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Mod Caballus logo.png
Unofficial Map for ARK with beautiful environment, stunning places, treasures instead of air drops and color variants for equus and more creatures
Mod Author Doudel
Download Steam Workshop
Release Date March 11th, 2019
Status 70% complete
Spotlight 28GnN5jThqY

Mod Caballus logo.png

Mod Caballus logo.png This article is about the mod Caballus.
This content is only available by installing the mod on a server or on single player.
Mod Caballus logo.png

Caballus is a modded map for ARK: Survival Evolved, developed by Doudel. A lovely designed horse map.

Caballus Custom Map - The equestrian journey[edit | edit source]

Important Informations

First the Mod ID = 1679826889
For Command Lines: Caballus_P

Caballus means horse in latin - it is a equestrian based Map with innuendos to the equestrian folks and the wonderful equus creature.
It is a equestrian journey, so feel the wind in the mane!
The surface is 95% complete and fully playable.
Following this page Caballus is explained in more detail.

For spontaneous players follow the download link on Steam:
Steam Workshop

Caballus Road Map[edit | edit source]

What makes Caballus special?[edit | edit source]

A lovely designed Environment

  • Ruins of the equestrian folks with a variety of beautiful statues
  • No Obelisks (just the cosmetic assets) - ARK TERMINALS AVAILABLE
  • Realistic and lovely designed environment with brand new foliage
  • Huge landmass and big ocean world (coming)
  • Beginner Loot Boxes as Saddle Bags at Player Spawns
  • Insane Wyvern Trench and Wyvern Cave
  • No air drops and less TEK on the surface - perfect Roleplay (RP) Map
  • (Coming) Caballus own Boss Arenas (but with the common bosses) ((Coming) at the moment I implement The Island Boss Arenas and Bosses)

A well-thought-out concept

  • Background Story to feel the wind in the mane
  • (Coming) Own Explorer Notes to explain the story deeper
  • Custom Loot System - Treasures with insane Loot
  • All engrams learnable
  • Max Level of Dinos is 150 (like on Ragnarok)

Special Color Variants for Creatures

A never seen, large biome below the White Birch Mountain (Coming)

  • Aberration of Water: Aberration themed collapsed atlantic world. First Entrance is available now!
  • Combined with elements of Extinction
  • Story background: Hidden and big secrets of the (ARK) Alien and TEK
  • DLC Dinos and resources will be implemented

A unique biome: The Black Wideness (Obsidian stone)

  • A never seen Biome with the Big Dam (Ruins)
  • Dino Spawns and Resources like a desert biome
  • Trees and black metal nodes dropping charcoal

Good loot left behind by the equestrian folks

  • Quality chain: green - blue - yellow - red
  • No stupid things like blueprints for a doorframe or anything
  • (Coming) Purple Treasure variant for extreme good loot
  • Blueprints from DLC saddles, weapons, tools, and armor

Special Supply Crates/Foliage (like the Giant Beaver Dam from Ragnarok)

  • The Anthill (Supply Crate), dropping feces, fertilizer, rare mushrooms and rare flowers
  • Pure Flintstones (Foliage) - ocher color Stones to farm only flintstones
  • Mushrooms - orange Mushrooms, dropping only rare Mushrooms
  • The Crystal Tree (Supply Crate) - only in the vulcano biome - dropping a high amount of crystal
  • Red metal nodes of Red Crystalized Sap

All DLC Content will come over time to Caballus!

Treasures - Caballus Loot System

Treasures - Caballus Loot System:[edit | edit source]

Caballus has different Loot System to the one you know from ARK: Survival Evolved. There are no more Air Drops on the Map. Instead of Air Drops you can find Treasures (Caballus Loot System) on Caballus. The Treasures match better to the background story and I want people to search harder for good Loot. REALLY GOOD LOOT I changed the content of the Treasures, so that there are no items like a blueprint for a doorframe in it. Quality chain is: green - blue - yellow - red. In the Treasures are Blueprints from the DLC Maps, too: For example a whip, or a Snow Owl Saddle BP

I will take in here Lists for each color: what can drop and in what frequency

Caballus has also special Loot Boxes at every Player Spawn. The Saddle Bags contain Start Items to make the first steps easier!


Background Story and Current Content[edit | edit source]

' Cold-blooded Stone The Lush Widths The Black Jar Dry Savannah Wild Shore The Rampant Green Deciduous Griffin Mountain The Imbued Moor White Birch Mountain Old Chestnut Mountainchain White Mare Mountain Black Wideness Sulfur Pools Frozen Mane Gold Mane Canyon The Black Stud Flying Hell Managabreath
Regions of Caballus

Caballus is a world born out of the heat. Grown from lava, cooled and hardened in the wild sea. The largest of the Caballic islands. The still intact volcano formed a multi-faceted world with a variety of biomes, recourses and lives over millennia. Not long was this piece of earth left uninhabited. Ancient nomads first reached the coast of neighbouring islands, until they discovered the richness of resources of Caballus. The different nations were all equestrian folks: numerous, with strength and war experience; always with the goals of reaching wealth and making progress. They changed Caballus a lot, but as a completely new world Caballus turned everything upside down. New creatures were fought, nations continued their education, domestication started, new battles had to be won and leaders were overthrown. But who has remained? Greed is a sin: Caballus stayed with the wild creatures, remaining horses, ruins and hidden treasures. Were they the first? Even this civilization did not discover all the secrets of this graceful lovely world. What´s your decision? Cooperation or war? Which of the equestrian peoples suits your character? Three nations fought for Caballus: The Blue Scythians, who populated the areas of Griffin Mountain, Redwood and the area covered with snow. The Green Huns, which conquered the grassland, the swamp and the jungle. Last the Red Csíkos who managed the impetuous and threatening volcano area with the Black Widen and the Steppe.

Current Content

  • Caballus has the following content at the moment:
  • exciting background story
  • Beginner Loot in form of SaddleBags (Crates) at every Player Spawn
  • Treasures with insane loot instead of air drops
  • special color variants for Equus and Ice Wyvern and Griffin
  • A lot of Biomes:
  • Griffin Mountain (medium)
  • White Birch Mountain (medium)
  • Jungle (medium)
  • Swamp (medium)
  • Beach (easy)
  • Steppe (easy)
  • Black Wideness (hard) with a little grotto with Light Dinos (AB) in it
  • Volcano AND a Wyvern Trench, combined with the Black Beach Biome
  • Snow and Redwood Biome (hard) --> this biomes have subbiomes

95% of surface is finished and playable ( But I will add more details!)

  • a created terrain with world creator --> Mountains look like mountains in the distance
  • new textures --> the result are unique biomes
  • all The Island dino spawns, Desertspawns from SE and some spawns from Aberration, Extinction and Genesis
  • bigger than The Island - Caballus has an ocean
  • a lot of little caves you can build in
  • all important resources
  • beautiful statues of Ark dinos
  • ruins of the equestrian nation
  • monuments instead of the ARK Obelisks, of course the Terminals are available
  • Loot out of treasures!
  • one big cave with an artifact
  • a really nice Jump and Run Cave

Biomes[edit | edit source]




Griffin Mountain

Black Wideness

Vulcano - Wyvern Trench

White Birch Mountain


Swamp and Jungle

Obsidian Island

White Mare Mountain (Snow Biome)

Old Chestnut Mountain Chain - Redwood

And a lot of other stunning places

Spawn Locations[edit | edit source]

Mod Caballus Map.png

Approximate Spawn Locations


Creatures[edit | edit source]

The Island Dinos[edit | edit source]

Caballus contains the following creatures from The Island

Scorched Earth Dinos[edit | edit source]

Caballus contains the following creatures from Scorched Earth

Aberration Dinos[edit | edit source]

Caballus contains the following creatures from Aberration

Findable in a hidden Grotto.

Extinction Dinos[edit | edit source]

Caballus contains the following creatures from Extinction

Genesis Dinos[edit | edit source]

Caballus contains the following creatures from Genesis

Special Dinos[edit | edit source]

Caballus contains the following creatures too:

Over time I will implement missing creatures, too!

Custom Spawns[edit | edit source]

All spawning group containers used on Caballus are listed in the mod's Spawn Entries article.

Future Content[edit | edit source]

For a overview of Future Content please look at the Roadmap

My plan for Caballus and future content in more detail:

  • finish the little rest of unfinished surface
  • add the ocean world
  • add Caballus Sanctuary
  • add big caves with treasures and artifacts
  • rework the boss arenas, so they have the unique Caballus look
  • add a bigger Aberration themed cave under the White Birch Mountain --> will have a own spawnpoint. It is only possible to come out with a hook or a rock drake
  • add more details to every biome (more ruins, etc.)
  • add explorer notes
  • made own explorer notes for the history of Caballus
  • balance the dino spawns
  • add a lot of the resources, additionally resources from the DLCs
  • add a lot of the DLC dinos
  • create my own unique biomes
  • stable and good performance
  • try to implement a brand new creature
  • always improve the map - I think ARK will give us a lot of content I can implement (GENESIS comes to Caballus, either)

Discord Link and community[edit | edit source]

You can help me to make Caballus better:

Join my Discord and talk to me about everything you think about Caballus!
Tell me all your feedback and report the bugs and issus you find. I will work hard and nearly every day on the development of Caballus.

Nevertheless be kind, it is my first modding project and creating a map takes a lot of time.

The Discord Link: Caballus Discord

Resource Map[edit | edit source]

  • Preview Resources Map (Scorched Earth).png
    Strategic Resources
  • Level 55.jpg
    Exploring the map
  • SpawnMapIcon.png
    Creature Spawns