Genesis 2 Chronicles

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Genesis 2 Chronicles
Genesis 2 Chronicles.png
Organizer Studio Wildcard
Start Date November 7th, 2020
End Date March 2021
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The Genesis 2 Chronicles are a series of routine content drops that add new explorer notes and skins related to the DLC Genesis: Part 2. It started on November 7th 2020.

Gameplay Changes[edit | edit source]

Explorer Notes[edit | edit source]

The Genesis Chronicles adds in multiple Explorer Notes connected to Genesis: Part 2, some of which come from HLN-A, Rockwell himself or Santiago. The player must have the Mini-HLNA equipped in order to unlock the notes.

Santiago's notes have to be picked up, and are not awarded just by getting into close proximity.

Genesis 2 Chronicles I
Genesis 2 Chronicles II
Genesis 2 Chronicles III
Genesis 2 Chronicles IV

These notes may not be accessible on dedicated servers at the moment (version 323.6).

Mini-maps[edit | edit source]

The Island
Chronicles I
Scorched Earth
Chronicles II
Chronicles III
Chronicles IV
The Island Topographic Map.jpg
red: Note #1
blue: Note #2
green: Note #3
purple: Note #4
cyan: Note #5
Scorched Earth Topographic Map.jpg
red: Note #6
blue: Note #7
green: Note #8
purple: Note #9
cyan: Note #10
Aberration Topographic Map.jpg
red: Note #11
blue: Note #12
green: Note #13
purple: Note #14
cyan: Note #15
Extinction Topographic Map.jpg
red: Note #16
blue: Note #17
green: Note #18
purple: Note #19
cyan: Note #20

Unique Skins[edit | edit source]

The Genesis 2 Chronicles event adds in new, unique skins related to Genesis: Part 2, obtainable by unlocking Genesis: Part 2-related Explorer Notes.

Genesis 2 Chronicles I
Genesis 2 Chronicles II
Genesis 2 Chronicles III
Genesis 2 Chronicles IV

Calendar[edit | edit source]

Image Event Start Date End Date
Happy New Year.jpg ARK: Happy New Year! January 1st, 2021 January 1st, 2021
ARK Love Evolved 2.jpg ARK: Love Evolved 2 February 11th, 2021 February 18th, 2021

Image Event Start Date End Date
Love Evolved.jpg ARK: Love Evolved February 11th, 2020 February 18th, 2020
Eggcellent Adventure 5.jpg ARK: Eggcellent Adventure 5 April 7th, 2020 April 21st, 2020
5th Anniversary.jpg ARK: 5th Anniversary June 11th, 2020 June 24th, 2020
Summer Bash 2020.jpg ARK: Summer Bash 2020 June 25th, 2020 July 21st, 2020
Fear Evolved 4.jpg ARK: Fear Evolved 4 October 22nd, 2020 November 6th, 2020
Genesis 2 Chronicles.png Genesis 2 Chronicles November 7th, 2020 March 2021
Turkey Trial 4.jpg ARK: Turkey Trial 4 November 24th, 2020 December 8th, 2020
Winter Wonderland 4.jpg ARK: Winter Wonderland 5 December 17th, 2020 January 7th, 2021

Image Event Start Date End Date
ARK- Valentine's Day 4.jpg ARK: Valentine's Day 4 February 12th, 2019 February 18th, 2019
Eggcellent 4.jpg ARK: Eggcellent Adventure 4 April 16th, 2019 April 30th, 2019
Summer Bash 2019.jpg ARK: Summer Bash 2019 July 2nd, 2019 July 19th, 2019
Genesis Chronicles.jpg Genesis Chronicles October 10th, 2019 February 25th, 2020
Fear Evolved 3.jpg ARK: Fear Evolved 3 October 22nd, 2019 November 5th, 2019
Turkey Trial 3.jpg ARK: Turkey Trial 3 November 19th, 2019 December 6th, 2019
Winter Wonderland 4.jpg ARK: Winter Wonderland 4 December 18th, 2019 January 7th, 2020

Image Event Start Date End Date
Valentine 2.png ARK: Valentine's Day 3 February 13th, 2018 February 16th, 2018
Eggcellent 3.jpg ARK: Eggcellent Adventure 3 March 29th, 2018 April 10th, 2018
ARKaeology.jpg ARK: ARKaeology June 15th, 2018 July 17th, 2018
Extinction Chronicles.jpg Extinction Chronicles June 19th, 2018 November 6th, 2018
Ark Winter Wonderland.png ARK: Winter Wonderland 3 December 18th, 2018 January 7th, 2019

Image Event Start Date End Date
Valentine 2.png ARK: Valentine's Day 2 February 12th, 2017 February 20th, 2017
Eggcellent 2.jpg ARK: Eggcellent Adventure 2 April 15th, 2017 for PC
April 26th, 2017 for Xbox & PS4
April 22nd, 2017 for PC
March 3rd, 2017 for Xbox & PS4
AwesomeAnniversary ARKBirthdaySuit.jpg ARKs Two Year Anniversary June 2nd, 2017 June 5th, 2017
The Witches Curse.png The Witches Curse October 30th, 2017 November 1st, 2017
Holiday Event.png Holiday Event December 23rd, 2017 January 1st, 2018

Image Event Start Date End Date
Valentine.jpg ARK: Valentine's Day February 14th, 2016 February 22nd, 2016
Eggcellent.jpg ARK: Eggcellent Adventure March 25th, 2016 March 31st, 2016
Survival Devolved.png ARK: Survival Devolved April 1st, 2016 April 2nd, 2016
Ark Awesome Anniversary.jpg ARK: Awesome Anniversary June 2nd, 2016 June 13th, 2016
ARKdependence.jpg ARKdependence Day July 3rd, 2016 ?
Fear Evolved 2.jpg ARK: Fear Evolved 2 October 28th, 2016 November 6th, 2016
ARK- Turkey Trial.jpg ARK: Turkey Trial 2 November 15th, 2016 for Xbox
November 24th, 2016 for PC
December 1st, 2016
Ark Winter Wonderland.png ARK: Winter Wonderland 2 December 23th, 2016 December 30th, 2016
New Year's.jpg New Year's on ARK December 31st, 2016 January 1st, 2017

Image Event Start Date End Date
ARK- Fear Evolved.jpg ARK: Fear Evolved October 28th, 2015 November 5th, 2015
ARK- Turkey Trial.jpg ARK: Turkey Trial November 25th, 2015 December 1st, 2015
Ark Winter Wonderland.png ARK: Winter Wonderland December 22, 2015 January 5th, 2016
Ball Drop.jpg ARK: Happy First (Half) Year! December 31st, 2015 January 1st, 2016

Spotlight[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

Genesis 2 Chronicles 1
  • Note #1: HLN-A is getting nostalgic about being back on The Island as if it is experiencing déjà vu, something that is odd for an AI.
  • Note #2: HLN-A "remembers" being at The Island not as an AI, but as a human person who had toes who could feel and smell the ocean breeze. The visual includes a human survivor being at their first days on The Island at the beach.
    • In the Island lore, HLN-A is remembering Helena's times at the Island's beach during her first days and during her visit with the Painted Sharks, an aquatic tribe that helped her in observing megalodon's quick gestation rate and abnormally obedient behavior.
  • Note #3: HLN-A suddenly remembers the survivors Helena met on the Island: Gaius Marcellus Nerva, Sir Edmund Rockwell, and Mei-Yin Li. It realizes it has all of Helena's memories stored in it and notes it is a great parting gift. A high quality image and its pixelated version shows a man with a bald top scalp (Rockwell), a survivor with hair covering his entire face (Nerva), and a woman with long hair (Mei-Yin).
    • In lore, Helena interacted with all three survivors.
  • Note #4: HLN-A explains to the player that people like them and Helena only knew prehistoric creatures by studying their bones. She knows and "remembers" the feeling the players and Helena felt when they saw a real life dinosaur (in-game for players). A visual of a jungle background with a Brontosaurus is shown.
    • This picture is a reference to Helena's first explorer note on the Island when she mentioned seeing a Brontosaurus roaming around.
  • Note #5: HLN-A tells the player that not only did it have memories about the adventures it had with the player, but also having Helena Walker's memories, which she finds funny. She finds the thought of whether she is its human creator, itself, or a combination of the two to be mind blowing.
    • The visual shows one of Helena's memories depicting her holding a pistol while being with Mei-Yin, possibly during the time Helena needed evidence about the behavior of tamed creatures in captivity through seeing Mei-Yin's creatures in action. During this memory, Helena noticed that Mei Yin's tamed creatures are friendly to each other despite being different species.
Genesis 2 Chronicles 2
  • Note #6: Rockwell speaks through HLN-A about how he somehow has a connection to it and how the Scorched Earth ARK looks small to him now. A landscape view of Scorched Earth is shown.
    • In lore, Rockwell was one of the four survivors who made explorer notes at Scorched Earth.
  • Note #7: Rockwell tries to surprise the player with the fact that he can see them now and describes how he has grown more eyes than his original two when he was Sir Edmund Rockwell. He tells the player that endlessly exploring the ARKs may have been something he would have done but understands that he, and everyone else on the ARKs, would need to leave the system in due time. A visual of Rockwell and his wall of eyes is shown.
    • Rockwell refers to a region in Genesis: Part 2 where the entire biome is his innards with eyes dotting the area.
  • Note #8: Scorched Earth is considered to be disappointing in Rockwell's view. He recalls the events of his transfer from the Island to Scorched Earth and how he has discovered Edmundium/Element during his travels. A visual of an area surround an obelisk in Scorched Earth is shown.
    • In Scorched Earth lore, Rockwell found and discovered his Edmundium samples when he along with a tribe called the Burning Phoenix slew the Manticore.
  • Note #9: Rockwell notices that something reminiscent of Helena is somewhere inside HLN-A. He admits he underestimated Helena's resourcefulness when she became a Homo Deus as her method of ascension, but he finds it pitiful that despite being a Homo Deus, she couldn't accept his "grand design". A visual of Helena's memory and point of view where she was writing up the Triceratops dossier is shown.
  • Note #10: Among the billions of survivors that are stocked in a mysterious archive, HLN-A has been clingy around the player, which Rockwell finds strange. Rockwell knows that the player is capable, but doesn't understand why the player is so special. A visual of survivors in desert cloth armor are shown.
Genesis 2 Chronicles 3

Rockwell's notes in the Chronicles have an ominous tone and echo that is mixed in with his voice

  • Note #11: Rockwell notices that HLN-A and the player are back at Aberration looking at the ruined structures. He tells the player that Aberration ARK is pivotal in helping him become a god in his eyes. A visual of his monster form is shown.
    • Rockwell's explorer notes at Aberration summarizes his descent into madness and becoming the monster he has become.
  • Note #12: Rockwell asks the player if HLN-A told them about its creator: Helena Walker. As a person, Rockwell never understood Helena's liking to the ARK's creatures and he gets an understanding of her when he is making creatures of his own. An image of Helena scribbling down notes in her book, and a mysterious creature with a bulging head and a mouth like the xenomorph from the Alien series.
    • Rockwell is referring to Helena's passion for Biology through studying animals and some of the native creatures on the Colony ship, the setting of Genesis: Part 2.
  • Note #13: Rockwell notes that the future people see people of the past as a pattern as they have a record of every human being, grew them in vats, and ran the randomly chosen people through tests that helped the future people to search for any survival skills, as if it is like science. He thinks this is what evolving and dying is and he notes he is beyond that now. The visuals consist of the Tek console seen from the Tek cave and an image of his superiority of breaking the barrier of survival.
    • In Aberration lore, Rockwell had an uneasy relationship with the Tek researchers as not only were they disrespecting him, but also doing things far more efficiently than him.
  • Note #14: HLN-A calls Rockwell by the name Mr. Purple Tentacles and knows that he has been talking to the player through it. HLN-A leaves the information of the amount of time needed to lock Rockwell out of her systems for good as classified. A visual of it filtering itself and alerts that can cause Rockwell to enter are shown.
    • Throughout the Genesis: Part 1 Story Glitches, HLN-A was frequently getting hacked by Rockwell and Rockwell talked through it to speak to the player.
  • Note #15: In the ARK chronological story line, this would be Santiago's first explorer note as he leaves this note on the Aberration ARK before heading through the Gateway Project Portal. He explains to any future reader that the Aberration ARK is poisoned with Element and that they should find a way to leave and head down to Extinction. (This is Santiago's Explorer Entry 00 and the rest of his notes on Extinction are 01 through 30.) A visual of the planet Earth and the Aberration ARK is shown. He also adds a personal note that the mysterious planet surface, or Earth's surface, couldn't be any worse than the condition of the Aberration ARK.
Genesis 2 Chronicles 4

These notes only include those from HLN-A and Santiago.

  • Note #16: HLN-A has memories that Helena was amongst the survivors at the start of the lore of Extinction who were in a state of despair when looking at the desolate, ravaged landscape of Extinction. It also remembers that Helena looked to Santiago for inspiration as a partner.
    • The event mentioned in the note was at the start of the Extinction lore.
      • All of the Tek tribe survivors, including Helena, were crying and hyperventilating at the site of the landscape.
      • Santiago took the lead of being the Tek tribe's leader in figuring out their next move, noting they had plenty of supplies, Tek equipment, tames, and tribe members.
  • Note #17: Santiago leaves a note in welcoming the reader/player to Earth and reading the note implies there is a survivor left. He notes the world, or Earth, is not its usual self and advises the player to find shelter from the titans and endure it for a little longer. He leaves a personal note saying there are titans now. The visual includes the King Titan in a ravaged city.
  • Note #18: Santiago advises the reader/player that if they are still reading his notes, he wants them to head to Camp Omega, a well known location in-lore that the futuristic survivors who will need as much help as they can get. From there, they can help the reader/player get trained in using his most powerful weapon to stop the titans and save the world: Meks. He leaves a personal note to fight fire with a bigger fire (Mega Mek). The visual shows the Mega Mek doing its sword attack.
    • Several events happened when Santiago wrote this note:
      • When this note was made, Santiago and the Tek tribe set up Camp Omega and began building the meks.
      • Santiago was working on the meks in being able to combine and form the Mega Mek, the only thing that can withstand the King Titan's attacks.
      • Santiago suspected that Titans are the ones who are spreading Element around Earth.
  • Note #19: Santiago is still unable to get over the clone factory he, Helena, and Mei Yin found on the Aberration ARK as he is still processing about he is not the original Santiago and that every survivor is a copy of themselves. He leaves a personal note that due to his feeling of depression, he wants some Halsted Moonshine (Alcohol). A visual of Aberration's cloning station is shown.
    • In the Aberration lore, when all of the Tek survivors at the Tek village (Fallen Nexus) and the team that included Helena, Mei Yin, and Santiago heard and saw the cloning chambers respectively, everyone had an identity crisis in their own unique experience of the revelation.
      • From Helena's point of view, she wonders if she is expressing herself or the will of the machine.
        • Helena also describes Mei Yin's realization of the cloning factory as unfathomable because she was completely silent.
      • From Santiago's point of view, he is guilty of making weaponry that turned Earth into a wasteland and wonders if he, the original Santiago, or both of them are responsible for the apocalypse.
  • Note #20: Santiago leaves a note hoping that he bought the other survivors enough time at Camp Omega in doing something. He tells the reader/player that whoever they are, they may have seen the Camp Omega survivors pull themselves together, helping them out and assumes the reader/player did just that. He replies that he won't live long before seeing that himself. Santiago leaves a note that he will see someone dubbed D very soon. A visual of him in his mek's cockpit is shown.
    • Santiago refers to the Titan raid of Camp Omega and in lore, he sacrificed himself and his mek to give the other survivors at Camp Omega time to escape.
    • Only one in-lore survivor has a name that starts with a D: Diana Altaras. Diana is a survivor and Santiago's closest friend, but at the time, was long dead since she died at the hands of Rockwell during the in-lore events of Aberration. Strangely, she was resurrected by Helena who was a Homo deus at the end of the in-lore events of Extinction before the former and Mei Yin defeated the King Titan with the Mega Mek.