[edit | edit source]

Arthropluera.png Level 1 Feeding Interval Time
Broth of Enlightenment.png Broth of Enlightenment 1 00:00 0:00:41
Spoiled Meat.png Spoiled Meat 10 01:51 0:16:41
Raw Meat.png Raw Meat 65 00:30 0:32:31
Raw Fish Meat.png Raw Fish Meat 161 00:15 0:40:16
Arthropluera.png Level 30 Feeding Interval Time
Broth of Enlightenment.png Broth of Enlightenment 2 01:21 0:01:21
Spoiled Meat.png Spoiled Meat 17 01:46 0:28:21
Raw Meat.png Raw Meat 110 00:30 0:55:01
Raw Fish Meat.png Raw Fish Meat 274 00:15 1:08:31
Arthropluera.png Level 60 Feeding Interval Time
Broth of Enlightenment.png Broth of Enlightenment 2 01:21 0:01:21
Spoiled Meat.png Spoiled Meat 24 01:44 0:40:01
Raw Meat.png Raw Meat 157 00:30 1:18:31
Raw Fish Meat.png Raw Fish Meat 391 00:15 1:37:46
Arthropluera.png Level 90 Feeding Interval Time
Broth of Enlightenment.png Broth of Enlightenment 3 01:00 0:02:01
Spoiled Meat.png Spoiled Meat 31 01:43 0:51:41
Raw Meat.png Raw Meat 204 00:30 1:42:01
Raw Fish Meat.png Raw Fish Meat 508 00:15 2:07:01
Arthropluera.png Level 120 Feeding Interval Time
Broth of Enlightenment.png Broth of Enlightenment 3 01:00 0:02:01
Spoiled Meat.png Spoiled Meat 38 01:42 1:03:21
Raw Meat.png Raw Meat 250 00:30 2:05:01
Raw Fish Meat.png Raw Fish Meat 625 00:15 2:36:16
Arthropluera.png Level 150 Feeding Interval Time
Broth of Enlightenment.png Broth of Enlightenment 3 01:00 0:02:01
Spoiled Meat.png Spoiled Meat 45 01:42 1:15:01
Raw Meat.png Raw Meat 297 00:30 2:28:31
Raw Fish Meat.png Raw Fish Meat 743 00:15 3:05:46

Note that the values are for optimal cases, always bring extra supplies!
For a level-dependent count of resources needed, try an external taming calculator.

Preferred Food[edit | edit source]

Taming Strategy[edit | edit source]

Arthropluera is tamed non-violently, rather than through the use of tranquilizers. Since it is a naturally aggressive creature, you must first apply Bug Repellant.png Bug Repellant in order to keep it from attacking you on sight. The Arthro will not be tameable if it is trying to attack another creature or is feeding on a corpse, so you must remove any such distractions from the area, or lure the Arthro to a more secluded area.
Once you have the repellent applied and distractions dealt with, place the food you wish to feed it in the right-most slot of your hotbar. Then, carefully approach the Arthro until the button prompt to feed it appears - it will eat the piece of food you give it and a taming bar will appear. You must then wait until it becomes hungry enough to be fed again, and repeat the process.
It can be very difficult to properly do this, as the Arthro is constantly moving in an unpredictable pattern.
If you accidentally get too close and touch the Arthro, it will become aggressive and attack, despite the repellant. In order to continue taming it, you must get far enough away for it to lose interest in you. If you go away from it for too long and aren't using broth of enlightenment to tame it; it's taming bar will go down faster than you can feed it, making it untameable. Be careful of its spit attack when fleeing, as it will deal significant damage to your armor if it hits.

On The Center, one can simply fly an Argentavis or larger down into the East Lava Cave's entrance and carry an Arthro back out in seconds. Avoid attacking it while carrying, due to the melee rebound damage, however.

Trapping or Premeditated Taming[edit | edit source]

Like always there are people who want the best possible outcome and lowest risk of danger to the taming process:

To trap the Athropleura is quite difficult as it breaks though most structures quite well. The best approach I find on an official PVE server is to use the passive taming method with the bug repellent and ghillie armor however most people I assume would tame one on an official PVP server due to its useful acid and jaw damage. An another way to tame on both PVE and PVP is to use a megalosaurus with bug repellent and ghillie and get close to grab. The athropleura shouldn't be agroed as long as you dont touch it. You can bring it outside and ask a tribemate to pick you up on a quetz and take you to a more secure location or you can take it there while in the mouth of the megalosaurus.

If you want to trap the athropleura be prepared for the cost and speed in which you must do this You can trap the athropleura by placing 4 fence posts around it while you have ghillie or bug repellent active. while this happens the athropleura like before would not get angry as long as you keep your distance. you can also ensnare the athropleura in a large bear trap as you do this however it can be *buggy and will turn as soon as you have trapped it in the structure run out of the cave and wait a while to let the creature calm down. Then comeback anytime to find that it is waiting there ready for you to passively tame without the fear of accidentally stepping over it and aggravate it.

Combat[edit | edit source]

This section describes how to fight against the Arthropluera.

General[edit | edit source]

Arthropleura appear in caves, so wandering above ground will keep any player safe. However, in caves, they become a very deadly adversary. Melee weaponry and armor simply vanish in any battle with the creature due to its corrosive and acidic blood.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

To avoid the loss of your armor and melee weapons, stay as far away from it as possible, but keep in mind it can still launch acidic projectiles. Be alert at all times when in a battle, as the cave ecosystems often bring other hazards. One risky fighting method is to keep backing away while using a ranged weapon that won't kill you. Back jump when it is about to bite and side jump to avoid spit attacks. If you are mobile enough, you will dodge his attacks.

Weaponry[edit | edit source]

Ranged weapons are advised to avoid the weapon and health damage caused by melee attacks. Melee should only be used as a last resort. A Compound Bow.png Compound Bow can usually kill lower levels with 3-4 headshots.

Dangers[edit | edit source]

Melee attacks against the Arthropluera will significantly reduce weapon durability and cause damage to the player. One well-aimed shot from the creature will strip a player of his/her armor(or bring it very close to breaking point). Make sure you spot them in advance, so they do not get the first hit in. Their spit can also hit you while riding a mount and can still break your armor, the spit does a good bit more damage without armor on.

As of version v280.130, Arthropluera can damage any form of structures. This alone makes it a rather dangerous creature to spawn close to the base as it will immediately try to break through the walls of the structures. It is also a bad idea to use structure as a wall just to kill it.

Weakness[edit | edit source]

It has a fairly large and long body, so you can spot (and shoot) one easily.

The Arthropluerua has a 2.5x headshot multiplier. They are also affected by 5x explosive multiplier.

It stops to spit and bite; giving you a few seconds of grace.

Large turn radius for a moment. Brace yourself once its aim snaps back on you.

Utility[edit | edit source]

Roles[edit | edit source]

Combat Annoyance: Arthroplurera's ability to corrode and even break enemy armor makes it the bane of your enemies existence, especially if your enemy relies on their armor to keep them alive. (Level Up Speed, Stamina and Health)

Base defender: During a raid, Arthroplurera can hold off unmounted raiders before they begin planting explosives. With the armor corroding acid against unmounted players, Arthropluera will play a vital role in raid defense. (Level up Melee Damage.png Melee Damage and Movement Speed.png Movement Speed).

Base Destroyer: As of version v280.130 on PC, Arthroplueras can now damage stone, metal, and even Tek structures with their melee attack. While they are rather fragile against enemy defenses along with this same patch (5x more damage taken from explosives and 3x more damage taken from ranged attacks), they can be a primitive way to bring down advanced bases once enemy turrets have been destroyed.

Damage Test on Official Server with a level 225 Arthropluera with 455% Melee damage. Just using the left click melee attack.

Thatch Foundation: Destroyed in one hit, ? at 100% melee. ? x regular damage (untested at base damage).

Wood Foundation: 1,125 damage, 247 at 100% melee. 13.72 x regular damage.

Stone Foundation: 574 damage, 126 at 100% melee. 7 x regular damage.

Metal Foundation: 282 damage, 62 at 100% melee. 3.44 x regular damage.

Tek Foundation: 113 damage, 25 at 100% melee. 1.39 x regular damage.

Collectibles[edit | edit source]

Resource Efficiency
Raw Meat.png Raw Meat ★★☆☆☆

Spotlight[edit | edit source]

Notes/Trivia[edit | edit source]

For information pertaining specifically to the real-world Arthropluera, see the relevant Wikipedia article

  • The dossier lists Arthropluera as being from the Permian period, but it was actually from the Late Carboniferous.
  • Arthropleura tamed in the Lower South Cave are unable to exit due to the invisible wall at the entrance/exit. If you wish to tame one to bring back with you, find one elsewhere. (This is outdated information as of Testing on 03/09/2017. The Arthropleura can be taken out of the Lower South Cave now, however it does take some time and effort to guide it out. Setting to lowest follow distance helps with this. Also there is a crystal formation near the exit hanging from the ceiling that must be broken to allow them to exit the cave.)
  • The Dossier was revealed on 9/11/15 on Steam.[3]
  • In real life, Arthropleura ate rotting plant matter instead of rotting meat. It also lived in the Late Carboniferous as well as the Early Permian.
  • The Dossier misspells Arthropleura as Arthropluera. Presumably this a typo by the author.
  • The Dossier says that Arthropluera is "...An almost entirely military mount..." But next to the icon that represents it as being rideable there are question marks. - These question marks might represent the writers query as to whether or not the Arthropluera is capable of being saddled, not necessarily the capability of one being ridden.
  • It can be picked up by Argentavis, so you can lure it outside the caves and move it to a safer spot. Most of the time it doesn't move while taming (like the Dung Beetle,) but some times it will. To prevent this, put it in a box made of dino doors with 4 wood floors
  • It might be a good idea to bring a saddle within the cave once you have spotted the Arthropleura you want to tame. They can get stuck if you set them on follow.
  • The Arthropluera can breathe underwater.
  • One of the only two tameable creatures that can break TEK structures.
  • Also they seem to deal damage back like the kentros when bitten with other dinos

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