Gorilla Flag

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Gorilla Flag
Gorilla Flag.png
This flag is proof that you have defeated the Megapithecus.
Type Flag
Health 3,000
Weight 4.0
Stack Size 100
Added in v240.0
Spawn Command
cheat GFI Flag_Gorilla 1 0 0
cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Structures/Misc/PrimalItemStructure_Flag_Gorilla.PrimalItemStructure_Flag_Gorilla'" 1 0 0

The Gorilla Flag is obtained by defeating Megapithecus. It is added to the inventory of every nearby player when the Megapithecus is killed.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Gorilla Flag can be picked up after being placed, however doing so will remove any paint a player has applied to it.

For more information on Paint Regions and how to use them, please view the Blue Coloring.png Dye, Paintbrush, or Spray Painter pages.

Gorilla Flag PaintRegion1.jpg

Region 1:

X mark.svg

Region 2 is not used
for this Object.

X mark.svg

Region 3 is not used
for this Object.

X mark.svg

Region 4 is not used
for this Object.

Gorilla Flag PaintRegion5.jpg

Region 5:
Gorilla Logo

X mark.svg

Region 6 is not used
for this Object.

Gallery[edit | edit source]