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This is a category for files with bad names. File names should be clear and descriptive so that they can easily be found and referenced. Files are occasionally added to this category using a bot that searches for common traits of bad file name, so it is not a list of every bad file name on the ARK Survival Evolved Wiki. If you find files elsewhere with poor names, they should be added to this category or, preferably, dealt with.

Bad file names:

  • Do not contain terms describing their contents
  • Contain unnecessary numbers or other character (such as a timestamp)
  • Are generic (logo.png, screenshot(3).jpg)
  • Are gibberish (F21acecf34ef5119e8a14a19ad6595d3.jpg)

If you are fixing files in this category, remove the category from its page afterwards, but remember to give it an appropriate category if it would otherwise be uncategorized. Existing file categories can be found in Category:Images.

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