Sabertooth Rug (Mobile)

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Sabertooth Rug
Sabertooth Rug (Mobile).png
Who's the biggest, baddest cat on the Island? It wasn't this cat. Power up this rug with any Sabertooth implant.
Type Cosmetic Structure
Health 800
Item slots 1
Weight 0.00 kg
Stack size 4
Added in v1.0.86
Purchase type Structure
Cost 70 × Ancient Amber (Mobile).png Ancient Amber Logo Mobile.svg

The Sabertooth Rug is one of the Cosmetics in ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Sabertooth Rug can be obtained as a Purchasable Item through purchase with 70 × Ancient Amber (Mobile).png Ancient Amber. The item will be returned to the inventory when destroyed or lost.

The Sabertooth Rug can be customized by taking the Creature Implant (Mobile).png Creature Implant of a recently deceased Sabertooth.png Sabertooth and placing it in the Inventory of a rug. The rug will then inherit the characteristics of the creature.

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