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Metal Tree Platform.png This article is about content that is part of the Mod Platforms Plus and is only available if this Mod is installed on a server or on Single Player.

Engram Classnames are a data value in Platforms Plus.

Item Name Engram Classname Engram Index Required Level
Large Glass Cliff Platform EngramEntry_Platform_Cliff_Glass 75
Large Glass Outer Wedge EngramEntry_GlassMetalOuterWedge_Large 75
Large Glass Platform EngramEntry_GlassMetalPlatform_Large 75
Large Glass Platform Wedge EngramEntry_GlassMetalPlatformWedge_Large 75
Large Metal Cliff Platform EngramEntry_Platform_Cliff_Metal 59
Large Metal Inner Wedge EngramEntry_MetalWedgeInner_Large 59
Large Metal Outer Wedge EngramEntry_MetalWedgeOuter_Large 59
Large Metal Platform EngramEntry_MetalPlatform_Large 59
Large Metal Platform Wedge EngramEntry_MetalPlatformWedge_Large 59
Large Sloped Glass Gate EngramEntry_WedgeDoor_GlassMetal 75
Large Sloped Glass Platform Wedge EngramEntry_GlassMetalPlatformWedge_Large_Sloped 75
Large Sloped Metal Gate EngramEntry_WedgeDoor_Metal 59
Large Sloped Metal Platform Wedge EngramEntry_MetalPlatformWedge_Large 59
Large Sloped Tek Platform Wedge EngramEntry_TekPlatformWedge_Large -
Large Sloped Wood Gate EngramEntry_WedgeDoor_Wood 33
Large Sloped Wood Platform Wedge EngramEntry_WoodPlatformWedge_Large_Sloped 33
Large Stone Cliff Platform EngramEntry_Platform_Cliff_Stone 37
Large Stone Platform EngramEntry_Platform_Tree_Stone 37
Large Tek Cliff Platform EngramEntry_Platform_Cliff_Tek -
Large Tek Inner Wedge EngramEntry_TekWedgeInner_Large -
Large Tek Outer Wedge EngramEntry_TekWedgeOuter_Large -
Large Tek Platform EngramEntry_TekPlatform_Large -
Large Tek Platform Wedge EngramEntry_TekPlatformWedge_Large -
Large Wood Cliff Platform EngramEntry_Platform_Cliff_Wood 33
Large Wood Inner Wedge EngramEntry_WoodWedgeInner_Large 33
Large Wood Outer Wedge EngramEntry_WoodWedgeOuter_Large 33
Large Wood Platform EngramEntry_WoodPlatform_Large 33
Large Wood Platform Wedge EngramEntry_WoodPlatformWedge_Large 33
Platform Smithy EngramEntry_PlatformSmithy 30