Revival Platform (Mobile)

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Revival Platform
Revival Platform (Mobile).png
Allows you to resurrect dead creatures. Can only be crafted at: Fabricator.
Health 50,000
Item slots 20
Weight 20
Stack Size 1
Required level Level 65
Engram Points 30 EP
Crafted in Fabricator
Tek Replicator
Required Stations Fabricator.png Fabricator
Refining Forge.png Refining Forge
Resources breakdown [Expand]
200 × Metal Ingot.png Metal Ingot
400 × Metal.png Metal
50 × Crystal.png Crystal
Total Base Ingredients

The Revival Platform is a structure in ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Revival Platform can be used to revive recently deceased creatures with Ancient Amber and a Creature Implant. The level and the dino species affects how much it cost to resurrect a dino

Construction[edit | edit source]

A Revival Platform is crafted using 200 Metal Ingots, 20 Polymer, 50 Crystals, and 25 Electronics, and is crafted in the Fabricator. It needs to be placed on a flat surface on the ground.

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