Hidden Cavern (Ragnarok)

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Hidden Cavern
Hidden Cavern (Ragnarok).jpg
A seaside cave.
Ragnarok Topographic Map.jpg
22.9° Lat,  86.7° Lon

Hidden Cavern is a circular cave with a lake in the middle that connects to the ocean on the eastern edge of The Highlands.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This cave is an excellent location for a water base.
  • There are 3 pillars on which can be placed Tree Platforms (but not Tree Sap Taps)
  • There is a 6x cave damage multiplier inside the cave.
  • It is also called Nessie’s Cave.
  • Multiple Cliff platforms can be placed around the cave for even more space for extra space for your land tames.

Gallery[edit | edit source]