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Noxious Creatures
Primal Fear Noxious Creatures.png
Adds Noxious Creatures to any map.
Mod Author Pikkon
Download Steam Workshop
Release Date April 8th, 2018
Status No longer maintained

Overview[edit | edit source]

Primal Fear Noxious Creatures is a stand alone (NOT an expansion to the base mod) mod that adds about 80 torpor dinos. These dinos are fully user configurable in terms of stats and adding torpor amount. this allows the mod to be paired with any other mod. While Primal Fear Main is NOT required for this mod, adding this mod after Primal Fear Main will enable custom loot drops from these creatures.

Although Noxious Creatures seems like a simple mod on the surface, its how its built which makes it really shine. Every dino is a child of the vanilla dino, and no mesh or texture alterations occur. This means that, in theory, this mod is completely TLC proof. Users have the ability to edit dino stats from 1x to pair with vanilla, up to any number a user desire. This allows Noxious Creatures to be paired with ANY mod. All dinos retain their vanilla taming methods, and spawn locations. This means if you want a Noxious rock drake, youll need to get an egg from a nest on a map that supplies them. Same goes for a Wyvern. Dinos that naturally do torpor in ark have been made superior in doing more torpor than standard noxious dinos. This means a noxious Pachy or Equus will be more effective at knocking things out.

All creatures use vanilla saddles.