Elemental Vault (Aberration)

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Elemental Vault
Elemental Vault (Aberration).jpg
A challenging cave found in the deepest depths of Aberration.
Aberration Topographic Map.jpg
82.4° Lat, 48.2° Lon
Artifact of the Stalker (Aberration).png
Artifact of the Stalker
91.7° Lat, 51.3° Lon

Overview[edit | edit source]

Cave entrance is located at lat 82.4 lon 48.2. (X:-13155, Y:260776, Z: 13731)

You can bring tamed dinos into this cave as long as they're able to jump approximately 6 foundations high. It is recommended to bring a Rock Drake or Reaper, of which the Rock Drake is the better choice, due to its ability to glide and camouflage.

The entire cave is in the radiation zone, so ensure you are wearing a Hazard Suit.

Retrieving the Artifact[edit | edit source]

The artifact is located at lat 91.7 lon 51.3

The easiest and shortest way to the artifact is to use a rock drake to climb to the ceiling of the cave and walk straight across while following the blue crystals.

Creatures[edit | edit source]

Resources[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

The density of the creatures in this cave is extreme and is nearly impossible to navigate on foot. Some could call it absolutely impossible to brute force through, even with a high level Rock Drake or Reaper. However, the Rock Drake's mobility makes this cave trivial since none of the creatures in the cave naturally aggro onto it outside of the Seekers (when using charge light) or the Nameless (without charge light). Toggling your charge pet at certain areas or simply using the Rock Drake camo will allow you to navigate without issues.

It's very easy to get lost in this massive cave. Make sure you have extra hazard suits just in case you find yourself in the cave for longer than you anticipate.

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