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Disambig.png This article is about Industrial Forge, not to be confused with Industrial Forge Primitive Plus Icon.png

Industrial Forge
Industrial Forge.png
Refines resources in bulk. Powered by gasoline.
Type Crafting
Health 27,000
Item slots 100 / 60
Size 2.5L × 2.5W × 5.5H
Fuel Gasoline
Weight 50.0
Stack Size 1
Added in v225.0
Spawn Command
cheat GFI IndustrialForge 1 0 0
cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Structures/Misc/PrimalItemStructure_Industrialforge.PrimalItemStructure_Industrialforge'" 1 0 0
Required level Level 80
Engram Points 90 EP
Crafting XP 20 XP
Crafting Time 5s
Used to craft 5 items
Crafted in Fabricator
Tek Replicator
Required Stations Refining Forge.png Refining Forge

The Industrial Forge is an advanced crafting station that is used to refine Metal into Metal Ingot and Oil and Hide into Gasoline at a much quicker speed (20x) than the regular Refining Forge.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Similar to the Fabricator, the Industrial Forge requires Gasoline to run. Simply place it in the Industrial Forge with materials needed to be refined and select "turn on".

Fuel[edit | edit source]

Gasoline is the only fuel source that can power the Industrial Forge. The following tables summarize the burn time and number of ingredients that can be refined.

1 ×  Gasoline 100 ×  Gasoline
Burn Time 15m 1d 1hr
Metal Consumed 1800 ×  Metal

180,000 ×  Metal

Scrap Metal Consumed 1560 ×  Scrap Metal

156,000 ×  Scrap Metal

Oil & Hide Consumed 3600 ×  Oil

3000 ×  Hide

300,000 ×  Hide 360,000 ×  Oil

An online calculator for automating the calculations is available at

Refining[edit | edit source]

Each resource which can be produced with the industrial forge takes a different amount of time to be refined and is also refined in bulk amounts if enough resources are available. The table below lists each resource as well as the maximum amount able to created each time.

Resource Refining Time
20 ×  Metal Ingot 20 s
100 x Scrap Metal Ingot 30 s
100 ×  Charcoal 100s
100 ×  Gasoline 20 s
1 ×  Charcoal 1s

A fully loaded industrial forge refining metal can:

  • Hold and smelt 29,700 Metal (in 99 slots)
  • Consuming 17 Gasoline (in 1 slot)
  • Taking 04h 08m to refine
  • Which produces 14,850 Metal Ingots.

A fully loaded industrial forge refining oil can:

  • Hold and refine 7000 Oil (in 70 slots) and 6000 Hide (in 30 slots)
  • Consuming 2 Gasoline (Place 1 gasoline into forge and turn it on, then fill with oil and hide)
  • Taking 29.2 minutes to refine
  • Which produces 5,831 Gasoline

A fully loaded industrial forge burning wood can:

  • Hold and burn 9,900 Wood (in 99 slots)
  • Consuming 11 Gasoline (in 1 slots)
  • Taking 02h 45m to refine
  • Which produces 9,900 Charcoal

Note that when refining gasoline you must allow 1 slot to turn on the forge before completely loading it. The 2nd gasoline consumed (mentioned above) will be taken from the gasoline already refined so you will receive net total of 5,830 gasoline. Be careful to not waste gasoline by turning off the Forge after the refining is completed (at 29.2 minutes) but before a 3rd Gasoline is consumed.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Industrial Forge is huge. It can be placed on a single foundation, but will require a 3x3x6 enclosed structure to hide it completely.
  • Keep an eye on the forge when refining oil because when unattended, the produced gasoline can itself be burned as fuel.
  • Cannot be placed on platform saddles.
  • The Industrial Forge will not function if it is in any way submerged in water.
  • It is possible to make the industrial forge using only Organic Polymer instead of regular Polymer, but you have to stack the ingredients very well.
  • Besides metal and gasoline, it can also be used to burn wood at an extremely fast rate to mass-produce charcoal for making a large amount of Gunpowder.
  • 7 full cans of Gasoline would actually be capable of converting 12,600 Metal Ore into 6,300 Metal Ingots in 01h 45m 00s.
  • 7 full cans of Gasoline would be able to convert 6,300 wood into 6,300 Charcoal in 01h 45m 00s.

For more information on Paint Regions and how to use them, please view the Blue Coloring.png Dye, Paintbrush, or Spray Painter pages.

Industrial Forge PaintRegion1.jpg

Region 1:

Industrial Forge PaintRegion2.jpg

Region 2:
Base Wall

Industrial Forge PaintRegion3.jpg

Region 3:

Industrial Forge PaintRegion4.jpg

Region 4:
Valve and Side Handles

Industrial Forge PaintRegion5.jpg

Region 5:
Doors and Exhaust

Industrial Forge PaintRegion6.jpg

Region 6:

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