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S+ Demo Gun
S- Demo Gun.png
-Fire to pick up or demolish items
-Right click to toggle mode between pick up and demolish
Type Tool
Weight 0.1
Stack size 1
Required level Level 0
Crafted in Weight.png Inventory
Resources breakdown
1 × Thatch.png Thatch

The S+ Demo Gun is a tool from the Structures Plus Mod.

Overview[edit | edit source]

This tool uses the appearance of a Fabricated Pistol.png Fabricated Pistol and despite looking like a pistol, it does not function as one. This tool in particular is extremely useful, it allows you to easily backtrack quickly on a build without worring about losing resources. It can also be used to quickly fix mistakes and/or remove scaffolding while building.

Note[edit | edit source]

  • The 287.123 update challenged the usefulness of this tool, however with the Demo Gun you can still pick buildings back up after 30 seconds