Dossiers/Dossier Texts/Guardian Holograms

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Desert Titan

The Lord of Sand and Sky has fallen, despite its swarms of protectors, the powerful swings of its mighty tail or the lightning it called from the sky. The soaring leviathan could not match the ingenuity of humanity, and especially not yours.

Forest Titan

So succumbs the Lord of the Forest, the titan wreathed in green, who lashed out with root and vine to pin its foes to the ground or drag them to their doom. The forest itself rose to shield it, but even that could not save it. Not from you.

Ice Titan

Thus ends the reign of the Lord of Winter. Its freezing breath, icy spears, and colossal leaps had felled so many, but on this day, the giant of wind and rime was brought low - all by your hand.

King Titan

Though he could scatter his foes with a single charge, roar or swipe of his tail, and call fire down from the sky itself, In the end you banished the King of Shadows. No matter how many corrupted beasts he summoned or how many weapons he rendered useless, he could not snuff you out - for you fought with the hopes of the hopes of the human race on your shoulders, and its tenacity at your back.

Mecha King Titan

Even at his most powerful, fully augmented by the Element that spawned him, you pulled the King of Shadows down from his throne. Thanks to your skill and unrelenting courage, humanity may yet have a future.