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This page is for all the mom and dads out there who are not actually playing this game but are helping their kids to play and troubleshoot.

So just raw info in easy steps.

  1. Get an account. Get it in your kids name so you won't get all the e-mails. But you need their password to activate the account. Log in.
  2. To install on a PC you first have to have steam. Install it. It's a portal and platform for a lot of games.
  3. Install Ark

You have to buy it to be able to play it. Once you bought the game it will be available in your kids account ready to be downloaded. It's a big game so it will also take it's sweet time to download. Not to bad though. A coffee and perhaps a load of laundry and it's done.

4. Play

Open up Steam and in your library you will find it. Click start. But it doesn't really start. It loads. Join ark means playing online. Host/local means that you run it on your own computer. If your kid isn't super advanced, pick local and single player.

Troubleshoot[edit | edit source]

First thing to check is? What? Video driver crash