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These resource maps show the locations of all the main resources, excluding trees and rocks, on each of the Arks. They can be used to help determine strategic places to set up a base, avoid blocking resource spawns, or just finding a nearby farming spot. Each map has toggles for each of its resources to the left of the map, so it can be adjusted to display only rich metal nodes, silica pearls and crystal, everything but oil, or whatever other combination is needed. Each map can also toggle cave spawns on and off, so as not to confuse the user if they're only looking for resources on the surface.

Note: These maps currently do not function in the ARK Wiki mobile app

Official Maps[edit | edit source]

Mod Maps[edit | edit source]

Explorer Maps[edit | edit source]

The explorer maps show the locations of all Explorer Notes, Cave entrances, Loot Crates, Artifacts, Deep Sea and Desert Loot Crates and Supply Crates.

Creature Spawn Maps[edit | edit source]

The spawn maps show the areas or points in which creatures can spawn.