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Mod Ark Eternal logo.png This article is about content that is part of the Mod Ark Eternal and is only available if this Mod is installed on a server or singleplayer world.

Frequently Asked Questions[edit | edit source]

Question: How do I disable certain items from my game?

Answer: It is not recommended to remove anything from Eternal but, if you absolutely have to, use the OverrideNamedEngramEntries=. There are plenty of sites on the internet with explanations if you search for them.

For Example, if you wish to remove the Crystal Hatchet Mod Ark Eternal Icon.png or the Crystal Pick Mod Ark Eternal Icon.png then type the following into your Game.ini file, the first part may already be there so you will not need to add it twice.

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Ark Eternal Teleporter : Demonstration of how to operate[edit | edit source]

Apologies for the rain, the video was made on ISO: Crystal Isles Map, at the time of recording there was a bug that caused continuous rain.

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Evolutions : The Basics

  • When a creature is evolved the creature you are evolving from is destroyed and a new creature is spawned in its place.
  • What this means is when bred you still get babies of the creature you are breeding.
  • While evolved creatures do keep levels gained (except Darkstars which are always level 900) their stats are randomly redistributed as if you had tamed them from the wild. This means you must be aware of the stats going over 255 when evolved as the stat will reset on server reboot just like if you had levelled it yourself. So it is recommended that you don't level a creature over level 1250 or you risk one or more stats being over 255 on evolution.

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Torpor Tiers: In Order

  • Poison Darts, Arrows, Crystal Poison Arrow, Carbon Arrow, Eternal Tranq Bola, Poison Pike - Normal Tranqs .ini configurable - Eternal Alpha and up are Immune.
  • Elemental Poison and Lightning - Prime and up Immune.
  • Eternal Alpha Tranqs, Pike and Elemental creatures - Indominus and above are immune.
  • Prime Poison Tranqs, Pike and Elemental creatures - some tributes and a handful of other special high tier creatures are immune.
  • Unknown Poison, lightning and Elemental tek tranq ammo - Nothing that can be knocked out is immune.

Poison type debuffs do torpor and usually drain food.
Lightning type debuffs do torpor and electrocute.

All torpor amounts are ini configurable so the amount of torpor they do is up to server admins.
Unknown tier poison is the BEST torpor in the mod by default (unless an admin changes .ini settings.)

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Question: My creature keeps running out of food, what's wrong?

Answer: The following creatures and tools do.

DINO FOOD CONSUMPTION ISSUES: Creatures with high stats will usually eat a lot of food quickly to maintain themselves, it's due to the fact vanilla food items do not replace much food value in comparison to the high stats.

To solve this build eternal feeders and add feed to them. or use grinded beef potions to top them off.

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Question: What Gathers Eternal Berries!!!!?

Answer: The following creatures and tools do.

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Question: Can a TLC Argentavis evolve into a lighting or poison variant?

Answer: No only Eternal Alpha and up have a TLC evolution and none of them have elemental evolutions.

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Question: Do creatures keep the same stats after being evolved?

Answer: No evolutions only keep levels never stats, it treats the evolved creature as a fresh tame and redistributes all the "wild" stats according to what level it is.

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Question: The spyglass says that my downed creature takes Instatame Meat Mod Ark Eternal Icon.png etc. yet it doesn't eat it why?

Answer: Some creatures can be remote feed this consumables like Instatame Meat Mod Ark Eternal Icon.png to instantly tame them, if you put them in the inventory after knocking the creature out and it doesn't eat them then you could tray the Remote Use Item" option in the menu. This is why they will show up in spyglass information.

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Question: Does Eternal work on X map?

Answer: Eternal works on any map that uses spawn containers from the official maps i.e. the island, scorched earth, the centre, aberration, and extinction. Ragnarok is only partially supported. Custom map support varies depending on spawners used but will work on all maps. We do have custom spawner support on Ebenus Astrum and Hope maps as well.

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Question: EvoFuel, godshrines or crystal converter aren't working?

Answer: These things all have 10 minute per craft default craft times but are .ini configurable see gus.ini settings discussion on steam modpage for entries and settings explanations.

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Question: X isn't doing torpor to X tier dino what gives?

Answer: Tiered Elemental System Basics

  • Normal mod tranqs knockout up to alpha tier.
  • Alpha requires an elemental dino or alpha tranq.
  • Prime requires alpha tranq or alpha elemental dino.
  • Above prime req prime tranq or prime or unknown elemental.
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Question: X dino doesn't have enough health I keep killing it before I can knock it out because it has high torpor. How can I knock it out?

Answer: Follow proper torpor mechanics i.e. hit wait 10 seconds and hit again hitting earlier than this will not apply initial torpor bonus it will only reset the over time portion.

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Question: How do I tame Cursed or Ice elementals?

Answer: They're not tameable you must evolve them from poison,fire or Lightning elementals.

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Question: I can't Evolve X dino!!!!

Answer: Either it doesn't have an evolution or you're not riding it with the proper evolution item in its inventory and hitting x or left ctrl or you have multiple evolution items in its inventory .

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Question: I can't access dlc content from the mod i.e. saddles etc. because I can't learn the engrams.

Answer: All DLC craftables can be made in the DLC Workbench without engrams being learned. All DLC resources can be harvested by Eternal Ankylo or Eternal Doed.

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Question: X Dino isn't spawning .

Answer: All dinos that don't spawn naturally are spawned by killing other dinos with an .ini configurable chance 10% by default.

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Question: What saddle does the Jellyfish use?

Answer: Alpha Wyvern saddle.

Note if a dino has a saddle slot and you cant find one for it it will use the Alpha Wyvern Saddle or invisible griffin armour.

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Question: What saddle does Darkstar / Terra Nova use?

Answer: Alpha Giga saddle.

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Question: What do harbinger beetles do that spawn from killing the Harbinger bosses?

Answer: Once tamed you put Eternal Kibble in their inventory and set them on wander each different coloured beetle produces different resources.

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Question: How do I learn X engram that won't unlock manually?

Answer: By killing certain dinos or bosses.

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Question: What are Eternal and Alpha Kibble used for?

Answer: Crafting, Harbinger beetle fuel and Darkstar Evolutions.

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Question: Can this Dino evolve?

Answer: Here is a list of Dinos and their evolution types.

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Question: Will switching to the new mod id version of Eternal mess up my server?

Answer: Follow these steps

  1. Make a Backup of server save
  2. Shutdown server
  3. Open your GameUserSettings.ini file and replace the old mod id with the new one in the exact same load position it was.
  4. Download/install new version to your server.
  5. Reboot server and once booted perform a wild dino wipe.
  6. If anything disappears ensure mod installed correctly and if so roll back server to the backup you should have made before starting this process.
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Question: Why is the old mod ID making me download the new one as well?

Answer: This Version of the mod is no longer being updated!, Ownership was Passed to Leutian Kane who has reuploaded under a new mod id.

Go Here to Subscribe to the New version that will Continue being updated.

Please Note the new MOD ID version has been made a dependency for this one going forward to make sure that everyone that is currently subbed that doesn't follow steam or discord gets a chance to sub to the new mod id version.

This Should Cover anyone who subbed by joining a server and not through the Steam Page.

Please note if you simply Shut down servers and Replace this mod id with the new one download the new version and Reboot your servers they should swap out with no problems.

This Version will remain on the workshop for users who are already using it to have a chance to move over and switch to the new version. But will NO LONGER BE UPDATED!

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Question: How do I get alpha elemental or prime elemental dinos?

Answer: You Evolve them with 25 green for poison or blue for lightning aberration gems for alpha and 50 for prime. With the exceptions of sharks and tapejara which have both elemental type attacks for their tier without evolving.

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Question: What is a DreadMorph?

Answer: It is a tribute dino that is a poison elemental dimorph that also acts as an aberration light pet.

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Question: What is the best dino to use against any of the bosses?

Answer: It depends on your server settings. Using default settings NONE of the bosses are meant to be soloable without a lot of breeding to your dinos so either do them as a group or take several high tier(Prime and up) dinos at max level levelled for health and melee.

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Question: What is this pink! I keep seeing?

Answer: Its part of a spawn on death server announcement I haven't tracked down to delete.

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Question: What saddle does Behemoth Brachio use?

Answer: Vanilla Bronto saddle.

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Question: Where are the GUS.INI settings Located?

Answer: Either GameUserSettings.ini or GameUserSettings.ini on Steam.

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Question: Best taming foods for x dino?

Answer: Eternal dinos typically tame best off of mod foods so usually Alpha Meat Mod Ark Eternal Icon.png or Eternal Prime Meat Mod Ark Eternal Icon.png for carnivores or Eternalberry Mod Ark Eternal Icon.png for herbivores. Vanilla foods will work usually (no kibble) but at much lower efficiency.

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Question: how can I summon the King Titan from the Boss Summoner they use Summon "X" titan items?

Answer: These Items are simply the boss tributes you gain from killing the Titans or Previous difficulty level of the King Titan. Until the next Update when I change the Crafting requirements use this info to summon in the King Titan.

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Question: How to I Tame Bionic Giga?

Answer: Kill the Boss Version and you will have a 10% chance(Ini Configurable) to Spawn a tameable version in, at which point use an Unknown Poison Dino to Knock it out then feed it futuristic orbs.<--!Need creature link-->

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Question: Crafting dinos in the mod?


Eternal Ankylo(Forge / Cooker) Harvests DLC Resources.
Eternal Doed (mortar /chem bench) Harvests DLC resources.
Eternal Theri Tranqs/taming helpers.
Eternal Jerboa Azulberry)) set on wander.
Elite Oviraptor Kibble table.
Bionic Giga Element/artifact crafter/crafts elemental tek rifle.
Harbinger Beetles Craft various resources when fed eternal kibble and set on wander.
Eternal Jugbugs Gather various mod resources from them every 5 mins.

Most vanilla crafting dino types' modded versions retain vanilla crafting functionality.

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Question: How do I Learn Engrams for Vanilla DLC Craftables?

Answer: Unless supported by the map you're on you can't , However, the DLC WorkBench crafted from the Eternal Workbench will allow you to craft most if not all DLC craftables without requiring engrams to be learned, as a side note we have several means of gathering/converting resources into DLC Resources as well so you can gather the materials required on any map.

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Question: I am not finding invisible griffin armour?

Answer: Its just called griffin armour there is a visible variant, invisible variant and tek armour variant.

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Question: Can jugbugs be auto collected by anything?

Answer: No because their resources don't actually exist until you collect them so there is nothing to auto collect.

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Question: Do I need classic flyers with this mod to level speed on vanilla flyers?

Answer: If eternal is loaded first no.

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Question: Do I need to add the gus.ini settings if I'm not going to change anything?

Answer: No they all have default values the only gus.ini setting you might have to change is OverrideOfficialDifficulty=20 to ensure max level 600 wild dinos.

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Question: Why isn't X item grindable?

Answer: Usually because the resource return is off balanced to the point of being an exploit.

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Question: Is the Evo Compy Rideable?

Answer: No, only the Elemental Compies are rideable.

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Question: Is There an S Plus Pull list for Eternal posted somewhere?

Answer: Thanks to @Ravensfang there is now. Mod:Ark Eternal/S+ Pull List

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This mod is balanced against itself first and foremost using default .ini settings as well as with 0 modifications to any server side settings such as stats gained per level up, taming speed etc. The ONLY modification to base server settings we encourage to have a smooth as intended playthru is to set OverrideOfficialDifficulty=20 to ensure your wild dinos are max level 600. So for all those claiming this or that is unbalanced try using the intended settings and then come back with your feedback as you'll find this is a far cry from vanilla style of playing when using intended settings.

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Question: How do I get Tyrannosaurus Arm etc. with this mod?

Answer: All apex drops needed for boss summons have a small percentage chance to drop from all mod dinos with a so just kill stuff.

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Question: Do eternal dinos spawn on Ragnarok or Valguero?

Answer: Yes, add this mod after eternal in load order : [Ark Eternal Additional Spawners].

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Question: What is the current tier progression?

Answer: The current creature tier progression order can be found here.

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Question: What is a "Generic" Artifact?

Answer: Any artifact counts as a Generic Artifact.

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Question: Is there a way to auto collect from Eternal's jugbugs?

Answer: NO, the resources don't actually exist until you gather them so there is nothing to collect prior.

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Question: What Saddle do the TLC Argents use for every Tier that has them?

Answer: Alpha Wyvern Saddle just like everything else that doesn't have its own saddle in the mod typically does.

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Question: What is the Pickup Relic disable list for Primal Fear and Eternal?

Answer: [Eternal]
DisabledPickup=Demonic Reaper Empress,Infernal Indominus Rex,Eternal Alpha Indominus Rex,Alpha Indominus Rex,Prime Indominus Rex,Rock Drake,Infernal Rock Drake,Prime Rock Drake,Alpha Rock Drake,Spectral Rock Drake,Alpha Rock Drake,Apex Rock Drake,Primal Rock Drake,Celestial Rock Drake,Elemental Lightning Rock Drake,Elemental Fire Rock Drake,Elemental Poison Rock Drake.

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Question: Dino Hearts DNA and Blood won't store in my fridge anymore?

Answer: They are considered resources now not consumeables so fridges won't accept them.

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Question: Spyglass says a creature is a passive tame but it won't take feeding or doesn't want an item you can slot?

Answer: Usually means either you knock it out to tame it OR it has a special taming mechanic. Special mechanic examples:- Eternal Alpha Basilisk, Hyenadons. Most of the rest are knockout tame.

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Question: Ride and hit X or Ctrl evolution not working?

Answer: Make sure no other evolution items are in the creature's inventory besides one you want to use. Make sure inventory is closed when you hit the evolution button.