Mod:Primal Fear Celestial Armor

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Mod Primal Fear.png This article is about content that is part of the Mod Primal Fear and is only available if this Mod is installed on a server or singleplayer world.

Celestial Helmet
Primal Fear Celestial Helmet.png

Celestial Chestpiece
Primal Fear Celestial Chestpiece.png

Celestial Gauntlets
Primal Fear Celestial Gauntlets.png

Celestial Leggings
Primal Fear Celestial Leggings.png

Celestial Boots
Primal Fear Celestial Boots.png

The celestial armor is obtained by killing the Mod:Primal Fear Celestial Emperor. Upon its death there is a chance to get a piece of armor. Each piece has its own buff that is activated when worn.