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LifesLabyrinth (Ragnarok).jpg
A dungeon in the northeast of the desert of Ragnarok.
Interior Map

LifesLabyrinth Cavemap.jpg

Ragnarok Topographic Map.jpg
51.6° Lat,  77.5° Lon
Artifact of the Skylord.png
Artifact of the Skylord
47.7° Lat, 78.9° Lon
Artifact of the Devious.png
Artifact of the Devious
49.0° Lat, 79.4° Lon
Artifact of the Massive.png
Artifact of the Massive
48.9° Lat, 79.4° Lon
Artifact of the Clever.png
Artifact of the Clever
48.0° Lat, 78.6° Lon

LifesLabyrinth is a dungeon in the desert.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The entrance to the dungeon is found under a rock formation in the north of the desert, at the foot of the mountains. Specifically, the entrance is on the south-west side of the formation and can only fit a crouching human and very small dino, such as a Dodo You will need supplies found throughout this page in order to survive the labrinthe, so make sure you read the article through before embarking on your journey, to make sure you make it all the way through!

Button Room[edit | edit source]

The entrance place has spikes popping up so be cautious of these. Once the player has entered, they are met with a maze-like room with buttons scattered around the walls. The buttons are allocated letters, some are duds and the others must be pressed in a certain order to proceed through the dungeon. The entrance to the next area is in the enclosed room directly opposite the entrance of the room (Next to the dud "L" button), take note of where it is as you will need to run there as the floor opens once the button is pressed and shuts after a certain amount of time.

The buttons need to be pressed in this order G R Á T A (GRÁTA). There are 3 button easily accessible: "G", "Á" and "T" however the other two need finding. The "R" button is over the wall to the north-east corner of the room, it is accessible by jumping along the edges, upon the two buttons placed diagonally on the wall. The final button "A" is in the little box up in the south-east corner, on the roof. To access this, the player will need to jump onto the "T" button off the pile of rubble next to it, making their way around the western edge of the room and jump up the walls that step up. Be careful as wrongly timed jump will knock the player down to the floor. The next goal is to get on the roof at the center of the room where from the player can sprint jump into the box with the "A" button.

Once pressed in order the floor opens a long shaft dropping down to the next area. As players drop into water at the bottom, no parachute is required here.

Fire Statue Room[edit | edit source]

Swim towards the corridor and make your way down it. You come to a dead end, however once you move close enough the door will open CAUTION do not run straight into the room. The large statue at the back of the room will spit fire at the player (A lot of health potions advised) if the wrong path through the room is taken. The two exits to this room are at the back of the room, either side of the statue and decide the path the player will take through the labyrinth. If you are prone (lying down) the flames will not activate (only on the flat ground).

Once again the room is full of buttons, the button that opens the right-hand door is immediately left on the rear wall as you enter the room. Alternatively, the button that opens the left-hand door is underneath the statue, protruding out of a pile of rubble.

At this point, you will need to split your group or re-run the Dungeon later following the other way to obtain all artifacts of the dungeon.

Following the left side you will find the Artifact of the Skylord.

Following the right side you will find the Artifact of the Clever.

Both of these lead in the end to the Sacrifice Room.

Right Door[edit | edit source]

Jumping Puzzle[edit | edit source]

A jumping puzzle is up next if the right door was chosen. In order to continue players must press the button on the right-hand side to raise the wall. Players need to jump their way through the puzzle. Be prepared to fall a lot and getting back to the beginning of the room by climbing a fallen column. As it is quite dark the use of any light source (e,g. Torch or Abberrant Shoulder Pet) is highly advised. Part way through, the platform just before the column wedged between the two walls is a pressure activated trap which releases gas around the player. You can either lie down and face the wall to get away from the gas or quickly jump onto the next platform (the column). Once in the end, the next room will be full of Onycs and within this room, the right-hand button next to the exit opens the door.

Loot Crate Room[edit | edit source]

The loot crate is trapped with arrows shooting at the player if they get too close but can be opened by slowly edging towards it. The button that opens the exit here is on the left-hand side BUT is the one closest to the exit, the other button next to it is a trap and releases a cluster of Grenades.

Maze[edit | edit source]

A simple map of the maze section of LifesLabyrinth

This section is a partly lit up maze full of opening doors via buttons. There are high level creatures (such as Titanoboa, Araneo & Arthropluera) in this section so weapons and torches are needed.

Left Door[edit | edit source]

Water tunnel[edit | edit source]

A long swim is before you!

Follow the path that is light.

Even as it is possible to swim through this part without a SCUBA Tank its recommended to use one, or bring Lazarus Chowder.

Circular maze[edit | edit source]

Traps are ahead of you - triggered by moving in place (invisible triggers) these traps will spawn

In addition to these traps there are hidden spikes in the floor that will immediately kill you, should you fall into those.

The exit is the door on the outer side where the narcotic trap is. To open the exit you need to find 2 doors and a button in the middle.

Press the button in the middle, on the right a small room full of spikes opens. Be quick because the door will close after a time and then not reopen, you will be stuck! Press the button on the right side of the torch, this opens the right door back out in the hallway. Now you need to be fast After you go through the right door, turn left and press the button under the torch. It opens the door further forward (usually a drop is there).

Run further till you find a drop (it is usually there) and 3 buttons on the left side. To make is easy press all 3 (left button opens a door to a room behind the left door, right button opens another door to the same room behind the left door, the middle button is a sequence to open the exit).

Run back where the 2 doors are to find that you opened a room that was behind the left door. You can see a button in the middle and 2 on the right press all 3. (middle button opens a door to go further back, the top right button opens to a red drop, bottom right is the second button in sequence to open the exit)

Now run to where the narcotic trap is, and on the right side is the exit.

Small tunnel[edit | edit source]

Shooting traps on the ceiling. To continue you need to open the door at the end of the tunnel, the button to open it is on the left side where you enter the tunnel (in-between the pillar and the wall), press it and run to the exit.

Jumping pillars[edit | edit source]

Just jump to the end of this:

  • If you have high movement speed try jumping backwards
  • Try to work out the pattern of the spike coming out before you jump on it
  • With a durable Climbing Pick or a Tek Chestpiece with enough element to power the functionality, you can skip this step

Sacrifice Room[edit | edit source]

The player needs to make a sacrifice to further progress

If you sacrifice a dino (shoulder pet or any other) the left door opens. Next up is a dark tunnel (a light source such as a Torch or Abberrant Shoulder Pet is recommeded as changing your Gamma settings won't work for this tunnel)

If you sacrifice a human (player) the right door opens. Next up are closing, moving walls and 2 red drops in the middle.

Both ways lead to the Oasis

Oasis (Main Artifact Room)[edit | edit source]

Which ever path was taken at the Fire Statue room ends up in this final room, an oasis full of ruins, Megaloceros and at the end are the Artifact of the Devious and Artifact of the Massive behind a barrier. To disable the barrier, the player must defeat the spirits ( Spirit Dire Bear and Spirit Direwolf that appear as ghost-like creatures). If the spirits aren't present then attack the Megaloceros and they shall appear (in order to get any of them to spawn at all, either a player or tamed creature MUST be put into the sacrifice pit in the sacrifice room, but need not to be killed, although there is no chance to save sacrificed creature without console commands(tested in v.291)).

The Spirit Dire Bear and Spirit Direwolf will spawn in pairs and in waves, starting at level 50, and raising another 50 levels every wave, ending at level 250 (keep in mind that a level 250 Spirit Dire Bear will hit hundreds of points of damage on lightly armored targets). Bolas, tranquilizers, and traps may be useful to keep them in place (although this has not yet been tested). In larger groups, shields may also be utilized to tank while other players attack with ranged weapons.

After killing the spirits a message will appear saying "The spirits have calmed", the border vanishes and the artifacts can now be achieved. The exit to this room and the Dungeon is now accessible via the larger water grate. The exit is once again blocked by a very low passage--crawling is necessary. Keep to the right to make it out before the ceiling crushes you.

Dangers[edit | edit source]

  • Spike trap at the entrance
  • Traps (including darts, fire)
  • High level cave creatures
  • Jumps (Namely, parkour jumps)
  • Diving

Recommended Equipment[edit | edit source]

Tips[edit | edit source]

To get across fire lady, you need high movement speed. otherwise you won't make it to the right door until it slams shut on you or right before you. Around 140% movement speed should be enough.

You can climb the walls in the Oasis room making the fight against the spirits very easy.

Bug Repellant can Help you in Parts where there are Creatures such as Onyc.

Creatures[edit | edit source]

all creature in this dungeon spawn in higher levels and are untamable

Resources[edit | edit source]

There are no resource spawns in this dungeon.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]