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Overview[edit | edit source]


Oxygen is a measure of how long you can hold your breath while underwater. It also affects how fast you can move in the water. Submerging yourself in water will drain your Oxygen over time. If you run out of Oxygen, you will begin to Suffocating.pngSuffocate and your Health.png Health will be drained until you surface.

Increasing[edit | edit source]

Putting a point into Oxygen will increase your maximum Oxygen by 20.

Breathing Time[edit | edit source]

A survivor starting off with the minimum Oxygen value (100 Oxygen) can breathe underwater for roughly 33 seconds before drowning takes place. Each point put into Oxygen increases the time you can stay underwater by roughly 7 seconds. Each second underwater costs roughly 3 Oxygen. For an estimate of how long your survivor can stay underwater, use this formula : oxygen / 3 = time in seconds. For example, 320 Oxygen will provide approximately 107 seconds of breathing. 320 / 3 = 106 + 2/3.

Swimming Speed[edit | edit source]

Points spent in Oxygen also improve your swimming speed by roughly 1.2%. All swimming speed bonuses (from Oxygen and Movement Speed) are multiplied by the 2.5x swim speed effect of SCUBA Flippers. Patch v256 lowered the swim speed gain by 80%. To configure the gain on a private server you can change OxygenSwimSpeedStatMultiplier in the Server Configuration.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Eating Lazarus Chowder.png Lazarus Chowder will significantly decreases the rate at which you consume oxygen for 10 minutes.
  • Swimming on the surface of the water will slow you down slightly.
  • Swimming also consumes Stamina.png Stamina. If you run out of Stamina, you will swim much slower and potentially drown. If you do happen run out of stamina you can slowly gain it back underwater with a SCUBA Tank.png SCUBA Tank but you must be stationary in order to do so.