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Mod ARK Additions Concavenator.png
Concavenator terrananti
Early Cretaceous
Spawn Command

admincheat SpawnDino "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/Additions_Pack/Concavenator/Dino/Concavenator_Character_BP.Concavenator_Character_BP'" 500 0 0 35

Aberrant Concavenator
admincheat SpawnDino "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/Additions_Pack/Concavenator/Dino/Concavenator_Character_Aberrant_BP.Concavenator_Character_Aberrant_BP'" 500 0 0 35

admincheat SpawnDino "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/Additions_Pack/Concavenator/Dino/Volcanic_Concavenator_Character_BP.Volcanic_Concavenator_Character_BP'" 500 0 0 35
Check mark.svg Yes
Check mark.svg Yes
Check mark.svg Yes
Torpidity Immune
X mark.svg No
Preferred Food
Rider Weaponry
X mark.svg No
Humans Can Carry
X mark.svg No
Kill XP
72 XP
Radiation Immune
X mark.svg No
Immobilized By
24 - 28°C / 75 - 82°F
Incubation Time
2h 56m 27.388s
Baby Time
5h 26m 47.843s
Juvenile Time
21h 47m 11.372s
Adolescent Time
1d 3h 13m 59.216s
Maturation Time
2d 6h 27m 58.431s
Breeding Interval
18h - 2d

Scorched Earth Topographic Map.jpg
Mod ARK Additions Spawning Concavenator Scorched Earth.svg

Ragnarok Ocean Topographic Map.jpg
Mod ARK Additions Spawning Concavenator Ragnarok.svg

Extinction Topographic Map.jpg
Mod ARK Additions Spawning Concavenator Extinction.svg

Crystal Isles Topographic Map.jpg
Mod ARK Additions Spawning Concavenator Crystal Isles.svg

Aberration Topographic Map.jpg
Mod ARK Additions Spawning Aberrant Concavenator Aberration.svg

Genesis Part 1 Topographic Map.jpg
Mod ARK Additions Spawning X-Concavenator Genesis Part 1.svg

Common             Rare
  Untameable   Cave

Mod ARK Additions Deinosuchus Egg.png This article is about content that is part of the mod ARK Additions.
This content is only available if the mod is installed on a server or on single player.

The Concavenator is a dinosaur in ARK Additions.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Dossier[edit | edit source]

This section is intended to be an exact copy of what the survivor Helena Walker, the author of the dossiers, has written. There may be some discrepancies between this text and the in-game creature.


For how bizarre they appear in the wild, I'm surprised it's taken until now for me to see Concavenator Terrananti. Found in the sandy dunes of deserts, Concavenator seems to have adapted an incredible proficiency in digging through terrain, appearing so effortless that it's almost "swimming" through the ground. Found usually in groups of 2-3, Conca are very territorial, and VERY fast. Be wary when navigating the dunes, as it will be difficult to disengage a Conca once it has become aggravated. While in their digging state, Conca seems to be susceptible to explosives, causing them to emerge from the ground and leaving them vulnerable to tranqs.


Tamed, Concavenator excel at speed and navigating terrain. In combat, groups of Conca are quite effective at hit-and-run tactics, overwhelming enemies with their speed and quick attacks. Their long, fluff-tipped tails are also able to stir up clouds of sand, which can suffocate foes if they're not careful!

~ Helena

Behavior[edit | edit source]

The Concavenator never strays far from the dunes of Scorched Earth, Ragnarok, Aberration, Extinction, Genesis: Part 1, and Crystal Isles. The Concavenator can dig into and swim through the ground.

The Concavenator also has a pack bonus and can stir up sand using its tail, which will inflict the Sandblasted debuff.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The Concavenator has a large fin and is covered in shovel plating. The Concavenator is larger than Carnotaurus in size and smaller than Allosaurus.

Color Scheme and Regions[edit | edit source]

This section displays the Concavenator's natural colors and regions. For demonstration, the regions below are colored red over an albino Concavenator. The colored squares shown underneath each region's description are the colors that the Concavenator will randomly spawn with to provide an overall range of its natural color scheme. Hover your cursor over a color to display its name and ID.

This information can be used to alter the Concavenator's regions by entering cheat SetTargetDinoColor <ColorRegion> <ColorID> in the cheat console. For instance, cheat SetTargetDinoColor 0 6 would color the Concavenator's "main body" magenta.

Mod ARK Additions Concavenator PaintRegion0.jpg
Region 0:
Main Body
X mark.svg

Region 1 is not used
for this Creature.

X mark.svg

Region 2 is not used
for this Creature.

Mod ARK Additions Concavenator PaintRegion3.jpg
Region 3:
Mod ARK Additions Concavenator PaintRegion4.jpg
Region 4:
Body Highlights
Mod ARK Additions Concavenator PaintRegion5.jpg
Region 5:
Mod ARK Additions Concavenator PaintRegion0.jpgMod ARK Additions Concavenator PaintRegion3.jpgMod ARK Additions Concavenator PaintRegion4.jpgMod ARK Additions Concavenator PaintRegion5.jpg

Drops[edit | edit source]

Base Stats and Growth[edit | edit source]

Attribute Base Value Level Increase Taming Bonus
Wild Tamed Additive Multiplicative
Health 630 +126 +5.4% 0.07
Stamina 400 +40 +10%
Oxygen 150 +15 +10%
Food 3000 +300 +10% 15%
Weight 380 +7.6 +4%
Melee Damage 37 / 10 +1.85 / +0.5 +1.7% 7% 17.6%
Movement Speed 100% N/A +6.5% -10%
Torpidity 1750 +105 N/A 0.5
Movement Base Speed Sprinting Speed Stamina
Wild Tamed Wild Tamed
Walking 450 450 1620 1822.5 -22
Swimming 300 300 N/A N/A -3

Combat[edit | edit source]

This section describes how to fight against the Concavenator.

General[edit | edit source]

When encountering the Concavenator, it usually dives beneath the ground and subsequently approaches the survivor at alarming speed. The Concavenator then proceeds to barrage the survivor with its attacks, lingering beneath the ground until it is forced out by explosives.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Weaponry[edit | edit source]

Dangers[edit | edit source]

Weakness[edit | edit source]

Taming[edit | edit source]

Preferred Food[edit | edit source]

Taming Method[edit | edit source]

To tame a Concavenator, the survivor must knock it out of the ground using explosives, at which point it can be tranquilized through normal means. When forced out of the ground, Concavenator will receive some Torpidity, which may or may not knock it out.

Although the Concavenator can be knocked out utilizing normal means, inflicting Torpidity using explosives is recommended, as the time the Concavenator spends out of the ground is minimal. Additionally, its Torpidity declines rapidly, making the use of tranquilizers more likely to damage, and possibly even kill the Concavenator. Explosives such as C4 Charges may prove optimal in knocking the Concavenator out, as one can place a bunch of them in one spot and subsequently detonate them. As the Concavenator nears its maximum Torpidity, it is wise to detonate one C4 Charge at a time, avoiding the risk of damaging it as it falls unconscious.

Utility[edit | edit source]

Controls[edit | edit source]

  • Left - This key triggers a simple bite.
  • Right - This key toggles the Concavenator's stance.
  • C - This key triggers a tail swipe which sweeps up a sand cloud, inflicting the Sandblasted debuff.
  • Space - This key triggers a jump while in the swimming stance.

Roles[edit | edit source]

Subterranean Travel - Concavenator possesses the ability to swim through the ground, enabling it to travel with more speed and versatility.

Spotlight[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

For information pertaining specifically to the real-world Concavenator, see the relevant Wikipedia article.

  • Concavenator terrananti roughly translates to "earth-swimming Cuenca hunter."

Gallery[edit | edit source]