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This creature, item, or feature is not yet released in the version on Nintendo Switch.
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Consumable (values pertain to Humans)
Type Kibble
Kibble type Basic
Stack Size 100
Decomposes in 2m
Spawn Command
cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Consumables/PrimalItemConsumable_Kibble_Base_XSmall.PrimalItemConsumable_Kibble_Base_XSmall'" 1 0 0
Crafting XP 2 XP
Crafted in Cooking Pot
Industrial Cooker
Required Stations Campfire.png Campfire
Resources breakdown [Expand]
10 × Amarberry.png Amarberry
5 × Fiber.png Fiber
1 × Water.png Water
Total Base Ingredients
1 × Dinosaur Egg.png Extra Small Egg
10 × Tintoberry.png Tintoberry
10 × Amarberry.png Amarberry
1 × Water.png Water
5 × Mejoberry.png Mejoberry
1 × Raw Meat.png Raw Meat
5 × Fiber.png Fiber

キブル(基本)は、 Extra Small Eggから作られた Kibbleです。

使用法[edit | edit source]

The main use of this Kibble is to feed it to a creature that you are taming. Kibble has a higher taming effect than other food like Berries or Meat, meaning the taming meter will rise faster, while also dropping the Taming Effectiveness less, resulting in more extra levels when the taming process is finished.

Currently, this Kibble is used to forcefully tame Dilophosaur, Dodo, Kairuku, Parasaur, and Phiomia and to passively tame Mesopithecus.

For other creatures, this Kibble will be valued less than regular Meat and Berries (only 66% of their effectiveness) and thus is not advised to be used for those.

See Taming for more info about the taming process.

ドロップ[edit | edit source]

The following Eggs have a size of Extra Small:

キブルカテゴリー[edit | edit source]



備考/トリビア[edit | edit source]

  • このタイプのキブルには、プリミティブアイテムの"輝き"があります。