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Pronunciation in Alphabetical Order

Below, you can find the correct pronunciation of every creature in ARK: Survival Evolved, all in one convenient place! The creatures are listed in alphabetical order (A-Z) and are followed by their in-game slang label (i.e. Sarcosuchus becomes Sarco).

Full Name Pronunciation Common Name Common Name Pronunciation
Achatina.png Achatina Awk-a-tee-na Snail NA
Allosaurus.png Allosaurus Al-o-sawr-us Allo NA
Ammonite.png Ammonite Ehh-mo-night NA NA
Anglerfish.png Angler Ayng-lur NA NA
Ankylosaurus.png Ankylosaurus Ayn-kai-low-sawr-us audio Anky NA
Spider.png Araneo Ah-ray-nee-oh Spider NA
Archaeopteryx.png Archaeopteryx Arr-key-op-ter-ix NA NA
Argentavis.png Argentavis Ar-jen-tay-viss audio Bird NA
Arthropluera.png Arthropluera Arr-throw-plur-a NA NA
Baryonyx.png Baryonyx Berry-on-ix NA NA
Basilisk.png Basilisk Bah-sil-ihsk NA NA
Basilosaurus.png Basilosaurus Bah-sil-o-sawr-us NA NA
Beelzebufo.png Beelzebufo Be-el-zeh-buh-foe or Beel-zeh-buh-foe NA NA
Brontosaurus.png Brontosaurus Brawn-toe-sawr-us Bronto Brawn-toe
Bulbdog.png Bulbdog Buhlb-dohg Lantern Pug Lahn-tern Puhg
Carbonemys.png Carbonemys Car-bun-ee-mees Turtle NA
Carnotaurus.png Carnotaurus Car-noe-torr-us Carno Car-noe
Giant Beaver.png Castoroides Cas-torr-oy-des Beaver NA
Cnidaria.png Cnidaria Neh-dare-ia NA NA
Coelacanth.png Coelacanth See-lo-canth Coel Ko-ul
Compy.png Compsognathus Com-sug-nath-us Compy Com-pee
Corrupted Creatures.png Corrupt Tumor Coh-ruhpt Tu-mor NA NA
Daeodon.png Daeodon Dayo-don NA NA
Deathworm.png Deathworm Deth Wurm NA NA
Desert Titan.png Desert Titan Deh-seh-rt Tie-tan NA NA
Desert Titan Flock.png Desert Titan Flock Deh-sehrt Tih-tan Floh-ck NA NA
Dilophosaur.png Dilophosaur Die-loff-o-sawr Dilo NA
Dimetrodon.png Dimetrodon Die-meh-tro-don NA NA
Dimorphodon.png Dimorphodon Die-more-foe-don Dimo NA
Diplocaulus.png Diplocaulus Dip-low-call-us NA NA
Diplodocus.png Diplodocus Dih-plo-duh-cuss Dip NA
Direbear.png Direbear Die-err-bare Bear NA
Direwolf.png Direwolf Die-er-wull-f Wolf NA
Dodo.png Dodo Doe-doe NA NA
Doedicurus.png Doedicurus Doe-dik-urr-us
Armadillo NA
Dung Beetle.png Dung Beetle Duhng-Beet-ul NA NA
Dunkleosteus.png Dunkleosteus Dunk-lee-ahh-stee-us Dunk NA
Enforcer.png Enforcer Ehn-fore-cer NA NA
Electrophorus.png Electrophorus Ee-lek-tro-for-us NA NA
Eurypterid.png Eurypterid Yu-rip-ter-ihd NA NA
Featherlight.png Featherlight Feh-ther-light NA NA
Forest Titan.png Forest Titan Foh-reh-st Tie-tan NA NA
Gacha.png Gacha Gah-cha NA NA
Gallimimus.png Gallimimus Gall-ee-my-mus NA NA
Gasbags.png Gasbags Gahs-bahgs Gasbag Gahs-bahg
Giant Bee.png Giant Bee Jy-unt Bee NA NA
Giganotosaurus.png Giganotosaurus Gig-a-not-o-sawr-us Giga NA
Gigantopithecus.png Gigantopithecus Jy-gan-toe-pith-eh-cuss Gorilla/Bigfoot NA
Glowbug.png Glowbug Glohw-buhg NA NA
Glowtail.png Glowtail Glohw-tale NA NA
Hesperornis.png Hesperornis Hess-purr-or-nuss NA NA
Hyaenodon.png Hyaenodon Hi-ee-no-don NA NA
Ice Titan.png Ice Titan Ih-ce Tie-tan NA NA
Ichthyornis.png Ichthyornis Ik-thee-or-niss NA NA
Ichthyosaurus.png Ichthyosaurus Ikk-thee-o-sawr-us Ichthy NA
Iguanodon.png Iguanodon Igg-wan-o-don NA NA
Jerboa.png Jerboa Jurr-bo-wa NA NA
Jug Bug.png Jug Bug Jug Bug NA NA
Kairuku.png Kairuku Kai-roo-koo Penguin NA
Kaprosuchus.png Kaprosuchus Cap-row-su-cuss Kapro NA
Karkinos.png Karkinos Kahr-kih-nohs NA NA
Kentrosaurus.png Kentrosaurus Ken-trow-sawr-us NA NA
Lamprey.png Lamprey Lahm-pray NA NA
Leech.png Leech Lee-ch NA NA
Leedsichthys.png Leedsichthys Leed-sik-thees NA NA
Liopleurodon.png Liopleurodon Lie-plur-o-don NA NA
Lymantria.png Lymantria Lie-mann-tree-yuh Desert Moth NA
Lystrosaurus.png Lystrosaurus List-ro-sawr-us NA NA
Mammoth.png Mammoth Mah-muth NA NA
Managarmr.png Managarmr Mah-nah-gahr-mer NA NA
Manta.png Manta Man-ta NA NA
Mantis.png Mantis Mann-tiss NA NA
Megalania.png Megalania Meh-gah-lay-nee-a NA NA
Megaloceros.png Megaloceros Meh-gah-lah-sur-us Deer NA
Megalodon.png Megalodon Meh-gah-low-don NA NA
Megalosaurus.png Megalosaurus Meh-gah-low-sawr-us NA NA
Mega Mek.png Mega Mek Meh-gah Mehk NA NA
Meganeura.png Meganeura Meh-gah-nee-urr-a Dragonfly NA
Piranha.png Megapiranha Meh-gah-purr-ah-na Piranha Purr-ah-na
Megatherium.png Megatherium Meh-gah-theer-ee-um NA NA
Mek.png Mek Mehk NA NA
Mesopithecus.png Mesopithecus Meh-zo-pith-eh-cuss Monkey NA
Microraptor.png Microraptor My-crow-rahp=torr NA NA
Morellatops.png Morellatops More-ella-tops NA NA
Mosasaurus.png Mosasaurus Moe-za-sawr-us Mosa NA
Moschops.png Moschops Moss-kops NA NA
Nameless.png Nameless Naym-liss NA NA
Onyc.png Onychonycteris Aww-nick-oh-nick-teh-riss Onyc/Bat Aww-nick
Oviraptor.png Oviraptor Oh-vee-rahp-torr NA NA
Pachy.png Pachycephalosaurus Pack-ee-sef-a-low-sawr-us Pachy Pack-ee
Pachyrhinosaurus.png Pachyrhinosaurus Pack-ee-ry-noe-sawr-us NA NA
Paraceratherium.png Paraceratherium Pear-a-sare-a-theer-ee-um Paracer Pear-a-sare
Parasaur.png Parasaurolophus Pear-a-sor-o-loff-us Parasaur Pear-a-sawr
Pegomastax.png Pegomastax Pay-go-meh-stax NA NA
Pelagornis.png Pelagornis Pel-la-gore-niss NA NA
Phiomia.png Phiomia Fee-oh-mee-a Pig NA
Plesiosaur.png Plesiosaur Plee-zee-o-saur NA NA
Procoptodon.png Procoptodon Pro-cop-toe-don Kangaroo NA
Pteranodon.png Pteranodon Turr-an-o-don Ptera NA
Scorpion.png Pulmonoscorpius Pull-monn-o-score-pee-us Scorpion NA
Purlovia.png Purlovia Purr-low-vee-yuh NA NA
Quetzal.png Quetzalcoatlus Ket-sull-co-at-luss Quetzal Qwetz-al
Ravager.png Ravager Rahv-ager NA NA
Reaper.png Reaper Reah-pehr NA NA
Rock Drake.png Rock Drake Rohk Dra-ke NA NA
Rock Elemental.png Rock Elemental Rok El-uh-men-tull Golem Goh-Lemm
Roll Rat.png Roll Rat Rohl Raht NA NA
Salmon.png Sabertooth Salmon Say-burr-tooth Sam-un NA NA
Sabertooth.png Sabertooth Say-burr-too-thh Saber NA
Sarco.png Sarcosuchus Sarr-co-su-cus Sarco Sarr-co
Scout.png Scout Sc-out NA NA
Seeker.png Seeker Seeh-kehr NA NA
Shinehorn.png Shinehorn Shyne-horn NA NA
Snow Owl.png Snow Owl Snow Owhl NA NA
Spinosaur.png Spinosaur Spie-noe-sawraudio Spino Spie-no
Stegosaurus.png Stegosaurus Stey-go-sawr-us Stego Stey-go
Terror Bird.png Terror Bird Tear-er bur-d NA NA
Therizinosaur.png Therizinosaur There-ih-zen-o-sawr NA NA
Thorny Dragon.png Thorny Dragon Thor-knee Dra-gun NA NA
Thylacoleo.png Thylacoleo Thy-la-co-leo NA NA
Titanoboa.png Titanoboa Tie-tan-o-bow-a Snake NA
Titanomyrma.png Titanomyrma Tie-tan-o-mire-ma Ant NA
Titanosaur.png Titanosaur Tie-tan-o-sawr Titan NA
Trike.png Triceratops Try-serr-a-tops Trike Tri-kuh
Trilobite.png Trilobite Try-low-bite NA NA
Troodon.png Troodon Tro-o-don NA NA
Tusoteuthis.png Tusoteuthis Too-so-tee-u-this NA NA
Rex.png Tyrannosaurus Rex Tie-ran-o-sawr-us Rek-s T-Rex Tee Rek-s
Raptor.png Utahraptor Yoo-tah-rap-tor Raptor Rap-tor
Velonasaur.png Velonasaur Veh-lohn-a-sawr Velonasaur Veh-lohn-a-sawr
Vulture.png Vulture Vull-chur NA NA
Woolly Rhinoceros.png Woolly Rhino Wul-ee Ry-noe Rhino NA
Wyvern.png Wyvern Why-vurr-n / Whi-vurr-n NA NA
Chalicotherium.png Chalicotherium Cal-eh-co-theer-i-um NA NA
Tapejara.png Tapejara Tap-E-Jar-uh NA NA