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Mod S- Crafting Station.png This article is about a creature, item, or feature that is part of the Mod Structures Plus and is only available if this Mod is installed on a server or singleplayer world.
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S+ Tek Replicator
Tek Replicator.png
Replicate items here. Requires Element to be activated. Description will change soon
Type Crafting
Health 25,000
Item slots 600
Size 3.2L × 3.4W × 5.6H
Fuel Element
Weight 4.0
Stack Size 1
Crafted in Obelisk
Supply Crate
Required Stations Fabricator.png Fabricator
Refining Forge.png Refining Forge
Mortar And Pestle.png Mortar and Pestle
Resources breakdown [Expand]
100 × Element.png Element
5000 × Metal Ingot.png Metal Ingot
10000 × Metal.png Metal
600 × Crystal.png Crystal
800 × Polymer.png Polymer
1600 × Cementing Paste.png Cementing Paste
12800 × Stone.png Stone
1600 × Obsidian.png Obsidian
Total Base Ingredients
150 × Black Pearl.png Black Pearl
6400 × Chitin or Keratin.png Chitin or Keratin
600 × Crystal.png Crystal
12800 × Stone.png Stone
1600 × Obsidian.png Obsidian
10000 × Metal.png Metal
100 × Element.png Element

The S+ Tek Replicator is a structure from the Structures Plus Mod

Overview[edit | edit source]

The S+ Tek Replicator functions very similarly to its vanilla counterpart, however it can now be powered by a Tek Generator instead of directly via element; it seems to also be quieter. Note that it is a little complicated to make one on Extinction as you require the Tekgram to convert the blueprint you can get from a Orbital Supply Drop Extinction Icon.png raid.