Artifact of the Devourer

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Artifact of the Devourer
Artifact of the Devourer.png
To consume is to become, and to become is to evolve.
Only one of these may be carried at a time by an organism.
Type Artifact
Weight 5.0
Stack Size 1
Spawn Command
cheat giveitemnum 152 1 0 0
cheat GFI Artifact_07 1 0 0
cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Artifacts/PrimalItemArtifact_07.PrimalItemArtifact_07'" 1 0 0

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Artifact of the Devourer is one of the Artifacts in ARK: Survival Evolved. On The Island, it is used to summon Megapithecus.

Map Location[edit | edit source]

For an interactive map of all artifacts and other exploration spots see the Explorer Maps for The Island, Scorched Earth, The Center, Ragnarok and Valguero.
Note that these maps currently may not work on mobile devices

The Island
North East Cave
The Center
North Ice Cave
The Lost Temple
The Island Topographic Map.jpg
red: The artifact at lat 16.1, lon 84.5
white: Cave entrance at lat 14.8, lon 85.4
The Center Topographic Map.jpg
red: The artifact at lat 24.1, lon 26.2
white: Cave entrance at lat 18.7, lon 29.7
Ragnarok Ocean Topographic Map.jpg
red: The artifact at lat 47.4, lon 2.3

Valguero Topographic Map.jpg
red: The artifact at lat 48.7, lon 90.3
white: The Cave entrance at lat 46.9, lon 87.5

Position Command[edit | edit source]

Please note, artifacts are not always available. Especially in Single Player they have a cooldown before respawning.

The Island

cheat setplayerpos 276800 -271200 -25500

The Center

cheat setplayerpos -277600 -59600 2600


cheat setplayerpos -624500 -34000 -59500


cheat setplayerpos 329069 -10066 -3848