Badlands (Scorched Earth)

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Scorched Earth DLC.jpg This article is about a feature exclusive to the DLC: Scorched Earth
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The Badlands are a location in the DLC: Scorched Earth.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Badlands is an area covered in low amounts of vegetation, almost no water, an abundant supply of metal nodes, and large dinosaur fossils scattered about quite frequently. In addition, the Badlands are the sole source of Oil Veins, making it a sought-after locale for industrial applications. Your main base should not be threre but you could oil industry.

Surroundings[edit | edit source]

The Badlands are elevated above the Low Desert, and surround the Green Obelisk, with one of the Oasis beneath it. Without a fast and easy way to travel up and downhill, one will have to navigate their way around the rocky terrain. To the west are the Canyons, and to the east are the Dunes.

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