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Explorer Notes
Notes about creatures and past events, left behind by previous survivors.
First added in Patch 248.0


Explorer Notes are collectable items scattered across The Island and Scorched Earth that are either a Dino Dossier or a piece of narrative from actual survivors intended to tell the story behind the ARK. The Explorer Notes are collected just by walking/flying near over it.

For every Note found you gain 100 XP and a 10 minutes lasting effect where XP-Collection is twice as high (Similar to the "Broth of Enlightenment"). It is advisable collecting them while on a dino because your dino gets the XP and the Effect as well. So the reward for finding these are doubled. If you find two Notes within a short time the effecttime is added to the current one and not reset.

Note Locations

All available explorer notes except 4 are listed below. The four other ones are the boss dossiers, obtained by defeating each of the bosses.

For an interactive map of Explorer Notes and other collectibles, see the following pages:

The Island
Scorched Earth
The Center
(not yet implemented)

The Island

Type Topic Author Lat Lon Location
Dossier Achatina.png Achatina Helena 75.8 78.2 Southern Islets
Dossier Allosaurus.png Allosaurus Helena 16.4 10.9 Underwater Cave
Dossier Ammonite.png Ammonite Helena 87.5 51.5 Southern Islets
Dossier Anglerfish.png Anglerfish Helena 24.6 40.1 Northern Plains
Dossier Ankylosaurus.png Ankylosaurus Helena 15.8 26.7 Whitesky Peak
Dossier Spider.png Araneo Helena 39.6 45.8 Central Cave
Dossier Archaeopteryx.png Archaeopteryx Helena 18.7 42.8 Winter's Mouth hidden behind a waterfall
Dossier Argentavis.png Argentavis Helena 21.6 53.9 Winter's Mouth
Dossier Arthropluera.png Arthropleura Helena 14.2 69.1 Northern Shores
Dossier Baryonyx.png Baryonyx Helena 30 78.1 Far's Peak
Dossier Basilosaurus.png Basilosaurus Helena 52.5 17.7 Western Approach
Dossier Giant Bee.png Bee Helena 70.7 61.1
Dossier Beelzebufo.png Beelzebufo Helena 14.8 81.4 Dead Island
Dossier Brontosaurus.png Brontosaurus Helena 31.6 17.1 Whitesky Peak
Dossier Carbonemys.png Carbonemys Helena 10.9 40.4 Underwater Cave
Dossier Carnotaurus.png Carnotaurus Helena 33.3 41 Grand Hills
Dossier Giant Beaver.png Castoroides Helena 25.1 71.8 Hidden Lake
Dossier Chalicotherium.png Chalicotherium Helena 31.3 28.9 Whitesky Peak
Dossier Cnidaria.png Cnidaria Helena 49.8 81.7 Caverns of Lost Hope
Dossier Coelacanth.png Coelacanth Helena 37 49.9 The Maw
Dossier Compy.png Compy Helena 41.2 49.2 Grand Hills
Dossier Daeodon.png Daeodon Helena 88.1 53
Dossier Dilophosaur.png Dilophosaur Helena 84.3 10.2 Underwater Cave
Dossier Dimetrodon.png Dimetrodon Helena 28.5 74.2 Far's Peak
Dossier Dimorphodon.png Dimorphodon Helena 26.6 70.6 Hidden Lake
Dossier Diplocaulus.png Diplocaulus Helena 27.6 82.6 Northeast Shores
Dossier Diplodocus.png Diplodocus Helena 25.1 13.5 Whitesky Peak
Dossier Direbear.png Direbear Helena 40.4 83.8 Northeast Shores
Dossier Direwolf.png Direwolf Helena 42.5 20.8 Western Plains
Dossier Dodo.png Dodo Helena 56.7 21.4 Western Approach
Dossier Doedicurus.png Doedicurus Helena 47 27.5 Western Plains
Dossier Dung Beetle.png Dung Beetle Helena 16.5 85 Dead Island
Dossier Dunkleosteus.png Dunkleosteus Helena 44 55.2 The Maw
Dossier Electrophorus.png Electrophorus Helena 36.4 81.4 Far's Peak
Dossier Equus.png Equus Helena 63.6 33.4 Redwood Forests
Dossier Eurypterid.png Eurypterid Helena 44.1 49 The Maw
Dossier Gallimimus.png Gallimimus Helena 45.6 62.3 The Maw
Dossier Giganotosaurus.png Giganotosaurus Helena 44 66.4 Smuggler's Pass
Dossier Gigantopithecus.png Gigantopithecus Helena 26.6 23.6 Whitesky Peak
Dossier Hesperornis.png Hesperornis Helena 81.7 84.1
Dossier Hyaenodon.png Hyaenodon Helena 80.9 81.9
Dossier Ichthyornis.png Ichthyornis Helena 72.8 64.5 Southern Islets
Dossier Ichthy.png Ichthyosaurus Helena 52.9 79.8 Gulch of Lamentation
Dossier Iguanodon.png Iguanodon Helena 62.4 24.7 Writhing Swamps
Dossier Kairuku.png Kairuku Helena 42.5 79.6 Eastern Forest
Dossier Kaprosuchus.png Kaprosuchus Helena 82.9 51.9 Lower South Cave
Dossier Kentrosaurus.png Kentrosaurus Helena 78.3 23.6
Dossier Leech.png Leech Helena 85.3 53.4 Lower South Cave
Dossier Leedsichthys.png Leedsichthys Helena 83.1 23.5 Cragg's Island
Dossier Liopleurodon.png Liopleurodon Helena 78.2 24.4
Dossier Lystrosaurus.png Lystrosaurus Helena 68.6 59.3 Upper South Cave
Dossier Mammoth.png Mammoth Helena 71.3 59.8 Upper South Cave
Dossier Manta.png Manta Helena 68.9 86.2 South East Cave
Dossier Megalania.png Megalania Helena 84.4 84.1
Dossier Megaloceros.png Megaloceros Helena 67.5 85.6 South East Cave
Dossier Megalodon.png Megalodon Helena 41 47.3 Central Cave
Dossier Megalosaurus.png Megalosaurus Helena 16.6 84.1 North East Cave
Dossier Meganeura.png Meganeura Helena 54.3 41.4 Redwood Forests
Dossier Megatherium.png Megatherium Helena 75 21.4
Dossier Mesopithecus.png Mesopithecus Helena 16.1 84.4 North East Cave
Dossier Microraptor.png Microraptor Helena 48.5 21.6 Western Approach
Dossier Mosasaurus.png Mosasaurus Helena 16.4 84.5 North East Cave
Dossier Moschops.png Moschops Helena 64.3 17.4 Southern Jungle
Dossier Onyc.png Onyc Helena 66.4 19.7 Southern Jungle
Dossier Otter.png Otter Helena 35.7 59.1
Dossier Oviraptor.png Oviraptor Helena 58.9 23.1 Western Approach
Dossier Ovis.png Ovis Helena 73.3 74.1 Southern Islets
Dossier Pachy.png Pachy Helena 65.5 40.8 Redwood Forests
Dossier Pachyrhinosaurus.png Pachyrhinosaurus Helena 77.6 20.7 Southern Jungle
Dossier Paraceratherium.png Paraceratherium Helena 65.1 31.4 Redwood Forests
Dossier Parasaur.png Parasaur Helena 71.5 32.1 The Writhing Swamps
Dossier Pegomastax.png Pegomastax Helena 82.2 62.9 Southern Islets
Dossier Pelagornis.png Pelagornis Helena 71.3 47.2 Southern Islets
Dossier Phiomia.png Phiomia Helena 72.5 53.8 The Writhing Swamps
Dossier Piranha.png Piranha Helena 68.1 67.6 Southern Islets
Dossier Plesiosaur.png Plesiosaur Helena 68.4 59.5 The Writhing Swamps
Dossier Procoptodon.png Procoptodon Helena 72.3 78.2 Southern Islets
Dossier Pteranodon.png Pteranodon Helena 66.9 76.8 Southern Islets
Dossier Scorpion.png Pulmonoscorpius Helena 80.6 61.9 Southern Islets
Dossier Purlovia.png Purlovia Helena 36.6 34.9 Grand Hills
Dossier Quetzal.png Quetzal Helena 87.4 23.3 Cragg's Island
Dossier Raptor.png Raptor Helena 86.8 25 Cragg's Island
Dossier Rex.png Rex Helena 53.1 92.5 Underwater Cave
Dossier Sabertooth.png Sabertooth Helena 77.1 26.1 Southern Jungle
Dossier Salmon.png Sabertooth Salmon Helena 87.5 52.5 Southern Islets
Dossier Sarco.png Sarco Helena 77.9 42.9 Southern Islets
Dossier Spinosaur.png Spino Helena 75.7 79.8 Southern Islets
Dossier Stegosaurus.png Stegosaurus Helena 78.3 79.1 Southeast Shores
Dossier Tapejara.png Tapejara Helena 62.3 40.2 Swamp Cave
Dossier Terror Bird.png Terror Bird Helena 62.2 40.9 Swamp Cave
Dossier Therizinosaur.png Therizinosaurus Helena 67.6 48.5 Writhing Swamps
Dossier Thylacoleo.png Thylacoleo Helena 32.4 66.2 Smuggler's Pass
Dossier Titanoboa.png Titanoboa Helena 36.1 92 Underwater Cave
Dossier Titanomyrma.png Titanomyrma Helena 49.3 11.1 Underwater Cave
Dossier Titanosaur.png Titanosaur Helena 61.8 40.7 Swamp Cave
Dossier Trike.png Triceratops Helena 87.4 91 Underwater Cave
Dossier Trilobite.png Trilobite Helena 11 22.1 Underwater Cave
Dossier Troodon.png Troodon Helena 75 78.8 Southern Islets
Dossier Tusoteuthis.png Tusoteuthis Helena 59.9 21.3 Caverns of Lost Faith
Dossier Woolly Rhinoceros.png Woolly Rhino Helena 79.2 32.3 The Footpaw
Dossier Yutyrannus.png Yutyrannus Helena 73.9 23.6
Note Note #1 Helena 8.5 90.9 Underwater Cave
Note Note #2 Helena 91.8 71.3 Underwater Cave
Note Note #3 Helena 91 36.2 Underwater Cave
Note Note #4 Helena 90.6 13.1 Underwater Cave
Note Note #5 Helena 81.5 44.7 Southern Islets
Note Note #6 Helena 77.2 76.4 Southern Islets
Note Note #7 Helena 78.8 27.7 The Footpaw
Note Note #8 Helena 61.2 81.5 Southern Islets
Note Note #9 Helena 49.4 79.2 Caverns of Lost Hope
Note Note #10 Helena 52.4 59 Redwood Forests
Note Note #11 Helena 69.8 61.4 Upper South Cave
Note Note #12 Helena 84.1 52.1 Lower South Cave
Note Note #13 Helena 55.2 27.7 Western Approach
Note Note #14 Helena 26.3 62.9 Smuggler's Pass
Note Note #15 Helena 34.1 56.1 Frozen Tooth
Note Note #16 Helena 40.7 26.1 Western Plains
Note Note #17 Helena 76.8 77.3 Southern Islets
Note Note #18 Helena 76.6 70.7 Southern Islets
Note Note #19 Helena 25.1 44.6 Winter's Mouth
Note Note #20 Helena 19.2 49.9 Winter's Mouth
Note Note #21 Helena 12.6 49.3 Winter's Mouth
Note Note #22 Helena 24.9 60.9 Winter's Mouth
Note Note #23 Helena 23.9 65.3 Smuggler's Pass
Note Note #24 Helena 28.9 23.2 Whitesky Peak
Note Note #25 Helena 36.2 22.4 Western Plains
Note Note #26 Helena 27.7 56.4 Winter's Mouth
Note Note #27 Helena 26 25.6
Note Note #28 Helena 22.3 23.4
Note Note #29 Helena 16.3 81.2
Note Note #30 Helena 19.2 77.1 Tek Cave ascension area
Record Record #1 Rockwell 25.3 73.1 Hidden Lake
Record Record #2 Rockwell 83.2 24.8 Cragg's Island
Record Record #3 Rockwell 54.8 13.8 Western Coast
Record Record #4 Rockwell 14.1 85.9 Dead Island
Record Record #5 Rockwell 21.3 69.2 Hidden Lake
Record Record #6 Rockwell 46.4 83.7 Caverns of Lost Hope
Record Record #7 Rockwell 44.1 81.4 Eastern Forest
Record Record #8 Rockwell 64.5 34.1 Redwood Forests
Record Record #9 Rockwell 61.7 16.1 Caverns of Lost Faith
Record Record #10 Rockwell 75.7 71.5 Southern Islets
Record Record #11 Rockwell 80 67.1 Southern Islets
Record Record #12 Rockwell 82.6 51.3 Southern Islets
Record Record #13 Rockwell 64.1 61.6 Writhing Swamps
Record Record #14 Rockwell 58.6 49 Red Peak
Record Record #15 Rockwell 70.2 32 Writhing Swamps
Record Record #16 Rockwell 69.5 24.8 Writhing Swamps
Record Record #17 Rockwell 40.8 47.7 Central Cave
Record Record #18 Rockwell 68.7 86.1 South East Cave
Record Record #19 Rockwell 83.8 27.7 Cragg's Island
Record Record #20 Rockwell 86.4 26.7 Cragg's Island
Record Record #21 Rockwell 77.1 31.6 Footpaw
Record Record #22 Rockwell 76 46.7 Southern Islets
Record Record #23 Rockwell 75.5 74 Southern Islets
Record Record #24 Rockwell 76.5 68.1 Southern Islets
Record Record #25 Rockwell 75 65.6 Southern Islets
Record Record #26 Rockwell 75.8 75.5 Southern Islets
Record Record #27 Rockwell 20.1 85.9
Record Record #28 Rockwell 78.3 47.3
Record Record #29 Rockwell 14.2 75.6 Tek Cave ascension area
Note Note #1 Mei Yin 25 18.9 Whitesky Peak
Note Note #2 Mei Yin 15.2 20.7 Whitesky Peak
Note Note #3 Mei Yin 15.8 52.5 Winter's Mouth
Note Note #4 Mei Yin 19.8 30.1 Whitesky Peak
Note Note #5 Mei Yin 26.6 16.4 Whitesky Peak
Note Note #6 Mei Yin 16.8 29 Whitesky Peak
Note Note #7 Mei Yin 21.3 30 Whitesky Peak
Note Note #8 Mei Yin 32.5 16.1 Whitesky Peak
Note Note #9 Mei Yin 47.2 81.6 Caverns of Lost Hope
Note Note #10 Mei Yin 27.3 43.9 Winter's Mouth
Note Note #11 Mei Yin 20.5 40.8 Northern Plains
Note Note #12 Mei Yin 12.8 54.5 Winter's Mouth
Note Note #13 Mei Yin 21.3 40.9 Northern Plains
Note Note #14 Mei Yin 15.3 53.2 Winter's Mouth
Note Note #15 Mei Yin 26.8 39.7 Northern Plains
Note Note #16 Mei Yin 34.4 29.4 Western Plains
Note Note #17 Mei Yin 28 33.9 Whitesky Peak
Note Note #18 Mei Yin 26.6 51.7 Winter's Mouth
Note Note #19 Mei Yin 39 44.1 Grand Hills
Note Note #20 Mei Yin 39.1 71.1 Eastern Plains
Note Note #21 Mei Yin 32.4 73.3 Far's Peak
Note Note #22 Mei Yin 30.1 82.4 Far's Peak
Note Note #23 Mei Yin 40.2 78.8 Eastern Forest
Note Note #24 Mei Yin 50.5 23.3 Western Approach
Note Note #25 Mei Yin 42.6 23 Western Plains
Note Note #26 Mei Yin 52.4 17.4 Western Approach
Note Note #27 Mei Yin 22.1 9.7
Note Note #28 Mei Yin 23.5 37.8
Note Note #29 Mei Yin 18.2 38
Note Note #30 Mei Yin 39.9 40.6
Note Note #31 Mei Yin 13.3 73.9
Note Note #1 Nerva 22.4 68.5 Hidden Lake
Note Note #2 Nerva 35.7 78.1 Far's Peak
Note Note #3 Nerva 39.5 24.5 Western Plains
Note Note #4 Nerva 41.2 68 The Maw
Note Note #5 Nerva 45.4 31.5 Grand Hills
Note Note #6 Nerva 49.4 79 Eastern Forest
Note Note #7 Nerva 47.8 60.9 The Maw
Note Note #8 Nerva 52.5 49.1 Redwood Forests
Note Note #9 Nerva 58.2 19.8 Caverns of Lost Faith
Note Note #10 Nerva 51.4 54.6 Redwood Forests
Note Note #11 Nerva 82.7 27.1 Cragg's Island
Note Note #12 Nerva 77.4 16.4 Southern Jungle
Note Note #13 Nerva 69.6 84.6 Southern Islets
Note Note #14 Nerva 72.3 59.2 Writhing Swamps
Note Note #15 Nerva 62.1 20.4 Southern Jungle
Note Note #16 Nerva 53.7 77.8 Writhing Swamps
Note Note #17 Nerva 43.3 69.3 Eastern Plains
Note Note #18 Nerva 57.9 32.2 Redwood Forests
Note Note #19 Nerva 43.4 31 Grand Hills
Note Note #20 Nerva 50.6 38.5 Grand Hills
Note Note #21 Nerva 54.8 70.8 Writhing Swamps
Note Note #22 Nerva 43.6 61 The Maw
Note Note #23 Nerva 45.4 68.4 Eastern Plains
Note Note #24 Nerva 44.1 77 Eastern Forest
Note Note #25 Nerva 55.2 75.9 Writhing Swamps
Note Note #26 Nerva 73.8 17.6 Southern Jungle
Note Note #27 Nerva 56.2 51.1
Note Note #28 Nerva 47.9 47.5
Note Note #29 Nerva 71.2 58
Note Note #30 Nerva 43 39.2

Scorched Earth

Type Topic Author Lat Lon Location
Dossier Deathworm.png Deathworm Helena 18.6 46.3
Dossier Jerboa.png Jerboa Helena 37 12.3 Dunes
Dossier Jug Bug.png Jug Bug Helena 35.1 59.7
Dossier Mantis.png Mantis Helena 18.2 81.9 Dunes
Dossier Morellatops.png Morellatops Helena 85 52.1 Dunes
Dossier Lymantria.png Moth Helena 65 32.6
Dossier Phoenix.png Phoenix Helena 84.7 14.6
Dossier Rock Elemental.png Rock Elemental Helena 79.6 32.4
Dossier Thorny Dragon.png Thorny Dragon Helena 81.2 14.2 Dunes
Dossier Vulture.png Vulture Helena 18.3 67.3 Dunes
Dossier Wyvern.png Wyvern Helena 12.3 46.8
Note Note #1 Helena 43.3 45
Note Note #2 Helena 48.8 71.1
Note Note #3 Helena 57 76.1
Note Note #4 Helena 81.6 63.9
Note Note #5 Helena 41 54.1
Note Note #6 Helena 50.8 25.1
Note Note #7 Helena 31.9 29.4 Grave of the Tyrants
Note Note #8 Helena 23.4 53.3
Note Note #9 Helena 51 86.7
Note Note #10 Helena 80 75.6
Note Note #11 Helena 10.6 19.5
Note Note #12 Helena 15.7 21.7
Note Note #13 Helena 23.7 12.6
Note Note #14 Helena 15.8 40.1
Note Note #15 Helena 14.1 35.3
Note Note #16 Helena 16.6 56.6
Note Note #17 Helena 23.3 52.2
Note Note #18 Helena 10.4 66.6
Note Note #19 Helena 53 26.5
Note Note #20 Helena 54.8 48.6
Note Note #21 Helena 85.8 13.5
Note Note #22 Helena 84.8 18.9
Note Note #23 Helena 66 39.7
Note Note #24 Helena 60.2 70.7
Note Note #25 Helena 72.4 70.8
Note Note #26 Helena 85.1 37.3
Note Note #27 Helena 54.8 13.1
Note Note #28 Helena 17.5 34.9
Note Note #29 Helena 21.8 43.1
Note Note #30 Helena 23.8 48.9
Record Record #1 Rockwell 71.8 10.5
Record Record #2 Rockwell 72 85.8
Record Record #3 Rockwell 84.3 13.9
Record Record #4 Rockwell 78.8 81.9 Ruins of Nosti
Record Record #5 Rockwell 13.3 77.6
Record Record #6 Rockwell 24.2 39
Record Record #7 Rockwell 58 44.8
Record Record #8 Rockwell 23.4 65.1
Record Record #9 Rockwell 54.3 76.4
Record Record #10 Rockwell 86.3 69
Record Record #11 Rockwell 28.3 49.8
Record Record #12 Rockwell 36.2 42.2
Record Record #13 Rockwell 27.6 55.1
Record Record #14 Rockwell 36.2 68.6
Record Record #15 Rockwell 31.7 72.6
Record Record #16 Rockwell 31.3 59.8
Record Record #17 Rockwell 40.5 77.4
Record Record #18 Rockwell 39.9 86.1
Record Record #19 Rockwell 55 56
Record Record #20 Rockwell 44.6 63
Record Record #21 Rockwell 83.2 19
Record Record #22 Rockwell 81.8 17.9
Record Record #23 Rockwell 59.4 86.4
Record Record #24 Rockwell 66 86.6
Record Record #25 Rockwell 80.4 39.7
Record Record #26 Rockwell 25.7 52.7
Record Record #27 Rockwell 31.5 51.8
Record Record #28 Rockwell 37.1 50
Record Record #29 Rockwell 32.2 48.9
Record Record #30 Rockwell 30.6 44.1
Tablet Tablet #1 Raia 11.2 40
Tablet Tablet #2 Raia 51.4 49.4
Tablet Tablet #3 Raia 49.3 50.8
Tablet Tablet #4 Raia 86.1 68.8
Tablet Tablet #5 Raia 69.9 59.3
Tablet Tablet #6 Raia 22.2 60.8
Tablet Tablet #7 Raia 78.3 76.1 Ruins Of Nosti
Tablet Tablet #8 Raia 16.8 56.5
Tablet Tablet #9 Raia 50.3 80.3
Tablet Tablet #10 Raia 88.7 38.6
Tablet Tablet #11 Raia 76.8 69.2
Tablet Tablet #12 Raia 76.1 60.3
Tablet Tablet #13 Raia 77.4 77.9
Tablet Tablet #14 Raia 33.1 85.7
Tablet Tablet #15 Raia 27.6 88.6
Tablet Tablet #16 Raia 45.8 9.5
Tablet Tablet #17 Raia 49.1 20.3
Tablet Tablet #18 Raia 43.1 37.3
Tablet Tablet #19 Raia 43.7 59.4
Tablet Tablet #20 Raia 54.8 61.5
Tablet Tablet #21 Raia 79.7 15.5
Tablet Tablet #22 Raia 82.2 13.6
Tablet Tablet #23 Raia 62.7 44.3
Tablet Tablet #24 Raia 60.1 59.4
Tablet Tablet #25 Raia 84.6 32.2
Tablet Tablet #26 Raia 75.8 54.1
Tablet Tablet #27 Raia 37.5 40
Tablet Tablet #28 Raia 45.3 30
Tablet Tablet #29 Raia 46.6 22.1
Tablet Tablet #30 Raia 70.2 39.3
Note Note #1 Dahkeya 17.7 12.3
Note Note #2 Dahkeya 14.8 27.7
Note Note #3 Dahkeya 66.3 14.4
Note Note #4 Dahkeya 71.1 48.1
Note Note #5 Dahkeya 53.3 43.7
Note Note #6 Dahkeya 78.9 49.9
Note Note #7 Dahkeya 30.6 53.8
Note Note #8 Dahkeya 22.4 44.2
Note Note #9 Dahkeya 42.3 88.4
Note Note #10 Dahkeya 61.2 77.8
Note Note #11 Dahkeya 24.5 77.6
Note Note #12 Dahkeya 17.6 87.5
Note Note #13 Dahkeya 33.6 10.7
Note Note #14 Dahkeya 28.5 12.4
Note Note #15 Dahkeya 39.7 41.1
Note Note #16 Dahkeya 35.8 37.8
Note Note #17 Dahkeya 30.4 39.7
Note Note #18 Dahkeya 28.2 41.7
Note Note #19 Dahkeya 45.6 34.6
Note Note #20 Dahkeya 54.5 31.7
Note Note #21 Dahkeya 48.7 64
Note Note #22 Dahkeya 83.6 15.2
Note Note #23 Dahkeya 63.7 10.4
Note Note #24 Dahkeya 72.8 36.6
Note Note #25 Dahkeya 61.1 46.9
Note Note #26 Dahkeya 65.4 55.5
Note Note #27 Dahkeya 78.4 55.5
Note Note #28 Dahkeya 76.5 76.9
Note Note #29 Dahkeya 83.4 71.8
Note Note #30 Dahkeya 86.1 51.1


Type Topic Author Lat Lon Location
Dossier Basilisk.png Basilisk Helena 36.4 56.1
Dossier Bulbdog.png Bulbdog Helena 51.7 68.3
Dossier Featherlight.png Featherlight Helena 48.3 27.2
Dossier Glowbug.png Glowbug Helena 48.6 66.7
Dossier Glowtail.png Glowtail Helena 46.8 72.2
Dossier Karkinos.png Karkinos Helena 46.1 64.2
Dossier Lamprey.png Lamprey Helena 57.1 73.7
Dossier Roll Rat.png Roll Rat Helena 27.2 63.6
Dossier Nameless.png Nameless Helena 43.9 54.9
Dossier Ravager.png Ravager Helena 36 47.3
Dossier Reaper.png Reaper Helena 65 56.2
Dossier Rock Drake.png Rock Drake Helena 52 49.1
Dossier Seeker.png Seeker Helena 81.4 19.9
Dossier Shinehorn.png Shinehorn Helena 55.1 52.2
Note Note #1 Helena 44.5 20.2
Note Note #2 Helena 22.3 49.3
Note Note #3 Helena 25.8 48.9
Note Note #4 Helena 26.8 62.6
Note Note #5 Helena 28.5 45.2
Note Note #6 Helena 27.5 39.9
Note Note #7 Helena 32.2 40.3
Note Note #8 Helena 27.9 54.4
Note Note #9 Helena 31.3 56.3
Note Note #10 Helena 34.5 61.3
Note Note #11 Helena 55.6 23.5
Note Note #12 Helena 37 70.2
Note Note #13 Helena 16.6 23.6
Note Note #14 Helena 18.9 15.3
Note Note #15 Helena 16.8 19.5
Note Note #16 Helena 50.3 72.2
Note Note #17 Helena 54.4 74.2
Note Note #18 Helena 57.4 69.5
Note Note #19 Helena 57.9 61.1
Note Note #20 Helena 57.4 51.6
Note Note #21 Helena 63.4 51.9
Note Note #22 Helena 63.7 47.3
Note Note #23 Helena 67.3 45.4
Note Note #24 Helena 68 37.2
Note Note #25 Helena 70 31.3
Note Note #26 Helena 69.7 29.2
Note Note #27 Helena 76.8 30.8
Note Note #28 Helena 82.2 40.6
Note Note #29 Helena 81 45.7
Note Note #30 Helena 87.2 46.6
Record Record #1 Rockwell 44.6 24.1
Record Record #2 Rockwell 22.4 52.2
Record Record #3 Rockwell 29.5 53.5
Record Record #4 Rockwell 38.4 44.6
Record Record #5 Rockwell 41.3 33.4
Record Record #6 Rockwell 24.2 51.7
Record Record #7 Rockwell 29 56.8
Record Record #8 Rockwell 34.4 53.9
Record Record #9 Rockwell 39.7 46.8
Record Record #10 Rockwell 44.5 33.9
Record Record #11 Rockwell 50.8 40
Record Record #12 Rockwell 49.1 48.9
Record Record #13 Rockwell 44.4 56.9
Record Record #14 Rockwell 44.6 59.6
Record Record #15 Rockwell 47.8 56.9
Record Record #16 Rockwell 48.7 63.2
Record Record #17 Rockwell 52.8 65.2
Record Record #18 Rockwell 55.7 62.3
Record Record #19 Rockwell 54.9 56.4
Record Record #20 Rockwell 60.4 55.4
Record Record #21 Rockwell 64 51.1
Record Record #22 Rockwell 61.8 48
Record Record #23 Rockwell 61.6 39.6
Record Record #24 Rockwell 70.2 39.4
Record Record #25 Rockwell 70.2 45.4
Record Record #26 Rockwell 67.6 48.6
Record Record #27 Rockwell 70 53.1
Record Record #28 Rockwell 62.1 52.5
Record Record #29 Rockwell 53.5 46
Record Record #30 Rockwell 53.7 53.3
Note Note #1 Mei Yin 44.3 14.8
Note Note #2 Mei Yin 67.9 12.4
Note Note #3 Mei Yin 32.4 34.4
Note Note #4 Mei Yin 38.3 30.9
Note Note #5 Mei Yin 40.5 19.9
Note Note #6 Mei Yin 50 26
Note Note #7 Mei Yin 45.2 31.1
Note Note #8 Mei Yin 44.3 33.3
Note Note #9 Mei Yin 42.1 37.2
Note Note #10 Mei Yin 41.6 49.3
Note Note #11 Mei Yin 48.1 38.5
Note Note #12 Mei Yin 53 36.4
Note Note #13 Mei Yin 50.4 42.4
Note Note #14 Mei Yin 43.7 52.4
Note Note #15 Mei Yin 52.2 53.6
Note Note #16 Mei Yin 48.4 58.3
Note Note #17 Mei Yin 48.2 62.7
Note Note #18 Mei Yin 47.6 69.4
Note Note #19 Mei Yin 51.4 61.6
Note Note #20 Mei Yin 58.4 55.9
Note Note #21 Mei Yin 62.4 53.4
Note Note #22 Mei Yin 64.4 59.9
Note Note #23 Mei Yin 64 65.2
Note Note #24 Mei Yin 69.8 66.5
Note Note #25 Mei Yin 73.2 58.7
Note Note #26 Mei Yin 79.4 58.6
Note Note #27 Mei Yin 83.5 60.2
Note Note #28 Mei Yin 86.5 63.6
Note Note #29 Mei Yin 88.6 69.7
Note Note #30 Mei Yin 88.2 74.7
Journal Grad Journal Boris #1 Boris 44.1 25.3
Journal Grad Journal Boris #2 Boris 55.7 52.4
Journal Grad Journal Boris #3 Boris 63.8 48.9
Journal Grad Journal Boris #4 Boris 55.7 51.4
Journal Grad Journal Boris #5 Boris 52.7 40.5
Journal Grad Journal Emilia #1 Emilia 46.2 35.3
Journal Grad Journal Emilia #2 Emilia 39.1 37.4
Journal Grad Journal Emilia #3 Emilia 56.2 38.4
Journal Grad Journal Emilia #4 Emilia 48.7 63.7
Journal Grad Journal Emilia #5 Emilia 24.3 65.5
Journal Grad Journal Imamu #1 Imamu 75.3 73.5
Journal Grad Journal Imamu #2 Imamu 68.8 72.6
Journal Grad Journal Imamu #3 Imamu 72.7 62.9
Journal Grad Journal Imamu #4 Imamu 71.9 55.2
Journal Grad Journal Imamu #5 Imamu 46.5 48.7
Journal Grad Journal Rusty #1 Rusty 38.5 51.6
Journal Grad Journal Rusty #2 Rusty 34.1 50.5
Journal Grad Journal Rusty #3 Rusty 31 47.9
Journal Grad Journal Rusty #4 Rusty 37 41.2
Journal Grad Journal Rusty #5 Rusty 45.5 38.1
Journal Grad Journal Skye #1 Skye 45.4 40.5
Journal Grad Journal Trent #1 Trent 58.5 43.8
Journal Grad Journal Trent #2 Trent 70.9 49.1
Journal Grad Journal Trent #3 Trent 69.7 55.6
Journal Grad Journal Trent #4 Trent 71.8 61.6
Journal Grad Journal Trent #5 Trent 77.1 68.2
Log Log #1 Diana 47.6 31.9
Log Log #2 Diana 29.7 52.6
Log Log #3 Diana 33.8 47.3
Log Log #4 Diana 37.7 46
Log Log #5 Diana 30.5 45.7
Log Log #6 Diana 34 38.9
Log Log #7 Diana 38.3 37
Log Log #8 Diana 38.2 29.7
Log Log #9 Diana 48.3 23.3
Log Log #10 Diana 18.7 69.1
Log Log #11 Diana 22.3 78.4
Log Log #12 Diana 58.3 61.4
Log Log #13 Diana 52.9 68.5
Log Log #14 Diana 47.4 72.4
Log Log #15 Diana 52.9 76.4
Log Log #16 Diana 70.4 75.3
Log Log #17 Diana 84.6 77.5
Log Log #18 Diana 70.6 73.7
Log Log #19 Diana 71 58.9
Log Log #20 Diana 60.5 47.6

Notes from ARK Survivors

Helena Walker

Helena[1] riding a Raptor

Helena is the creator of the Dino Dossiers. She appears to be a biologist from modern Australia with her notes written in English.

The Island Explorer Notes

Helena Note #1 (The Island)

NoteHelena.png I’ve lost count of how many sunrises I’ve seen since I arrived on this island. Hundreds, I’d imagine, yet each one seems more beautiful than the last. Sometimes, I like to take Athena out just before dawn and watch it while flying through the morning sky. It’s in these simple moments that I realize just how lucky I am.

Not that I was unhappy exploring the reefs and rainforests back, in Oz, but I wasn’t ever going to spot a Bronto stomping about the outback, was I? Since I got here, I’ve had the opportunity to study creatures that no other biologist has even witnessed. I’ll always be grateful for that.
~ Helena

Helena Note #2 (The Island)

NoteHelena.png I’d been holding out for a change in weather before studying the wildlife of this island’s peculiar tundra region, but I think it’s safe to say that it’s not forthcoming. Clearly this planet has no axial tilt, and therefore, no seasons. That ice and snow isn’t melting anytime soon.

Can’t say I’m happy about it. The cold and I are not the best of mates, I can tell you that, but I’ll just have to suck it up. The climate during the Jurassic and cretaceous periods that many of this island’s creatures hail from was fairly uniform, so an arctic region is quite the oddity. It’d be plain stubborn of me not to have a Captain Cook.
~ Helena

Helena Note #3 (The Island)

NoteHelena.png The tribe that calls themselves The Howling Wolves has really made this northern adventure a lot easier. Well, them and Athena. She’s right at home here. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to repay Rockwell for just up and giving me, an Argentavis. He’s said our conversations are payment enough, but I still feel guilty. I should remember to collect some floral samples for him while I’m here.

Anyway, tagging along with the wolves has been a good introduction to the region, but I think I’m ready to making my own way. To make real scientific conclusions, I need to observe these animals undisturbed in their natural habitat for long periods of time.
~ Helena

Helena Note #4 (The Island)

NoteHelena.png What a day! There I am, putting the finishing touches on the mammoth dossier, when all of a sudden, a Tyrannosaurus starts attacking the herd. Strewth! A Tyrannosaurus wading through the bloody snow!

I asked The Howling Wolves at the nearest camp, and apparently, this is a common thing. They’re not new to the region. It just doesn’t make sense. How can a Tyrannosaurus survive in this climate? And how can the introduction of an apex predator not shift the entire ecosystem?
~ Helena

Helena Note #5 (The Island)

NoteHelena.png Well, I've combed through more carnivore droppings, than I care to calculate, and I can't say they provided many answers. All the predators in this region have very similar diets. With so many different predators hunting the same prey, the populations of all these species shouldn't be sustainable. Yet I've found nothing to indicate that any population shift is actually happening.

It's just bizarre! The longer I'm here, the more I realize that this region shouldn't exist. Its climate is out of sync with the rest of the island, many of the creatures here are millions of years ahead of the dinosaurs and the ecosystem is almost static!

Something's off. I need to review my notes.
~ Helena

Helena Note #6 (The Island)

NoteHelena.png Helena, you're a dipstick.

Going through my notes, I've realised that there are more predators than prey across this entire island by almost double. That's the opposite of how any ecosystem is supposed to work. I can't believe it took a Tyrannosaurus frolicking through the snow for me to see this. It's plain as day.

What to make of it? Add in the human factor, and it's impossible for this island to continue as it is by natural means. So, what, is this island's wildlife being monitored and curated somehow?

I should speak with Rockwell. Maybe he's come to a similar conclusion.
~ Helena

Helena Note #7 (The Island)

NoteHelena.png I never thought this island was normal, exactly. I mean, there are giant obelisks floating in the sky, for Pete's sake. Not to mention that cave I found, which hid a platform similar to those found at the base of said obelisks. Well, similar except for those oddly shaped holes that were carved into its podium.

I guess I just didn't care about all that. So long as I had my beautiful, unique and untainted ecosystem to study, I was happy. But now...

No, I shouldn't write it off just yet. Not before I arrive at Rockwell's. There's still a chance that my data is off or, that I missed something obvious. I won't give up on my paradise just yet.
~ Helena

Helena Note #8 (The Island)

NoteHelena.png I really need to visit Rockwell more. It's so energizing to be around someone of his experience that still has so much excitement for his work, and talking to him always helps me gain perspective.

As for the Island's ecological abnormalities, Rockwell reassured me that I was jumping to conclusions. He made a great point: Just because this place doesn't follow the scientific laws we're used to, doesn't mean it follows no scientific laws at all. After all, science is about discovery, and new discoveries can invalidate old principles.

So before I latch onto my theory, I need to gather more empirical evidence. Otherwise, I'm no scientist.
~ Helena

Helena Note #9 (The Island)

NoteHelena.png On Rockwell's recommendation, I've headed south to start an in depth study of the Island's marine life with the help of a tribe called the Painted Sharks. Because the ecosystem of the ocean that surrounds the Island is separate from the ecosystem on the mainland, correlating patterns between them might help me isolate and understand this island's scientific abnormalities.

Also, after freezing my ass off for so long, I could really use an extended stay on a tropical island. Marine biology was never my strongest field, but I do love the ocean. If nothing else, it should be beautiful there.
~ Helena

Helena Note #10 (The Island)

NoteHelena.png The Painted Sharks have treated me like I'm the bloody queen since I showed them Rockwell's letter of recommendation. I don't think I've eaten better in my entire time on the Island. Not that it's a high bar, I'm a horrible cook. Oh, and they've been of tremendous help with my research, of course.

So far, my estimates of the predator-prey balance are consistent with the ecosystems on the mainland. The water is simply teeming with shoals of megalodons, and they are extremely aggressive. Perhaps that's a side effect of having limited prey? Sharks aren't known as territorial creatures. I'll have to study them further.
~ Helena

Helena Note #11 (The Island)

NoteHelena.png Still no anwsers as to why the Megalodons are so territorial, but I was privy to something even more extraordinary: Megalodon Mating Behavior! No one's ever witnessed Great Whites rooting around back home, so that alone is monumental, but I got something even better.

I know, what could possibly top watching Megalodons having a naughty, right? Tracking the female! I was able to observe her for almost the full gestation period, and get this, it only lasts one week. One Week! No wonder the population is so high. These are spitting out pups forty-four times the rate of Aussie Great Whites.

I should compare how they behave in captivity.
~ Helena

Helena Note #12 (The Island)

NoteHelena.png So, in addition to all of the oddities I found with wild megalodons, here's the real cherry on top: Taming them is a piece of piss. A bit of training and they're more obedient than the family dog.

Now, I've heard of sharks getting very rudimentary training over a year or so, but not to this extent. Certainly not so easily. Sharks aren't mammals or even avians, they're fish. They rely more on instinct, or to put it simply, they're not very smart. You shouldn't be able to ride one like a jet ski.

I'm trying to keep an open mind like Rockwell suggested, but this just feels wrong.
~ Helena

Helena Note #13 (The Island)

NoteHelena.png Well, this seals it. Just when I thought I'd made some sense of the notes I took while visiting the Painted Sharks, I spotted the nail in the proverbial coffin: Roos. A whole herd of giant Roos were just hopping about the countryside like they'd always been there.

As much as I love Roos, they just shouldn't be here, period. They evolved in Oz and Oz only sixty million years after the dinosaurs went extinct among a bevy of other marsupials. If I know any genus, it's this one, and Procoptodon should not exist here.

This island isn't an ecosystem, its a zoo.
~ Helena

Helena Note #14 (The Island)

NoteHelena.png Not too long ago, I thought this place was a far off utopia where I could study all the world's lost wonders. Now that I'm certain it's not natural at all, I have to say, it's lost a lot of luster.

Interference from mankind hasn't helped. Most tribes have learned to live in harmony with their slice of the island, but some aren't content with that. One is even trying to conquer all the others, and natural or not, this ecosystem won't be any better off if it's burned down in some great war.

The sunrises are still beautiful, though. At least nothing can change that.
~ Helena

Helena Note #15 (The Island)

NoteHelena.png Of all the abnormalities that I've observed, the tamed Megalodons stick out to me. It was almost like they were stray dogs who were resocialized, as though they had a genetic history of human obedience.

Most of my observations have been in the wild, but I think I may learn a thing or two if I observe domesticated creatures more closely. I need to study their diets, their mating patterns, how they socialize with other species... all that.

Rumor has it that there's some woman that's tamed a whole mess of them all by herself, so many that they call her The Beast Queen of the Jungle. Maybe she'll have some useful insights.
~ Helena

Helena Note #16 (The Island)

NoteHelena.png I suppose it was a bit naive of me to think that someone with the monicker of "Beast Queen" would roll out the red carpet. I guess I got used to all the friendly treatment that being an associate of Rockwell's earned me.

She did let me stay at least, and she hasn't instructed her dinosaurs to kill me yet, so that's a positive. Not that she'd really need the dinosaurs. If that glare of hers gets any more intense, I'll probably just burst into flames on the spot.

Strewth, I hope she eases up. Sifting through raptor excrement with someone watching is harder than you might think.
~ Helena

Helena Note #17 (The Island)

NoteHelena.png There's nothing special about the diet of these tamed creatures when compared to their wild counterparts. Part of that is the Beast Queen's doing, as she takes them on regular hunting excursions for training purposes.

Curiously, they never have to range too far. There is an abundance of prey nearby, despite the size of her pack. That this has held true regardless of her domesticated creature's remarkable birth and growth rates makes it even more unusual.

Oh, and I did finally get her name - Li Mei-Yin. She's gotten a little less glarey, too. In hindsight, maybe starting by studying her animals' feces just gave her the wrong impression...
~ Helena

Helena Note #18 (The Island)

NoteHelena.png The most interesting thing that I've observed about Mei-Ying's animals has been what they don't do - they never fight.

Among creatures that have been domesticated for generations like cats or dogs, that's normal, but there's a reason zoos keep their animals in separate enclosures. Certain instincts are hard to curb, and there should definitely be more disputes among such a diverse group.

Mei-Ying has even integrated a herd of herbivores into her army, as their thick hides have proven resistant to fire and explosives. Yet despite being surrounded by carnivores, they remain untouched. It doesn't make sense.

That's not to take anything away from Mei-Yin. She works hard to treat and train her animals well. She's not bad company either, at least when she's not mute and I don't go full biologist. Sometimes it's felt like speaking a new language, but it's been kind of refreshing.
~ Helena

Helena Note #19 (The Island)

NoteHelena.png After going over my notes from Mei-Yin's camp, I've concluded that the animals on this island are not only used to humans, but used to captivity. Even with their accelerated growth rates, their behavior indicates that they have been regularly domesticated for decades at least. Otherwise, they'd never obey the whims of mankind so easily.

With that in mind, I believe that my theory about this island being curated is back in play. In fact, it's possible that not only are animal populations being controlled, but that the animals themselves are genetically modified. However, before I bring this to Rockwell, there's one more rumor that I want to confirm.
~ Helena

Helena Note #20 (The Island)

NoteHelena.png This is the smoking gun. It has to be. I simply can't be convinced that this place is natural after finding an island populated entirely by carnivores.

Even if they fed off of each other, which is awfully dubious given that carnivore meat is much more likely to carry harmful parasites than herbivore meat, the landmass is so small and their population is so dense that they could never maintain it. Yet there it is, hidden away off the northeast coast of the Island. Someone would have to put them there on purpose.

There's no way that Rockwell can deny my theory now.
~ Helena

Helena Note #21 (The Island)

NoteHelena.png As I expected, Rockwell couldn't deny my theory, but I can't say that I have his endorsement either. He didn't seem terribly engrossed in the subject, frankly. Something else seems to have captured his attention as of late: the Island's obelisks..

Apparently, Rockwell stumbled upon a way to interact with the towering monuments while spelunking, of all things. I guess he felt the need to scratch that old intrepid explorer itch of his. It's pretty impressive, considering his age.

Now that I think about it, the obelisks could be linked to my own findings. Their nature has always been a mystery, and Rockwell made some intriguing observations. I should follow up.
~ Helena

Helena Note #22 (The Island)

NoteHelena.png Though I've been received by the Iron Brotherhood, they didn't seem very pleased to see me, especially when I mentioned Rockwell. That's a first. Add that to the rather deserted, gloomy state of their compound, and I'm starting to feel a bit apprehensive. Their leader can't return from his hunting expedition soon enough.

All I've confirmed so far is that yes, they gathered all of the artifacts Rockwell sought and yes, the artifacts were able to activate one of the obelisks. You'd think they'd be celebrating such a monumental discovery, but it's just killjoys as far as the eye can see. Go figure.
~ Helena

Helena Note #23 (The Island)

NoteHelena.png I keep glancing at the artifact. I understand why the Iron Brotherhood's leader didn't want it. Since it has no apparent use, all it does is remind him of the tribesman who died seizing it from that giant spider.

Can it really be useless, though? They described the artifacts that activated the obelisk as looking similar to it, so I headed to the nearest obelisk to see if I could get a response. No luck. Maybe it activates something else?

Of course! The platform in the cave! It's a long shot, but it's the only thing I can think of that's similar to the obelisks. Definitely worth a try.
~ Helena

Helena Note #24 (The Island)

NoteHelena.png Unbelievable! The artifacts perfectly fits one of the slots in the platform's pedestal. How did I not notice that right away? I really am a dipstick.

So if this key, such as it is, was acquired by activating one of the obelisks, then it follows that the other two keys can be obtained by activating the other two obelisks. Then, with all three keys, maybe this platform will lead to whatever is controlling the Island's ecosystem.

If the other obelisks work the way that the first one did, that means I have to find a whole mess of artifacts first, and I don't think I can do that alone...
~ Helena

Helena Note #25 (The Island)

NoteHelena.png Well, the Howling Wolves are quickly tracking down the artifacts, but after hearing about what happened to the Iron Brotherhood, that's as far as they'll go. It's understandable, but it leaves me in a tight spot. If a giant spider and I get in a scrap, the spider's winning for sure.

Even with Athena on my side, I prefer to avoid danger, not confront it. My aim's piss poor and I've got fists like marshmallows. If I want a fair go at actually surviving whatever happens when the obelisk activates, I'll need backup.

Negotiation Notes: Don't mention feces. Don't look directly at the glare. Bring chili (UNBURNED).
~ Helena

Helena Note #26 (The Island)

NoteHelena.png Now, I know you don't get a nickname like "Beast Queen" without being one tough lady, but when I saw that giant ape, I still thought we were buggered. Fortunately, Mei-Yin's got more intestinal fortitude than yours truly, and somehow, someway she was able to pull out a win. Glad I'm on her good side!.

I already found the second key, but I want to take a look around here before we head back through the portal. This ape either lived here, or was released when we activated the obelisk. Finding out how it survived in this isolated environment or how it got here could prove useful.
~ Helena

Helena Note #27 (The Island)

NoteHelena.png So, these are the conquerors that I heard about way back when. Not a great first impression. Mei-Yin and I weren't quite mates, but watching her creatures get slaughtered like that certainly wasn't pleasant. I'm not a fan of the prisoner lifestyle, either.

The leader introduced himself as Gaius Marcellus Nerva, and he's not a complete bogan, I'll give him that. He let me keep my personal effects and our conversations have been civil so far. I get the feeling that'll change if I don't cooperate, though.

Not that I have much choice. They already took the keys. The only way I'm seeing this through is as a "guest" of the New Legion."
~ Helena

Helena Note #28 (The Island)

NoteHelena.png This Nerva bloke's FIGJAM incarnate. He seems to think that he's Jupiter's gift to the Island or some rubbish like that. I think his ego was actually tangible when the Legion returned from to the obelisk with the third key and the head of a dragon in tow.

Sadly, as much as I would enjoy seeing him fall flat on his face, I need him and I need the New Legion. So, when he \"asked\" me to guide his forces to the hidden cave, I obliged without protest.

What he'll do with me afterwards, I don't know.
~ Helena

Helena Note #29 (The Island)

NoteHelena.png When Nerva and his band return from the cave, they'll decide my fate, so this may be my final chance to reflect. I may as well take advantage of it.

I realize that had I just ignored the signs and accepted this paradise at face value, I'd still be happy and free. Would that have been better? I don't think so. After a lot of thought, I've decided that I'd rather die seeking the truth than living in an illusion. That, as Rockwell would say, is the path of a true scientist.

Not that I'm Galileo battling the church or anything, but hey, it's something to hold onto.
~ Helena

Helena Note #30 (The Island)

NoteHelena.png Well, I'm not dead, and as it turns out, neither was Mei-Yin. In fact, it was her who freed me, and insisted we follow Nerva through the portal in the cave.

A horrifying scene awaited us. All of Nerva's men lay dead amongst the shards of a mysterious metal, but Nerva's body was missing. Forgetting my present company, I suggested a peaceful approach if we encountered him. That earned me one hell of a knockout punch.

When I came to, I searched the whole station, but the only signs of Mei-Yin and Nerva were a few ounces of dried blood. No bodies, and no victor.

There, floating outside the window and surrounded by machinery, was the very island that I had been living on, and it too was orbiting high above the Earth along with countless other stations just like it. The ecosystem on the Island wasn't just curated, it was completely artificial from the ground up!

What in the hell is all this, why would anyone construct it, and how could they have possibly kept it hidden from the world? I don't have the answers to any of these questions or the dozens of others that keep popping into my head, but somehow, I mean to find out. Somehow, I'll find the truth.
~ Helena

Scorched Earth Explorer Notes

Helena Note #1 (Scorched Earth)

NoteHelena.png I had to pick the desert. Why the hell did I pick the desert?

Well, I suppose "pick" is a rather strong word for it. I’m still not entirely certain just how I got that console working, but it suddenly started cycling through holographic images of different destinations far from the island that I’d been living on. Of course, I just had to go and press another button while it was showing off one that contained miles and miles of bloody desert, and here I am.

That’s just typical of me, isn’t it? Always leaping, never looking. Oh well, better make the best of it, and by that, I mean "better not die of heat exhaustion."
~ Helena

Helena Note #2 (Scorched Earth)

NoteHelena.png My hunting skills are seriously out of practice. Not that I was ever spectacular, but I feel like I’d graduated from smashing bugs with a rock at some point.

At least I was thoroughly rewarded for my efforts. My hunch was spot on these big green bastards are carrying drinkable water on their backs, and thank goodness for that! I may have never known if I’d killed a red one first, since those carry oil instead. Far less useful when you’re dying of thirst, let me tell you.

I may be fighting the inevitable, though. I’m still on foot and still alone. Definitely miss Athena.
~ Helena

Helena Note #3 (Scorched Earth)

NoteHelena.png I’m on a roll. By sheer coincidence, I stumbled into another group of survivors today, and they didn’t try to kill me or anything. If I didn’t know how probability actually worked, I’d say that this recent string of good luck is the universe making up for sending me to the bloody desert in the first place.

The caravaners were welcoming, and the creatures they ride are fascinating. They seem like dinosaurs, but they also appear to share some biology with camels. Bizarre! For all its oddities, the island never had anything like that.

I’ll have to study them… after a nap. All this desert survival’s left me knackered.
~ Helena

Helena Note #4 (Scorched Earth)

NoteHelena.png If I’d ended up in this place instead of on that island, I’d have never imagined the ecosystem was natural. Not for two seconds.

Take these morellatops: they’re a cross between a ceratops, a morelladon and a camel, and the strangest part? There are places in its humps where you can stick a spigot and get clean drinking water. Tastes like piss, but not only is it safe, it doesn’t even harm the morellatops. It’s crackers.

Definitely the result of genetic engineering, but I knew that, didn’t I? It’s time to get to the “why.” Maybe studying the creatures here with my new perspective will yield some insight.
~ Helena

Helena Note #5 (Scorched Earth)

NoteHelena.png Today, I caught a glimpse of what the caravaners call the "Endless Dunes". The desolate sea of sand that apparently surrounds the livable portion of the desert on all sides.

Now those dunes can't literally be endless, but it's easy to see why one would think that. Not only do they, stretch on to the horizon, but they're home to get to... get this... giant sand "worms" that will devour anything that sets foot in their domain.

I laughed that off at first. Then I saw a creature the size of a train burst up from the sand and devour a wild morellatops that had wandered into its territory. I suppose I'll just have to learn to walk without rhythm...
~ Helena

Helena Note #6 (Scorched Earth)

NoteHelena.png As absurd as the Death Worms are, I see their purpose. They are a natural barrier.

If this whole place is a space station posing as a real ecosystem, then it needs to keep the wildlife and humans inside it contained in a way that appears natural. The island accomplished that by simply being an island, and the desert does it via the Death Worms.

Granted, a large population of predators with ludicrous kilocalorie needs would never last long in a place as devoid of prey, but as this is an artificial environment, the station can feed or, replace the Death Worms as needed. It's a little convoluted, but it makes sense.
~ Helena

Helena Note #7 (Scorched Earth)

NoteHelena.png Time to go over the facts.

Like the island, this desert is a space station posing as a natural environment. It is inhabited by a large population of dangerous, genetically engineered creatures, and a small population of humans that are struggling to survive. This whole environment is then deliberately contained by a combination of a holographic horizon and natural barriers.

Assuming the other space stations are at all similiar, then this whole thing is starting to look like some kind of bizarre experiment on a grand scale. Yes, each station would represent an experimental group, and...

I'll have to continue this later. One of the caravan's scouts just returned in a panic. Something about rocks being alive, which is of course ridic.
~ Helena

Helena Note #8 (Scorched Earth)

NoteHelena.png I long for the days when I thought a tyrannosaurus frolicking through the snow was the height of absurdity. Compared to yesterday, that seems commonplace.

As the scout had so eloquently put, the rocks were indeed alive. Alive, in the shape of a massive, bipedal golem and exceedingly angry. I was too shocked to scatter like the others when it charged, and for a moment, I was certain that I would die.

Then something even more ludicrous happened - lightning crashed into the golem, but it didn't come from the sky. It came from the mouth of a bloody dragon.

I don't recall much else. Fear and instinct pretty much took over for the rest of the day, and while that helped me survive, I'm once again on my own.
~ Helena

Helena Note #9 (Scorched Earth)

NoteHelena.png I remember now, the dragon had a rider. Rather, the wyvern did. Two legs means its a wyvern. Strewth, listen to me, fighting to survive and still finding time for semantics.

The rider was covered up too well to get a good look at them. Could it have been Mei Yin? No, that's stupid. I don't know if she's even alive, much less in this desert with me. It would be just like her though, to have tamed the meanest thing here so quickly.

It's nice to pretend that a friend might be looking out for me, at least. We were sort of mates, right? Sort of.

I could really use one right now. A friend, I mean.
~ Helena

Helena Note #10 (Scorched Earth)

NoteHelena.png Well, I found a new best mate. The little fuzzball isn't exactly what I meant, but I'll take her.

I've dubbed her species Renopila Amplexus. They're small, cuddly little herbivores, and as far as I can tell, taming one has no practical use. I just couldn't let the her starve to death, though. I guess all this rubbish with golems and wyverns has quelched what was left of my scientific instinct to leave nature to nature.

At least we provide each other with a little warmth at night, and her antics have helped to keep my spirits up. I suppose I'll need to give her a name.
~ Helena

Helena Note #11 (Scorched Earth)

NoteHelena.png I may have been wrong about Renopila not having a practical use. Earlier today, my furry new companion started bouncing around so excitedly that I couldn't calm her down, and then soon enough it started raining.

I brushed that off as a coincidence, but soon after filling my waterskins and setting off once more, she started acting skittish. I decided to find shelter just in case, and within minutes light rainfall had turned into an electrical storm.

I'll need more evidence to draw any firm conclusions of course, but I wouldn't mind having a fuzzy little weather radar with me.

You know... It's a little on the nose, but Radar's not a bad name.
~ Helena

Helena Note #12 (Scorched Earth)

NoteHelena.png Thank goodness that I decided to find some high ground two days ago, or I'd have never spotted this settlement. That's twice now that I've stumbled into my own salvation. I can't count on that happening again. I'll need to stay here for a while and prepare before setting out once more.

Fortunately, the villagers are willing to let me trade work for supplies and shelter. Another stroke of luck, and another factor I can't rely on. On the Island, Rockwell's name got me far, but here I'm just another stranger. Not everyone will trust or help me. I need to be prepared to survive on my own.
~ Helena

Helena Note #13 (Scorched Earth)

NoteHelena.png In some ways, surviving on my own was less work. At least then I wasn't conscripted into manual labor. Ugh, my whole body feels sore!

I bet I wouldn't have to work if I were as adorable as Radar. The whole village is in love with her. I swear, they spoil her like a furry little princess.

Rockwell would be livid about this arrangement. I can just hear him ranting about treating scholars with propriety. I hope the old Brit is doing well. Maybe when I've broken this mystery wide open, I'll figure out a way to get him off the Island and we can discuss it all over tea like old times.

Helena Note #14 (Scorched Earth)

NoteHelena.png While my mind still can't recall the last time I fired a gun, my muscle memory is much better. According to my would be instructor, I wasn't a complete disaster on the firing range.

I'm no pacifist. Death and violence are a part of life, that's just nature. Yet a gun still makes me a little uncomfortable. The idea of shooting at another human just seems instinctively wrong to me. I couldn't even fire at the New Legion back on the island.

But I need to pull my weight. The villagers have been welcoming and patient with me. For their sakes, I need to practice.
~ Helena

Helena Note #15 (Scorched Earth)

NoteHelena.png I may have to put my freshly polished marksmanship skills to the test sooner than I thought. A hunting party spotted a swarm of giant mantises heading in our direction.

Yes, giant mantises. I haven't spotted them with my own eyes, but the villagers have spoken of them every now and again. They say the insects have these little hands that can actually grip and wield weapons or tools. Sounds absolutely loony, but so is the idea of a mantis swarm at all. They must share Ghost Mantis' distaste for cannibalism.

No one seems keen on fighting them, but they're too close to outrun. Hopefully they'll just pass us by.
~ Helena

Helena Note #16 (Scorched Earth)

NoteHelena.png My hopes that the Mantises would ignore the village were unfounded, and I think we were all wondering if this morning's sunrise would be our last. Despite all my practice, my rifle felt heavy and foreign in my shaking hands as the swarm advanced. Fortunately, they weren't our only visitors.

The villagers erupted in cheers as lightning and fire tore through the advancing insects from above. Some chanted a name: Wali al Aswad. The rider, still hidden behind black robes, didn't acknowledge the ovation. With swift efficiency, their small flight of Wyverns decimated the Mantis swarm and made for the horizon.

Wali al Aswad... I need to meet this person, if only to thank them.
~ Helena

Helena Note #17 (Scorched Earth)

NoteHelena.png Just who or what Wali al Aswad is depends on who you ask. Some of the villagers have attached a religious connotation to the figure, believing it to be some sort of heavenly guardian who appears to worthy in their time of need, One villager is even convinced Wali is an extraterrestrial.

I don't deal in beliefs. I deal in empirical evidence, and that means nothing about Wali is certain until I can meet them. I won't forget this village's kindness, especially after granting me a morellatops and supplies for my journey, but this is why I'm here - to find answers.
~ Helena

Helena Note #18 (Scorched Earth)

NoteHelena.png I'm definitely more prepared for this desert than before, and better equipped. With my morellatops offering a large, mobile supply of water and Radar looking out for the weather, the only threat I really have to worry about is major predators. Also giant golems.

I'm actually impressed with the shape I'm in, if I do say so myself. I think I even saw some ab definition the other day. Took me long enough. I've been living without sweets for ages, after all, You'd think I'd get fit much quicker.

Great, now I miss sweets. The things I'd to do taste chocolate again...
~ Helena

Helena Note #19 (Scorched Earth)

NoteHelena.png It took weeks of searching, but I finally caught a glimpse of Wali al Aswad. I knew I was getting close when I found a series of fulgurite formations this morning, and sure enough, I spotted several wyverns later in the afternoon with a lone rider among them.

The rider clearly saw me too, because soon enough the wyverns were circling overhead. I waved and yelled in greeting, even calling out Mei Yin's name just in case. Yet without so much as a nod, the wyverns regrouped and flew off.

Wali's not a social butterfly it seems, but I'm not letting them off the hook that easily.
~ Helena

Helena Note #20 (Scorched Earth)

NoteHelena.png Of course Wali lives on a bloody mountain. Of course they do. I saw their wyverns land at the summit yesterday, and they haven't left. This has to be their home...unfortunately.

The paths were too narrow for my morellatops, so I had to leave it behind. It should know to wander off if I don't return for it, not that I can really afford to worry about it. The climb's doing a fine job of kicking my ass even without distractions.

I swear, if I don't have a six pack after climbing a mountain in the bloody desert, I'm going to be awfully cross.
~ Helena

Helena Note #21 (Scorched Earth)

NoteHelena.png I don't know what kind of reception I expected when I reached the summit, but laughter wasn't one of them. Yet that was exactly what I heard when I finally let myself collapse and started flinging every obscenity I could think of at this damned mountain - the bemused laughter of an old woman.

Wali al Aswad is definitely no guardian angel. She was quick to dismiss those particular rumors with remarks about how the gods have abandoned this wretched place.

As long I avoided that subject though, she's welcomed my questions with surprising warmth, though often enigmatically. I have a feeling that I'll need to be patient with her.
~ Helena

Helena Note #22 (Scorched Earth)

NoteHelena.png It turns out that I didn't find Wali al Aswad. She found me.

While the portal I used to get here opened with little fanfare on my end, apparently the other side created quite the spectacle. According to Wali, it was easy for her to spot from atop her wyvern, and she started tailing me soon afterwards. I guess her timely interventions were no coincidence.

She didn't seem very surprised when I told her about the obelisks, their guardians or even that this desert is actually a space station. Either she knows more than she's saying, or experience has grinded the surprise right out of her.
~ Helena

Helena Note #23 (Scorched Earth)

NoteHelena.png I really missed flying. There's no replicating the feeling, and no replacement for seeing a sunrise amongst the clouds.

Wali probably started these wyvern riding sessions just to give herself an escape hatch when our conversations get too personal, but I can't say I mind. Despite their appearance, riding a wyvern is just as pleasant as riding an argentavis, even without a saddle. By design, perhaps?

No matter. Genetically engineered or not, they are magnificent creatures. It's a risky proposition, but I absolutely must observe them in the wild sometime. I can't pass up an opportunity like that.
~ Helena

Helena Note #24 (Scorched Earth)

NoteHelena.png Now that Wali has deemed by wyvern riding skills acceptable, she's finally agreed to show me around the region.

From what I can gather, Wali has been here for a very long time, maybe longer than Rockwell was on the island. She knows the history of every village and ruin. Apparently there was once a great city to the southeast, but it was wiped out at some point.

She's still mum on a lot of details, but I'll just have to keep prying. Radar's been helpful in that regard. Wali definitely seems to be in a better mood when the fuzzball's around. That little charmer's certainly earned her keep.
~ Helena

Helena Note #25 (Scorched Earth)

NoteHelena.png I'm grateful that Wali allows me time to study the local wildlife, but I suspect she only does so out of amusement. She always says something like, "Why do you spend so much time on these scribbles that no one will read?"

I never have a good retort. It's true that no one else may ever read my dossiers, as I have no way to reproduce or distribute them as long as I'm trapped on one of these space stations. When I started them, they were a passion project, created out of my love for nature and its creatures.

Now? I guess they're just part of my identity. Writing them helps remind me who I am.
~ Helena

Helena Note #26 (Scorched Earth)

NoteHelena.png I can't believe it! Wali spotted someone wandering in the desert the other day, and it turned out to be none other than Edmund Rockwell! I just about burst into tears when I recognized him.

Apparently, he heard that Nerva was holding me captive and sought to negotiate my release. That lead him to the cave, and eventually he wound up here. Awfully sweet of him to go through all that trouble for my sake!

Strangely, Wali claims that she saw a portal open up far away from her territory shortly before mine did. I guess that was Rockwell's, though Wali arrived at the scene too late to track him. Rockwell theorized that the portals may have taken us through time as well as space. Considering my present company, I'm inclined to agree with him.
~ Helena

Helena Note #27 (Scorched Earth)

NoteHelena.png Wali has been much quieter since we found Rockwell. I guess she's just letting us catch up. However, she did say something interesting when we were recounting Nerva's ambitions for the Island.

"This place would never allow anyone to master it," she said, and when I asked her to explain, she told me that the great city to the southeast was destroyed by the obelisk itself.

Now it's just conjecture, but it's interesting to think about. Could the curators of these stations be monitoring human behavior and clipping its wings should the survivors ever band together and fly too close to the sun? If each station represents a different group in a larger experiment, "resetting" human progress would make a lot of sense.

It's a bit grim though, isn't it? Yikes.
~ Helena

Helena Note #28 (Scorched Earth)

NoteHelena.png I don't think Rockwell's been sleeping much. I awoke last night to find him studying a strange piece of metal by firelight. I guess some tribe gave it to him as a gift, along with a very familiar looking artifact.

I insisted that we show those items to Wali, and she recognized them as the property of this station's lone guardian. With all that she knows, I'm not surprised that she's activated the obelisks before. Hell, it sounds like the old battle ax has even slain the beast herself!

Since we have said guardian's artifact, Wali says that we can leave this station at any time. I suppose we may as well. Rockwell's eager to depart, and as much as I like Wali, I've had my fill of sand.
~ Helena

Helena Note #29 (Scorched Earth)

NoteHelena.png The transporter that can take us back to the "control center" station is in the ruins of another city, south of the mountains. Wali believes that it was destroyed by the obelisks, just like the city in the southeast.

I didn't press her for details, not that I'd have gotten any. Wali's more tight lipped about those ruins than anything. I had to practically beg her to take me to the southeastern city, and while we were there, she spent most of her time just gazing out into the distance.

No sense in bringing her mood down with that rubbish now. After all that she's done for me, I'd like give her a nice, proper farewell.
~ Helena

Helena Note #30 (Scorched Earth)

NoteHelena.png Having seen us through the ruins and safely to the platform, Wali has taken her leave. After doing so much for me, I was sad to see her go, but at least I got her to smile before she left. Well, me and Radar. I can't very well take the little critter with me, so I officially gave Wali ownership of her. They'll be good for each other, I think.

Gah, I wrote "Wali" up there. Twice! I suppose old habits die hard, but it's not really her name, is it? I always knew that was the case, but she'd never told me to call her anything else. At least not until now.

Well at any rate - cheers, Raia. It was a pleasure to have known you.
~ Helena

Aberration Explorer Notes

Helena Note #1 (Aberration)

NoteHelena.png Bloody hell, this place is weird. Don't get me wrong, it's fascinating too. Such an abundance of underground flora is completely unheard of, and because so many of the plants here are bioluminescent, the whole forest has an eery beauty to it.

That's just it though - eery is the operative word. I've been holding my rifle so tightly since we got here that I swear I've left dents in the grip.

We should have gone back to the Island. People know us there, they might have preferred help and supplies. Rockwell didn't want to hear it though, and I wasn't about to let him come here alone.
~ Helena

Helena Note #2 (Aberration)

NoteHelena.png "You can't surprise me anymore, life," I said. "After wyverns, golems and giant sand worms, I'm ready for anything."

"What about flying squid-bat-murder-monsters?" life replied.

"Well, that is mildly surprising," I conceded.

By which I mean, I shot and cursed at those things all afternoon. At least, when I wasn't running from them. Thankfully after thinning their numbers a little, they decided that Rockwell and I weren't worth the trouble. Let's hope they don't change their minds. I'm not sure I have enough ammunition left to fend them off again.

And yes, I know that FSBMM isn't the most scientific of monikers, but I'm bloody upset with them right now so that's what I'm calling them...along with some other names I'd rather not write down.
~ Helena

Helena Note #3 (Aberration)

NoteHelena.png While I can't say I'm enamored with this station's wildlife, I'm certainly grateful for its abundance of natural resources, particularly water. The permeability of the rocks here is astounding. The cavern walls are wet with condensation, and the floor is littered with pools of water.

After all that time in the desert, this is one change I can welcome with open arms! Thank God for hydration!

I don't mean that just for my own sake, either. Rockwell seems...distracted. The other day, I had to keep him from walking headlong into a poisonous mushroom. He wouldn't fare well in a harsher environment. Then again, at his age, I'm sure I'd lose a step too.
~ Helena

Helena Note #4 (Aberration)

NoteHelena.png There's no mistaking it. That was a giant, armored mole rat. Thankfully it wasn't aggressive, so I was able to get a good look at it.

Its appearance made me realize something that I'd taken for granted. Every creature I've encountered has some basis on either a known species, or human legend. Golems and wyverns never existed on Earth, but humans did write stories about them. Even the FSBMMs (still cross with them) appear to be a pastiche of known fauna.

What does that mean? Are the curators of these stations human, do they merely possess extensive knowledge of humans or am I grasping at straws? I can't say, but it's worth pondering.
~ Helena

Helena Note #5 (Aberration)

NoteHelena.png The FSBMMs returned, and I was right - I didn't have the firepower to fight them. Luckily someone else did.

It was incredible! I've never seen a human move that fast. One second, I'm a dead woman, and the next there's someone in glowing, silver armor tearing through those creatures like they were dodos. One got punched so hard it skipped off the cavern floor!

As if a superhuman savior wasn't shocking enough, when they lifted their visor, I found a familiar face. It was Mei-Yin! It took me a good minute to form a sentence after that. I must have looked like a complete dipstick, because I swear, she almost laughed.

At least I'm a living dipstick, and with her around, I just might stay that way.
~ Helena

Helena Note #6 (Aberration)

NoteHelena.png What's the saying? Absence makes the heart grow fonder? On the Island, I wasn't sure where I stood with Mei Yin, but now we've been catching up like best mates. She apologized for socking me in the face, I learned how she arrived here and that she got her new scar while battling Nerva to the death... you know. Best mate things.

She also introduced us to some of her new allies at her camp, and here's where it gets loony - they're from the future! Well, my future, anyway.

It all fits, doesn't it? I never met anyone from my future before, but Mei Yin and Rockwell are from my past and the technology here is beyond anything from my present. Clearly the current year is far beyond 2008, but by how much?
~ Helena

Helena Note #7 (Aberration)

NoteHelena.png The journey to the village was a bit tricky. Since Rockwell and I lack the high-tech armor the others wear, they had to help us along with rope ladders and zip-lines.

We made it eventually though, and it's quite the sight. The technology this tribe uses is incredible, although Rockwell was far more intrigued by it than I was. Mei Yin's friend, Diana, gave us the grand tour and he pelted her with questions the whole time.

Fortunately, Diana just smiled and answered his questions patiently. Apparently she was a pilot in her own time, which is the same era her fellow villagers are from. That there are so many people from one time period on one station seems unusual. I wonder what it means?"
~ Helena

Helena Note #8 (Aberration)

NoteHelena.png I have to convince them to stop! There's no way the station will allow this.

"This place would never allow anyone to master it."

If it weren't for Raia's warning, I'd be ecstatic about what they were creating. A gateway that can help us escape the station and reach the planet below? It's brilliant, but the obelisks will kill everyone here before we can complete it, just like they destroyed the village Raia told me about. I'm sure of it.

Bloody hell, I'm going to look like an absolute madwoman. I've barely settled in here and I'm already coming to them with doomsday prophecies. I'll need to convince Mei Yin and Diana first. They're my best bet.
~ Helena

Helena Note #9 (Aberration)

NoteHelena.png The tribe's leadership was surprisingly receptive to my ideas, but still a bit skeptical. Apparently they've already fiddled with one of the obelisks, and even damaged this station's control center. So while they believe my account of what happened in the desert, they think the threat is already contained. Thankfully Diana convinced them to lend me a small team to inspect the obelisk, just in case. Better than nothing, at least.

However, on this station, getting to an obelisk is something of a risky proposition. To reach them, we'll need to make a trip to the surface, which even Mei Yin says is dangerous. That means before I go, I'll need to get a crash course on that armor.
~ Helena

Helena Note #10 (Aberration)

NoteHelena.png My time in the desert may have given me some skill with firearms and helped me get fit - despite failing to give me washboard abs much to my chagrin - but I'm still no soldier. That was evident to anyone who saw me flailing around in the training yard these past few days.

If it weren't for Mei Yin and Diana, I'd still be crashing my TEK Armor into rocks or tripping over myself like a drunken dodo. Plus, I always feel less silly when there's someone to laugh at my mistakes along with me.

Fortunately Mei Yin will be accompanying me to the obelisks, so this whole thing won't rest in my unsteady, armored hands. Thank God!
~ Helena

Helena Note #11 (Aberration)

NoteHelena.png Mei Yin and I set out yesterday, alongside a bespectacled computer expert named Santiago. He'll be the one to actually examine the obelisk. He claims that he can hack into its terminal. If it's preparing to unleash a surge of power, as I suspect, then he says that he might be able to reroute it.

Rockwell, for his part, is staying behind. He's been aiding the village's scientists in their studies since we arrived and has become rather... engrossed. Every other sentence with him is about that bloody metal he named after himself. It's a bit troubling, but thankfully Diana said she'd look after him.

I can't spend time worrying after Rockwell now, though. The fate of that whole village might depend on this expedition. Focus up, Helena! Let's do this!
~ Helena

Helena Note #12 (Aberration)

NoteHelena.png The structure of this space station must be vastly different from the others to allow for these massive caverns. Is that uncommon, or do many of the stations vary so radically from one another? I've only seen three. For all I know, they could come in all shapes and sizes.

Speaking of different, Mei Yin's been fairly talkative since we left, at least for her. She'll still grow quiet sometimes, but instead of trying to burn me to death with invisible eye lasers, she stares into the distance and idly fiddles with her necklace. I think it depicts a plane or spaceship of some kind. I wonder where she got it?
~ Helena

Helena Note #13 (Aberration)

NoteHelena.png They weren't exaggerating when they said the surface was dangerous. Direct exposure to sunlight during the day will quickly burn a human to a crisp, even in this fancy armor.

That means we have to adjust our sleep schedules and wait just below the surface until night falls. When it does, we'll make a mad dash for the obelisk, let Santiago get in as much work as he dares, then run our asses back to safety.

Strewth! I thought that bloody desert was diabolical, but this tops it for sure! Why couldn't we do something simple, like flee from a pack of ravenous Allosaurus or something? This life I lead, I swear...
~ Helena

Helena Note #14 (Aberration)

NoteHelena.png Santiago's still going over his readings from last night, but even without them, it seems clear that the obelisk was behaving oddly. It was pulsing wildly and the ground beneath it received regular tremors, as if the whole station was on the verge of tearing itself apart. If this obelisk goes off, it could mean armageddon for every living thing here.

Despite this, Santiago is insisting on analyzing his readings. The scientist in me is proud of his dedication to hard evidence, but the part of me that would rather not be obliterated by a mysterious, high tech space station really wishes he would hurry the hell up.
~ Helena

Helena Note #15 (Aberration)

NoteHelena.png We shared our findings with the village by radio. Santiago's analysis confirmed what I suspected - the obelisks are highly unstable. They could be days away from reacting.

However, Santiago raised a good point. Even if the gateway project is shut down, we can't say for sure that it would stabilize the obelisks. It may be too late to dissuade the station from destroying the village. The only way to ensure our survival is to shut down the obelisks themselves.

According to Santiago, we can't do that from the obelisk's platforms, but he may be able to manipulate said platforms into teleporting us somewhere we could. Specifically? Into the heart of the station itself.

It's a huge risk, but it may be the only hope we have.
~ Helena

Helena Note #16 (Aberration)

NoteHelena.png I can't believe it! We actually made it! We're inside the station! There's a platform here that Santiago was able to lock onto. Perhaps it was used while the station was being built?

The architecture here is similar to that of the control center I encountered before - a jagged cavern of metal, lit by an unearthly blue glow. There's a constant hum all around us, likely from the power being sent to all areas of the station.

Hopefully Santiago is able to find a map on that console he's been messing with. Then all we have to do is find a control room and shut down the obelisks. Simple, right? Right…
~ Helena

Helena Note #17 (Aberration)

NoteHelena.png As we made our way deeper into the station, we passed through a massive chamber. It was so vast that I couldn't see the bottom of it from the bridge we were on. Yet it was packed full. From wall to wall, it was filled with specimen tubes, each containing creatures, fetuses or eggs.

I knew from the holograms that I'd seen on the Island's control center that each station created it's own creatures, but I'd never seen where the process actually occurred! There were specimens for every creature that lived on the station - from dinosaurs to huge, alien looking monsters. I would have loved to get more data from the room's consoles, but...

You know, after reading that aloud, I think Mei Yin was right. That idea really does sound stupid and dangerous. Good call.
~ Helena

Helena Note #18 (Aberration)

NoteHelena.png Ever since I saw those strange holograms in the Island's control center, I'd considered this possibility in the back of mind, but I wasn't prepared to confront it. Not directly.

The room was similar to the one with the creatures, if much smaller. Specimen tubes lined the walls in neat rows and columns, but these all held the same species: Homo sapiens.

They weren't clones, exactly, at least not of each other. Each one was unique, and they were all adults.

I suppose I came from somewhere like this too - designed in that control center and then created in this factory. Does that mean my memories, they're all transplants? Fake? No, impossible. They're too vivid, too detailed. Maybe, somehow, the station can reach back in time and just... copy someone.

That seems unlikely, but I think I'll cling to it. It makes me feel more... real. At least that way, someone actually lived my life. Even if it wasn't me.
~ Helena

Helena Note #19 (Aberration)

NoteHelena.png The human specimen room was hard on everyone, but I think it was the worst for Mei Yin. She's gone completely silent, trudging behind Santiago acting like an armored zombie. I've tried my best to explain everything and offer my support, but I'm not sure I helped.

When I think about it, it's incredible that she's made it this far with her sanity intact. In her time, they were nearly seven centuries away from inventing bloody gunpowder. The idea of a machine that creates human beings - and that it created you - would be unfathomable.

I hope she's all right, for all our sakes. Seeing her rattled like this makes me feel a lot less safe.
~ Helena

Helena Note #20 (Aberration)

NoteHelena.png We finally found it! This has to be the obelisk's control room. Fortunately, the consoles here were similar to the ones in the control center that I've used before, so I was able to help Santiago get started.

He's been working on it for a while now, muttering and cursing to himself the whole time. I can't blame him. This is some baffling shit we've... ha! No way! He just said he cracked it! It certainly sounded like he did, too. There was a loud hum and...

Oh. Those are roars. Lots of roars. Time to run, then! I'll finish this later.
~ Helena

Helena Note #21 (Aberration)

NoteHelena.png Right as Santiago finished hijacking the obelisk, the station unleashed a horde of creatures in self-defense, so we blasted the controls and ran like hell. Fortunately, Mei Yin's battle instinct brought her back to reality just in time, and she led the charge through a throng of fangs and claws, while Santiago and I did what we could as we raced to keep up.

Even though Santiago had prepared the platform for a quick getaway, it was a close call. I had to pull him through the portal just before it closed, but in the end, we made it. We're covered in guts and still a bit twitchy, but we made it!

Strewth, what a day! I need a pint and the world's longest nap, stat.
~ Helena

Helena Note #22 (Aberration)

NoteHelena.png You'd think I'd be more enthused. We saved the village, I confirmed the true nature of these space stations and when the gateway project is complete, we could actually escape this madness. It's all good news really, so why am I not thrilled?

I tried sketching some of the wildlife we've spotted on the way back the village, but I stopped halfway through. What's the point? In the desert, I told myself it was a form of self-expression, but is it really? If a machine created me to behave a certain way, am I expressing myself or the will of the machine?

I really need that pint. Maybe several.
~ Helena

Helena Note #23 (Aberration)

NoteHelena.png We contacted the village to tell them we succeeded. They were a lot more excited than we were. It was quite raucous actually - cheering, applause, and all that - enough that Santiago almost dropped the radio right out of his hands.

Even Mei Yin cracked a smile at that. She's coming around, if slowly. She just needed a bit of space, I think.

I'm starting to come to terms with everything myself. Even if my memories are someone else's or aren't real to begin with, what I've done since I arrived on these stations was my choice. What I do from now on is my choice. That's who Helena Walker is.

I think I'm okay with that.
~ Helena

Helena Note #24 (Aberration)

NoteHelena.png We got another call from the village, but this one wasn't celebratory. In fact, best we can tell, it was a distress call. Santiago couldn't quite clear up the signal, but it had that sort of tone. We heard Diana's voice, panicked shouts, and someone mentioned Rockwell.

Since then we've picked up the pace. Hopefully we can make it back in time to help, and the situation isn't as dangerous as it sounded. If something were to happen to Rockwell, I can't help but feel like it would be my fault for neglecting him.

Damn it all. We've got to hurry!
~ Helena

Helena Note #25 (Aberration)

NoteHelena.png I'd feared we would be too late, but I never expected the village to suffer such complete devastation. There were bodies and debris everywhere. I nearly retched at the sight. In the distance, I could just make out the culprit - a colossal, violet figure disappearing into the cavern's depths.

We raced to find Diana, but by the time we arrived, there was nothing we could do. She died of her wounds in Mei Yin's arms, somehow still smiling. However, before she passed, she was able to tell us the identity of the monster that had done this.

His name was Edmund Rockwell.
~ Helena

Helena Note #26 (Aberration)

NoteHelena.png I can't let Mei Yin go after Rockwell alone. It's my fault that he was here. He's my responsibility! So why am I huddled here, writing down my thoughts as though I'm too afraid to say them aloud?

For weeks, we've been besieged by monsters that Rockwell either bent to his will or created himself, but today Mei Yin finally grew sick of hiding. She grabbed every weapon and able bodied beast she could and left to hunt him down alone. I've never seen her like that. Even Nerva never made her eyes burn with such hatred.

Damn it, she's going to get herself killed and it will be my fault! But how can I shoot him? He's my oldest friend. He helped me when I had no one else.

But it's my fault, so I have to try. I have to!
~ Helena

Helena Note #27 (Aberration)

NoteHelena.png I caught up with Mei Yin and Rockwell among the flowing rivers of magma in the deepest pits of the caverns, where they were already in the midst of battle. By then, Rockwell had grown into a hulking monstrosity, lashing out with flailing tentacles.

I needed only one look at that hideous, misshapen face before I made up my mind. I fired until my trigger finger went numb, and together, we were able to divide his attention.

In his fury, Rockwell created a hole in the cavern floor, and with one final blow, Mei Yin forced him through it. She nearly fell in herself, but I managed to catch her arm just in time. Thank God I did. If she'd fallen…

Well, I'm just glad it's over.
~ Helena

Helena Note #28 (Aberration)

NoteHelena.png To Sir Edmund Rockwell,

Know that I choose to remember you not as the monster you were in your final moments, nor as the secretive, obsessive man you became after I found you in the desert. I should have seen the signs then. If I had, perhaps I wouldn't have to mark this empty grave.

This grave is for the man you were, and the man I will remember. He was the man who I'd talk and laugh with over tea long into the night, and the man who'd offer me supplies and a steed without a second thought. He was a scientist, a scholar and gentlemen. Wherever that man is, I hope he is at peace.

Your friend always,

Helena Walker
~ Helena

Helena Note #29 (Aberration)

NoteHelena.png The effects of the monster's rampage still linger. Mei Yin hasn't said a word since we returned. She just stares at that starship necklace, turning it over in her hand again and again. It took an hour of coaxing just to get her to eat.

At least the gateway project survived, through one miracle or another. Santiago is organizing the survivors into teams to complete it. He thinks they can finish it within two weeks.

I suspect I won't be welcome to join them when it activates. Not that I blame them. I brought Rockwell here with me. The people he killed, the destruction he caused... it's on my head. How could I ever ask forgiveness for that?
~ Helena

Helena Note #30 (Aberration)

NoteHelena.png The gateway is set to be complete tomorrow, so last night, I packed up my things and prepared to say my farewells. Santiago protested, but ultimately understood. Mei Yin, on the other hand...

I've never seen her break down like that. It caught me completely off guard, as did the part where she wouldn't let go of my wrist. She kept saying that she'd already lost too much, and that she couldn't lose anything else. I couldn't just leave after that, even if I could break free of that iron grip (which I doubt I could).

So that pretty much settled it. Tomorrow, the gateway will open, and we'll touch down on the planet below. We'll finally escape this mad experiment, and we'll do it together.
~ Helena

Gaius Marcellus Nerva

Gaius Marcellus Nerva is a Roman Centurion who wrote his notes in Latin.

The Island Explorer Notes

Nerva Note #1 (The Island)

NoteNerva.png Latin

Vere molestum est me de terra hac vasta, malae bestiae titanic et magis quam maxime. Intelliguntur animalia esse feros. Etiam ceterorum domantur, non quidem humanitatis, sed vir, Ponitur esse homo est animal, non est hic, in sordibus victorum per pugnam et ciborum reliquias sicut stray canes.

Et ex ipsis persuasum me duce cohortem simul, et simul saluti ordinem invenimus. Donec indocti adhaesionis cohaesionis. Ad me ducta.

Gaius Marcellus Nerva

Victoria Per Disciplinam
~ Gaius Marcellus Nerva
TranslationIt is the chaos of this land that is truly disturbing to me, even more than its most titanic and vicious beasts. Animals are meant to be savage. Even when tamed, they are not truly civilized, but man? Man is supposed to be above the animal, yet the people here live in squalor and fight viciously over scraps like stray dogs.

I have convinced some of them to band together under my leadership, and together, we have found safety and order. Unfortunately, they are untrained and lack cohesion. I'll have to fix that.

Gaius Marcellus Nerva

Victory through discipline

Nerva Note #2 (The Island)

NoteNerva.png Latin

Est peccatum meum ego primam huius chao Dacia. Dignitatis multis interrogatus, cur puer centurionis inde sequi habebant. Accepit eam ad confidunt, sed necesse fuit. Et unum militem habere non potui me interrogas proelio disciplinam ne deficiat.

Indisciplinato formatione nostrorum se fluunt, et proximavit legio esset exposita. Non est hic. Haec cavernas saxorum a viro usque ad mulierem nocte, et non unum, sed ego et patientiam quam sum expertus in Dacia. Ut procul a Roma, pro certo scio - insula haec scire posset.

Gaius Marcellus Nerva

Victoria Per Disciplinam
~ Gaius Marcellus Nerva
TranslationI am reminded of my first command in Dacia. Many men questioned my rank, wondering why they had to follow a Centurion so young. It took time to earn their trust, but it was necessary. I could not have even a single soldier questioning me in battle, lest our discipline fail.

Without discipline, our century's formation would crumble, and the legion would be exposed. It is the same here. These ragged men and women will not become a unit overnight, but I am patient and more experienced than I was in Dacia. I may be far from the Rome, but I know this for certain - this island will know its might.

Gaius Marcellus Nerva

Victory through discipline

Nerva Note #3 (The Island)

NoteNerva.png Latin

Exercitatione facilius crevit mecum criminibus ad videre results. Denique hoc inveni quod terebras et chores fons solis ardore cohibere nequit. Mane vexillo volantes super thesaurum invenit.

Legione Signum Fuit Imperii, sed unius lacertae loco aquilae volanti insulae lingua verbaque SPQR loco. Dicunt mihi uera nuntiantur Novum legionem recipite. Fateor ridebam ad visum.

Bene est. Suus ‘vicis ut expiscor si ego legionnaires creatus est. Nos ire in tenebras.

Gaius Marcellus Nerva

Victoria Per Disciplinam
~ Gaius Marcellus Nerva
TranslationTraining grew easier once my charges began to see the results. In fact, they've found such a wellspring of enthusiasm that their drills and chores alone cannot contain it. This morning, I found a flag flying above the armory.

It was the symbol of the Imperial Legion, but with one of the island's flying lizards replacing the eagle and words in a foreign language replacing SPQR. I'm told they say "The New Legion." I admit, I smiled at the sight.

Very well then. It's time to find out if I've created true Legionnaires. We march at dawn.

Gaius Marcellus Nerva

Victory through discipline

Nerva Note #4 (The Island)

NoteNerva.png Latin

Curabitur mollis target experiri novi electi mei, et parum putasses resistentia. In tribu autem oppugnari erat rudis, et uelut quidam videssent cuneum eventum. Quomodo possum, si quid incidit velociter viam provolarunt. Fuere etiam qui non procul fugere conatus.

Et munimenta vagaretur commeatibus nos vexillum nostrum dirui humo seminavit in sterquilinio. Omnis fera et tribus simulator scire: The Legione Pervenit.

Gaius Marcellus Nerva

Victoria Per Disciplinam
~ Gaius Marcellus Nerva
TranslationI knew I'd chosen a soft target to test my men, but I had expected a little more resistance. The tribe we assaulted was young, but supposedly they had seen some success as raiders. I cannot see how, given how swiftly they fell into disarray. Some even attempted to flee but they did not get far.

After scouring their fortifications for supplies, we razed them to the ground and planted our flag among the ashes. Let every savage and tribal pretender know: the New Legion has arrived.

Gaius Marcellus Nerva

Victory through discipline

Gaius Marcellus Nerva

Victory Through Discipline

Nerva Note #5 (The Island)

NoteNerva.png Latin

[Incomplete transcription.]

Gaius Marcellus Nerva

Victoria Per Disciplinam
~ Gaius Marcellus Nerva
TranslationI am finally satisfied with our defenses against flying creatures. The solution was obvious once I stopped thinking of them as special. With any foe, the goal is to control their actions. So instead of trying to block flyers completely, we created apparent holes in our aerial defenses that entice attackers into kill zones.

Our architect was grateful for the solution. He had been dreading trying to build a roof over the whole fortress. We have grown too large for that to be practical, and soon we will be larger still. Our first true war begins soon, and I suspect many Blackthumbs shall defect before its end.

Gaius Marcellus Nerva

Victory through discipline

Nerva Note #6 (The Island)

NoteNerva.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Gaius Marcellus Nerva
TranslationIt did not take long for me to grow accustomed to the weapons of this world - many of which are called "guns" according to one of my lieutenants. They are far more accurate and deadly than any bow, but like any weapon, they are only as effective as their wielder. In the hands of the Blackthumbs, they are of no concern.

In battle, we have been able to bait the Blackthumbs into attacking a wave of durable but disposable beasts before descending upon them with our main force. Our attacks are concentrated while theirs are scattered. That makes all the difference.

Gaius Marcellus Nerva

Victory through discipline

Nerva Note #7 (The Island)

NoteNerva.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Gaius Marcellus Nerva
TranslationThe Blackthumbs are destroyed. Their leader was defiant, but his tribesmen did not wish to fight the inevitable. They offered us his head last evening. I suspect surrenders will be more frequent now. The Blackthumbs were the first, but they shall not be the last.

Yes, I see it clearly. This is destiny. The gods have brought me here to bring order, to save these people from their own savagery. Janus pulled me across a bridge of time and space, Mars lent me his strength and now I shall create my own empire in their name.

Gaius Marcellus Nerva

Victory through discipline

Nerva Note #8 (The Island)

NoteNerva.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Gaius Marcellus Nerva
TranslationI have allowed the Legion to take a reprieve from war, at least for now. We need time to gather our strength and plan our road to conquest before we march again. Augustus did not unite the Empire by rushing into battle, after all. Such things take time, and more importantly, information.

As I write, my scouts are mapping out the surrounding lands and observing any tribes that may oppose us. I have no doubt they are not all like the Blackthumbs. One could very well prove to by my Marc Antony, and when I find him, I will be prepared.

Gaius Marcellus Nerva

Victory through discipline

Nerva Note #9 (The Island)

NoteNerva.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Gaius Marcellus Nerva
TranslationWhile a prudent general must take his time to plan, I realize that comfort breeds complacence. So as my scouts range across the beaches and jungles, I have made sure to lead our main force out on regular raids. Our targets have been weak - mostly small villages or unsuspecting convoys - but they resist enough to keep my men's instincts sharp. Letting them keep the meager spoils of these exercises has helped morale as well.

Our actions have not gone unnoticed, however. My scouts say many tribes are avoiding our territory altogether now. Good. A fearsome reputation will serve the Legion well.

Gaius Marcellus Nerva

Victory through discipline

Nerva Note #10 (The Island)

NoteNerva.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Gaius Marcellus Nerva
TranslationWho could have imagined that a simple convoy would give the New Legion its first taste of adversity? Before today, the idea would seem absurd.

They must have seen our approach, because just as we spotted our prey, we found our left flank beset upon by a pack of beasts. Though the creatures were smaller in size and number, they struck fast, they struck together and they never lingered. By the time we chased them off for good, the convoy was long gone. Impossibly, I spotted but a single rider throughout it all. Who is she? If Mars has blessed me, does Minerva harry me?

No, I was simply unprepared. I will not be again.

Gaius Marcellus Nerva

Victory through discipline

Nerva Note #11 (The Island)

NoteNerva.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Gaius Marcellus Nerva
TranslationIt seems that some of our neighbors have grown weary of our raiding. Today, I received an envoy from the Golden Arrows who proposed a lucrative trade agreement between our two tribes, with the caveat that we never encroach on the territory or convoys of the Golden Arrows or any of their allies.

I have no interest in trade agreements, but I do know how to seize an opportunity. So instead of accepting right away, I proposed that we ratify the agreement with his tribe's leaders on a neutral site.

I have planned long enough. It is time for the New Legion to resume its march.

Gaius Marcellus Nerva

Victory through discipline

Nerva Note #12 (The Island)

NoteNerva.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Gaius Marcellus Nerva
TranslationNews of my rather definitive response to the Arrows' proposal has spread quickly, but few seem keen to act on it. Who can blame them? Without their leaders, the Arrows quickly folded, and the New Legion grew significantly in power practically overnight.

The other tribes only managed to interrupt their cowering long enough to send another envoy, a man named Edmund Rockwell. Given the results of the last one I received, I almost didn't believe it, but apparently this man is special. The other tribes seem to respect him as a neutral party and expert on the island. We shall see.

Gaius Marcellus Nerva

Victory through discipline

Nerva Note #13 (The Island)

NoteNerva.png Rockwell non nimis exquiro et miratus sum. Qui modus ioquendi cura est, sed plane habet acutum radentem pilos adsumes eum et intellectus scientiae latitudinem patentem. Si occurrerit tantum dimidium diem, vici huius insulae pretiosum notitia, quae appellari ARK.

Erit punctum in quo degit mittam praecursorem habere solebat. Super peritia in ARK hic cognitus elixirs creare singularem habent effectus. Ergo oportet me de inimicis meis serva manus.

Victoria per disciplinam.

~ Gaius Marcellus Nerva
TranslationI did not expect much from Edmund Rockwell, but he has surprised me. He has a curious way of speaking, but he clearly possesses a razor sharp intellect and a wide breadth of knowledge. Though we only met for half a day, I gained invaluable information about this island, which is apparently called the ARK.

I shall have to send a scout to pinpoint where Rockwell lives. In addition to his expertise on the ARK, he is known to create elixirs that have extraordinary effects. It would behoove me to keep those out of my enemies' hands.

Gaius Marcellus Nerva

Victory through discipline

Nerva Note #14 (The Island)

NoteNerva.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Gaius Marcellus Nerva
TranslationIt seems I was not the only one who was skeptical of Rockwell's ability to curb my ambitions. The nearby Painted Sharks mustered up the courage to harass several of our coastal fortresses, but in doing so, they confirmed their nature. During their raids, they only attacked from the air and sea. They patently refused to set foot on land.

If the Sharks are at home in the ocean, then I will pull our coastal forces back and attack their outposts on the mainland. Once their island fortress is cut off from support and supplies, I can whittle it down to rubble at my leisure.

Gaius Marcellus Nerva

Victory through discipline

Nerva Note #15 (The Island)

NoteNerva.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Gaius Marcellus Nerva
TranslationThe incident with the convoy was no fluke. The rider has returned, and this time we had plenty of warning. Reports of some "Beast Queen" joining forces with the Sharks reached my ears days before the siege. Her ranks have swelled since the convoy but there is no doubt it is her. Not only did she help break the siege, but for the first time in its existence, the New Legion is in full retreat.

This cannot continue. I will not allow it. I will conquer the Sharks, as I will conquer the entire ARK, but first I must destroy this so called queen.

Gaius Marcellus Nerva

Victory through discipline

Nerva Note #16 (The Island)

NoteNerva.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Gaius Marcellus Nerva
TranslationLi Mei-Yin, the Beast Queen of the Jungle. That is the name of my foe. It is a name that I have already grown weary of, but soon I will never hear it again.

It turns out that she is a mercenary not beholden to any tribe, including the Painted Sharks. So as satisfying as it may be, I need not actually defeat her. I must simply divorce her from her employers, and I know exactly how to do it. The seeds of my victory are already planted.

Gaius Marcellus Nerva

Victory through discipline

Nerva Note #17 (The Island)

NoteNerva.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Gaius Marcellus Nerva
TranslationThe Beast Queen is no longer a concern. It was a simple matter, really. A small team of Legionnaires planted explosives in the Sharks' camp in the dead of night while leaving hers conspicuously untouched.

Predictably, the explosions drew the Beast Queen's attention but the Sharks mistook her advance for an enemy attack. After that, it was only a matter of time before they parted ways.

With that barbarian removed from the conflict, this land war will end shortly. We've already pushed the Sharks out of Legion territory. Soon we will face them where they are strongest - the open sea.

Gaius Marcellus Nerva

Victory through discipline

Nerva Note #18 (The Island)

NoteNerva.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Gaius Marcellus Nerva
TranslationAfter taking the Painted Sharks' last foothold on the mainland, this war has turned into one of attrition. While I construct a proper fleet, the Sharks' resources will continue to dwindle and my flyers will continue to harass their main compound. When we finally stage our invasion, their spirits will be broken and their storehouses empty.

In the meantime, I've been investigating this island's potential for naval warfare. Some sea creatures can carry a small ballista platform on their back, making them a curious sort of warship. I'm interested to see how they'll fare. Hopefully the Sharks can offer a skirmish or two before their will breaks completely.

Gaius Marcellus Nerva

Victory through discipline

Nerva Note #19 (The Island)

NoteNerva.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Gaius Marcellus Nerva
TranslationToday shall live forever in the annals of history. Today, I raised the New Legion flag above the Painted Sharks' battered fortress, and in that moment, my empire was truly born. In that moment, the New Legion became the dominant power on this island.

With that in mind, I've given my troops three days respite to celebrate our victory, though I shall not take part. My work is never done, and I mustn't lose sight of my true goals.

Only when I have brought this island into a new age shall I be content. Only then shall I rest.

Gaius Marcellus Nerva

Victory through discipline

Nerva Note #20 (The Island)

NoteNerva.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Gaius Marcellus Nerva
TranslationWhen my scouts reported that they had finally found Rockwell's compound, I set out to meet him at once. While that meant delegating matters that others might find more pressing, I did not hesitate. Minds like Rockwell's are a precious resource on this island. To have him as an advisor would be invaluable.

Whether Rockwell accepts my offer or not, my visit has already paid dividends. Apparently, he has spent some time researching the massive obelisks on this island, and theorizes that they may hold great power. If there is any chance that said power can be wielded, then I must learn all that I can about them.

Gaius Marcellus Nerva

Victory through discipline

Nerva Note #21 (The Island)

NoteNerva.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Gaius Marcellus Nerva
TranslationThese obelisks are fascinating. Apparently, Rockwell managed to coax a response out of one of them with an offering of some kind. Could it be that they are some grand monument to the gods? If I appease them with a sacrifice, will they grant me their power?

Yes, of course. Janus may have chosen me to rule this island by bringing me here, but I must prove my worth to the other gods by completing this ritual. Well, now that I have Rockwell's council at my beck and call, I shall pass this trial with ease. Then the power of the gods will be mine to command.

Gaius Marcellus Nerva

Victory through discipline

Nerva Note #22 (The Island)

NoteNerva.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Gaius Marcellus Nerva
TranslationAfter studying my scouts' reports, I have concluded that few tribes remain who can successfully resist the New Legion's march. However, the island's snowy tundras are a matter of concern. The dominant tribe in the region, the Howling Wolves, are known to be fierce fighters. More importantly, a prolonged invasion would prove nigh impossible in that weather.

Yes, for now I shall avoid the frozen north. Instead I will annex the smaller tribes, consolidate the New Legion's holdings and investigate the obelisks with Rockwell. Perhaps their power can solve my northern conundrum.

Gaius Marcellus Nerva

Victory through discipline

Nerva Note #23 (The Island)

NoteNerva.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Gaius Marcellus Nerva
TranslationThe New Legion needs a true capital, one that embodies our strength and grandeur. I realized it while recalling my first day in Rome. My hometown in Numidia had its wonders, but it could never match the splendor of that great city. I was in constant awe.

Most on this island are consumed by the present - their immediate needs and struggles. Yet a new generation will live within our walls one day. When they see what their forefathers have built, I want them to be as inspired as I was. I want to show them that no matter where they are born, their destinies are theirs for the taking.

Gaius Marcellus Nerva

Victory through discipline

Nerva Note #24 (The Island)

NoteNerva.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Gaius Marcellus Nerva
TranslationI have received disturbing news. Apparently, the Beast Queen has resurfaced with an even larger contingent than before, and she is on the move. Worse still, she is travelling directly towards one of the obelisks.

I can think of no worse scenario than the obelisks falling into the those barbaric hands. She has always been a nuisance, but with their power, the Beast Queen would pose a dire threat to everything I have built.

I must mobilize my main force and move to intercept her at once. The future of this island may hang in the balance.

Gaius Marcellus Nerva

Victory through discipline

Nerva Note #25 (The Island)

NoteNerva.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Gaius Marcellus Nerva
TranslationWhen my army arrived at the obelisk, I feared we were too late. The Beast Queen was nowhere to be found. I was about to order a search of the area when I was blinded by a flash of light. Suddenly, the barbarian horde was right before us, and battle was joined.

Though the savage possessed a fearsome new monster, it attacked ally and enemy alike. If anything, its presence made the slaughter more complete. By the end, the Beast Queen's forces were annihilated, and she herself had fled with mortal wounds. At last, her threat is ended.

Interestingly, we also captured an acquaintance of Rockwell's during the battle. Perhaps she knows something about the obelisks that Rockwell does not.

Gaius Marcellus Nerva

Victory through discipline

Nerva Note #26 (The Island)

NoteNerva.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Gaius Marcellus Nerva
TranslationWalker had told us to expect some kind of monster after activating the obelisk, but I never imagined that we would battle one of Ceres' dragons. No, that's not right. It was too colossal and wild for even a god's chariot. I doubt Diana herself could control it, and yet, the New Legion felled it.

It cost the lives of many men and even more beasts, but it was worth the sacrifice. According to Walker, the third key we acquired may allow me to open this cave she speaks of. Then the power of the obelisks and this very island will be mine to command.

Gaius Marcellus Nerva

Victory through discipline

Nerva Note #27 (The Island)

NoteNerva.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Gaius Marcellus Nerva
TranslationDamn these barbarians. They've smelled our weakness.

Between our battles with the Beast Queen and the dragon, the New Legion's main army has been distracted and depleted. Lesser tribes have taken advantage by raiding our camps and seizing territory that we claimed with our blood and sweat.

Fine. Let them have their temporary victories. Let them imagine that they have inflicted real wounds upon us. When I obtain the power of the obelisks, they will pay for every blade of grass they take from me. With that power, I will make them know true regret.

Gaius Marcellus Nerva

Victory through discipline

Nerva Note #28 (The Island)

NoteNerva.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Gaius Marcellus Nerva
TranslationMy men are uneasy. News reached us that the Howling Wolves are on the march, heading straight for the heart of New Legion territory. Some want to turn back and defend our home. I understand the instinct, but they lack my foresight. Only Rockwell has the strength of mind to see my vision.

We are nearly to the cave. Once I hold the power it contains, I can use it to crush the Howling Wolves and their petty forces. Whatever gains they make will be erased. I'll unite the entire island in a single, glorious battle.

Soon they'll see. Everyone will see. I am this island's destined emperor. I am its destined god!

Gaius Marcellus Nerva

Victory through discipline

Nerva Note #29 (The Island)

NoteNerva.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Gaius Marcellus Nerva
TranslationI had not expected to battle another monster, much less one so powerful. Yet here I stand, victorious! My men lie dead, my beasts lie dead, yet I still stand!

Even Rockwell has never seen anything like this place. Surely it is some hall of the gods. Surely the power of the obelisks is here, waiting for a worthy champion to wield it. With it, I will not need beasts or men. Its power alone will win me this island. I need only find it, and claim what is mine.

Praise Janus for taking me here! Praise Mars for lending me his strength! I claim this great victory in your names!

Gaius Marcellus Nerva

Victory through discipline

Nerva Note #30 (The Island)

NoteNerva.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Gaius Marcellus Nerva
TranslationNothing! How can there be nothing? I have searched ceaselessly, and yet I find NOTHING!

I sacrificed my men, my kingdom, everything. I have nothing left to give. Everything I've bled for is gone! For what? For a view?

What trickery is this? What is this place? Am I the victim of some divine joke? I don't understand. I served the Emperor loyally. Why would Janus pull me from his service if not to bring order here?

I've cried out for answers, but the gods never respond. They have abandoned me. All I hear is my own voice, echoing off these cursed halls - betrayed, destitute and alone.

Sir Edmund Rockwell

Sir Edmund Rockwell wrote the Recipes for Consumables and Kibbles but he is most famous for his Mindwipe Tonic. He appears to be a chemist from 19th century London with his notes written in cursive style English.

The Island Explorer Records

Rockwell Record #1 (The Island)

NoteRockwell.png Greetings and salutations dear reader! If these words are gracing your eyes, then you have had the good fortune to find the journal of Sir Edmund Rockwell, stupendous scholar, gallant gentleman and explorer extraordinaire.

It also means that it’s entirely possible that I’ve met some unseemly end on this fascinating but exceedingly dangerous island that I call home. I suppose you could have also stolen it or I could have misplaced it in which case please proceed to either hang your head in shame or return it to me at once. Whichever is appropriate.

Sir Edmund Rockwell
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #2 (The Island)

NoteRockwell.png The wondrous properties of the flora on this island will never cease to amaze me. If I’d told my colleagues in London that I could creature a concoction capable of erasing someone’s memories, I’d be laughed out of the room and never invited to tea again. Yet here it sits: my Mindwipe Tonic.

As usual, I’ve had tribal leaders grovelling at the gates of Rockwell Manor just for the tiniest of samples, and for the recipe? Oh the bounties I’ve been offered! I’m not interested in their riches though. I have their protection, supplies for my studies and all the time in the world. What more could I ask for?
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #3 (The Island)

NoteRockwell.png These tribal negotiations give me a headache every time. The Blackthumbs are mad that The Painted Sharks sunk two of their barges, but the Painted Sharks say that the barges were too close to Southern Haven and they were perfectly within their rights to sink them as per The Southern Isle Accords. Typically, neither side is willing to budge.

What a bother. I’d just as soon mindwipe the lot of them and return to my studies. Alas, such is the fate of the island’s most respected neutral entity. At least The Painted Sharks brought some fresh fish. Perhaps I’ll side with them.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #4 (The Island)

NoteRockwell.png Any chemist worth his salt knows the irreplaceable value of testing. Until a tonic has been rigorously tested, it is less useful than water. If only I could persuade this island’s less intellectual inhabitants to see that tests on Mesopithecus serve well for early trials, but they are no replacement for genuine human subjects at later, safer stages.

By subjects I of course mean willing participants that are prepared to risk mild headaches and much less mild nausea for the sake of science. The Laughing Skulls offered rather less willing participants at one point, but I declined. With how difficult it is to find volunteers these days, I sometimes regret it.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #5 (The Island)

NoteRockwell.png Miss Walker's impromptu visits are always an unexpected pleasure. After that headache with the Sharks and Blackfoots, a lively tea-time discussion about the abnormalities of the ARK's ecosystem was precisely what I needed. Thank goodness I've managed to find an intellectual colleague that shares my love for the sciences!

It saddens me to think that Miss Walker's charming colonial accent would keep her out of the more prestigious institutions and societies back home. Another of the ARK's wonders - it is a true meritocracy unlike any in the modern world. If Miss Walker and I could find and cultivate more minds like ourselves, we could create a true scientific utopia.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #6 (The Island)

NoteRockwell.png This expedition to Whitesky Peak has been just splendid, top to bottom. The weather's been marvelous, I've found excellent floral samples and the local hunters had more Woolly Rhino horns than you could shake a stick at.

I even managed to find volunteers for my latest experiment! It turns out that it was simply a matter of linguistics: those who are wary of experimental potions are much more receptive to experimental food. Once my Endothermic Paste was rechristened Fria Curry, people were clamoring to test it. It has moderate nutritional value, so it's not technically a deception. It's just favourable language in the name of progress, that's all. Perfectly moral.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #7 (The Island)

NoteRockwell.png Sadly my Fria Curry trials cannot begin immediately as the volunteers have a much more difficult journey to Rockwell Manor than I. After all, I couldn't very well carry every one of them on Archimedes. Yes, the Argentavis could clutch one of his talons, but I've always found the practice to be barbaric. The rest of the ARK may be embroiled in feudal savagery, but a gentleman always maintains his class and dignity.

At any rate, I must have my assistants renovate the guest compound. Naturally I would never let strangers into the manor proper, but there's no reason there stay should not relefect my civilized standards.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #8 (The Island)

NoteRockwell.png Having readily available subjects has helped my experiments tremendously even if their numbers dwindled over time. Not only was I able to curb The side affects of my Fria Curry's endothermic properties, but I managed to bring out and additional benefit of the mixture. Now, it also lowers the subject's metabolism, letting them go longer without needing food. Marvelous! I hadn't even considered that as a possibility.

Why, with all I've learned from these experiments, I imagine that I could reverse the effects of the Curry and create a concoction to aid survival in extreme heat as well. I must find more volunteers posthaste.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #9 (The Island)

NoteRockwell.png I decided to seek out volunteers for my next experiment among the island's larger tribes. I thought that surely they would be willing to help after I patiently moderated so many of their frivolous disputes. How idealistic of me. Instead, they have yet another favor to ask.

Apparently there's a new tribe that's behaving rather aggressively and no one can successfully negotiate with its leader. So naturally they have turned to me. It's rather bothersome, but I can't touch their logic. If Sir Edmund Rockwell cannot reason with this Nerva fellow than who can?
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #10 (The Island)

NoteRockwell.png Well, I found the report on Mister Nerva to be rather exaggerated, and as an Englishman one might imagine that I'd view Roman leadership with some disdain. Yet in my experience, I found Mister Nerva to be both honest and intellectually engaging.

In fact, after a lengthy conversation, I daresay that Mister Nerva has the right of it when it comes to this island's politics. As the Romans created Pax Romans, perhaps this New Legion will create Pax Arcam. Even if it doesn't, I doubt it will harm my research, so I see no reason to interfere in this pointless squabble.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #11 (The Island)

NoteRockwell.png How can these tribal leaders be so short sighted? Yes, the members of their respective tribes who volunteered for my Battle Tartare and Shadow Steak Sauté experiments have been experiencing prolonged withdrawal episodes, but can't they see that the benefits outweigh the costs? I create mixtures that can bring out superhuman strength, speed and coordination in ordinary men and they can only focus on the negatives. Simple minded, the lot of them!

They even banned their members from partaking in my experiments now. Ridiculous! I'll not let them stand in the way of human progress. They may not understand the importance of my work, but surely my assistants do.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #12 (The Island)

NoteRockwell.png I've decided to take a brief vacation from the laboratory. Well, I say that I've decided to, but the whole thing was my assistant Isabelle's idea. She noticed that I'd been quite ruffled lately and suggested that I take a bit of time to myself before rushing headlong into my next experiment. Such an observant young woman, that Isabelle. She's somewhat lacking as a chemist, but she understands my moods almost better than I do.

I daresay that an old fashioned adventure will me some good. Nothing like some rigorous recreation to clear the mind. Perhaps I'll go spelunking. Yes, a splendid idea! I know just the place for it.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #13 (The Island)

NoteRockwell.png Remarkable. Absolutely remarkable! When I chose that remote northern cave as as the site of my spectacular spelunking sojourn, I'd never imagined that I'd find such wonders within. Granted, I don't know what this specific wonder does exactly, but it's fascinating to examine. It's like nothing I've ever seen! I don't even recognize the materials that it's composed of, and it's constantly pulsing with some sort of latent energy. What is it? Is it unique or are there similar artifacts just waiting to be discovered beneath the island's surface?

My how invigorating! Isabelle was right, this was exactly what I needed. I feel like a young man again!
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #14 (The Island)

NoteRockwell.png Eureka! My theory was correct. The small podium at the base of the obelisk is definitely responding to the artifact's proximity and vice versa. Honestly I feel foolish for not attempting this sooner! The stylistic similarities between the artifacts and the obelisks floating above the island seems so obvious to me now. Clearly they were created within the same culture and era.

Bizarrely, while both the artifact and obelisks are in exquisite condition, there are no other signs of this mysterious civilization. How could that be? What kind of mad society would galavant about some remote island, building towering structures and stuffing knickknacks into caves before vanishing without a trace? I don't understand it, but it's certainly piqued my curiosity.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #15 (The Island)

NoteRockwell.png Well, I think I've gotten as far in my studies of the obelisks as my archaeological expertise will take me. A shame, really. This has been such a joyous little diversion that I hate to see it end.

Ah Rockwell, you old twit. You've forgotten the origins of this little excursion - spelunking! Did you yourself not hypothesize that there may be more artifacts hidden elsewhere on this island? Surely you can't give up before confirming that.

No, certainly not, nor can I be expected to scour the Ark's corners alone. Perhaps someone can spelling in my stead? Better yet, perhaps someone has already spelunked!
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #16 (The Island)

NoteRockwell.png After many days of scouring the island upon Archimedes and many more fruitless conversations with the witless, savage sods that seem to make up most of this island's population, I have finally found the spelunkers I need! A tribe to the northwest called the Iron Brotherhood has apparently found three artifacts themselves, and it's clear that said relics share an origin with my own.

In exchange for my artifact, the Brotherhood agreed to report any findings to me straight away as they continue their search. What stupendously good fortune! Now I can return to my alchemical studies with renewed vigor, while they crawl through the island's caverns in my stead. Brilliant.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #17 (The Island)

NoteRockwell.png The first round of trials for my new Lazarus Chowder have gone marvelously, but I have found it hard to maintain my enthusiasm. After all, I will never get truly definitive results with only mesopithecus subjects. It is quite frustrating.

Even so, I see now that Isabelle was right. Having my assistants take part in the trials would be asking too much of them, and they are too valuable to risk so frivolously. If I cannot find human subjects from the nearby tribes, then I shall have to make do with trials on apes and monkeys. Perhaps it is finally time to capture some gigantopithecus...
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #18 (The Island)

NoteRockwell.png I admit there are times when it is useful to live among simpletons. For example, I was able to trade several gallons of my Lazarus Chowder to a group of hunters in exchange for an entire contingent of tamed gigantopithecus, and they never questioned wether it had been tested on humans yet.

Well, I suppose if they return with another batch of apes, then I'll now that Lazarus Chowder doesn't cause asphyxiation, won't I? It's not exactly a conclusive, scientific trial, but I suppose it will serve.

Unfortunately all these primitive primates have given Rockwell Manor quite the pungent odor. Isabelle said she is working on some sort of air freshener, but I hope she makes haste.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #19 (The Island)

NoteRockwell.png I am perplexed. Even with an expanded number of test subjects, I just cannot find the passion that I once had for my research. I truly thought that my recent adventure had lit a fire in my belly, but I constantly find myself losing focus. Confound it all!

Perhaps said adventure itself is the problem. Thinking about it, I am always eager to discuss the obelisks and the artifacts I found with my assistants, even when I am not in the mood for research. There is a certain allure to them that I cannot describe, something that causes my thoughts to drift in their direction, like the pull of a strong tide.

But it could simply be a passing fancy. I must give myself more time.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #20 (The Island)

NoteRockwell.png I was ever so glad to see Miss Walker again. My assistants are clever in their own right, but dear Helena is still the only person that I feel comfortable diving into my deeper theories with.

I fear that I may have kept her from getting a word in edgewise, though. Once I got going on the obelisks, why I just couldn't contain my enthusiasm!

My word, I really have become quite enamored with the subject, haven't I? Well, that settles it! After this next set of trials, I shall go check on the Iron Brotherhood's progress. Perhaps I can convince Miss Walker to join me. We could make a real scientific expedition out of it!
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #21 (The Island)

NoteRockwell.png The latest Broth of Enlightenment trials have concluded, and as expected, I am disappointed in the results. Thought the primates I tested it on showed increased aptitude for learning, I do not believe any of them have truly ascended to a higher level of intelligence

Well bugger the little blighters, I say! My assistants have almost finished preparing my supplies for my next expedition, and I have drafted a letter to send to the Iron Brotherhood ahead of my departure. Soon enough, I'll have forgotten all about the...

Pardon the interruption, it seems that I have a guest. Now just what is Mister Nerva doing here? I suppose I'll find out.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #22 (The Island)

NoteRockwell.png I have always tried to maintain a strict neutrality when it comes to tribal matters, but then again, I have never had an offer this tempting from someone as respectable as Mister Nerva. Not only has he offered to provide me with test subjects, but he has also expressed a mutual interest in investigating the obelisks. All he asks from me is that I provide him with "reliable council."

I would trust few tribes to be able to make good on such promises, but Mister Nerva's New Legion is perhaps the most powerful tribe on the island. Indeed, if they maintain their current trajectory, they may be the only powerful tribe on the island.

His offer is worth considering, at the very least.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #23 (The Island)

NoteRockwell.png After much deliberation, I have decided to accept Mister Nerva's offer. True, the New Legion is not beloved by many other tribes, but was Charlemagne beloved by his enemies? If my studies are to continue, I must be on the right side of history.

As part of our agreement, I will need to travel with Mister Nerva for a time, and wait to study the obelisks until the New Legion has taken care of some smaller matters of foreign policy. As such, I have left Rockwell Manor in Isabelle's charge. She will take excellent care of it, I am sure.

Well then, onto new frontiers! Excelsior!
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #24 (The Island)

NoteRockwell.png I admit, I have been rather coy with Mister Nerva when it comes to the true nature of the obelisks. As a military man, the obelisks would naturally be more useful to him if they were some sort of weapon, and I have made sure to allude to that possibility from time to time.

It is not as though I am selling my gracious host a falsehood. After all, I have neither any proof that the obelisks could be weaponized, nor any evidence to the contrary. Their purpose is entirely theoretical at this stage, and if twisting those theories will convince Mister Nerva to march on the obelisks any sooner, then so be it.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #25 (The Island)

NoteRockwell.png The New Legion is finally on the march, and not a moment too soon! Mister Nerva runs his tribe exceptionally well, but their compound is positively spartan. I don't think I saw a single piece of decor anywhere! It certainly made me miss the comforts of Rockwell Manor, I'll say that.

At any rate, we are apparently in pursuit of a barbaric "Beast Queen". According to the men, she feasts on the flesh of her enemies alongside her army of monsters. Dreadful! Mister Nerva is convinced that she is heading towards an obelisk, but I see no cause for alarm. No mere heathen could hope to uncover its secrets, and certainly not alone.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #26 (The Island)

NoteRockwell.png I am absolutely astonished! Shocked! Flabbergasted!

Why in the world was Miss Walker investigating the obelisks at the side of such a savage woman, and without notifying me first? Was she intending to discover their secrets behind my back and keep them all to herself? The nerve! The audacity! And after I treated her with such respect and civility!

Well, unfortunately for her, Sir Edmund Rockwell is always one step ahead of his rivals. Thanks to my partnership with Mister Nerva, I can combine what scraps of knowledge she has on the obelisks with my own findings, and she'll be none the wiser. Why, since she is confined to a cage, I can keep my presence concealed from her altogether!
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #27 (The Island)

NoteRockwell.png Before arriving on this island, I would have dismissed the idea of a device instantly transporting a person from one location to another as complete and utter poppycock. Yet, that appears exactly what the strange platforms beneath the obelisks are capable of doing. Astounding!

Yes, yes, there was a dragon on the other side. I'm sure Mister Nerva and his men fought quite the heroic battle, but discovering another slobbering beast is trivial in comparison. Imagine! One could go from one side of the globe to the other in the blink of an eye, and I'll wager that is just the start of the obelisk's capabilities!

I must learn more! I must!
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #28 (The Island)

NoteRockwell.png I am starting to become quite cross with Mister Nerva's impatience. I had barely any time at all to study the obelisk before we set out again, this time to that cave Miss Walker mentioned.

I wonder, does he believe that she knows more about the obelisks than I do? Nonsense! Any fool could see that I am the superior scientist. Besides, I am his official advisor while she is his prisoner. She isn't even privy to my presence.

Nonetheless, I feel compelled to prove my scientific mettle. Whatever is in that cave, I shall be the one to discover its purpose. The mysteries of the obelisks are mine to uncover, not Miss Walker's or even Mister Nerva's. Mine.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #29 (The Island)

NoteRockwell.png In all my life, I have never seen so magnificent a sight! Mister Nerva may be bemoaning the loss of his men, but I would sacrifice them a thousand times over to witness such majesty!

I have never seen a night sky so beautiful. Somehow, this place looks down upon the world from on high, as though it stands upon the peak of Olympus itself! And my word, the exquisite metal this place is made out of, not to mention that bizarre creature! It reminds me of the material that lines the obelisks, yet somehow more...alive. The very walls of this place seem to hum with power and possibility.

I must find more information on this material. Perhaps one of these consoles will have something I could use. I am not familiar with the technology, but I am sure a scientist of my caliber could get something out of them with a little educated fiddling.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Scorched Earth Explorer Records

Rockwell Record #1 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRockwell.png Confound those confused contraptions! Despite my best efforts, I could make neither heads nor tails of the mysterious machine that brought me here.

If only I still had that jittery bespectacled assistant of mine from all those years ago. What was his name? Gerald? Gerande? The one that loved tinkering with the devices we’d salvage from the arms of the Island’s less fortunate inhabitants. Good lad. The inscriptions he found on the inside of those little trinkets were where I first saw the word “ARK” as I recall.

Shame about the incident with the Compsognathus. If I still had his services, perhaps I’d never be in this God forsaken desert. Ah well. Stiff upper lip, Rockwell. Make the best of it.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #2 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRockwell.png Right then! Now that I have found a shady spot where I can enjoy a brief respite from this desert’s dreadful heat, it’s high time that I set some goals for this expedition. If I wander about aimlessly then I’m sure to meet the same fate as poor Gerald.

First, I shall find a local tribe if for no other reason than to obtain a proper mount and supplies.

Second, I simply must learn more about that strange metal that lined the walls of the sanctuary. Even with a cursory study I could tell that it possesses wondrous properties. But where could I find more of it?
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #3 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRockwell.png I must say nothing reminds a man of his own mortality quite like a desolate wasteland. As a strapping young lad, I could have survived alone in this desert for years! Why on one occasion, I fought off a Bengal tiger with nought but an empty flash and my favourite pipe. With this makeshift spear, the beasts of this land would never have a prayer!

Yet in my old age, I can feel this damnable sun sapping my strength with every minute I spend under its unforgiving gaze. Each day I cover less ground than the day before.

I must find civilization soon, no matter how primitive. Without the right tools and supplies, I fear that this expedition will be incredibly short lived.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #4 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRockwell.png Eureka! At last, I have found signs of human life!

This afternoon, I came across a fresh series of footprints, some from humans and some from what I assume are large beasts of burden. I cannot be sure who made them or how civilized they may be, but neither can I afford to be too particular in my choice of saviors.

Whoever they are, I must track them down immediately. As soon as I gather my strength I shall pursue my quarry with the utmost haste and vigor. The tale of the brilliant and impeccably groomed Sir Edmund Rockwell shall not end this day!
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #5 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRockwell.png Salvation, thy name is Prophet's Rest.

After a proper meal and some time out of the sun, the makeshift fortress doesn't look half as grand as its name might imply. Yet when I first sighted its walls from across the dunes, it may as well have been El Dorado itself, so grateful was I to find it.

Thus far, I have seen little of the inhabitants, but they seem a hospitable sort. I've been given food, shelter, and even a wet cloth to clean myself with. Quite generous of them, considering how scarce water is in these lands.

Their clothing is a curiosity, however. Those robes seem more ceremonial than functional.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #6 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRockwell.png It seems that Prophet's Rest is less a fortress and more an enclave or monastery. I suppose that would explain the name, now wouldn't it?

Yes as strange as it may sound, the natives have created a primitive religion centered around the ARK's obelisks. They pray three times a day, each time facing a different obelisk, and their robes bear a unique symbol - a three pointed star coloured red, green and blue. The blue obelisk appears to receive particular reverence due to is proximity.

As charmingly ignorant as their superstitions may be, it's far from the most savage religion I've encountered. Besides, Prophet's Rest is in need of a doctor, and I am in need of supplies.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #7 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRockwell.png I have discovered why Prophet's Rest is so generous with their water. The well at the edge of the compound is built directly on top of what the locals call a 'water vein' - an endless supply water bubbles up from beneath the earth.

It's existence is a minor miracle, though compared to what I saw in the starlit sanctuary, minor is the operative word. I suppose this ARK must be floating among the stars just as the Island was. What an extraordinary thought! I cannot fathom how such a thing is possible, but that remarkable metal must be at the heart of it. I am certain.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #8 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRockwell.png Most of my work work at the monastery's doctor has been trivial. Every now and then one of the guards gets injured by the local wildlife, but I usually find myself treating heat stroke and common illnesses. As such, I have had plenty of time to learn all the priests know about the obelisks.

All told, they are stunningly ill informed about the literal pillars of their faith. They are unaware that the obelisks are actually devices that can be activated, and needless to say they have never activated one themselves.

They showed a flicker of understanding when I described the artifacts I found on the island, however. I shall have to keep digging.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #9 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRockwell.png Unbelievable. Have these idol worshipping ninnies replaced all their common sense with blind devotion? Have years of oppressive heat completely addled their brains?

I was finally allowed to see the monastery's inner sanctum, and lo and behold, there they were. Sitting upon an altar before a flock of protesting primitives were these glowing artifacts, just like the ones I had found in the caverns beneath the island. Yet instead of making use of them or even studying them, these halfwits are praying to them!

The true value of those artifacts is completely lost on these simpletons. Sacred relics, indeed!
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #10 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRockwell.png It took time, but I finally pilfered enough supplies and tools to survive on my own. Loading them onto these camel-like beasts of burden was laborious, but the real trial was absconding with the artifacts.

There is always someone watching the inner sanctum, so I carefully studied the guard's shifts until I identified whose drink I had to spoil with my knockout serum. Even then I acted with great haste and guile, for my heist will surely be discovered when the priests convene for their morning prayers.

Alas, they will be too late! Sir Edmund Rockwell is always ahead of his foes, but not by a mere step. No, I am miles and miles beyond their reach!
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #11 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRockwell.png It has been several days since I left Prophet's Rest, and I have seen no sign of pursuit. I am unsurprised. They probably assumed that I would make for the blue obelisk, as it was nearest. By setting out for the green obelisk instead, I already outwitted those simple minded zealots. As I said - miles ahead! Miles!

With those fools out of the way, I can slow my pace and take some time to properly study these so called sacred relics of theirs. I am curious to see if the materials they are made of bear any similarity to the metal in the starlit sanctuary.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #12 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRockwell.png The obelisk is reacting to the presence of the artifacts with even more intensity than I expected. Each obelisk on the Island required eight artifacts to generate that sort of response, not three. In other words, I may not need to do any spelunking before summoning whatever terrifying beast this ARK has in store for me.

Ah, the beast. Now that poses entirely different conundrum. Even with my youth and my favorite pipe, I doubt that I could slay a monster such as that dragon Mister Nerva fought. Not alone, anyway. I shall need to find a partner for this venture, but who?
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #13 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRockwell.png I have turned back north in hope of making contact with some of the natives. It is a risk, as I cannot be sure how many bumbling savages are under the sway of that ludicrous, obelisk worshipping cult, but it is also the only region that I definitively know is occupied.

I do not have much to offer in exchange for their aid, but I am sure that I can negotiate an alliance with at least one of this ARK's tribes. I was at the center of the Island's diplomatic disputes for years, after all. Why I am a seasoned, silver tongued negotiator! Surely I can coax a partnership out of these primitive desert dwellers.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #14 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRockwell.png What terrible misfortune! My keen sense of direction finally led me to a local settlement, but as it happened, I was not the first party to visit it that day. That honor belonged to the Burning Phoenix Clan, a band of raiders that were plundering its storehouses and enslaving its surviving residents as I arrived.

Naturally, the hoodlums fell upon me and stripped me of my valuables within minutes of my arrival. Ruffians! I managed to keep hold of my journal, but little else. This won't do, not at all!

Then again, I was seeking out a tribe skilled in the art of violence. Perhaps I can turn this to my advantage.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #15 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRockwell.png Curse these stubborn brutes! Despite a litany of polite, gentlemanly requests, they refuse to allow me to parlay with their leader. Surely any leader of men is not half the imbecile that these barbarians are. I am positive that we could come to some sort of...

Damn this noise! It is impossible to concentrate with all this insufferable whingeing! Half of these prisoners won't stop moaning about one injury or another and the other half are in constant hysterics.

Very well. Perhaps if I tend to some of the wounded, it will dim this distracting cacophony.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #16 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRockwell.png At last, I can hear myself think! The guards have moved me to a private cell, and while they have not divulged the reason for my transfer, I suspect that they took notice of my medical expertise. I caught them staring in my direction on several occasions as I worked.

It seems that doctors are in high demand in these lands. I suppose that's no great surprise. The Island was no different. No matter. While my skills in the realm of medicine are more in line with a field medic than a true physician, I shall continue to play the role as long as it serves me.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #17 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRockwell.png After days of travel, we finally arrived at the Burning Phoenix Clan's compound, and while my former peers were shuffled to the slave pens, I stood before the clan's leader.

I'd heard tales of the once great Tatar empires, thought I had never travelled to their lands. By all appearances, Timur is cut from the same cloth as their fabled Khans. He was at once imperious and casual, questioning me with impatience from a throne of hide and bone.

Naturally, he was impressed by my intellect and gentlemanly demeanor. Granted he did not say so aloud, but I was escorted to a small, private chamber instead of a cell. Surely that says as much.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #18 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRockwell.png I had been pondering why Timur required the services of a doctor. He seemed to be in excellent health and I had seen no patients since I arrived. Well now I shall ponder no longer!

Timur has a wife, and she's with child.

I suppose that even bloodthirsty raiders can fall in love, or at the very least, desire a family. The whole affair would be rather quaint were I not expected to care for the woman and deliver the child. Should either the child or the woman die during the birth, I fear that I will follow them in short order.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #19 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRockwell.png Nasrin is quite different from her husband. She is a timid little flower of a woman, or rather, she would be if she were not many months pregnant.

I am still undecided as to whether my timing is impeccable or unfortunate. A few weeks from now, Timur may have had no need of a doctor, but as it stands I have been thrust into an unfamiliar scenario with scant time to prepare.

Despite my unpleasant circumstances, this whole affair is rather intriguing. I never considered the possibility of new generations being born on the ARK, yet clearly it was inevitable. Like any common animal, humans have the urge to procreate. How else could the species endure?
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #20 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRockwell.png Rockwell, old bean, you've done it again! Both mother and child made it through, Timur is a proud father, and your head is still attached to its shoulders. Why I was even a guest of honor at Timur's celebratory feast! I cannot say I enjoyed the blood sport that serves as the Burning Phoenix's entertainment, but the food was delectable.

I was also sure to seize upon Timur's momentary goodwill by filling his ears with whispers of obelisks, artifacts and the untold power they grant to mortal men. It may take time for those thoughts to turn to action, but with constant care, I may yet turn him into my unwitting general.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #21 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRockwell.png The silver tongue of Sir Edmund Rockwell has prevailed once again! After spending far too long watching the Burning Phoenix enslave and decimate hapless caravans and villages, I have convinced Timur to test his might against the guardian of the obelisk.

I admit, I am somewhat anxious. Timur is not the commander that Mister Nerva was, and should he fall, I shall fall with him. Yet I have little choice, and the rewards of success are worth the risk. The obelisks, the starlit sanctuary and that precious ore shall be the foundation of my legacy as a scientist, gentleman and explorer. I am sure of it.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #22 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRockwell.png I found it! I really found it! Raw, untainted samples of that same, mysterious ore from the sanctuary!

That fearsome beast must have been guarding it. Thank the heavens for Timur and his berserk savagery! When he leapt from the back of his wyvern, I thought he was surely doomed, but the madman actually managed to grab hold of that monster's horns and turn its eyes into a bloody mess. I have never seen such brutally effective barbarism.

Many of his band did not survive the encounter of course, but that was to be expected. Progress requires sacrifice, and whether those brutes knew it or not, their deaths have helped humanity leap into the future.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #23 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRockwell.png This ore is simply extraordinary! It is warm to the touch, even during these cold desert nights, and it pulses as though it has its own heartbeat. It is at once light and more sturdy than any natural material I have encountered. The uses one could find for such a substance...

I shall have to name it at some point. What would do? Rockwellium? Edmunium?

A dilemma for another time. For now I have more pressing matters. Timur and his Burning Phoenix savages have played their part, and I cannot remain in their custody. It is time for the great warrior chief to receive his just reward.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #24 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRockwell.png Alas, poor Timur. He was so focused on celebrating his victory over one foe, that he never saw his greatest threat. Now he lies beneath the severed head of the beast he vanquished, eyes bulging and blood seeping from his open mouth.

At least, that is how I imagine him. I did not stay to admire my handiwork. As soon as the first group of Burning Phoenix warriors succumbed to their poisoned feast, I stole away into the night, Edmunium and artifact in tow.

Serves those ruffians right, I say! They never did treat me with the propriety that a gentleman and scholar of my caliber deserves. This desert is better off without them.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #25 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRockwell.png As my withdrawal from the Burning Phoenix's camp demanded haste, I did not have the time to double check my supplies. It appears that I shall have to do some hunting.

No matter! I may not be as spry as I was when felled a charging rhino on the plains of the Serengeti, but with all the small armory I managed to abscond with, I can surely manage. I had planned on trading those weapons for information as soon as I encountered a peaceful tribe, but I can spare a few rounds of ammunition.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #26 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRockwell.png Despite my limited equipment, I have managed to run some initial tests on the Edmunium. Based on my observations, a typical forge may not be enough to smelt a sample of Edmunium ore into any sort of useable ingot. I suspect that it has extremely strong metallic bonds and therefore a much higher melting point than any conventional metallic element.

I must find a proper base of operations where I can run more extensive experiments. I mustn't be overeager, however. I have limited samples and...

Drat! I shall have to ruminate on this later. A sandstorm may be brewing and I have no desire to be caught in it.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #27 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRockwell.png Confounded weather! Not only did that sandstorm separate me from my steed, but when it cleared I was beset upon by none other than the traitorous Miss Walker herself! Oh she put on quite the act, spouting all sorts of nonsense about how good it was to see me. Rubbish! I see right through her ruse.

I am certain that she is after my Edmunium. The only reason she has not simply looted it from my corpse is that she requires my superior intellect to understand it. Well two can play this game, Miss Walker! I can fill the role of the benign old scientist for a time, but I shall not be betrayed again!
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #28 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRockwell.png I am glad that I possessed the foresight to hide my presence from Miss Walker after her capture on the island. She clearly believes that I never learned of her betrayal. By cunningly taking advantage of this fact, I have managed to completely deceive the deceiver!

The grim old bat she travels with is another matter. I often catch her glaring in my direction, her eyes sharp and mistrusting. If I could, I would deal with her as I dealt with Timur, but I fear she is far too observant. For now I must maintain my deception as best I can.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #29 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRockwell.png I may have given Miss Walker too much credit. Although I carelessly allowed her to catch sight of my Edmunium ore samples, she was more interested in the artifact I possess.

I should have realized this sooner. Miss Walker's specialty is biology. She would not recognize the unique properties of Edmunium if they hit her square in the forehead!

That fact has eased some of my tension. Even if Miss Walker seeks to take advantage of my genius, she is focusing on the wrong discoveries. So long as I am careful in my studies of Edmunium, I shall remain miles ahead of her.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #30 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRockwell.png I cannot wait to be rid of that glowering menace of a woman, this so called Wali al Aswad. I suspect the feeling is mutual. She has offered little in the way of farewells while seeing us to this ARK's entrance to the starlit sanctuary.

Things will be much easier once Miss Walker and I have parted ways with the desert witch, I suspect. Miss Walker is thoroughly oblivious to both the wonders of Edmunium and my knowledge of her underhanded scheming back on the Island.

She can continue to fiddle with trinkets and relics. I may even assist her if it suits me. Meanwhile, I shall unlock the secrets of the most extraordinary element in the universe right under her nose!
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Aberration Explorer Records

Rockwell Record #1 (Aberration)

NoteRockwell.png I fear that even with the unwitting aid of Miss Walker, I still cannot completely control the machines in the starlit sanctuary. I believe they sent us to the correct ARK, but I was unable to control precisely where we arrived on it. Alas, that means the location I saw in the sanctuary is beyond my reach for the time being, along with the molten Edmunium I saw there. Confound it all!

Naturally, I cannot confirm that molten substance was indeed Edmunium until I have inspected it with my own eyes, but it simply must be! It looked exactly like my samples did when I attempted to melt them down.

Imagine! An entire cavern of the most potent element known to man! The wonders I could create...
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #2 (Aberration)

NoteRockwell.png While the molten Edmundium remains elusive, this underground forest has proven quite illuminating, both figuratively and literally.

Many of this cavern's species are bioluminescent, so out of curiosity, I dissected several of the glowing insects that are common here. After further study, I have concluded that the luminescent fluid found in their posteriors carries something akin to a bioelectric charge. However I cannot determine how it is generated, and with no place to store it, said charge fades quickly.

Curious, curious indeed! What could be to cause of this? With no sunlight to provide the forest with energy, perhaps this charge comes from the soil?
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #3 (Aberration)

NoteRockwell.png Yes, yes of course! The Edmundium is the cause! If there are truly molten pools of Edmundium somewhere in these caverns, then Edmundium minerals would have spread throughout the soil over time, allowing its wondrous properties to affect nearby flora and fauna.

Even if it is not the direct source of the charge found in this forest's bioluminescent wildlife, it may have incited incremental changes in those species over several generations, which then led to their development of an internal charge.

How invigorating! I could be standing in the middle of an entire ecosystem that has been absorbing the effects of Edmundium for generations, and all of its secrets are mine for the taking. Magnificent!
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #4 (Aberration)

NoteRockwell.png I must admit, I am glad that I coerced Miss Walker into accompanying me. Her scientific mind may be far below my own, but she can fire a rifle proficiently enough. I suppose that is no surprise. She is a colonial, after all, and she never has been terribly ladylike. I hadn't noticed what a foul mouth she has, either. Dreadful!

However, despite her past deceptions and uncouth vulgarity, I must tolerate her presence for now. The predators here are not to be trifled with. Of course, in my youth, I could have grappled them into submission. Why, I would simply pin their wings behind their backs and drive them to the ground. Yes, I'd give them a truly thorough thrashing!

Ah, to be young again...
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #5 (Aberration)

NoteRockwell.png Miss Walker I can tolerate for now, but I cannot abide by this barbarian!

I cannot fathom how she even lives, much less how she ended up here! A primitive mind like hers could never have operated the contraptions in the starlit sanctuary. Yet here she stands, and worst of all, she wears a suit of Edmundium armor! The very thing I seek has already been claimed by some savage, sword wielding tart!

It's outrageous! Such a beautiful product of science should not be sullied by her

bloodstained hands. No, Rockwell. You must be calm. If she senses hostility, she will surely kill you on the spot.

Yes, for now I must bide my time and learn what I can. Whoever constructed this armor, I must find them.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #6 (Aberration)

NoteRockwell.png Astounding! That remarkable armor was but the tip of the iceberg. The barbarian woman has escorted us to the home of her new masters, and I can take nary a step without finding some wondrous new piece of technology - much of it relying on the power of Edmundium.

The casual manner in which they use and refer to these wonders leads me to believe that while they are deeply familiar with the marvelous metal, they may not grasp the depths of its potential.

Yes, Rockwell, this was well worth tolerating Miss Walker and her savage companion. I shall learn what these supposed "future men" know, and take it many steps further.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #7 (Aberration)

NoteRockwell.png The village has a vast supply of Edmundium, far more than my own paltry samples. In this quantity, I can almost hear it singing to me as I study it. It pulses with energy at such an entrancing rhythm that it's hard to tear my eyes away from it.

The villagers here refer to it as "Element." Nonsense! Everything is an element. Did they simply forget to name it?

I have also been learning what they know of the "Charge" that is common in this place, which I made note of earlier. Their own studies confirm my suspicions that it is the result of the Edmundium that permeates the caverns. That makes it worth researching.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #8 (Aberration)

NoteRockwell.png Obtaining detailed information from these villagers is like drawing blood from a stone! The red haired woman, Diana, has been pleasant enough in answering my queries, but she is no scientist. Her naivete makes that quite evident.

I simply must convince these future men to place me onto one of their research teams. That's where I'll really gain some ground. Unfortunately, they seem rather skeptical of my scientific prowess.

Bah! Ridiculous! I don't care what year they hail from, I am Sir Edmund Rockwell! A mind like my own only comes once a millennium. It should be their honor to have me amongst their ranks.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #9 (Aberration)

NoteRockwell.png The nerve of these people! I have never seen such arrogance and disrespect directed towards a worthy colleague!

I finally convinced Diana to let me partake in the village's research and experiments, and I have been treated like an ignoramus. These so called scientists dare to talk down to me? They dare to underestimate me? Fools, the lot of them!

Well, I daresay I don't need them. Now that I have access to their facilities and supplies, I can research Charge and Edmundium just fine without their aid. Soon enough, my knowledge shall surpass their own, then we shall see who is primitive.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #10 (Aberration)

NoteRockwell.png Confound it all! Why am I progressing so slowly? These scientists are no more intelligent than I, yet they make continual progress while my own research continues to flounder.

It's just a matter of experience, that's all it is. They are more familiar with their tools and they have more information at their disposal. Were I in their shoes, I would have finished that ridiculous project of theirs months ago!

I must work harder to account for my handicap. I shall eat and sleep in the lab, and allow for no distractions, not until my so called peers have learned to respect the name of Sir Edmund Rockwell.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #11 (Aberration)

NoteRockwell.png At last, success! I have finally been able to convert this "Charge" into proper electricity. Subsequently, I used it to create not only a Charge battery, but a lantern as well. It was a simple matter, really. It's baffling that these supposed scientists haven't managed it already.

Based on their surprise when I showed them my new invention, my earlier supposition was correct: they've barely scratched the surface of Charge and Edmundium's full potential. Soon enough, I'll have surpassed their understanding of both.

Yet if they expect me to share the full fruits of my research with them, they are sadly mistaken. Those who doubt the genius of Sir Edmund Rockwell shall never reap its rewards!
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #12 (Aberration)

NoteRockwell.png I have at last persuaded Diana to show me this grand project those bumbling scientists are working so hard on. I am hardly impressed. If I had to guess, I would say that this gateway project is merely aping the transporter platforms present at the base of every obelisk, and crudely at that.

Everyone is quite excited about it, the small minded simpletons. Why are they so eager to leave this place, where the impossible is within reach? They speak of "escaping" as though this were some kind of prison, when in reality, it is a land full of unparalleled promise and possibility.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #13 (Aberration)

NoteRockwell.png Thank goodness this Diana woman is so agreeable. She seems to view me as her personal responsibility, and as a result, she has served my whims rather well. All I need do is assume the guise of a kindly, curious old man and I can persuade her to see to my every need.

I've nearly convinced her to escort me to the lower caverns, where molten Edmundium is said to flow in abundance. Those caverns were the reason I came here in the first place, and I'm certain an excursion into their depths would yield invaluable insight. I need only push and prod just a bit more...
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #14 (Aberration)

NoteRockwell.png Once I upgraded my Charge Lantern prototype to be vastly more portable and efficient, the village council could ignore my petitions no longer. I shall be accompanying an expedition to the lower caverns posthaste!

At last, I shall be able to observe Edmundium in its rawest, most natural state! Marvelous! I can hardly contain my excitement, though I must make an effort to.

The barbarian woman has been glowering at me for days. I suspect if she could, she would watch my every move, and probably forbid Diana from speaking to me. Fortunately, Miss Walker has been distracting her with trivialities, but I must still be cautious. That savage will turn to violence on a whim, and I must not provoke her.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #15 (Aberration)

NoteRockwell.png Thankfully, it seems I shall get a reprieve from all those nasty glares I've been receiving. Miss Walker has taken her pet barbarian with her on that fool's errand she's running to the obelisk. Good riddance to bad rubbish, I say!

I didn't bother to learn all the details of Miss Walker's mission, but it seems clear to me now that the obelisks are a red herring. It is the Edmundium that matters, so if she and her violent little lackey want to play explorer, so be it.

In the meantime, I shall journey into the heart of these caverns to conduct real science, and make real progress. Excelsior!
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #16 (Aberration)

NoteRockwell.png I cannot say that I enjoy wearing this bulky, inelegant suit, but Diana claims that its protection is necessary if we are to venture into the Edmundium caverns, so I shall endure it as best I can. I suppose that means I shall have to find a way to think without stroking my beard...

Regardless, I am glad to be off. The other scientists that are accompanying me are rather nervous about the whole affair, citing monster attacks that plagued previous expeditions.

Lily-livered, the lot of them! Science is full of risks, and this is but one more, one that shall prove well worth it in the end.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #17 (Aberration)

NoteRockwell.png I have travelled the world and created countless scientific marvels, but never before have I seen a sight so beautiful. In its rawest form, the song of the Edmundium is even more enchanting. Had I the time, I would simply gaze at it for days.

Sadly, I must make haste, before the others realize what I already know - that within Edmundium is the potential for a new dawn for humanity. I can see it, I can feel it! I must be the one to unlock its secrets. Our fates are intertwined, this majestic metal and I.

More data, Rockwell! You need more data! You are so very close!
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #18 (Aberration)

NoteRockwell.png I've done it! They didn't think I could contain it, but once again I've proven them to be a band of fools. At last, I have obtained samples of molten Edmundium in its raw, undiluted form!

I must be judicious with it. I could only create two containment pods for collecting samples, and I may not be able to convince the council to let me return to these caverns to gather a second batch. This will have to be enough.

No matter. I have been making miracles with primitive supplies and dimwitted assistants for years. Any sample size at all is enough for Sir Edmund Rockwell!
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #19 (Aberration)

NoteRockwell.png Now that I have returned to the village's laboratory, I have confirmed that raw, molten Edmundium is far more potent than its solid, impure counterpart. Of course, I'm the only one that sees it. The close minded lackwits here that dare to call themselves scientists refuse to get close to it. They claim it will make me sick.

Rubbish! The Edmundium would never harm me. I can feel its warmth. I can hear it calling to me. It speaks not of danger, but of infinite potential.

They're all so painfully myopic. Their impure Edmundium may make for fine armor, but that is a mere fraction of its true power. They will see soon enough.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #20 (Aberration)

NoteRockwell.png The villagers have been quite bothersome since I returned. It was interfering with my work. Diana kept "checking in" on me, claiming she was "concerned," but I saw through her lies. I see through them all. They simply want to benefit from my genius.

Luckily, I was able to distract them with a side project of mine, what I call Plant Species Z. I was studying the effects of charge on various flora, and stumbled upon a new species that can act as a bioluminescent sentry. They seemed to believe that this was the center of my research, and so I happily let my samples pass into their incompetent hands.

It's a paltry sum to pay for some much needed peace and quiet. Now it is just me and my Edmundium, as it should be.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #21 (Aberration)

NoteRockwell.png I no longer need to worry about working with a limited sample size, thanks to my genius. The solution was right in front of me the whole time - I merely needed to transform the village's supply of solid Edmundium into its liquid state, then rid it of impurities.

It was easier said than done, of course, but I am Sir Edmund Rockwell! No problem is too complex and no task is too great for me. Nothing can keep me from my goal. Nothing can keep me from ascending.

That is the true power of Edmundium. I see it now. It can take a living thing and change it. No, elevate it. Yes, yes, but I shall need to test it. Subjects, subjects, I shall need subjects...
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #22 (Aberration)

NoteRockwell.png Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! The test went more splendidly than I could have imagined!

I used one of the small, glowing creatures that the villagers keep as pets for my first subject. It was a timid, fragile thing, that is until I injected a full dose of pure, molten Edmundium into its veins. Then, as I predicted, it ascended! Within minutes it grew in size and power, until at last it was a mighty, fearsome beast!

Alas, that meddler Diana "put it down" before I could study it more closely. Bah! That was no mercy. That was as close as that worthless creature would ever get to tasting godhood, and she ripped it away! She is the murderer, not I! One day, she shall be punished for it.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #23 (Aberration)

NoteRockwell.png They dare to lecture me? Me? Imbeciles! They claim to be from the future, but they fear progress! I performed a miracle of science and their reaction is to scold me like a child.

Damn them, damn them all! They'll never let me have another subject at this rate. How am I to continue my experiments without subjects? They may let their petty morality hold them back, but I won't let it bind me. Not when I'm this close.

I know with certainty now that Edmundium can unlock a species' potential, I just have to perfect the process. Even without subjects, I must find a way. I must!
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #24 (Aberration)

NoteRockwell.png I may not be allowed to collect more test subjects, but I am not without resources. Rather than use living creatures, I have taken my experiments one step further, and begun testing the effects of Edmundium fusion on human blood - my blood.

Thus far, the results are promising. Yes, this is the proper way to do it. Injecting the Edmundium into that creature was too crude. If I first fuse the Edmundium with the subject's blood, and then inject the resulting concoction...

Yes, that's it. I have it! The Edmundium knows it, too. It hums its approval as I work. It knows that soon, we shall be one. Soon, I too shall ascend.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #25 (Aberration)

NoteRockwell.png Such power! Such beauty! I can feel it within me, growing stronger by the second. Never have I felt so alive!

It was a risk, of course. My process is not yet perfected, but by cutting off the circulation in my left arm, I was able to contain my metamorphosis within it. Now I can study the results before I undergo my final ascension to godhood.

I must hurry! Hurry! I cannot hide my arm from these lesser creatures for long, nor can I resist its allure. It is taking all my discipline to not simply ascend right now. Yes, why don't I? I should do it! I deserve it, I...

No, patience! Patience! You’ve waited so very long, just wait a little longer.
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #26 (Aberration)

NoteRockwell.png I've gathered as much Edmundium as I dare. The villagers are distracted with their inane celebrations, so thus far I have moved undetected.

Imbeciles! What cause could they have for such joy? I've heard mention of Miss Walker, but whatever she has accomplished, it is nothing compared to what I've done. Nothing! She is nothing! I'm the true scientist here, the true genius, and soon I shall prove it!

Yes, well done, Rockwell. Well done! This Edmundium will be more than enough. With it you shall claim what is rightfully yours! At last, at long last!
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Rockwell Record #27 (Aberration)

NoteRockwell.png The last preparations have been made. When I set down this pen and begin my final experiment, I shall finally achieve my ultimate goal. I shall at last look down upon the bumblings of mortal men from high above on an Edmundium throne.

I, Sir Edmund Rockwell, shall become a god!

So on this day, let earth and heaven tremble! Let the rivers of this blessed metal sing a song of triumph that echoes forever throughout the depths of these caverns! Let the unworthy drown in despair, for a great doom approaches them, and it shall swallow them whole alongside anyone who dared to mock my name!

On this day, on this glorious day, I ascend!
~ Sir Edmund Rockwell

Mei-Yin Li

Mei Yin is a Chinese warrior, her notes are themed like ancient poems and are written in traditional Chinese. She appears to be from the Three Kingdoms era, after the Yellow Turban Rebellion in China.

The Island Explorer Notes

Mei Yin Note #1 (The Island)

NoteMeiYin.png Traditional Chinese

今處何地 何以至此

自醒於此 吾數遍問及此事

需停也 知其然亦無助于吾

定而自問 何以存而續命 必有其法

雖之常變 然慰吾於遲疑恐懼之時

自黃巾軍大敗 吾已無所畏懼

然是日遇巨蜥 盻目相對

吾心次懼 自甚知也

~ Mei Yin
TranslationWhere am I? How did I arrive?

I have asked these questions many times since I awoke on this foreign shore, but I must stop. They do not matter. Their answers will not save me, so I will focus on a different question - how can I survive? This question always has an answer, though it is ever changing, and it has helped me find resolve in moments of uncertainty or fear.

Just days ago, I never thought I'd fear again. I thought my fear died with the Yellow Turbans. Yet when I see a great lizard turn its eyes on me, I know fear is exactly what I feel.

Mei Yin Note #2 (The Island)

NoteMeiYin.png Traditional Chinese

今有衣衫護具 雖襤褸簡陋 有可用之石矛

仍須鐵匠磨礪 岸汀之上 有肥鳥

其行慢 常補之 不知此鳥何以存活于此

然幸得其肉 以矢克巨獸 有巨蜥

其耳如扇 其沫燃物

然 吾之威脅 非僅獸類

昨日尋跡于沙 吾非一人也

~ Mei Yin
TranslationI am armed and clothed now, though crudely. My stone spearhead makes me long for my village's weaponsmith, but it serves. I use it to hunt the slow, fat birds that wander the coast. I do not know how such creatures survive here at all, but I am grateful for the meat they provide.

I save my arrows for the more dangerous creatures - like the lizards with ears like fans, whose spit burns the things it touches. No, not just the creatures. They are not the only danger. Yesterday, I found footprints in the sand that were not my own. I am not alone.

Mei Yin Note #3 (The Island)

NoteMeiYin.png Traditional Chinese

憶當年 保家護民于叛亂之變 數月所得甚於先前數年

其理可用於今時 男輕女於戰時 人或狠於野獸

沙中次跡 非一人 乃三人也 見吾色變 目炬如狼之見羊

錯矣 其愚鈍而不知吾為狼也 脅之 無果

二人命喪於矢 余一人 刺之以矛 暴屍於野

岸旁地廣 不宜久留

欲存而活之 須至林中

~ Mei Yin
TranslationDefending my hometown during the uprising taught me more in months than I learned in all the years before it. Among those lessons - men will always underestimate women in battle, and humans can be crueler than any animal. Both applied today.

The footprints I found were not from one man, but three. Their eyes changed when they saw me, like wolves discovering a lamb. They were wrong. They were merely mutts. I was the wolf. Two died to arrows after ignoring my warnings. The last to my spear. I left their bodies out in the wild.

I cannot stay here. The beaches are too open. To survive, I must brave the jungle.

Mei Yin Note #4 (The Island)

NoteMeiYin.png Traditional Chinese


行至落日 見一村落遇襲

其人騎巨蜥 執火器 殺村民

若退之 可保全己身

然尸橫遍野 不能離去 此乃獸行也

奇襲乃兵家上計 吾善用之

射蜥於喉 覆人於地


果以 待其亡


果想 應保巨蜥一命


~ Mei Yin
TranslationToday, I scored a great victory.

As the sun set, I happened upon a small village on a bluff. Unfortunately, it was besieged by a man who rode a lizard like a horse and wielded a stick that spat fire. It would have been safer to retreat, but I could not ignore the bodies. This was a slaughter.

Surprise can be a warrior's most powerful weapon, and I wielded it effectively. My first arrow found the lizard's throat, and many more pierced the man's back once he tumbled from the saddle. He never saw his vanquisher.

In hindsight, I should have spared the beast. A mount would be welcome.

Mei Yin Note #5 (The Island)

NoteMeiYin.png Traditional Chinese

村民以寇之刀劍護具相贈 留吾過夜

吾大驚 竟諳其語 村人唇動異常

聽若故里之言 村人曰 皆因吾等腕上之器也

不明其意 然村人不吾欺

是夜 夢及叛變 吾為關公之副將

英勇率軍 突出重圍 夢醒

吾僅為美盈 而村人已去

雖為生人 仍痛具所失


~ Mei Yin
TranslationThe surviving villagers let me claim the lizard rider's armor and weapons, and gave me shelter for the night. To my surprise, I understood them. Their mouths moved strangely, but in my ears I heard the language of my home. They say it is the work of the metal object in my wrist. I do not understand, but they had no reason to lie.

That night, I dreamt of the uprising, but this time I was Lieutenant Guan, lifting the siege on my village in a single, gallant charge. Yet when I woke, I was just Mei-Yin, and the villagers were gone. I am a stranger to them, but my heart feels heavier for their loss.

I must carry on alone.

Mei Yin Note #6 (The Island)

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
TranslationThe villagers had made taming beasts sound simple, but my first attempt was nearly my last. My prey was the same kind of two legged lizard as the raider's steed, what the villagers called a "raptor", but this one was strong. Even as my toxin laced arrows knocked him out, he was able to make one final lunge for my arm. He nearly took it.

Carefully, I fed him scraps of meat as he rested, and when he finally woke, I kept my weapon trained on him. Only when I was sure that he was docile did I notice his appearance - all black, save his white shins and feet. Right then, I named him Wuzhui, and while I do not believe in fate, I felt that this beast would carry me home.

Mei Yin Note #7 (The Island)

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
TranslationThe raptors are improving. They know to follow Wuzhui, and Wuzhui knows to listen to me. Beasts without riders cannot maintain a formation, but they at least run close together. In time, they have even learned how to attack and retreat at my signal during our hunts on the plains.

Together, Wuzhui and his five brothers are like a light cavalry unit, and I am their commander. Unfortunately, they are all I really have. I am not much of a craftsman, and have few possessions.

Not everyone here is like me, though. There may be some who can craft but but cannot fight. Perhaps we could trade.

Mei Yin Note #8 (The Island)

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
TranslationThe defense went spectacularly. Like many tribes, The Red Hawks relied entirely on brute force. They thought only of charging in with their beasts and their guns, with no regard for their surroundings. They never expected a sortie, much less one that came from their exposed flank.

Our victory was so complete that my benefactors not only rewarded me with the weapons and supplies they promised, but extra pack animals to carry them. With each battle, my skills improve and my ranks swell, if only with beasts. I don't mind that. The people that I care about are back home. Until I return, Wuzhui is enough company.

Mei Yin Note #9 (The Island)

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
TranslationI was told this escort mission would be dangerous, but I had not expected to fight a legitimate army.

Fortunately, I was riding ahead of the main column and spotted them first. After signalling for the convoy to change course, I harassed the enemy from their flanks to draw their attention, then retreated in a different direction. Even that cost me. Many of Wuzhui's brothers were injured and some were killed. Previously, my enemies here fought wildly or scattered when attacked, but these men had discipline.

The leader of the convoy was very grateful. Apparently, few survive an encounter with this "New Legion". I should be wary of them in the future.

Mei Yin Note #10 (The Island)

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
TranslationAm I a mercenary now? I had not given it much thought until I was actually called one. I don't like the title. Mercenaries fight for riches, but I'm just fighting for what I need to survive. That's different, isn't it?

When I fought back home, I knew who and what I was fighting for. I knew who my enemies were. Here I cannot tell. I am trying to be honorable by defending people and not attacking them, but how can I be certain?

I cannot dwell on it. To survive, I must fight on. To return home, I must fight on.

Mei Yin Note #11 (The Island)

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
TranslationI've started to tame larger creatures. The speed of my light cavalry was beneficial, but I realized that it was not enough. A hundred swift strikes mean nothing if there is no strength behind them. To survive enemies like the New Legion, I must be able to strike with power.

I began with the ones that look like larger raptors, but with horns on their foreheads. They balance strength and speed well, and will serve well as the core of my forces. When I have enough horned raptors, I will add some of the giants.

Maybe then I'll finally have the strength to find a way home.

Mei Yin Note #12 (The Island)

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
TranslationI am living on an island. Worse, a cursed island.

When I managed to tame a great spined lizard and a giant raptor, I left the jungle to find a way out of these treacherous lands, but I soon found myself travelling in circles. Worse still, I'm told that a magical barrier prevents ships from sailing too far from the shore, and birds from flying too high to leave the island. It was never a matter of strength. There is no path home at all.

Wuzhui seems to sense my unease. These days, I often wake to find him nestled beside me. At least I am not trapped here alone.

Mei Yin Note #13 (The Island)

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
TranslationI laughed for the first time in weeks today. A man from a small tribe of fisherman sought to hire me, but he didn't call me by my name. He called me the "Beast Queen of the Jungle". I could not keep a straight face.

I suppose I understand the title. Since my failed expedition, I have staked out a small swath of land to live on more permanently, and the locals know it as my pack's hunting ground. Still, I'm hardly a queen. My "castle" is little more than a shack. I'd rather be called a queen than a mercenary though, so I may as well embrace it.

Mei Yin Note #14 (The Island)

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
TranslationI wonder what father would think of me now. Would he be proud of me when I march off to battle? I know he wanted a son. That's why he trained me in secret. Would he accept a Beast Queen instead? Mother wouldn't approve. The other villagers were too desperate to care about my gender when I joined the fight against the Turbans, but mother never forgave me. She wouldn't even look at me now.

Should I mind?

Those were Mei-Yin's parents, from Mei-Yin's life, and sometimes I wonder if that life was even real. Maybe I was always a beast, and never a woman.

Mei Yin Note #15 (The Island)

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
TranslationI have finally found a beast that I cannot command. No, to call him a beast is not enough. He is a demon.

I was stalking a pair of giant raptors, waiting for an opportunity to bring them into my pack, when he tore through the treeline to steal their kill. He dwarfed even the giant raptors in size, and in fury he surely has no equal in this world. When his foes bit at him, his eyes glowed with hatred and he struck with renewed vigor.

I have never seen such terror. Even I dare not challenge this creature. If I am the Beast Queen, then he is the Demon King.

Mei Yin Note #16 (The Island)

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
TranslationA woman named Helena arrived at my camp yesterday, though not to hire me. She said that she was a scholar studying the creatures on this island, and that she wanted to observe my beasts. I turned her away at first, not trusting her intentions. How could I? What mad fool would bother with scholarly pursuits in a place like this? Yet she persisted, and in time I was convinced of her honesty.

I don't know if I made the right decision. Helena is constantly asking strange questions. Why does she need to know so much about my beasts' feces and mating behavior? What a bizarre person.

Mei Yin Note #17 (The Island)

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
TranslationWhen Helena arrived, I was constantly glancing in her direction, wondering just what she was scribbling in that thick book of hers. Now I hardly notice her unless we're speaking. The questions haven't stopped, but thankfully they aren't always about things like animal feces. Sometimes we just talk about something simple, like cooking. Neither of us are very good at it, but together we've managed to make a few things that tasted better than plain meat.

Yet before long, my territory will be silent once more. Helena says she has to move on, and war is brewing in the south. Someone will need my sword very soon.

Mei Yin Note #18 (The Island)

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
TranslationThe war in the south is not an ordinary one. According to the member of the Painted Sharks that arrived to hire me, his tribe is fighting the New Legion. I admit, that gave me pause. They were formidable before, and they've grown even stronger since we last met. Yet I have grown stronger too, and the Sharks were clearly in desperate straights. I could not turn them away.

As I readied for war, I recalled a dream I had many months ago. I still don't believe in fate, but maybe this is my nature. On this island, maybe I can actually be like Lieutenant Guan.

Mei Yin Note #19 (The Island)

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
TranslationMy beasts are precisely what the Sharks lacked. Most of their martial strength lies at sea. On land, they lacked a unit with the ferocity of a true vanguard. Without that, they could merely withstand the Legion's siege, not break it. That changed when my beasts crashed into the Legion's rear like a great wave.

I can still hear the cheers as the Legion fled. I can feel the echo of the emotion that swelled in my chest. If I could return home, I imagine that is what I would feel like. I won't dare forget it.

Mei Yin Note #20 (The Island)

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
TranslationSometimes I fear that I have grown fangs or horns without noticing. What else can explain the way others look at me? In battle the Sharks cheer me, but afterwards we rarely speak. I camp separately and only am summoned when it's time to discuss strategy. I do not understand.

Trust is rare on this island. I know that. But have I not bled in their defense? Have my beasts not died fighting their battles? Perhaps it's just the strain of war.

We're in Legion territory now, taking the battle to them. Soon the war will be won. Surely then the Sharks will not fear me.

Mei Yin Note #21 (The Island)

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
TranslationWhen anger rises, think of the consequences. I know this by heart, yet I cannot help but seethe with fury. Even Wuzhui is keeping his distance.

Last night, I awoke to the sound of thunder coming from the Shark's main camp. I rushed to their aid, but blinded by the night and consumed with panic, they attacked my pack. By the time order was restored, we'd both sustained losses.

Clearly this was the work of the enemy, but those fools blame me for the confusion. Some even claim I torched their camp. How dare they question my honor after all I've done? Cowards! They have no right!

Mei Yin Note #22 (The Island)

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
TranslationI should have foreseen this. Though I put my pride aside, those audacious Sharks could not. At their behest, I began the long trek back to my own territory this morning.

They say that they will finish the war without me. Doubtful. Without my pack at the van, the New Legion will surely smash them to pieces. But what can I do? I cannot protect them if they do not want my protection.

Will the Legion come for me afterwards? I cannot say, but if they do, I know that I will receive no aid. I must rely on my own strength, and right now I fear it insufficient.

I need to become stronger. I need the Demon King.

Mei Yin Note #23 (The Island)

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
TranslationHe is mine. After a mighty struggle, the power of the Demon King is now mine to unleash.

The cost was almost too great. I brought only my swiftest beasts on the hunt, hoping to run him in circles, but even still he managed to kill many of them. Were it not for Wuzhui, he may have killed me as well, but my Wuzhui is both swift and cunning. He knew exactly what distance to maintain, exactly when to retreat. No steed could prove more true.

Tomorrow I must begin acclimating the Demon King to life in my pack, but for tonight, I will allow myself to celebrate.

Mei Yin Note #24 (The Island)

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
TranslationI was wise to test the Demon King's hunting skills from atop one of my flying beasts. When he stumbled down a small rock formation, his eyes glowed with that familiar hatred and suddenly he proved deaf to my commands. In time, he calmed down and obeyed me once more, but it was a fearsome thing to witness.

I think I will keep him apart from the other beasts. Not only will it keep them safe, but it will calm their nerves. They have been tense since his arrival. I cannot blame them. The Demon King's power could save or doom us. I must use him with extreme care.

Mei Yin Note #25 (The Island)

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
TranslationAm I making a mistake? Maybe. The closer that great pillar of light gets on the horizon, the more my concern grows.

It is a gamble, no question. Helena said that she did not know if this pillar of light will behave like the other one. Yet if it does, if we are transported to some other plane to battle a monster for a mysterious key, then there's a chance that this could be the first step on the path home. If not that, then at least a path away from this island and the New Legion.

Technically Helena has hired me, but that small chance is payment enough. It's worth the risk.

I hope I am prepared.

Mei Yin Note #26 (The Island)

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
TranslationHad I let fear rule me and left the Demon King behind, then Helena and I would be dead. Only with his strength were we able to defeat the gigantic ape. His rage cost some of my pack their lives in the aftermath, but that was the price of victory. The price of hope.

The key we were rewarded with matches the one Helena already had. The means the third pillar must lead to a third key. And when combined? What then? It's uncertain, but if each pillar takes us somewhere, then maybe their combined power can take us anywhere.

Maybe it can take us home.

Mei Yin Note #27 (The Island)

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
TranslationDamn those New Legion cowards! At full strength, I could have fended them off, but they attacked just as we returned to the pillar of light. What beasts I had were exhausted, and the Demon King flew into a rage before I could start a retreat. When that happened, all hope was lost.

The last thing I remember is a sharp pain in my side. When I awoke, I was alone with Wuzhui. Both of us were covered in blood, but Wuzhui's wounds were deeper. I cannot fathom how he carried me to safety in such a state.

I must find a place to hide. Wuzhui and I are alone now, and barely clinging to hope.

Mei Yin Note #28 (The Island)

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
TranslationMy dearest friend is gone. To his last he was magnificent. The creatures that attacked us were larger and with his wounds they were even faster, but no beast could ever match Wuzhui in spirit. I buried him where he fell, saving me one last time.

I was unworthy of such a loyal friend, but I will avenge him. His true murderers will pay. Not the beasts, but the New Legion. They are responsible. I swear by the souls of my ancestors that I will find their leader and drive my blade into his heart! In Wuzhui's name I will take his head!

Mei Yin Note #29 (The Island)

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
TranslationAs I thought, the Legion was at the last pillar of light. I sighted them as they departed, and have been following them since. They are too many for me to fight head on. If they spot me, I will be killed, but I know how to hide from sight and mask my scent from their beasts.

It did not take long to discern which one was the leader. No one else walks with his pride or gestures with his authority. I could probably have hit him with an arrow by now, but I want him to see my face. I want him to know that the Beast Queen vanquished him.

Mei Yin Note #30 (The Island)

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
TranslationI soon regretted freeing Helena from her cage before following the Legion through the portal they opened. She was too focused on the wonders around us. When she saw that most of the Legion was dead, she even tried to dissuade me from killing their leader. I knocked her unconscious. I wish her no harm but I cannot let her interfere.

At least she told me his name - Nerva. That is the man I will kill here, on this most fitting stage. I admit, it is beautiful. The stars shine so clearly. I can think of no better place for my vengeance.

Here, at the edge of heaven, let our battle finally be decided.

Aberration Explorer Notes

Mei Yin Note #1 (Aberration)

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
TranslationWhere have I been taken? When I tried to pull my sword from that machine, there was a bright flash and suddenly I was in this desolate place. Whatever that device was, I must have broken it.

Nerva's corpse travelled with me, blood still seeping from the wound I left in his chest. Despite what he's done, part of me thinks that I should bury him. He was a tyrant, but he still died a warrior's death.

For now, I will bandage the wound on my face and rest. It is night here, and it will be safer to explore in the light of day.

Mei Yin Note #2 (Aberration)

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
TranslationI was fortunate today. The sun was rising as I finished bandaging my wounds, and had I not glanced at it, I would never have seen Nerva's body. It was three hundred paces away, right where I left it, and it was smoldering. The sunlight was burning it.

I remembered a cave that I had spotted earlier, and ran for it as fast as I could. My legs ached and smoke was rising from my armor by the time I arrived, yet I was still alive.

So now the sun was trying to kill me. Perhaps I was delirious, but I laughed at the notion. Monsters and armies have failed, so let the sun have its chance. I will defeat it too.

Mei Yin Note #3 (Aberration)

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
TranslationYesterday, I realized that I could rest no longer. I had no more spare cloth for bandages and had eaten nearly all the moss nearby. Rather than risk the heat of the sun on the surface, I ventured deeper into the caverns.

It was a treacherous descent, but I am glad I went. This cave is larger than I could have imagined. In fact, it is hardly a cave at all. A great forest flourishes down here. It is as if this whole land is backwards.

However, there is one thing that is familiar to me. The air is thick with the sound and smell of wild beasts. I must remain on my guard.

Mei Yin Note #4 (Aberration)

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
TranslationThe light down here does not burn like the light on the surface, even the light that comes from the ceiling. I do not understand why, but I am glad for it.

I was attacked by a pack of small monsters with spines on their backs. In another life, they would have terrified me, but now I fear no beast. I slew many of them, but more kept appearing. Even after killing the largest of them, they did not hesitate.

Only when I neared a strange, glowing pillar did they retreat. They seem to fear the unusual light it emits. I should use that weakness against them.

Mei Yin Note #5 (Aberration)

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
TranslationI finally removed the bandages from my face. While I avoided infection, the wound will surely scar. I do not mind, and neither does my new companion.

In fact, I had just removed my bandages when I first saw him. From the branch of a great tree, he stared down at me with curious eyes. I stared back just as curiously. It looked almost like a young deer, but its fur was colorful and it glowed like a fallen star. He reminded me of the paintings I'd seen of Qilin, but he seemed too small.

Whatever he is, he approached me so innocently that I could not leave him behind. So now he is Xiao, my little light in the dark.

Mei Yin Note #6 (Aberration)

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
TranslationNavigating the forest has been easier with Xiao at my side. His light has both guided and protected me. The small, spined monsters that I fought before returned in numbers, but they cowered and fled before Xiao's light, as they did from the glowing pillar. So long as Xiao is with me, I need not fear them.

Yet Xiao's power is not an endless well. If he does not periodically extinguish his light to rest, it will fade with time on its own. I must be careful when wandering into the darkest parts of this forest, lest Xiao's light go out and we are both put at risk.

Mei Yin Note #7 (Aberration)

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
TranslationEven with Xiao's help, I can only do so much on foot. I need a reliable steed that can carry me swiftly through the forest and help me gather resources. Fortunately, I may have found such a beast.

The other night, I heard many howls in the distance. When I investigated, I found a pack of strange beasts that looked like hairless wolves. They are ugly, vicious creatures but they are the perfect size for riding.

For now, I shall stalk the pack. When one of the wolves is separated from the others, then I will knock it out with my arrows, and claim it for my own.

Mei Yin Note #8 (Aberration)

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
TranslationI have named my wolf Shi, for he is so black that he seems to swallow all the light around him. No beast can replace Wuzhui, but Shi is swift and fierce. Upon his back, I can travel across the forest with ease.

Yet I know that Shi alone is not enough. In these lands, the strong will dominate the weak, and they will try to destroy those who do not submit. I am reminded of this every time my scar aches. To survive I must grow stronger. It is time to rebuild my army.

Mei Yin Note #9 (Aberration)

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
TranslationYesterday, I stalked a giant shelled beast, with large claws that it could use like hands. Though slow, it seemed strong. I decided it would be a good addition to my army, but before I could attempt to bring it down, something swooped down from the sky to attack it.

It was a great lizard, but not one like the ones I had seen before. No, this beast was a true dragon, long of body with a feathery mane. It used the feathers on its arms to ride the wind and tore its prey's shell asunder with iron claws. When it was finished with its meal, it scaled the cavern wall and became one with the shadows, vanishing entirely from my sight.

I have found my new prey. Soon, I shall command the might of a dragon.

Mei Yin Note #10 (Aberration)

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
TranslationThe dragon was even more formidable than I expected. At first, Shi was able to dance around the beast while I riddled it with arrows, but I underestimated how far its feathered arms could take it. Its sudden leap left Shi's leg wounded and I was flung from the saddle.

The crippled wolf did not last long after that, and I only survived myself by taking to the trees. By the time the dragon succumbed to my knockout poison, its hide was full of arrows.

I buried Shi where he fell. Though he did not serve me long, he did so loyally. Thanks to him, I possess the strength of a dragon. I am the Beast Queen once more.

Mei Yin Note #11 (Aberration)

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
TranslationTravelling through the cave is easy thanks to my dragon, who I have named Ao Yue. I have discovered that the cave is even larger than I imagined. Beyond the forest, there are tunnels that lead further down into the earth, to a land of glistening water and plants that glow like Xiao does.

How far down does it go? If I keep going, will I find the end of the world? I do not know, but I will press on. I cannot return home, or even to the island I came from. My enemy lies dead far behind me, and I have found no friends or allies. I have no aim beyond simply surviving. So for now, all I can do is move forward.

Mei Yin Note #12 (Aberration)

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
TranslationThe beasts of this land grow stranger the deeper I go. Yesterday I was attacked by a swarm of flying demons with writhing tentacles in place of heads. I think they were after Xiao. Where some monsters feared his light, these ones hungered for it.

However, they were no match for Ao Yue's fangs and my blade together. Still, I will keep Xiao close and have him extinguish his light for now. I could not bear it if he came to harm. Of everyone I have met in these lands, only Xiao has stayed by my side of his own will. Even Wuzhui had to be laid low first.

I suppose there was that woman from the island too, but she is gone. Besides, I struck her. I doubt we were friends

Mei Yin Note #13 (Aberration)

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
TranslationI am not alone in these caves after all. The footprints I found today belonged to no beast, that much is certain.

Yet if humans left those footprints, they move like no one I have ever seen. They are deep, as though their feet hit the ground with great force, and they often have huge gaps between them. No man can leap that far, yet there are no beast tracks that accompany them.

Perhaps if I move carefully, I can track and observe them. Whether they are friend or foe, I should learn more about them before I act.

Mei Yin Note #14 (Aberration)

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
TranslationWhere did I make my mistake? I moved in silence and never once left the shadows, but somehow they saw me. I mounted Ao Yue in an instant, but somehow they still caught up to me.

Had we fought, the battle may have been difficult. There were only four of them and I had Ao Yue, but their weapons and armor glowed like moonlight and their movements were swift.

I was about to strike first when one of them raised her hands and took off her helmet, revealing a human face and hair the color of sunset. She convinced her friends to lower their weapons, but even as I write, I keep one hand on mine. We may share a camp tonight, but I dare not sleep.

Mei Yin Note #15 (Aberration)

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
TranslationThe armored ones had many questions when they awoke. They were surprised that I had raised Ao Yue myself, and even more surprised that I came from a different land of monsters. That seemed important to them.

I asked questions too. They say it is their armor that lets them see at night and move with such speed. I did not believe it until the orange haired woman let me wear her helmet. With it I could see through darkness as though it were bathed in green light, or see the red shadows of distant creatures. It was like magic.

They asked if I wanted to stay in their village for a time. I doubt I will stay long...but I want to see more of this magic.

Mei Yin Note #16 (Aberration)

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
TranslationThis village is as strange as the armor its residents wear. They use tools containing light and sleep in glowing metal cases. They offered one to me, but I refused. I have slept outside with Ao Yue and Xiao instead. I have no desire to sleep in something that looks like a coffin.

They claim that their tools are not magic, but machines. I do not understand how that is possible. On the island, there were many weapons and tools that were new to me, but they were made of real things. How does one touch light, much less shape it?

It is wondrous and beautiful, but I wish I understood it. I will have to try harder.

Mei Yin Note #17 (Aberration)

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
TranslationIt is no use. These machines are beyond my comprehension I cannot even make the simplest of their tools work properly. Compared to this, training with a spear or sword seems simple.

I have tried to earn my keep by helping with chores and other tasks, but I usually get in the way or slow things down. Compared to the others, I am like a child, and they treat me as such.

This was a mistake. I belong in the forest with the beasts, not among these people in their glowing metal halls. I will ask them for supplies and depart within the week.

Mei Yin Note #18 (Aberration)

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
TranslationI asked the woman with orange hair if I could take some supplies when I left, but she refused to do so for free. She said if I wanted the supplies, I had to try to use their armor first. It seemed like a trick, but I wanted to try the armor anyway, so I accepted.

If I have been tricked, then I have never been so glad to be fooled. When I am in that armor, my blood dances in my veins and I can feel the world around me. It is as if I was asleep for my whole life, and I only awoke when I put the armor on.

I cannot leave after feeling that, not until I at least master the armor. Perhaps then, but not now.

Mei Yin Note #19 (Aberration)

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
TranslationDiscretion is the key to the armor. When I started, I would leap further than I intended, turn too sharply or grip objects too tightly. Now I am in complete control. I could scale a mountain while carrying an egg and never break it, but also smash stone or fight a beast bare handed.

Once I got used to the armor, my experience as a warrior helped me learn quickly. I can already outpace Juzi in a race and beat her in the sparring ring. I try to go easy on her now. She helped me a lot so I do not wish to shame her.

I should call her by her proper name too, but Diana sounds too serious for a woman that laughs so much. Juzi fits her better. She doesn't mind it, but I don't think she knows I've named her after an orange.

Mei Yin Note #20 (Aberration)

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
TranslationThree days ago, I was asked to help the villagers obtain a clutch of dragon eggs. Only then did it occur to me that they did not have many creatures at their command. They relied far more on their tools. Perhaps this is why they were so impressed with Ao Yue.

The hunt went well. I had to do much of the work and explain many things, but the others were grateful. It also let me test the limits of my armor. By now, using it is no different to me than wielding a sword, and I welcomed the challenge.

After the hunt, no one treats me like a child anymore, even when their tools confuse me. I suppose we all have different things that we excel at.

Mei Yin Note #21 (Aberration)

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
TranslationI have turned into something of a stable master. The others are still unused to the presence of so many beasts, and have to be taught how to care for them. It is a lot of work, but I do not mind. It has been comforting to be around so many beasts again.

I have also taught them some lessons in close quarters combat. While their weapons are powerful, most of these people are not warriors. They have not tasted war. Juzi claims she was a soldier, but that she fought by flying metal ships through the clouds. She says she will show me how if we ever escape these caves. I doubt it, but it is nice to imagine.

Mei Yin Note #22 (Aberration)

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
TranslationJuzi has finally convinced me to start sleeping in the metal pods the others use. I must admit, I slept more soundly, though perhaps that was because I knew she could no longer pester me about it.

I do many things like the other villagers now. I eat like them, I dress like them, and I work with them. I still struggle with their tools and I know that I can never truly be one of them, but that was true during the Yellow Turban Rebellion too. Those who I fought beside were my comrades, but I could never be a true soldier like they were. If that is my place in this village, then I do not mind staying for a while longer. It is not so bad.

Mei Yin Note #23 (Aberration)

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
TranslationI must move quickly. The tribe sent a party into the depths of the caverns, where rivers of violet fire flow freely and nothing grows. They sought something important, something that could help the whole village, but they have not returned.

There is no response when we call for them through our messenger boxes. The other villagers fear them lost to the terrible demons that lurk there. I refuse to believe that. Juzi is with them.

I have equipped Ao Yue with armor and weapons like my own, and donned armor that will protect me from the violet fire. Whatever beasts or demons lie in our path, we will destroy them utterly, and bring Juzi's team back.

Mei Yin Note #24 (Aberration)

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
TranslationThis is a place of death. The ground is scarred and barren, and there is no light or movement save that of the violet fire. Even Ao Yue does not seem to like it. The living should not tread here.

Why would Juzi come here? What was so important that she would risk this place, and why would she not tell me? Whatever the reason, it has already cost some of her teammates their lives. I found their bodies earlier today, mangled and partially devoured beside the remains of their beasts. Thankfully Juzi was not among them.

Great towers of crystal loom ahead, where the violet fire has frozen solid. Perhaps she has found shelter there.

Mei Yin Note #25 (Aberration)

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
TranslationI shall have to find whoever forged this gun and thank them with all my heart. Its strength saved the day.

With my weapon's enhanced sight, I spotted two survivors running from a huge monster, but a crystal formation stood in my way. Rather than go around it, I sent Ao Yue ahead and fired through it. My aim was true, and the demon reeled. By the time it recovered, Ao Yue was upon it, and we finished it together.

I knew one of the survivors was Juzi when she ran up to hug me. I am unused to such gestures, but I think she understood how grateful I was for her safety. Her teammate is wounded, but alive. With rest, he will survive.

Mei Yin Note #26 (Aberration)

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
TranslationEven now, I cannot convince Juzi to leave. I even tried using her real name, Diana, to show her I was serious, but she will not hear it. She says the plans she was looking for are too important, but what could be worth what happened to her teammate?

It was disgusting. He started spasming in the middle of the night, and then a smaller version of the monster that was attacking them burst from his chest and tore out his heart. Blood and bone sprayed everywhere, and I was too stunned to act until it leaped at me. Fortunately I was able to hold it off until Juzi could shoot it.

Whatever we are seeking, I fear we will face even worse dangers to obtain it.

Mei Yin Note #27 (Aberration)

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
TranslationJuzi said that the item she sought was in some ruins not far from where we were camped. However, when she called them ruins, I had not expected to see buildings like the ones in our own village. It was puzzling, to see buildings that looked at once ancient and new.

I had little time to dwell on the ruins, for we were quickly set upon by more of the great demons. They rushed us, slobbering and gnashing as Juzi scrambled to find what she was looking for. I was able to hold them off with Ao Yue's cannons, but by the time Juzi found her prize, we were being overrun.

To my shame, I had to leave Ao Yue behind to hold the demons off while we escaped. It pained me to hear his roars as we fled, but his sacrifice saved our lives. Forgive me, my loyal friend.

Mei Yin Note #28 (Aberration)

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
TranslationWithout Ao Yue, we had to move cautiously. Another battle with the demons could prove fatal, but we managed to avoid their sight. All that was left was the climb.

With no mount, we had to use climbing picks to slowly make our way upwards. It was a long and treacherous ascent, and we both nearly fell several times. Fortunately, we were there to catch and support each other, and through our combined strength, we safely reached the caverns above.

After the climb, we lay there for a long time. I cannot remember if we laughed or cried. Perhaps both. Juzi says that the item she found could help the entire village, but I do not care. I am just so glad we are both still alive.

Mei Yin Note #29 (Aberration)

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
TranslationWe received a hero's welcome when we limped back to the village. The others say that Juzi's treasure will help complete a magic door that can take us out of this place. They speak of escape and of returning home.

That should excite me more. I used to long for those things, yet what comforts me most is that when they speak of their future, they include me in it. I am finally one of them, not as a mercenary or out of desperation, but because I am wanted.

I owe it to Juzi, I think. No, to Diana. She trusted me before anyone else. I will not forget that.

Mei Yin Note #30 (Aberration)

NoteMeiYin.png [Incomplete transcription.]
~ Mei Yin
TranslationI have been thinking of home lately. It is so far away now. I think that perhaps, it is out of reach. Even if the others can complete their magic door, I do not think I will ever see it again.

I can accept that now. I can move past it. I have a new home now, I think, and while I am still not used to its oddities, I feel as though it is mine. Each day I grow more adept with the tools here, and more used to my routine. It has become normal to me.

And now that this place is my home, I swear that no harm will come to it. I shall protect it with my life.

John Dahkeya

John Dahkeya is a gang leader and robber turned lawman. He appears to be an Apache Native American (at least in part) from the 19th century "Wild West" Texas/Arizona territorys, mostly likely around the 1880s to be more specific.

Scorched Earth Explorer Notes

Dahkeya Note #1 (Scorched Earth)

NoteDahkeya.png Old habits die hard. I suppose I'm living proof.

I woke up stark naked who knows where with who knows what lodged in my arm, but just weeks later and I’m already back to robbing folks at gunpoint. This place may not be Texas or the Arizona Territory, but I’m the same John Dahkeya.

I don’t know why that makes me restless. I didn’t mind this life before, but then I didn’t exactly choose it. I just stumbled into it, or at least that’s what I told myself. So much for that. Maybe this is just who I am.
~ John Dahkeya

Dahkeya Note #2 (Scorched Earth)

NoteDahkeya.png Sometimes the pennies a man won’t part with willingly are worth less than the words he’ll share with any stranger. Some of my new partners don’t see that.

Blondie’s particularly blind to it. He’s always looking for an excuse to pull the trigger, and he’s stubborn as hell. He even still gets mad we call him Blondie, as if any of us can pronounce that name of his.

But if Blondie were calling the shots, that hunter wouldn’t have told us about the group gathering to the southeast, and they’ll have a lot more for the taking than animal hides.
~ John Dahkeya

Dahkeya Note #3 (Scorched Earth)

NoteDahkeya.png I can’t believe how easy this was. There weren’t many guards here to begin with, and the few they’ve got are more likely to shoot you a smile than a bullet. We just walked right in.

The settlement is even bigger than we expected. It’s impressive, protection aside. Everyone working together to build their own little paradise, not that it’ll last. If you ask them, they’ll credit their leader, a woman called Raia.

The others have spread out to find where the supplies are stored, but I’m feeling curious. Maybe I’ll go find this mystery woman. Might be interesting.
~ John Dahkeya

Dahkeya Note #4 (Scorched Earth)

NoteDahkeya.png I don’t know what brought me to this desert. My old man would say it was the spirits of our ancestors. Other folks might say God. Whatever it was, after talking to that woman, I realize now that I’ve been wasting what it’s given to me.

I have no history here. There are no posters showing off my sneering face, no posses hunting me. I can be any man I choose. So today, I’m making a choice – the folks here don’t deserve to be robbed. What they deserve is protection, and I’m the man to protect them.

Hell, maybe they’ll even call me Sheriff.
~ John Dahkeya

Dahkeya Note #5 (Scorched Earth)

NoteDahkeya.png Blondie didn't approve of my decision. I've never been very good at persuasion, so I let my pistol make my case. The others saw it my way after that.

Convincing Raia was a lot less trouble. She knew the settlement's guards weren't exactly the cream of the crop, and that if I'd wanted trouble, I'd have already made it. When Raia talks, people listen. I can tell that much from watching her, but in a lawless place like this, words aren't enough. It didn't take long for us to come to terms.

Well, I suppose I'd better inspect the troops. Maybe a few of them can shoot.
~ John Dahkeya

Dahkeya Note #6 (Scorched Earth)

NoteDahkeya.png Now I know how the old man felt while he was teaching me how to hunt. We stopped seeing eye to eye even before I left the tribe, but I'll always thank him for the time he spent telling me the same damn things over and over again. Must have drove him wold inside, but he never showed it.

Hasn't been easy to imitate that patience. Half of this sorry bunch is green as grass, and the half that isn't would rather hold a spear than a gun. At least they're improving, even if it's at the speed of molasses.

Her highness stops by on occasion, but thankfully it's just for a gander. This'd be even harder with distractions.
~ John Dahkeya

Dahkeya Note #7 (Scorched Earth)

NoteDahkeya.png My patchwork posse had their first real test today. Some of our gatherers ran into those big lizards a few miles west of the village, and one of them managed to come call for help. Luckily the others had tucked themselves away in an outcropping and we got everyone back safe and sound.

Well, except for the Frenchman. He forgot that when you shoot at those big bastards, they'll shoot right back. Took them hours to get those barbs out of his arm.

When we got back, I think I heard the words thank you more than any other day in my life. I didn't real know what to say in return.
~ John Dahkeya

Dahkeya Note #8 (Scorched Earth)

NoteDahkeya.png The townsfolk may be grateful for my protection, but that doesn't mean they like me. I don't mind. If they're looking for social graces, they ought to find her highness.

Raia hates that nickname. She thinks I'm calling her stuck up, and I suppose I am. Just a little. Can't imagine the woman's hands ever saw callus before she got here.

That's not the whole of it, though. Take this business with that tower. She's got folks from all sorts of places praying to the dam* thing, and she never really asked them to. They just want to follow her lead. It's like she's wearing an invisible crown. Can't decide wether that's comforting or concerning.
~ John Dahkeya

Dahkeya Note #9 (Scorched Earth)

NoteDahkeya.png My band of misfit lawmen may finally be coming together. It's been a whole week since someone shot themselves in the leg or pissed their britches over a raptor. Maybe I'll finally be able to get some decent shut eye.

Probably too much to hope for. Every day, Nosti grows a little bigger and I have a few more problems to solve. These giant bugs from the other day, for example. Found two of them playing around with a pickaxe a few miles north of the river. I've never heard of any animals using tools, not outside of the legends the elders used to tell about Big Owl and Coyote. Doesn't seem natural.
~ John Dahkeya

Dahkeya Note #10 (Scorched Earth)

NoteDahkeya.png Something damaged a water pipe outside of town yesterday, and when a crew went to repair it, they were attacked by a whole mess of mantises. My boys and I drove them off, but we were too late to save the engineers.

I know it sounds crazy, but I think those mantises cut through that pipe on purpose to draw us out. If I'm right, then I'm more concerned about them than anything.

In the stories about Big Owl and Coyote, Big Owl was the huge, scary one, but Coyote was more dangerous because he was clever. He'd trick man and monster alike, and everyone feared him. I never believed those stories, but I sure remember the lesson.
~ John Dahkeya

Dahkeya Note #11 (Scorched Earth)

NoteDahkeya.png I was worried that Raia would fight some of the new precautions my boys have been taking, but I guess I've earned a looser leash. I suppose I ought to lay off the "highness" talk then. Seems only fair.

The other day we even shot the breeze a little. First time we've talked about something besides what needs doing. Seems we're both a little worn out.

Unlike me, she's used to being respectable and responsible, but being in charge means everyone wants your time and attention.

This place hasn't been easy on either of us or anyone else, but I'm still kicking so far. Come what may, I don't plan on stopping.
~ John Dahkeya

Dahkeya Note #12 (Scorched Earth)

NoteDahkeya.png Something like this was bound to happen one day. The bigger the town gets, the more value Raia has to it, and what happens to valuable things? People try to steal them.

It wasn't a bad idea, holding her for ransom like that. Too bad for those raiders this is my town.

I picked most of them off with a rifle as they tried to force her onto a pack animal, and my men finished a few others as they fled. One tried surrendering, but I had to send a message. If you pull a stunt like that in my goddamn town, you wont get any mercy. Not a single shred of it.
~ John Dahkeya

Dahkeya Note #13 (Scorched Earth)

NoteDahkeya.png That woman's got some nerve. I save her hide and the next day, Raia's scolding me for putting down a "defenseless" kidnapper. Hardly even thanked me first.

What did she expect me to do? Give him free room and board for the rest of his days? Let him go so he can tell every bandit in the desert how soft we are?

I told her that if she didn't like the way I protected her then she can protect herself. Should have kept my damn mouth shut. Now I'm stuck teaching her how to shoot three times a week. Gonna be at it forever, too. She couldn't hit a bison's äss from five paces.
~ John Dahkeya

Dahkeya Note #14 (Scorched Earth)

NoteDahkeya.png I do believe that my pupil is the first dead eye Egyptian priestess the world's ever seen. It took a few months but Raia's too stubborn to quit.

I shouldn't have been so hard on her. Trying to keep your faith and traditions in a dog eat dog world isn't easy. HeIl I couldn't even do it myself, and that was before giant lizards were looking to take a bite out of my backside.

During one lesson, she told me this story about how her goddess had a nice side and a nasty one. I think she meant something else, but the way I see it we're the goddess. She's nice, I'm nasty, and we keep each other in check.
~ John Dahkeya

Dahkeya Note #15 (Scorched Earth)

NoteDahkeya.png Even after all this time in Nasti, I have trouble sleeping in the same bed every night. Sometimes I'll just toss and turn until I give up and go to sleep beneath the stars.

Hell, I'm not sure we ever slept in (the) same spot twice back in the Russo gang. Thought I'd live that way forever, wild and free like Doc Russo. Probably die guns blazing like him too. Sounded better to me than withering away with the rest of my tribe as the world passed us by.

I don't think Doc would recognize me now. I'm not the "Apache nephew" he taught to read and shoot. Matter of fact, if he were here, I'd probably have to shoot him.
~ John Dahkeya

Dahkeya Note #16 (Scorched Earth)

NoteDahkeya.png I expected those mantises to come back, but not like this. They came at the village from two sides at the same time, and the way they moved... they were more coordinated than any wolf pack. They worked together like men would.

Took nearly half a day to fend them off, and they didn't leave us without scars. If attacks like this become common, we're going to be in a heap of trouble, so I've decided to round up my best men to track these monsters down. We've got to at least find out where they're coming from.
~ John Dahkeya

Dahkeya Note #17 (Scorched Earth)

NoteDahkeya.png We've been tracking these damn things for ages. I can't believe the traveled so far just to attack us. Something like that has to be deliberate. I already knew these bugs were smart, but if they're that determined to kill us, then we've got to wipe them out here and now.

That's easier said than done. There's a whole mess of them here. Can't say I've heard of any mantises living in a group like this, but I'm no expert when it comes to animals. Certainly not in this crazy place.

At any rate, I've got to come up with some kind of plan. Shooting them one by one won't do the trick.
~ John Dahkeya

Dahkeya Note #18 (Scorched Earth)

NoteDahkeya.png I'm glad I decided to take Sasha with me. The Russian showed up in Nosty less than a month ago, but she already knew her way around a gun. Says she learned it in a place called Gru. Never heard of it, but apperently they teach you all sorts of tricks there like how to make bombs more powerful than dynamite.

The caves the mantises are holed up in are filled with sulfur, so if we set Sasha's bombs in the right spot, we should be able to wipe them all out at once...provided we can shoot our way in and out without becoming mantis chow.

Well "Captain," time to earn your title.
~ John Dahkeya

Dahkeya Note #19 (Scorched Earth)

NoteDahkeya.png I can't recall the journey back to town, but I remember the caverns. The mantises didn't take too kindly to our intrusion. Took half my men with them before we blew them to hell.

Well, most of them. One came at us while we were celebrating and I pushed Sasha out of the way like a damn fool. Nearly got myself skewered.

Now Raia's got me all cooped up until I finish recovering. Threatened to tie me to the bed if I tried to leave. I'd probably drive myself nuts if she didn't keep me company so often. She was even here when I first woke up. I admit, I was glad to see the sight.
~ John Dahkeya

Dahkeya Note #20 (Scorched Earth)

NoteDahkeya.png How long have I wanted this? I can't place it exactly, but it feels like I always have. I suppose that's how I know it's right.

It's not just that Raia's beautiful. I've known beautiful women before, but I never got the same feeling when I looked at them. I never felt this at home around them, or anyone for that matter. What happened between us when I was stuck in that room, it wasn't a heat of the moment decision. At least I don't think.

All I know is that now, I don't mind sleeping in the same bed every night. Not anymore.
~ John Dahkeya

Dahkeya Note #21 (Scorched Earth)

NoteDahkeya.png Maybe I should change my name again. Seems fitting. I started calling myself John about a week after joining up with Doc Russo. The others never called me Dahkeya anyway, so I figured they may as well call me by a name I chose myself.

That was part of it, but I think that deep down, I also knew that the boy who earned the name Dahkeya was gone for good. Now I think the outlaw named John Dahkeya is gone too, so it would make sense to call myself something else.

Then again, that may just confuse folks. Probably not worth the hassle. Besides, I kind of like the way it sounds with an Egyptian accent.
~ John Dahkeya

Dahkeya Note #22 (Scorched Earth)

NoteDahkeya.png Things have been quiet for a while now. Downright pleasant, even. At least, that was the case until one of our hunting parties went missing about five days ago. Well they're not missing anymore, at least what's left of them.

We scoured every inch of their camp and still can't figure out who attacked them. There aren't many prints from animals, and what ones we found aren't like any creature I've seen. There are scorch marks aplenty, though. Maybe it was a group of raiders with some of those new, flame spewing weapons that I've heard tell about?

Whoever it was, I'll see it to it that they live just long enough to regret it.
~ John Dahkeya

Dahkeya Note #23 (Scorched Earth)

NoteDahkeya.png We finally tracked down our culprit this morning, and damn was he one big, mean son of a gun. He had wings like a bat, a head like lizard and spat fire from his mouth. I've never seen anything like it, not even here. Fortunately, anything will die if you put enough bullets in its head.

One of my men called it a wyvern, but he'd never actually seen one before. Said it was just a legend. No one in town had seen one either.

So where'd it come from? Did it just suddenly fly here from parts unknown? This whole affair doesn't sit right with me. Gives me a bad feeling.
~ John Dahkeya

Dahkeya Note #24 (Scorched Earth)

NoteDahkeya.png Folks have been spotting a lot more of these wyvern creatures, and they're not just throwing fire every which way, either. Some spit lightning or acid.

On top of that, those big pillars are acting funny. I checked with Sasha, since she doesn't buy into that Hathor business, and she sees it too. It's making me restless. Between this and the mantises, it's starting to feel like this place wants us gone.

I know that can't be right. There were no spirits of the land to stop the frontiersman back home, and there are none here. Still, I should talk to Raia. If that tower's dangerous, she shouldn't be worshipping it.
~ John Dahkeya

Dahkeya Note #25 (Scorched Earth)

NoteDahkeya.png I shouldn't have expected her to listen. Raia's kept her faith this long, so there was no way a few wyverns and a talking to were going to change that, even if that talking to came from me.

Still, I'm not about to take any chances. Whether it's wyverns, mantises or giant towers, nothing's harming this town and it's especially not harming her. Her prayer groups are getting extra guards and I don't care if she likes it.

I expect she won't. In fact, I'll probably have to sleep under the stars for the for the next few nights. Oh well. I suppose that's what you'd call a "long-term investment".
~ John Dahkeya

Dahkeya Note #26 (Scorched Earth)

NoteDahkeya.png For all my caution, I could have never prepared for this.

Yesterday, the towers started flashing and glowing like a damn lightning storm. When I saw that, I saddled up one of our cats and went to find Raia as fast as I could. Within minutes, the ground was crumbling beneath us, like the land was trying to swallow the Nosti whole.

Once I swung Raia up onto the saddle, I had to ride like a man possessed, our cat leaping across broken buildings as they slipped into the ground. Even then we barely made it, but we're the only ones. I spotted Sasha hanging onto a ledge as we escaped, but I couldn't get to him in time.

We're all that's left.
~ John Dahkeya

Dahkeya Note #27 (Scorched Earth)

NoteDahkeya.png I wish I were better with words. I just don't know what to tell Raia after all that's happened. A loss like that is always going to ache, but nothing I do or say seems to ease the hurt at all. You know things are ugly when I'm the optimistic one.

For now, I've just got to keep us focused on staying alive, step by step. We're going back to the basics: finding water, finding food and finding shelter. This snaggletoothed cat and I are all she's got left, and that means I've got to be steady for her. Somehow, we'll make it through this.
~ John Dahkeya

Dahkeya Note #28 (Scorched Earth)

NoteDahkeya.png So far so good. The cat has helped keep the critters away, so I've conserved ammunition, and we're all stocked up on supplies. For the immediate future, I'd say we're safe and secure.

Further than "immediate" though? I'm not so sure. Neither of us are builders, and there are bigger, tougher animals than long-toothed cats out there. Eventually we'll need to find some new friends. Nosti was the biggest settlement in the desert, but it couldn't have been the only one.

I'd heard rumors that a hunting party had seen some buildings to the west. Sounds like as good a place to start as any.
~ John Dahkeya

Dahkeya Note #29 (Scorched Earth)

NoteDahkeya.png Damn it all to hell! I had everything under control. We were going to make it, but I just had to go searching for that town. What a stupid, bone-headed decision!

It's not that the rumor was wrong. There are buildings, all right: crumbling, abandoned buildings that are half-buried in sand...and home to a group of damned wyverns that attacked us on the way in. We managed to give them the slip by taking shelter in this big, circular building, but they've been circling it ever since.

We've got enough supplies for nearly a week. Hopefully they'll lose interest before we start to run dry.
~ John Dahkeya

Dahkeya Note #30 (Scorched Earth)

NoteDahkeya.png The wyverns haven't left. They're fixated on us. Well if they want me so bad, they'll get it. I'm not foolhardy enough to fight them on my own, but I can at least insist that Raia take our mount. If things go south, then she'll have a chance to run.

Raia, if that happens and you're reading this, don't go crying on my account. The time we've had is more than I could have hoped for. Besides, it'd be downright selfish of me to keep you to myself when you've got so much to offer the world.

As for me, I've only got one true talent, and those ugly, overgrown lizards will find out just what that is when I drag them to hell.
~ John Dahkeya


Raia is a priestess from Ancient Egypt. Her notes are written in hieroglyphs.

Scorched Earth Explorer Tablets

Raia Tablet #1 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRaia.png [Egyptian hieroglyphs]
~ Raia
Translation[Left Pane]
Even at this distance the great Obelisk is beautiful. It is like a pillar of Amun-Ra's light given solid form. I wish we could have made our camp right beside it but the others thought that might draw unwanted attention. At least we are close enough to be in its shadow and drink from the river that runs beneath it.
[Right Pane]
I always face it when I pray to Hathor and though i can feel the scepticism in my companions' gazes, my faith is unshaken, for it was my faith that guided us here to this place rich with water and resources. All agree it is the ideal location for a settlement. Wherever we are the gods are watching over us I know it.

Raia Tablet #2 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRaia.png [Egyptian hieroglyphs]
~ Raia
Translation[Left Pane]
Construction has been going well. None of us are architects, but we have been adjusting to our roles.

[Middle Pane]
Girisha's broad shoulders and a booming laugh conceal a keen mind, and we started making better progress once I convinced him to stop hauling rocks and start drawing up plans that let Amir focus on starting a garden where he is more at home.

[Right Pane]
I have focused on trying to keep us organized and maintaining our spirits myself. I wish I could do more, sadly while a priestess has many gifts, manual labor is not one of them. I often find myself winded before midday. I pray that the others do not find me burdensome.

Raia Tablet #3 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRaia.png [Egyptian hieroglyphs]
~ Raia
Translation[Top Pane]
Back in Luxor I always tried to stay out of politics. I never aspired to be Divine Adoratrice as some priestesses did. I found that such selfish ambitions often led to suffering both for oneself and for others.

[Middle Pane]
So when Girisha referred to me as our leader today. I found myself surprised. I had never asked for such a position and the others had never bestowed it on me in any official manner. It just happened naturally.

[Bottom Pane]
I am not sure what to make of it but if this is Hathor's will then I will try to guide these people as best as I can.

Raia Tablet #4 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRaia.png [Egyptian hieroglyphs]
~ Raia
Translation[Left Pane]
Our settlement has grown so quickly during these hectic months. So many wandering souls have found their way here seeking shelter and companionships, have done my best to welcome everyone I can. If treated with understanding most become productive loyal members of our community.

[Right Pane]
But I am no fool. I know that hearts can have two natures. Hathor offers compassion while Sekhmet brings devastation. As we grow in size we become a riper target for those with malice in their hearts.

Girisha has tried to organize a militia but I fear it inadequate. For now I must be wary and pray that the gods send us a true warrior.

Raia Tablet #5 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRaia.png [Egyptian hieroglyphs]
~ Raia
Translation[Left Pane]
It took longer than I'd hope but I believe the gods have heard my prayers. At least I believe so. When I imagined what a true warrior might be like I cannot say that I imagined Captain Dahkeya.

[Middle Pane]
He speaks tersely, has no sense of decorum and in general is rather prickly. He was nigh unapproachable for a whole day when we decided his position should be called captain instead of the nonsense word he proposed.

[Right Pane]
Yet he has been getting results or so I am told. When I find time I ought to observe him in action myself.

Raia Tablet #6 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRaia.png [Egyptian hieroglyphs]
~ Raia
Translation[Upper Left Pane]
I am still not accustomed to the loud fiery weapons that our new captain is training his men to use. Their power is so destructive that it seems almost too much for any mortal man to possess. Yet captain Dahkeya strolls

[Lower Left Pane]
up and down his line of trainees like they are wielding wooden swords, and twirls his own weapon almost absentmindedly.

[Right Pane]
It is somewhat unnerving to find someone so calm around such potent instruments of death. But I suppose that is why he has had such success in securing our borders. I can only hope that we need but one captain Dahkeya and that I never have to use those weapons myself.

Raia Tablet #7 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRaia.png [Egyptian hieroglyphs]
~ Raia
Translation[Left Pane]
It has been such a blessing to be able to spread Hathor's joy and love to so many people. At first my daily prayers garnered but a few curious observers. Yet soon observations turned to questions, and questions turned to participation. Now there are so many of us that we have even begun to construct a shrine.
[Right pane is identical to left pane but subtitle text is:]
I truly wish that I could teach these eager new students all day long, but my duty to the village must come first. Perhaps when our future here is finally secured I shall be able to live the life of a priestess again, but for now I have too many people counting on me. I cannot abandon them.

Raia Tablet #8 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRaia.png [Egyptian hieroglyphs]
~ Raia
Translation[Left Pane]
Names are a curious thing. We assign them great weight, yet they do not change the substance of the person, place, or thing they belong to. I suppose that line of thinking is why I never dwelled on the name of our humble village. Yet now that it has grown to become somewhat less humble our home can go nameless no longer. People must call it something.
[Right Pane]
To that end Nosti is as good a name as any. I am told that it means to know in some old important language, and whatever our citizens intended that to symbolize when they chose it I know this: while we are here, we are under the protection of the gods.

Raia Tablet #9 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRaia.png [Egyptian hieroglyphs]
~ Raia
Translation[Left Pane]
Lost souls from all across the desert continue to prostrate themselves before Nosti's gates. I adamantly refuse to turn away anyone that does not mean us any harm, but I realize that has left us with many mouths to feed.

[Right Pane]
As a result, Nosti's fields are its most valuable asset. Fortunately, Girisha's designs, and my organization of labor and resources have once again proven effective. Not only did we implement an efficient irrigation system, but we have encased our crops in a large protective structure made of a clear, shiny substance called glass.

[Lower Right Pane]
Every morning it sparkles with a Amun-Ra's light, like a great gem, a beautiful reminder of what we can accomplish when we are united in purpose.

Raia Tablet #10 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRaia.png [Egyptian hieroglyphs]
~ Raia
Translation[Left Pane]
Despite our best efforts and the blessing of the gods, tragedy is unavoidable in these strange lands. Yesterday it struck Nosti once more in the form of a mantis attack, and while I could not undo what had been done I hope that I was able to bring some small comfort to those who knew the victims best.
[Right Pane]
Though we lack the resources to properly inter the dead in tombs, we still held a ceremony in their memory and I made time to speak privately with anyone who wished to. Between that and my usual duties I am physically and emotionally exhausted, but when my people are suffering I can not afford to rest.

Raia Tablet #11 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRaia.png [Egyptian hieroglyphs]
~ Raia
Translation[Left Pane]
Early on I handled all of Nosti’s trade negotiations, and I have had trouble growing out of the habit. I suppose that is why every caravan or hunter that passes through our gates knows my name. Some still insist on speaking with me personally. But I do not mind. I find these dealings rather engaging. It is like playing a game of words.
[Right Pane]
One such caravan arrived yesterday bearing a haul of metal ingots. Our venerable captain has suggested that I bring a contingent of guards to the negotiations, but I would rather not. If our guests are intimidated, they may back out and I would be remiss to waste such an opportunity.

Raia Tablet #12 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRaia.png [Egyptian hieroglyphs]
~ Raia
Translation[Left Pane]
I shall gladly admit that I erred. I shall even admit that I owe Captain Dahkeya my life and offer him all the gratitude he is due. Yet that does not excuse such merciless behavior.

[Top Pane]
Those so called merchants may have stooped to viciousness and cruelty by trying to kidnap me, but that one had surrendered. There was no need to execute him on the spot, was there? It is so hard to see where light ends and darkness begins in this violent place.

[Right Pane]
Perhaps if I could adequately protect myself we could have avoided needless blood shed. Yes, I think it is time I shall master these explosive weapons, and Captain Dahkeya is going to help me.

Raia Tablet #13 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRaia.png [Egyptian hieroglyphs]
~ Raia
Translation[Left Pane]
Step by step I am learning how to shoot. During my first few lessons the weapons almost jumped out of my hand when I fired them, but my arms have grown stronger and my aim truer.

[Middle Pane]
Captain Dahkeya’s presence has been helpful. The same calm that is found unnerving from afar has been steadying from up close. He does not waste his breath in exaggerated praise or criticism, he simply keeps me focused on what I need to do and every thing else just falls away.

[Right Pane]
Considering where I started, he has been very patient with me. Perhaps I should be more patient with him.

Raia Tablet #14 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRaia.png [Egyptian hieroglyphs]
~ Raia
Translation[Left Pane]
In ancient times, gentle Hathor took the form of the fierce warrior goddess Sekhmet, and unleashed her wrath upon the human world. Yet even during her relentless slaughter, Hathor was within Sekhmet as Sekhmet was always within Hathor, and when she was eventually calmed the peaceful goddess of joy and love returned.

[Upper Right Pane]
As it is with the goddess, so it is with mankind. The vicious can become kind, and the kind hearted can become violent for all his past transgressions. Captain Dahkeya is no different.

[Lower Right Pane]
He did not grasp Hathor and Sekhment’s tale when I told it to him the other day, but if he keeps trying to better himself, then perhaps one day he will.

Raia Tablet #15 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRaia.png [Egyptian hieroglyphs]
~ Raia
Translation[Upper Left Pane]
In principle, I have turned into a competent marksman. Yet in practice how would I fare? When the time comes, could I end another human life?

[Lower Left Pane]
I am not so sure. My mouth grows dry with fear at the very thought. The warrior spirit of Sekhmet surely resides somewhere within the recesses of my heart, but search as I may, I can not find it.

[Right Pane]
As training I offered to put down some of our beasts that had grown deathly ill. It was a merciful act, but it still drew tears from my eyes and twisted my stomach in to knots. I must learn to act in spite of these feelings. My life may depend on it one day.

Raia Tablet #16 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRaia.png [Egyptian hieroglyphs]
~ Raia
Translation[Left Pane]
Despite my best efforts, I know that I have strayed from the teachings and customs that I learned so meticulously back home. Out of necessity I have adapted it to both the needs of Hathor’s new followers and the circumstances we all face in this desert.

For example, celebrating the gods with feasts and festivals in their name would be wasteful. This sacrifice is particularly unfortunate, for my students deserve some sort of reward for their diligence.

Perhaps I can still organize a modest celebration of some sort. In fact, maybe the whole village should have one just to raise everyone’s spirits. Even our venerable Captain might enjoy that. Ah, but I ask for miracles.

Raia Tablet #17 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRaia.png [Egyptian hieroglyphs]
~ Raia
Translation[Left Pane]
I trust our Captain’s judgment on matters of defense, but I still feel ill at ease with his decision to sally against these mantises. It is not that he has left the village unprotected. Quite the contrary. I fear that his own contingent is too small.

[Upper Right Pane]
I know that I should not be concerned. He personally vouched for the caliber of his team, and I have more immediate priorities. Our walls and gates need repairs, our infirmary needs supplies and our morale needs bolstering. I have been scrambling to and fro with such constant urgency that rings have formed beneath my eyes.

[Lower Right Pane]
Yet when I finally earn a moments respite, I am restless with worry.

Raia Tablet #18 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRaia.png [Egyptian hieroglyphs]
~ Raia
Translation[Left Pane]
The people of Nosti come from so many different places, and they all have different ways of thinking. On occasion this incites conflict.

[Right Pane]
Several weeks ago two newcomers came to blows over a long standing feud between their home nations, and just the other day I had to harshly discipline one of my own disciples for harassing the villagers who worship that wooden cross. One time a man even challenged me to a duel for Nosti’s leadership.

[Bottom Pane]
Yet those same two people who engaged in fisticuffs now work to repair our western gate, and it is stronger for their combined efforts. Perhaps that is why the gods have brought us all here. To help us understand each other.

Raia Tablet #19 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRaia.png [Egyptian hieroglyphs]
~ Raia
Translation[Left Pane]
For days, I have prayed for both Hathor's compassion and Sekhmet's healing powers, and for days I have waited. I have faith that they heard me. When I first laid eyes on him, I thought for sure he was dead or dying, but the gods have not yet taken John Dahkeya away from me.
[Right Pane]
My mind knows that I have other responsibilities to attend to, that I cannot afford to spend more time in this room. Yet I know that if I attempt to attend to my duties, my heart will interfere and I cannot neglect it. Not any longer.

Raia Tablet #20 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRaia.png [Egyptian hieroglyphs]
~ Raia
Translation[Top Pane]
Without question, it was Hathor's divine will that sent me here, not only so I could spread her joy and compassion, but so I could understand her love.

[Middle Pane]
I thought I knew it before. I loved my family, I loved my fellow priestesses, and I love all those under my care here in Nosti. Yet only when I finally surrendered myself to it, when I let it rush over my body and carry me like the current of a great river did I truly understand it. Only now can I claim to embody Hathor's teachings, thanks to John Dahkeya, this warrior from a distant time and place.

[Bottom Pane]
And now, together, we can turn this desert into a paradise.

Raia Tablet #21 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRaia.png [Egyptian hieroglyphs]
~ Raia
Translation[Top Left Pane]
The mood in Nosti has been so jubilant lately that I think we may just hold a festival after all, and why not? We have plenty of cause to celebrate.

[Top Right Pane]
With the mantis threat diminished, our scouts were able to establish an outpost in the north, where they discovered a wealth of thick, black oil seeping through cracks in the earth. Thanks to this bounty, we have been able to create amazing new tools, and fill our storehouses to the brim. A festival would hardly make a dent.

[Bottom Pane]
I am sure my beloved Captain will disagree. Ever the dutiful worrier. Fortunately, I can be quite convincing where John Dahkeya is concerned, and for one day, we deserve to supplant worry and duty with song and dance.

Raia Tablet #22 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRaia.png [Egyptian hieroglyphs]
~ Raia
Translation[Left Pane]
As I watched Girisha's team construct the curious, bladed tower that is meant to harness the power of Shu's winds, I could not help but marvel at how far we have come. In such a short time, Nosti has risen from nothing into a true city, with wonders that would make even the great Pharaohs envious.
[Right Pane]
For all its storms and monsters, this desert grows less threatening to us each day, and fewer people are forced to suffer and die by its hand. Perhaps one day, no one will. If we can achieve that, then every hardship and every sacrifice we have endured will have been worth it.

Raia Tablet #23 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRaia.png [Egyptian hieroglyphs]
~ Raia
TranslationOver the last few days, the lights of the great obelisks have been pulsing with a rhythm and intensity that I have never seen before. It is a beautiful, soothing sight, particularly at night. It almost looks like they are singing a song to the stars above. Surely this is a sign of the gods' favor. Hathor is offering us her blessing.

Having another festival would be exorbitant, so I have organized a special round of ceremonies and prayers after dusk instead. Thus far they have gone wonderfully, and everyone has left with renewed faith and vigor.

I wonder how long this display will last?

Raia Tablet #24 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRaia.png [Egyptian hieroglyphs]
~ Raia
Translation[Left Pane]
Sometimes, I wonder how John can carry on, with no faith in a higher purpose or power and eyes that see threats everywhere. Even when we are safe and secure, he insists on sleeping with a weapon at arms' length. It is no wonder that he suddenly believes the obelisks could be dangerous.
[Right Pane]
Fortunately I have enough faith for the both of us. I have faith that he will protect us from the flying lizards that have recently appeared, I have faith that the obelisks would never harm us, and I even have faith that I shall forgive his constant prodding on the latter. That final matter might require some additional effort on his part, however. He has been simply relentless about it.

Raia Tablet #25 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRaia.png [Egyptian hieroglyphs]
~ Raia
Translation[Left Pane]
What did I do wrong? Despite every trial and tribulation, I kept my faith in Hathor, Amun-Ra and all the gods. No I did more than that. I gave them new followers, I built shrines for them, and held ceremonies for them.

[Middle Pane]
So why? Why did the obelisks light up the sky and call down such a terrible doom upon my new home? Why would the gods tear the very earth asunder and send all that I have built and cherished tumbling into the abyss? Where did I betray them?

[Right Pane]
Were it not for John I would not even be able to ask such questions. I would just be some dead fool, whose last act would have been to beg for salvation from the very gods who have forsaken me.

Raia Tablet #26 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRaia.png [Egyptian hieroglyphs]
~ Raia
Translation[Left Pane]
My mind is filled with the dead. I see the smiling faces of my students, eager to learn. I hear Girisha's laugh, deep and merry. I see the outstretched hand of John's trusted lieutenant as she fell into the darkness below.

[Middle Pane]
John tells me not to blame myself, that what happened was unpredictable. Yet how can I not feel guilty when I led so many to worship the instruments of our destruction, all the while promising to keep them safe?

[Right Pane]
Somehow, I must bury these emotions and focus on the present, as John does. If I cannot tear my mind away from what I have lost, I will lose all I have left. I cannot let that happen. I cannot let the gods take him too.

Raia Tablet #27 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRaia.png [Egyptian hieroglyphs]
~ Raia
Translation[Left Pane]
You would have been proud of me. I controlled my breathing, just like you taught me, even with the tears streaming down my face. Even with all the hate and anger in my heart, I kept my aim steady, and I killed them. I killed them all, John.

[Top Right Pane]
So why have you abandoned me, too? You were the survivor, not I. These creatures should not have been enough to kill you. You were too strong. I need you too much.

[Bottom Right Pane]
Please. Come back to me. I need to hear your voice. I need to see your smile. Please. Please.

Raia Tablet #28 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRaia.png [Egyptian hieroglyphs]
~ Raia
Translation[Left Pane]
When I found them, I wanted to smash them to bits. Those eggs were the spawn of the monsters that slew my beloved, and they did not deserve my pity. Yet I also knew they could help me. If I could raise these creatures as my own servants, then even those traitorous gods of mine could not strike me down.

[Middle Pane]
I have constructed a great bonfire to mimic the warmth provided by their mother, and gathered milk from the mightiest of the fallen beasts so that I may feed them when they hatch. Hopefully it is enough.

[Right Pane]
No, it will be. I will raise these creatures, I will master them and I will survive. I promise you, John. I will live for both of us.

Raia Tablet #29 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRaia.png [Egyptian hieroglyphs]
~ Raia
Translation[Left Pane]
When the creatures first hatched, I dared not go near them without weapon in hand, but by now we have grown accustomed to each other. I once heard that a newborn creature may identify the first living thing it sees as its parent. I believe that has occurred here. I have become a mother to monsters.

[Right Pane]
So be it. The gods have forsaken me and my love has been taken from me, so gone now is the Raia of old. Gone are the last vestiges of Hathor's joy and tranquility. Let my heart fill with Sekhmet's might and fury, and with monsters at my back and steel in my hands, let the desert know my wrath.

[Bottom Pane]
Never shall anyone take from me again, be it god, beast or man.

Raia Tablet #30 (Scorched Earth)

NoteRaia.png [Egyptian hieroglyphs]
~ Raia
Translation[Top Pane]
I have seen so much since we last spoke, John. There are secrets in this desert that you would never believe, dangers that would have paralyzed me with fear when we first met, but I am a different woman now. Would you recognize me still, behind this black veil?

[Middle Pane]
I still find ways to help people, though not as I used to. I am no shepherd to the lost, no healer of wounded souls. Sometimes I simply defend the defenseless, or guide those few who seek the truth behind this cursed place.

[Bottom Pane]
Perhaps one day, someone will find that truth, strike down the false gods of this land, and at last grant me rest. Yet until that day comes, know that I will not falter. Know that I will carry on.

Diana Altaras

Diana Altaras is a United Republics of Earth (URE) Armed Forces pilot from the future.

Aberration Explorer Notes

Diana Log #1 (Aberration)

NoteDiana.png I shouldn't be leading this group.\nWow, that felt good to admit. If I'd kept that bottled up in my head any longer, my brain was going to explode. I mean, I know why everyone's looking to me: I'm URE Armed Forces. "Fighting for a free and united Earth," yadda yadda yadda, but I'm just a pilot! Throw me in any squadron you want and I'll be your top stick, bet the house on it, just don't expect me to command the damned thing.

All I can really do is try to keep everyone's spirits up. Sure we're in the ass end of nowhere, but a smile and a few laughs can go a long way in even the worst of situations. Can't make rations out of it but hey, baby steps.
~ Diana

Diana Log #2 (Aberration)

NoteDiana.png You know, this whole "staving off the ever looming spectre of despair" thing would be a lot easier without all the dinosaurs. Did I not mention those? I should have mentioned those. Anyway, turns out that raptor attacks aren't so great for morale. True story.

At least the weather's holding up. We've had clear skies for three days now. It was a good idea to start giving people callsigns, too. Getting a new callsign from my squadron always made me feel closer to them, whatever it was. Hopefully it works with this bunch.

The newbie suggested Rubberneck for me, since I keep looking at the sky, but I can't help it. It really is gorgeous here. A perfect blue.
~ Diana

Diana Log #3 (Aberration)

NoteDiana.png I feel so much lighter now! Sure, part of that might come from sleeping in an actual bed, but mostly I'm just relieved that my ragtag band of rascals is in better hands.

This larger group we joined is way more organized. They've been setting up shelters, mining Element and establishing a perimeter for weeks. Not surprising. One of the leaders is URE special forces, after all.

Weirdly, some of the the people here are from the Federation, but given our situation, even the Feddies are being team players. Hope that truce holds up when we get this TEK gear up and running...
~ Diana

Diana Log #4 (Aberration)

NoteDiana.png The more the camp's grown, the more tense things have become with the Feddies, so today I decided to break the ice. Whatever's happening between the United Republics of Earth and the Terran Federation in the rest of the world doesn’t matter. We're all in this together, right?

Of course, with my dumb luck, I didn't make nice with just any old Feddie. I unknowingly buddied up to Santiago. Yeah, as in the Santiago that's so famous he's only got one name, as in the guy who hacked into URE command one day and reverse engineered our latest TEK armor the next. That Santiago.

Turns out he's really into pop music. Super disappointed he's missing the new season of URE Idol. Go figure.
~ Diana

Diana Log #5 (Aberration)

NoteDiana.png The top brass finally agreed on a plan today. According to our makeshift engineering corps, we've got the resources to cobble together an off-brand, flight ready suit of TEK armor in a month or two. One person will then take that armor and leave in search of help: me.

I'm fully certified for TEK armor, so I've got a good shot at succeeding, and I'm pretty sure that my new buddy was the one who got the other Feddies on board. I was the only pick they could agree on.

It's a lot of pressure, but this is the kind I like. No big group decisions, just a set of wings and an impossible mission. That's what Diana Altaras is all about.
~ Diana

Diana Log #6 (Aberration)

NoteDiana.png Oh baby, did I miss real speed! And the sky! Missed you too, beautiful. That prototype jetpack might not compare to my fighter, but the rush I got was way better than I'd hoped. Guess I've been stuck here for longer than I thought.

Santiago's been joking about how much I owe him, but he's more right than he knows. I promised to bring him some music for the ride back to civilization. Least I can do for that little nerd.

The full set of armor should be done by next week. Then it's finally showtime.
~ Diana

Diana Log #7 (Aberration)

NoteDiana.png So much for that. Less than a day after I set out, my mission hit a wall, or more specifically, an invisible energy barrier that extends around this entire area. Definitely in my bottom ten landings of all time, by the way. My shoulder's still feeling it.

Once I reported back, I took Santiago to inspect the barrier. He thinks it's also the culprit that's responsible for jamming our long range signals. So basically, as long as this barrier exists, we have no way to reach the outside world. We're completely isolated.

Unless, of course, we find a way to take it down.
~ Diana

Diana Log #8 (Aberration)

NoteDiana.png We've finally found our target. Apparently those three obelisks on the horizon are attached to some crazy teleportation tech, and each one is linked to a fourth signal high above us.

Whatever's up there is what we need to take out.

Santiago says he can get us there by bypassing the security on one of the obelisk's platforms. Trouble is, we don't know what'll be waiting for us, and not everyone here's combat ready. So we're going to take the diplomatic approach and make our mysterious hosts a present.

The leaders don't want to risk spoiling the surprise, so we're discretely building it in pieces. The whole bomb won't even be assembled until the minute the operation starts. Our captors won't know what hit them.
~ Diana

Diana Log #9 (Aberration)

NoteDiana.png Months of planning, a squad of guys armed to the teeth and the biggest homemade bomb you've ever seen...and we still weren't prepared. How could we be? I don't think anyone could have been ready for that insane, shapeshifting whatever-it-was.

It attacked us as soon as we carted the package to the center of the platform. We were getting taken out so fast that we just set the bomb on a short fuse and made a break for it. Less than half of us managed to dive off of the platform in time, and I could feel the heat of the explosion as I fell.

If I hadn't stabilized Santiago on the way down, he'd have been paste too. Of course with everything that's been happening since we blew up that platform, we all might be screwed anyway.
~ Diana

Diana Log #10 (Aberration)

NoteDiana.png Things have gone sideways in a hurry, and I mean seriously FUBAR. Destroying that platform didn't just weaken the barrier trapping us here, it took out the whole freaking sky, or at least the giant hologram that was posing as it.

So yeah, turns out this entire landmass and everything on it is orbiting the Earth like some kind of artificial space island. Wild right? I'd appreciate the sheer insanity of that a lot more if this place didn't feel like it was falling apart.

We're taking all we can carry and making a break for that cave system we discovered a while back. If the atmosphere's thicker underground, then we've got a shot of pulling through.
~ Diana

Diana Log #11 (Aberration)

NoteDiana.png Looks like we made it just in time. I backtracked to take a peek at the surface, and it's just one big fire. That's not a metaphor, I mean it's actually burning.

I guess some combination of the radiation that's leaking through the barrier and reflected sunlight is turning it into our own private hellscape. That's not exactly the kind of thing you want in your backyard, so the plan is to keep delving into these caverns.

The good news is that they're way bigger than we ever thought. We should be able to set up a pretty extensive base of operations, and after that...better not think that far ahead. Chin up and eyes forward, soldier.
~ Diana

Diana Log #12 (Aberration)

NoteDiana.png Our base is looking pretty fancy these days. We even had enough spare Element to whip up some genuine Hyper Chambers. I'm feeling more rested than ever, yet somehow just as restless. There's no sky to lose myself in anymore, that's the problem. It's left me too much time to think.

Weirdly, I keep coming back to my necklace, the Star of David one my mother gave me. Sometimes I catch myself reaching for it, forgetting it's not there. Why is that? I've never been too religious.

Better take one of those gliders for a spin to clear my head - they're the only way to fly now that our jetpacks stopped working. Maybe I'll think of some dirtier jokes while I'm at it. Halsted one upped me on the last patrol and I can't let that stand.
~ Diana

Diana Log #13 (Aberration)

NoteDiana.png I always knew Santiago would come up with a new plan! His taste in pop idols might be questionable, but if anyone can figure this place out, it's him.

After studying the obelisks in-depth, he's convinced that he can design an amped up version of their teleportation tech that can connect to more distant platforms. Specifically, it would be able to lock onto a signal we discovered a few weeks ago, one that's on a slightly different frequency than all the other obelisks we've detected. More importantly, it's far, far away from any of them.

The scale of this would be massive, we're talking years of work, but everyone agrees that it's our best move. The Gateway Project is officially underway.
~ Diana

Diana Log #14 (Aberration)

NoteDiana.png I knew the Gateway Project would be gigantic, but it's still amazing to see how it's grown. We're not even halfway done and it's already a sight to behold.

The size is a product of how far we need to travel. The greater the distance, the bigger the teleportation matrix needs to be. Of course, that means we'll also need a lot more power, but we've got a solution for that too: the obelisks.

Those bad boys are tapped into this place's main power supply, so in theory we can hijack that power for ourselves. The caveat is that we'd need a massive surge of it all at once, and we're not certain how to pull that off. We'll crack that code eventually, though. I'm sure of it.
~ Diana

Diana Log #15 (Aberration)

NoteDiana.png Why do I always get picked to check on the obelisk? I really wish they'd send someone else for a change.

Every time I have to scale these stupid walls with climbing picks, I wish my armor's jetpack still worked, even though it hasn't for years. We never did figure out why they lost so much functionality after the catastrophe. Something new in the atmosphere maybe. It's still worth wearing when we brave the surface, but I just feel so slow in it.

Oh! Speaking of armor, I found something weird on my last trip: a burnt out chestplate and some even crispier human remains. I don't know how, but I think we've got some new arrivals...
~ Diana

Diana Log #16 (Aberration)

NoteDiana.png This woman, Mei-Yin... she's not like anyone I've ever met, and not just because she's from hundreds of years in the past. It's those eyes, they're just so intense. It's like staring into a storm.

She caused a real stir when we first brought her back to base with her pet monster, but everyone's used to her by now. Honestly I think she trusts us way less than we trust her. She only seems to speak when she's doing chores, and she's always got one hand on that sword of hers.

I guess that's what it takes to survive all alone like that, but hopefully she'll learn that it's okay to let her guard down. Maybe then I can really meet the person behind those eyes.
~ Diana

Diana Log #17 (Aberration)

NoteDiana.png I don't think I really understood hard work until I met Mei.

Whether she's learning how to operate holographic controls or working on her aim, she basically tries as hard as she can all the time, and she hates asking for help. Instead, she'll just scrunch her eyebrows and glare at whatever she's working on until she can think of a solution. It's kind of adorable, to be honest.

The only time I think she takes it easy is when we're sparring. That really opened her up, by the way. She even gave me a callsign, Juzi, although she won't tell me what it means. I'd bet the answer on a match, but she'd kick my butt in a heartbeat if she got serious. Those muscles are cheat codes.
~ Diana

Diana Log #18 (Aberration)

NoteDiana.png Well, looks like I'm off on another impossible mission. It's been way too long, if you ask me.

So those abandoned structures that scout team spotted a while back? Well we're still not sure who left them there, but Santiago says that he's detecting the emissions from what could be hypercharged, crystallized Element shards in their vicinity. We need those for the Gateway Project's focusing lens, and we haven't been able to make them ourselves.

The trouble is, we can't even survive down there without hazard suits, and half of that scout team got torn to pieces by the nastiest, ugliest creatures we've ever seen. This could get bumpy...
~ Diana

Diana Log #19 (Aberration)

NoteDiana.png Mission Log: First Lieutenant Diana Altaras, URE 82nd Fighter Squadron

I'm leaving this for the record, in the event of mission failure. We lost most of the team soon after arriving in the area of operations. Roho and Flynn got picked off as we neared the target. Halsted and I are the last remaining assets.

I was able to confirm that the target is in the ruins, and have encoded the coordinates within this message. I'm going to leave this behind, and then we'll make one last run at it.

Oh, and if someone could read this to Mei: Sorry I'll never make good on that jet ride. You'd have loved it, I promise.
~ Diana

Diana Log #20 (Aberration)

NoteDiana.png I finally finished the necklace. I could have had someone else make it, but that wouldn't have felt right, not after all Mei went through to help me. At first I was worried she didn't like it, but it turns out that she just felt guilty for receiving a gift without giving one.

Typical, right? So in exchange, I finally learned what Juzi meant - Tangerine. This whole time, she's been calling me Tangerine! Definitely not the worst ginger centric callsign I've had though, and totally worth it for that look on her face. She was so embarrassed!

In that moment, I almost leaned in and...but I don't think she understands how I feel. Not completely. Not yet.

That's okay. For once, I'm not in a rush. Once we step through that gateway, we'll have all the time in the world.
~ Diana

Non-canon Preview Notes

Prior to release, several Explorer Notes were found in the ARK dev kit and posted online.[2] These differ from the Explorer Notes that were officially released. According to the devs, these notes are not canon.[3] This means that the respawn mechanic is not part of the lore, and the characters of Gellia and Elimisha do not exist. They are listed here for purely historical reasons, but do not affect ARK's story.

Day 1

NoteHelena.png I’m not sure where this place is, or who brought me here. My first instinct was to figure out where I was and how to get home. I was scared at first, but that went away when I saw them: creatures unlike anything I’d ever seen before. Dinosaurs, giant arthropods, extinct mammals not seen since the Ice Age. How I got here no longer matters; what is important is that I stay. There are others on the island: some together, some alone. Many look scared or lost; perhaps they will be friendly if I approach them with gifts
~ Elimisha

Day 9

NoteHelena.png I’m not sure where this ..? The creatures on the island are magnificent. I never dreamed I’d seen anything this amazing in my life. None of them are exactly what I expected them to be. Perhaps I should study them in detail? Yes, I think I’ll do that. I’ll list what I’ve heard other people call the creature, give it an actual name, and approximate its time of origin. Next I’ll find and watch the creature for several days, and briefly describe what I’ve seen. I think it would be a wonderful task while I’m here. And who knows, maybe others might find my work useful. Knowing which creatures are carnivores, or which creatures are aggressive, might save some lives.
~ Elimisha

Note #1

NoteNerva.png Latin

[Incomplete transcription.]
~ Gellia
TranslationThis must be Elysium. My father was wrong about this place. I do not see any ferryman, nor a three-headed dog. I do see monsters and savages. [what follows is much more loosely translated.] I saw men just as in life [?]. I do the same. What else can we do? Most have left the coast, and run deep into the woods. Some build huts or houses. Some rest, having killed a monster [?]. And he [they?] have taught me. I have built a home. It is stronger to build out of fruit-tree wood [?]. I know there is good stone nearby. And after building with it, it is joined into walls [??]

Note #2

NoteNerva.png Latin

[Incomplete transcription.]
~ Gellia
TranslationI need a safer house. The walls took longer to build than I expected. A wooden fence kept monsters away. It did not stop people. It was broken within days. I was robbed. The walls are 12 feet tall now. No one bothered me for several days. Someone still got over the wall. He killed me, that I remember. I woke up at the beach again. Is not an illusion, I died and came back to life. My house is still standing. The murderer robbed the house. He also taught me a lesson. I need taller walls. The house must be stone too. Need to find metal soon. Tamed monsters can tear down stone. I’ll start tomorrow.

Note #1

Explorer Note - Rockwell.jpg My allies have requested that I write a memoirs about my time here. My name is Edmund Rockwell. I am one of the most known men of the island and one of the few w