Ruins of Nosti (Scorched Earth)

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Ruins of Nosti
Ruins of Nosti Void ScE.jpg
The echoes of lost civilization...
Interior Map

Ruins of Nosti (Scorched Earth) Cavemap.jpg

Scorched Earth Topographic Map.jpg
78.5° Lat, 75.6° Lon
Artifact of the Destroyer (Scorched Earth).png
Artifact of the Destroyer
79.8° Lat, 81.3° Lon

The Ruins of Nosti is a Cave underneath a ruined building on the Scorched Earth map. The ruins above are a forgotten city full of domed buildings and pillars in the south east of the map in the dunes. The largest domed building being the entrance.

According to Raia's Explorer Notes, this city was once the city of Nosti, a large settlement where worship of the Obelisks flourished, until the Obelisks destroyed the city many decades ago.

The cave that is the Ruins of Nosti begins with a descent down beneath the surface. This location dubbed as the entrance consists of the Church all the way down to where the path splits into two, where it then becomes the descent.

The Artifact of the Destroyer and a Scorched Sword Skin can be found in the artifact crate.

This is easily the most dangerous cave in Scorched Earth between the jumps over a bottomless void and the combination of some of the most dangerous creatures—including large swarms of Onycs and Mantis. Survivors should be well-prepared before tackling this cave. Mega Rabies will come from the bats, so make some Lesser Antidote beforehand.

Dangers[edit | edit source]

  • Swarms of Creatures
  • Extreme Heat
  • Dangerous Heights
  • Mega Rabies

Recommended Equipment[edit | edit source]

Tips/Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Be prepared to possibly encounter a rare Rubble Golem (a variant of the Rock Elemental). Extreme caution should be taken around them, and conflict is best avoided on-foot.
  • A Grappling Hook can save your life and your inventory if you get knocked into the void.
  • It is possible by using 4 or more articles of Ghillie Armor, in combination with a Cactus Broth and Bug Repellant, to avoid most, if not all of the creatures in the cave. Level Stamina, and be careful to avoid Titanoboa and Rock Elementals.
  • Beware of the "Trap Loot" below and to the right of the series of jumps there is a loot crate near the instakill area on a ledge however it will kill you before you even reach it.
  • Bringing a decent Thylacoleo is an option, because it can climb up the ledge to the left of the "Killvolume" area. After that you have direct access to the south part where the artifact is - so you don't have to do the dangerous jumps. Also it has decent weight, so one could farm the Obsidian inside the cave.
  • For some reasons, a little creatures will spawn at the first time you enter the cave. However, more creatures, sufficiently to be called as "swarms", will spawn AFTER you get the artifact at your way back to surface, to intercept you from taking the artifact away. Don't get tricked by this mechanism and bring powerful tames along with your journey.

Creatures[edit | edit source]

Compatible Tamed Creatures[edit | edit source]

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You can help us by adding the tamed creatures you know can enter the cave. If the creature can't enter, please exclude it.

Accessibility Ratings:

  • Excellent: Full-Cave Access (Entrance-to-Artifact)
  • Limited: Can Access Portions of the Cave Safely
  • Not Recommended: Can Get Stuck/Unable to Leave Cave
Creature Accessibility Rideable Notes
Archaeopteryx Excellent No
  •  Can be carried in and out by player.
Bulbdog Excellent No
  •  Can keep one on shoulder or bring a whole pack
Compy Excellent No
  •  Can keep one on shoulder or bring a whole pack.
Dimorphodon Excellent No
  •  Can keep one on shoulder or bring a whole flock.
Direwolf Excellent Yes
  •  Can be mounted.
Dodo Excellent No
  •  Can be carried in and out by player.
Dung Beetle Excellent No
  •  Can be carried in and out by player.
Hesperornis Excellent No
  •  Can be carried on shoulder or bring a whole flock.
Hyaenodon Excellent No
  •  Can't be carried and can't be mount.
Jerboa Excellent No
  •  Can be carried in and out by player.
Kairuku Excellent No
  •  Can be carried in and out by player.
Mesopithecus Excellent No
  •  Can keep on shoulder or bring a whole troop.
Microraptor Excellent No
  •  Can keep on shoulder or bring a whole flock.
Otter Excellent No
  •  Can be carried on shoulder.
Pegomastax Excellent No
  •  Can be carried on shoulder.
Raptor Excellent Yes
  •  Can be mounted.
Sabertooth Excellent Yes
  •  Can be mounted.
Vulture Excellent No
  •  Can keep on shoulder or bring a whole flock.
Mantis Excellent Yes
  •  Can use swords for extra damage.
Thylacoleo Excellent Yes
  •  Can climb the ledge as a shortcut to directly get to the artifact, ignoring the dangerous jumps.

Resources[edit | edit source]

From local creatures[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Notes/Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Prior to patch 292.100, the cave entrance requires the survivor to enter the cave through crawling under boarded boards at the old gate, preventing most creature from entering or leaving the gate. This makes raising a decent Thylacoleo behind the the gate entry the only one-way option of ensuring a quick passageway to the cave through climbing up the ledge, bypassing the "Killvolume" area.