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This content is only available if the Mod is installed on a server or on Single Player.
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Specimen implant
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These Specimen Implants can be collected or exchanged for exchanged for Astrums which can be used to buy items from the NPC shop!

Type Resource
Dropped by [[File:Battle Island creatures.png|20x20px|class=itemlink|alt=|link=Battle Island creatures]] [[Battle Island creatures | ]]
Found Battle Island
Weight 0.0
Stack Size 100
Spawn Command
cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/916417001/EbenusAstrum_Mods/NPC_Shop/Shop_Items/Implants/PrimalItem_EA_Implant_Enigma.PrimalItem_EA_Implant_Enigma'" 1 0 0

The EA Specimen Implants are dropped by Battle Island creatures for display in the new structures or can be converted to Astrums in the NPC shop in the Caverns of Happiness. Each Implant has the name of someone who has contributed to the map in some way.

Names found on the specimen implants[edit | edit source]

Agger87 Annieh AussieLady Basilmorph Battery Biggums clAwz CoCo Cornbeef77 Di3s DragongamesDEV EezaGeeza Enigma Exilog FluffyMuppet Funnynel42 GG2015 Godzilla GrandVult Graphin Jacenakurz JeffTheGuy3001 Jesterx Kane Kevinnaiitor Khichira KillerCaveman KitzOni KronicOffender Kutasarri LeoBud LeutianKane Locje LuckyPanda Lumrya Malinja Mallory MidnightKitten MrSully Mysticalnutz Mystik Nanotiger Nele Nexiam NightFall Penguinbadger Pikkon38 Pl0xX PotzBlitz Prome Shann0n Sicco Sienna SilentXStorm SlutButt SmartiesHenk SpacemanSpiff SpareRib StaquirBC Stella Strahlemann Swampy T-Rexzz Thyghan Uzumi Vination Vixtr Vwcamper Wanheda Wiebiebie Yarppa YouKnowZMe

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