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Mate Boost
Makes creatures stronger

A Mate Boost is when a creature has at least one nearby allied creature of the same species and opposite sex, which gives the two of them a Mate Boost. Creatures that are Mate-Boosted will receive a bonus to their damage and resistance of about 33%, and wild creatures will be more willing to come to the aid of their mate. If a creature is Mate-Boosted, a pink heart MateBoosted.png will appear above the creature's name.

Eggs[edit | edit source]

Female Mate-Boosted creatures are 2 times more likely to lay Eggs.

Wild[edit | edit source]

Wild Mate-Boosted creatures will be more dangerous. A Male and Female Stegosaurus will be more dangerous than 2 Males or 2 Females of the same level. When hunting, be aware of whether the creature you are planning to attack is Mate-Boosted, or if there are any of its species nearby that could potentially add a Mate Boost if they got closer. Often in a pack of creatures, attacking one animal that was mate boosted will cause its mate to attack you, but after killing the original, with the mate still angry at you, it could become mated with another animal from the group causing it to aggro at you. In large packs of animals this can form annoying 'love triangles'. Creatures that are mate boosted will also take reduced torpor damage, making taming more difficult.

Domesticated[edit | edit source]

Domesticated creatures can still give each other the Mate Boost effects. Taming a Male and Female of the same species is beneficial for any creatures that you intend to use as fighters or hunters.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The creatures must be on the same tribe; a wild Dilo and a tamed Dilo will not give each other the mate boost, nor will creatures that were tamed by different players (unless they're in the same tribe).
  • One male can mate boost multiple females, and vice versa.
  • This status is not affected by the creature in question being spayed/neutered. In other words, a male and female Dilo will still have the mate boost whether they are actually able to breed with each other or not.
  • Original, Aberrant, and Tek Dinosaurs count as separate species, and as such, one will not provide Mate Boost to the others.

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