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Resources are a type of Item in ARK: Survival Evolved. Resources can be used to Craft various Items in the game.

List of Resources[edit | edit source]

Item Tool Creature Dropped by
Absorbent Substrate Tusoteuthis
Achatina Paste Achatina
Allosaurus Brain Allosaurus
Alpha Basilisk Fang Aberration Icon.png Alpha Basilisk
Alpha Carnotaurus Arm Alpha Carnotaurus
Alpha Karkinos Claw Aberration Icon.png Alpha Karkinos
Alpha Leedsichthys Blubber Alpha Leedsichthys
Alpha Megalodon Fin Alpha Megalodon
Alpha Mosasaur Tooth Alpha Mosasaur
Alpha Raptor Claw Alpha Raptor
Alpha Reaper King Barb Aberration Icon.png Alpha Surface Reaper King
Alpha Tusoteuthis Eye Alpha Tusoteuthis
Alpha Tyrannosaur Tooth Alpha T-Rex
Ammonite Bile Ammonite
Ancient Amber Logo Mobile.png Crowbar Logo Mobile.png
Angler Gel Megalodon
Argentavis Talon Argentavis
Barley Seed Primitive Plus Icon.png
Basilisk Scale Aberration Icon.png Basilisk
Basilosaurus Blubber Basilosaurus
Beer Liquid
Beeswax Primitive Plus Icon.png
Bio Toxin Cnidaria
Birthday Candle
Black Pearl Metal Pick
Blue Crystalized Sap Extinction Icon.png
Blue Gem Aberration Icon.png
Bread Dough Primitive Plus Icon.png
Brick Primitive Plus Icon.png
Cactus Sap Scorched Earth Icon.png
Cane Sugar Primitive Plus Icon.png
Carbon Primitive Plus Icon.png Obsidian Pickaxe
Cashew Tree Primitive Plus Icon.png Brontosaurus
Cementing Paste Beelzebufo
Charge Battery Aberration Icon.png
Chitin Sabertooth
Clay Primitive Plus Icon.png
Claystone Primitive Plus Icon.png Obsidian Pickaxe
Coal Primitive Plus Icon.png Obsidian Pickaxe Primitive Plus Icon.png Ankylosaurus
Coffee Seed Primitive Plus Icon.png Brontosaurus
Condensed Gas Extinction Icon.png Doedicurus
Congealed Gas Ball Aberration Icon.png Gas Collector Aberration Icon.png
Corrupt Heart Extinction Icon.png
Corrupted Nodule Extinction Icon.png Corrupted Creatures
Crystal Metal Pick Ankylosaurus
Cup of Malt Primitive Plus Icon.png
Deathworm Horn Scorched Earth Icon.png Deathworm
Dermis Extinction Icon.png Taxidermy Tool Extinction Icon.png
Dinosaur Bone
Dodo Feather Logo Mobile.png Dodo
Dried Barley Primitive Plus Icon.png
Dried Rice Primitive Plus Icon.png
Dried Tea Bags Primitive Plus Icon.png
Dried Tobacco Primitive Plus Icon.png
Dried Wheat Primitive Plus Icon.png
Dry Firewood Primitive Plus Icon.png
Eery Element Logo Mobile.png
Element Dust Doedicurus
Element Ore Aberration Icon.png
Element Shard
Fabric Primitive Plus Icon.png
Feathers Primitive Plus Icon.png Metal Machete Primitive Plus Icon.png
Fiber Metal Sickle
Fish Bait Primitive Plus Icon.png
Flint Ankylosaurus
Fragmented Green Gem Extinction Icon.png Ankylosaurus
Fresh Barley Primitive Plus Icon.png
Fresh Cement Primitive Plus Icon.png
Fresh Coffee Fruit Primitive Plus Icon.png
Fresh Fat Primitive Plus Icon.png Metal Machete Primitive Plus Icon.png
Fresh Firewood Primitive Plus Icon.png
Fresh Sugar Juice Bucket Primitive Plus Icon.png
Frog Legs Logo Mobile.png Beelzebufo
Fungal Wood Aberration Icon.png
Gacha Crystal Extinction Icon.png
Gasbags bladder Extinction Icon.png
Giant Bee Honey Dire Bear
Giganotosaurus Heart Giganotosaurus
Glass Primitive Plus Icon.png
Grape Seed Primitive Plus Icon.png
Green Gem Aberration Icon.png
Ground Cashew Primitive Plus Icon.png
Ground Soybean Primitive Plus Icon.png
Hide Sabertooth
Human Hair Scissors Human
Leather Primitive Plus Icon.png
Leech Blood Direwolf
Lettuce Primitive Plus Icon.png
Lettuce Seed Primitive Plus Icon.png Brontosaurus
Limestone Primitive Plus Icon.png Obsidian Pickaxe
Lumber Primitive Plus Icon.png
Megalania Toxin Megalania
Megalodon Tooth Megalodon
Metal Ankylosaurus
Metal Ingot
Natural Yeast Primitive Plus Icon.png
Neura Husk Logo Mobile.png Megatherium Meganeura
Obsidian Metal Pick
Organic Oil Primitive Plus Icon.png
Organic Polymer Wooden Club Pelagornis
Pelt Direwolf
Raw Salt Scorched Earth Icon.png
Red Crystalized Sap Extinction Icon.png
Red Gem Aberration Icon.png Metal Pick Ankylosaurus Roll Rat
Rice Seed Primitive Plus Icon.png Brontosaurus
Rock Drake Feather Aberration Icon.png Rock Drake
Sack of Flour Primitive Plus Icon.png
Salt Primitive Plus Icon.png
Sand Scorched Earth Icon.png Whip Scorched Earth Icon.png
Sarcosuchus Skin Sarco
Sauropod Vertebra
Scrap Metal
Scrap Metal Ingot
Silica Pearls Hands
Silicate Extinction Icon.png Ankylosaurus
Silk Scorched Earth Icon.png Sabertooth Lymantria
Soybean Seed Primitive Plus Icon.png
Spinach Seed Primitive Plus Icon.png
Spinosaurus Sail Spino
Steel Ingot Primitive Plus Icon.png
Stone Doedicurus
Sugarcane Seed Primitive Plus Icon.png Brontosaurus
Sulfur Scorched Earth Icon.png
Therizino Claws Therizinosaur
Thylacoleo Hook-Claw Thylacoleo
Titanoboa Venom Titanoboa
Tomato Seed Primitive Plus Icon.png
Trap Bait Primitive Plus Icon.png
Tusoteuthis Tentacle
Tyrannosaurus Arm Rex
Unstable Element Extinction Icon.png
Unstable Element Shard Extinction Icon.png
Wheat Seed Primitive Plus Icon.png
Wool Scissors Ovis
Woolly Rhino Horn Woolly Rhino
Wyvern Talon Scorched Earth Icon.png Wyvern
Yutyrannus Lungs Yutyrannus